View Full Version : Looking for a game similar to OotS's gameplay

2010-06-03, 09:15 PM
Hey, folks. Absolutely love this game, but variety is the spice of life. I have a friend's birthday coming up soon, and I think she'd like a game with similar gameplay. So, any games out there that bear a resemblance? Thanks in advance.

PePe QuiCoSE
2010-06-04, 07:35 AM
Well, the first that comes to mind in Munckin for the screwage and D&D parody factor. It's a card game that... well, it's quite popular and you might have heard of it.
For more boardgame-like type, you can go with Talisman (there's a new edition) a Prophecy, which are more adventure driven games.
For the record, i haven't played any of these but there are the games that i have read have some connection with OOTSboardgame.
Anyway, for boardgames i strongly recommend checking www.boardgamegeek.com for info.

2010-06-04, 09:48 AM
Munchkin is similar in theme, but the mechanics are not as complicated--there is no dungeon layout to explore, and card interactions are generally pretty simple. It looks like Munchkin Quest (http://www.worldofmunchkin.com/munchkinquest/index2.html) would be closer to OOtS, though I haven't played that version.

2010-06-06, 04:07 PM
Thanks for the recommendations. I do know about Munchkin, and, yeah, I'm looking for something a little more complex. Talisman's completely new to me, though. So, thanks for that--seems interesting.

And, yeah, I know about BoardGameGeek.com, but it's so robust, and hard to pinpoint similarities. Figured this was the best place to check. Thanks again.