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2010-06-02, 02:45 PM
My impression of group items (AV2) is that you want the *different* items of a set distributed across the party. The flavour text even suggests this, "When a party collects the items of a group item set..."

The mechanics, however, simply refer to the number of characters who are carrying one or more items from the set. Conveniently, the benefit tables never extend past the number of items in the set (e.g., there is no listing of a benefit for 5 people carrying an item from a set of 4 items, which could easily happen with duplicate items)

Obviously the RAW is that you can all carry the same piece from a set and get the benefit from the whole set. Does anyone else feel this isn't the intended use of these items?

2010-06-02, 03:07 PM
I'm AFB right now, but I was just reading over item sets, and it seemed to imply (if not state) that one person needs to wield the pieces of the set to reap the benefit. This is especially prevalent with some item sets that solely benefit one class. For instance, there is one heroic set that allows you to use Hunter's Quarry as a free action if you have 5 pieces. This doesn't mean a thing for anyone but the ranger, so you'd think that individual would be the one wearing all the pieces. I'll check tomorrow morning, when I've got my books at hand.

Along the same vein, how many sheathed weapons can a character wear? I remember that item sets only confer their benefits if you are wearing the items, with the explicit exception that a sheathed weapon counts. Can you wield 2 weapons and wear 2 more sheathed?

2010-06-02, 03:43 PM
"Some item sets are designed to be borne not by a single character, but by the members of an entire party."

That's the into to group sets in AV2

And there is no limit on sheathed weapons beyond what the DM might put in place