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2010-06-08, 10:31 AM
I recently joined a nWoD Mage game which had our third session last night. The ST admits he pulls most of his ideas from Damnation City. There are 5 players, but we do not have a Moros (Death/Matter).

Our first two sessions dealt with getting rid of a ghost soul-bonded to a spirit who was kidnapping people and trapping them in his "Perfect Place" (a part of the spirit realm set up to look like an idealized late 19th century small town). The party quickly realized the easiest way to deal with this would be with Death Arcana, but none of us had any levels in Death. However, since it was also a spirit, the Spirit mage managed to come up with ways to solve the problems. As a group, we managed to kill the ghost-spirit and rescue the people.

After recovering, the leadership of the Mages gave us a new assignment. We quickly realized this one also dealt with Spirits. In fact, it is pretty much entirely about a spirit. The Spirit mage has contacts with the local werewolves, so she went to them to ask what they knew. (The Spirit mage has an interesting character concept. Her father is a werewolf and her family all assumed she would become one too. Instead, she ended up a Mage.) They told her the spirit was very powerful and all they could do was control and contain it. They cannot actually defeat it.

Only 1 of the PCs has levels in Spirit Arcana. OOC, this is not an issue, except the last adventure also involved spirits. I don't have a problem with an adventure spotlighting a PC's abilities, but it is annoying to have the first two deal with an area only 1 of us has any talent in. The Spirit mage intended her character to be a support character and did not build with the intent of being in the spotlight.

The Spirit mage's player (who is my fiancee) agrees with me and plans to talk to the ST about this. Does anyone have any ideas on ways she can approach him without offending him? While he isn't the best ST, he isn't bad and he is trying. (He is also the only person other than my fiancee who runs WoD, and since she enjoys playing, he is the only opportunity she has.)

2010-06-08, 10:35 AM
What are the other players levelled in? If you don't have any overlaps for abilities, it might be hard for the Storyteller to come up with a plot that includes you all. It could be worth it to figure out a suggestion before you approach him, so that if he says it's impossible you can prove him wrong.

2010-06-08, 11:10 AM
What are the other players levelled in?

PC1: Time and Fate
PC2: Space and Fate
PC3: Forces and Prime
PC4: Forces and Mind

If you don't have any overlaps for abilities, it might be hard for the Storyteller to come up with a plot that includes you all.

The issue isn't that the mission only focuses on one kind of Arcana. It's that the only two adventures we've had both focused on Spirit. It wouldn't be an issue if, since the first one was about Spirit, the second is about Time, then Fate, and so on.

2010-06-08, 11:11 AM
It could be coincidental. Some GMs have themes that they like. Maybe this one finds spirits really interesting. He may have written this plot without knowing what the characters could be. I've certainly written my fair share of plots that can run independent of particular PCs.

I say give him more time. It's two plots in a row that revolve around spirits. Maybe the game will go in another direction. If it doesn't, maybe you could convince him that your exposure to spirits allows you to buy up relevant skills at a discount, and then everyone can participate.