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2010-06-06, 12:26 PM
So, I'm going to be playing a 28 PB evil campaign soon, books allowed are: Core, DMG2, Complete Adventurer, Complete Arcane, Complete Divine, Complete Arcane, Cityscape, Dungeonscape, Fiendish Codex 1-2, Libris Mortis, Heroes of Horror, Expanded Psionics Handbook.

I got allowed to use the Spontaneous Divine Caster ACF from Unearthed Arcana, I know it's a suboptimal choice but I prefer it for my playstyle. 'm going to play a Thaumaturgist who mostly summons and debuffs with out of combat heals.

The other party members are a Psion Telepath and a rogue going into assasin.

Race: Human
12 Strength
10 Dexterity
14 Constitution
16 Wisdom
12 Inteligence
10 Charisma

Skills: 6 Diplomacy, 6 Spellcraft, 6 Concentration, 5 Knowledge(Planes), 1 Knowledge(Arcane)
Feats: Extend Spell(1), Eschew Materials(H), Extra Turning(3)
Domains: Summoner, Divine Magician ACF(Complete Mage)

I'm worshipping an ideal: To send as many people to a better place, and keep those who would otherwise be sent to the abyss or nine hells here. (AKA; kill good, help evil) That's the short explanation, as well as taking demons and devils out of the abyss and nine hells so they don't have to be in that horrid place. :smallbiggrin:

I'll be taking most of the Investiture spells from Fiendish Codex 2, mostly for flavor reasons. I'll be taking Spell Focus: Conjuration at 6th to enter Thaumaturgist, Persistent spell at 9th, and divine metamagic: persist at 12.

I'd like to know if anyone has some tips for spell and/or feat choices.

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Yeah, I've looked through it a lot, but I wanted to hear what would work well with the Investiture spells. :smallbiggrin: