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2010-06-09, 02:07 PM
I recently started this new campaign that I pretty much made up as I went. The original idea was to create a semi-player driven game in which the entire group had something in common, which gave them a reason to adventure together beyond just "let's kill stuff together!". We as a group decided that the group connection would be that they were all warforged fighting in the same combat unit. I rolled 2d6 to figure out the level, and I got a 4. Great. a low-level warforged game. Here's the interesting part (i think, at least): The game is taking place during the last war.
I start them out as members of the Iron Tide, and threw them in a trench guarding the Cyran border in a huge battle against the Karrns in the year 996. The Karrns approach, and the players fend off a bunch of karrnathi zombies and skeletons, and a pair of minotaur zombies. Then, all of a sudden, they feel the ground shake and hear a deafening explosion coming from Metrol, which is very close to the battlefield, and as they turn around, they see an enormous pillar of a white mist erupt from Metrol, which spreads very fast towards them. Yup, it's the Day of Mourning. The players (who were just about the only surviving warforged left in the battle) managed to escape to a nearby cave and collapse the tunnel. After the mist passed, they cleared the tunnel (but not before fighting a basilisk. which did great to burn their action points on saves) and walked back through the newly-destroyed Mournland. They fought, like, 9 Mourners, and left the battle with a few points of Wis damage each. I think they might go towards Metrol, becuase warforged are apparently completely unaffected by the initial effect of the dead grey mist.

What should I do next, when they get to Metrol? At least, what should I plan for?

the players are as follows:
-warblade, focusing on white raven. He's a good shieldfighter and the de facto leader of the group
-duskblade. He also has a sword and shield and racks up the damage with channeled shocking grasps.
-another duskblade, focusing on Black Rain and using a +1 Hand trebuchet (pretty much a splash weapon launcher). He's our only ranged combatant, and I'm being pretty lenient with allowing him to use Black Rain stuff and ranged feats for the hand trebuchet.
-a ninja. The player is into comics, and is trying to make him like Deadpool. I gave him a feat that let him base all of his ninja stuff on Charisma, and had him dump his WIS (which meant he had a 14 in it, because he rolled ridiculously high), but he's still having trouble contributing to combat. This should get better once we stop fighting undead, but constructs, even living constructs, aren't much better.

I can't remember their alignments, but the ninja is definitely CN.

Do you guys have any ideas? I was considering having them meet an enclave of warforged supremacists who believe that the Mourning gave them the chance to rise up and destroy all the humans (the precursor to the LoB guys). Who knows, maybe the LoB will show up sometime.
Also, do you have any ideas of what should the Mournland look like the day after it happened? How much of what we know as the Mournland now happened instantly when the mist passed over it, and how much happened over the 4 years in between the Day of Mourning and the usual campaign start?

2010-06-09, 02:16 PM
Dead bodies everywhere mostly. Some undead. A large number of destroyed buildings. The impression I got is that the day of mourning was like a combo earthquake and super-plague. Basically everything living was wiped out and most everything else was damaged by the quakes (which also moved rivers and hills and stuff).

2010-06-09, 02:17 PM
I can't help with the Eberron bits, but if you have Tome of Battle your Ninja player will be a lot more effective in combat as a Swordsage.

You could also have him buy some marbles (Arms & Equipment Guide) to enable his sudden strike with - if enemies are balancing, they can't maintain their Dex bonus to AC and are therefore eligible.

2010-06-09, 09:02 PM
Sudden Strike still has the same restrictions as Sneak Attack. I would allow the ninja to sudden strike non-sneak attackable enemies at the cost of half the Sudden strike Die, so if Sudden Strike is normally 4d6, against non-sneak attackable enemies it would be 2d6.

As for bringing them to Metrol, make it like a ghost town. The mist didn't do much physical damage, but it did warp the surroundings. If you have the Five Nations Supplement, I recommend it since it details the Mournland though it is 998. Some modifications may be in order, but aside from the general looting by treasure hunters in 998, nothing much has changed.

2010-06-10, 01:57 AM
I'd suggest giving a PC the chance to become the Lord of Blades.