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2010-05-29, 05:11 PM
I have played Exalted and enjoyed it, and recently I've been toying with a campaign idea. However, I only own the core book, and would like some advice on the setting.

Firstly, my campaign will start with a group of young Solars, each of whom will use a different martial arts form. Other than Scroll of the Monk, is there a good place to look for more martial arts forms?

Secondly, I plan to use the Yozis and their assorted minions as primary antagonists for the story. I don't really know much of their backstory, since the setting summary in core largely ignores the Yozis and doesn't even mention the Infernal Exalted. The relevant sourcebooks would likely be "Compass of Celestial Directions: Malfeas" and "Manual of Exalted Power: Infernals"; are these good purchases, and is there any other book that would serve me well in this area?

Finally, what is the general relationship between the Yozis and the Underworld? Are they allies, tolerant of each other, tolerant but resentful, or outright enemies?

The Rose Dragon
2010-05-29, 05:15 PM
Glories of the Most High have some martial arts.

Yozis and Neverborn abhor each other, because they represent what the other side wants to avoid the most: final death for Yozis and living a crippled life away from Oblivion for the Neverborn. However, they probably hate the gods and the Incarnae's Exalted more than each other, so they can work together if need be.

A lot of members of the Descending Hierarchy can be found in Books of Sorcery V.

2010-05-29, 05:22 PM
Big ol' list o' Martial Arts Styles. (http://wiki.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?title=List_of_Celestial_Martial_Arts_Sty les) It isn't arranged by Exalt type, but there's a lot there. The only ones that will be in much detail are the homebrew ones, but I think that's the only place you're going to get styles for Solars without a book.

2010-05-29, 06:54 PM
Just to clarify, I am willing to buy books, and probably will do so with books like Infernals (the plot I have in mind uses them extensively) that I will rely on a lot. I just don't want to buy the entire back catalog at once for cases that may or may not come up. I have a friend I can borrow books from for cases where I need to stat out only one character of the type or such, but I'd like to have the most important books on hand.

As for the Yozi/Neverborn relationship, that was my guess from what I knew of the setting, but I wanted to be certain before I went ahead with planning the details.

...Writing it as Yozi/Neverborn has given me the idea for what may be the most horrifying fanfic theoretically possible.

2010-05-29, 06:57 PM
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Thanks for that image.

There goes my sleep tonight.Clearly that's what the Nightmares flaw gives you.

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