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Corporate M
2010-06-05, 01:49 PM
This is perhaps the way the ardent/divine mind should've been. (But then, it wouldn't have been psionics as in "powerpoints") It's a fair alternative to the cleric, without being stuck in a healer straightjacket...

Hit Die: d8
BaB: Medium
Saves: Good will, poor fortitude and reflex.
Class Skills: Choose any three along with concentration, and bending (alignment taken individually in the subcategories of evil, law, chaos, and evil)
Skillpoints first level: 2+int modifier x4
Skillpoints each additional level: 2+int modifier.

Levels and abilities:
Level 1: Alignment Bending (Least), Karma
Level 2: Bending Finesse +1
Level 3:
Level 4: Alignment Bending (Lesser)
Level 5: Bending Fate (skillchecks) 1/day
Level 6: Bending Finesse +2
Level 7:
Level 8: Alignment Bending (Greater)
Level 9: Bending Fate 2/day
Level 10: Bending Finesse +3
Level 11:
Level 12: Bending Fate (skillchecks or saves) 2/day
Level 13: Laser Guided Karma
Level 14: Bending Finnesse +4
Level 15:
Level 16: Alignment Bending (Ultimate), Bending Finnese +5
Level 17: Bending Fate (skillchecks or saves) 3/day
Level 18:
Level 19:
Level 20: Bending Over, Bending Finnese +6

BENDING (Sp) (Wis based) :
Bending is like casting spells, only you perform skillchecks. You roll your bending subcategory skill, (you have to allocate skillpoints in evil, law, chaos, and good respectively) and can perform supernatural abilities emulating spells. This is to be consulted with the DM what sortof spell-like abilities you wish to use, what sortof skillchecks that require, and the implications on karma. They should be categorized by least, lesser, greater, and ultimate. Each one signifying more power, but also more complicated skillchecks, (perhaps a series of skillchecks instead of just a high DC) or a higher surge of karma points allocated to that alignment sector.

As all skills, bending is stat based for extra modifiers. (Wis) and the DC for bending is wisdom based as well.


Flaming Barrage (Least Bending)
Bending DC: 12 (Evil) Karma Points: 2 (Evil)
Saving Throw: None Spell Resistance: Yes
Effect: Launch magical orbs of fire dealing 1d10 damage, (+1 additional orb for every 4 caster levels) like the spell magic missle... this ignores concealment, total cover, and deals no damage to inanimate objects.

Karma is very important to the alignment bender. It represents not only his success and devotion to the alignment he's bending, but also the after-effect. PCs are encouraged to roleplaying karma getting the best of them, and changing their personalities and mindset. As well, karma tends to attract enemies of opposing alignment. For every 10 points in karma you have a specific alignment, the opposite deals +1 on damage rolls against you, and you take a -1 on bending checks of opposing alignment.

Say for example Corporate M has 50 chaotic and 100 evil. That means he's dealt +5 damage against lawful creatures, +10 against good, while suffering a -5 on lawful bending skillchecks and -10 on good bending... Karma is used as the DM's control stick to prevent spam more then "per day" vancian magic. Skillchecks are secondary and just cause wastes in actions in combat. You can only obtain karma through succesful bending...

As well, karma is reduced when you use karma of a different alignment. Say for example I suddenly use bendings worth 5 law and 10 good. Now my chaos/evil scores are 45 and 90.

You choose one alignment subcategory of bending, at 2cd level and every four levels after that, you gain an additional +1 to bending checks of that category.

At level 5, you gain the ability to make a bending check inplace of a skillcheck 1/day. The amount of times per day increases, and eventually at 12th level you can start using it for saving throws instead if you so choose.

Laser Guided Karma allows you to concentrate your alignment energy into a beam of energy to exhaust your karma. This can be used to your advantage to reduce some of those penalties, but perhaps make a new alignment your dominant one.

Laser Guided Karma is a ranged touch attack with a range incretment of 60ft. Choose one karma subcategory, (good, law, chaos, or evil) and if succesful. This ranged touch attack deals damage equal to the amount of karma points you invested. You cannot use laser guided karma more then once per day on the same target, but are free to use it as often as you like. For purposes of damage reduction, the "laser" is considered the alignment used for the attack.

Bending Over (Ex) :
Your bending and laser guided karma abilities are now treated as supernatural.

Feel free to tell me how balanced you think it is. Basically I kind of strayed from ardent/divine mind, and more of a shugenja thats alignment based and uses skillbased magical mechanics...

As well, I know "alignment bender" is kind of a lame class name. But what the hell was I going to name it? The Nihilist? lol!