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2010-06-07, 01:43 PM
Hey playgrounders... I'm playing a support cleric in a campaign. Solid healing without a lot of resource expenditure and mostly buffing with weak melee capacity. Currently level 7 (cleric6/radiant servant of Lathander (pelor, refluffed) 1)

I'm looking for good long duration buffs, preferably for most of the party. I have a rod of extend that I wish to use, so hour/level duration is preferred.

Didn't go the DMM route, took protection devotion instead, and I can use it 4 times a day with my turn undead, so no sacred bonus to AC buffs.

Thanks all :smalltongue:

2010-06-07, 01:53 PM
Well, quick list off the top of my head on hour/level spells:

Magic Vestment [SRD 3: +1/4 CL to Armor/Shield Enhancement]
Greater Magic Weapon [SRD 4: +1/4 CL to Armor/Shield Enhancement]
Heroes' Feast [SRD 6: Immunity to poison, fear, random bonuses]
Spikes [SC 3: +2 Enhancement, 2*Threat Range and +CL Damage on e.g. Quarterstaff]
Greater (Superior) Resistance [SC 4 (6): +3 (6) Resistance to saves]
Contingent Energy Resistance [SC 4: Contingent Resist Energy 10]
Energy Immunity [SC 6: Immunity to a type of energy]
Mantle of the Icy Soul [SC 6: Cold subtype]
Divine Insight [SC 2: 5 + CL bonus to one skill check made during its duration]

Then there's some 10 min/levels that can do with some extension, but tha's quite a bit in the future.

2010-06-08, 04:08 AM
PHB2 has this crown line of spells which provide a minor benefit, and can be discharged for a 1-time larger benefit. A tad weak, but they do have a fairly long duration (1 hour/lv).