View Full Version : D20 Modern Arcana, do you recommend it?

2010-06-09, 12:34 PM
Hello everyone, Im planning to run a campaign but since Im not that experienced to say if game rules are broken or not I guess I should ask the experts.

I like writing fantasy modern stories and I thought perhaps I could give it a shot and try to make something for D20 (The only system Im familiar with). I checked the rules of the srd document for d20 modern and , so far, I liked the background of Arcana, specially the organizations like Department-7, Draco Industries, FOfV, Silent Walkers, etc. But Ive never ever played or DMed this kind of game, so I dont know if some house rules are needed or if the system itself is unbalanced.

Im planning to allow the use of all the material of the srd open document
(Modern Arcana only).

How were your experiences with this system and setting? Do you have any suggestions?