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2010-05-30, 10:42 AM
O.K. In my last session, my character, a ninth level halfling thief, managed to foil a major assassination plot (singlehandedly :smallcool:) on three different rulers of countries who were finishing peace agreements . Thus my character was elevated and had his queen's ear. So I introduced the idea that prehaps she needed a intelligence agency to help keep this kind of thing from happening again. A group to just to look out for things that the standard guard won't notice. A spy network.

So, after she accepted that idea and promoted my character to lead it and gave me some ground rules (like no 007 status:smallannoyed:) ), has left me free reign to set this up how I want.

So, what I was thinking is for the time being I am just going to hire some henchmen until I hit tenth level and start my thieves guild. At that point then I know I'll have people I can (more or lesstrust.
Once that is accomplished I'll use the guild as the agency, spread them all out over the country (and maybe into the captials of other countries:smallwink:).
This is a rough draft (very rough). Any advice or ideas would be very helpful.

Oh. one more thing. I'm pretty sure my name got out to the group that attempted the assassinations. Would it be worth creating an alias for running the agency?

The Rose Dragon
2010-05-30, 10:56 AM
Don't you get a thieves' guild at level 9? Or was it just fighters?

2010-05-30, 11:05 AM
Sadly, just fighters. For thievies it is level 10 or greater.

2010-05-30, 03:39 PM
If I were you I'd ask the GM if he would allow me to gain a spy network instead of a thieves' guild. It wouldn't change the stats of the people you gain as followers, but it would change the flavour, so instead of using a bunch of cutthroats for delicate political & espionage work, you'd be getting dedicated agents of her Majesty instead.

I would consider an alias in the field but I think it's inevitable that the identity of the head of Her Majesty's Secret Service will become common knowledge, if not officially public.

Also it sounds like other kingdoms don't have anything like this, is yours the first country to do it? Sounds like a major leg up on the rivals, I'd watch out for double agents.

2010-05-30, 04:09 PM
There are rules for spies in the first edition DMG, which I think are missing from the second edition version. They are fairly brief, but quite interesting, in that anybody can be employed as a spy and gradually gains in ability as they survive missions.