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2006-08-27, 10:02 AM
That night, you gather at the long table for dinner. Kiah is introduced to the Lord and Lady Ulrich, and she is warmly welcomed. Delphinia's and Hajih's absence is noted, but attributed to "ranger business". Ssilithos' body is kept outside in the stalls to forestall any decomposition until you can figure out how best to dispose of his remains. Though he was abrasive and foolish, you raise a glass to his memory.

Lord Ulrich is eager to hear how the two hydrae were slain, and he nearly spills his soup leaning forward to catch every detail. Once the story is complete, Lady Ulrich yawns and excuses herself, citing fatigue. With a rueful shrug, Lord Ulrich too rises from the table and bids you all good night.

Once again, vials of Lady Ulrich's healing elixir are provided for those who remain injured. A fine sherry and more cigars are also offered by Lord Ulrich's servants, and you are led to a richly furnished study to spend the evening sipping and puffing in the firelight.

A small chest lies in the center of an oak table by one of the windows. Inside the chest are, as promised, 2000 gold pieces that glitter in the light spilling in through the window from the full moon.

You begin to discuss how best to divide the reward among those present (and not present). A few sideways glances are sent Achkby's way, but if this bothers the halfling sorceror, he shows no signs of it.

Once Si'rene is sure that you are alone and not being observed, she waves everyone over next to the fireplace.

"When I found Kiah, I checked the hydrae's lair for any magical items left among the ... debris ... outside the cave."

The white-haired elf lays out three items before the hearth: an old rusted and pitted gauntlet, a clear crystalline prism, and a burnished silver ring. The silver ring appears to originally have been set with three rubies, but two of the stones are missing. Only a single red ruby remains, sparkling in the firelight.

Looking up, Si'rene asks, "Where is Katrin?"

2006-08-27, 11:31 AM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Oooh... perhaps they'll be magical... I probably won't get any, though. What am I talking about?! What did I do to deserve any. Grsha!

As the group gathers around, Achkby asks softly, "Might I see what I can divine of any... extra-ordinary properties they could have? Callos, perhaps you should do the same..."

With a nod from Aeroz or Si'rene or somesuch, Achkby will cast Detect Magic as many times as necessary and make whatever Spellcraft or Knowledge (Arcana) checks would be appropriate, if any are. Both skills at +10.

2006-08-27, 12:32 PM
"Katrine? I think she went up to her room. She didn't say anything, but maybe she's not feeling well? I'll go check on her, she won't want to miss this."

Tiriel will leave the group huddled around the objects and head up the stairs that she saw Katrine use earlier.
it's not like I'll be of any help trying to figure out what they are any how....

2006-08-27, 12:42 PM

Fizahn examines the magical items with little interest. There's nothing there that particulary peaks his interest. He seems mostly interested in the gold and whenever ways to split it are discussed; he seems intent on splitting it with the fewest people possible.

2006-08-27, 01:24 PM

"Ach, seems to be some strange findings, I be interested what they are? Any of you have any ideas? The gauntlet in particular interestes me, something like that should have rusted long ago, not merely remained in that state..."

*Thokk checks over all the items, merely looking at them and trying to see if he has remembered any of them or if he can figure anything un-usual about them.*

OOC: Knowledge check, +2 racial stonecunning and metal knowledge

*Between the meals and sitting around, Thokk approached and asked the Lord if he had permission to use a furnace and also if he could have a leatherworked assist him in working his hydra skin*

2006-08-27, 02:06 PM
Lizardkin Druid

Having helped the dwarf warrior haul some hydra skin back earlier, the druid had retreated to somewhere quiet.

The druid continues to meditate in solitude. He is unaware of the events in the hall but is aware the others are eating a meal together.

If hunger finds him again he has a couple of steaks wrapped nearby.

Sheyra..don't be frightened. Fight it.. fight it

He holds the tooth dangling around his neck and exhales.

As he rests the green ley lines start to from before his eyes and he feels stronger and more connected with the land. The exertions of the hunt and journey over the last few days strengthening him and adding on to his druidic ability.

He slowly falls into trance

[pmed you DR. bob]

2006-08-27, 02:56 PM

The necromancer was almost completely unsurprised to find out that the green haired priest had been slain trying to fight a hydra alone. Still it was never a good idea to dishonor a dead persons memory. Too many things could interact, too many variables to predict that might lead to the man spontenously returning to life. So instead he busied himself with the trinkets found at the hydra's lair, peering over them just as intently as Ackby had done, if for no other reason then to keep himself busy. The ring and gauntlet in particular drew his attention.

((Right, doing the spellcraft and maybe arcana cheks for the items.))

2006-08-27, 03:17 PM

Elthan picks up the crystaline prism and looks over it. Didn't Elthan have something similar to this while we where in the underdark? It certiantly looks similar, if nothing else.
He places the crystal back on the table, and adresses the group. "Can I make a suggestion? Instead of directly splitting the gold among us, shouldn't we put some of the gold towards group assests? Group potions, scrolls, food, ammunition and such so the whole is well supplied. At this point it doesn't seem likely that we will part and go our own ways, so we might as well pool some of our earnings."

Lost Sage
2006-08-27, 03:26 PM

Kiah will join Tiriel if she may. "Do you mind if I join you? Katrine looked down earlier, and I feel out of place here. Maybe I can help."

2006-08-27, 06:02 PM
Thokk judges the gauntlet to be structurally sound, though heavily oxidized. Callos notes that the gauntlet radiates a moderately strong aura of transmutation.

Elthan picks up the crystal prisms and peers through it with curiousity. He tosses it into the air once or twice, catching it in the palm of his hand. Coughing weakly, he places it back down on the floor. "It's bigger than an ioun stone and it doesn't seem to float," he observes.

"It seems to very faintly radiate evocation magic. I'm surprised that you even noticed it, Si'rene ..."

Eventually, attention turns to the silver ring with the single remaining ruby. "Is that what I think it is?" someone asks. Callos and Elthan both confirm that the ring radiates magic strongly. The aura is judged to be of the evocation school.

Tiriel and Kiah climb the stairs together. Tiriel is naturally concerned about her good friend. Kiah is simply looking for an excuse to stretch out her newly healed legs.

Katrin had uncharacteristically asked for a single room. The door is closed, of course, so Tiriel knocks lightly to see if everything is OK. There is no response from inside the bedroom.

2006-08-27, 06:16 PM

More of his attention turned towards the gauntlet that was covered in rust. Everyone else was paying the ring mind and the necromancer had no doubt that they would eventually figure it out. So instead he decided to investigate the gauntlet. Besides it worried him. Transmutation magic could be tricky, dangerous even, espicially if it was cursed.

"Thokk, let me take a look at that gauntlet. I want to try and discover its function. If at any point in time it seems to be causing me pain or any adverse affects and I do nothing of my own accord to remove, I want you to take it off. Forcibly if you have too."

He looked pointedly at the dwarf's bastard sword at the last part as he held his hand out for the gauntlet. If Thokk lets him look at it he'll slip it unto his hand and wait to see if it does anything of its own accord.

2006-08-27, 07:46 PM

Yix climbs up on the table to appreciate all the new shiny (and rusty) objects. He is particularly fascinated with the gold, which he immefiately goes over to and begins counting.

2006-08-27, 07:49 PM

Lumpy inserts his opinion on Silithos' rites rather pointedly,

"We ain't wasting any time in the morning sorting out that dead priest. I don't overmuch care who he worships, but here on land, ya don't get a burial at sea. If that was what he wanted, he should'a died much closer ta water, cause we ain't diverting fer his sake." He wrenches his knuckles together, cracking them noisily, "Now what I WILL do, on account'a I'm such a nice guy, is dig him his own plot in the frostbitten ground and see him buried there tonight. Anyone wants ta give anyone elses blessing on the matter, that's their business."

He joins the others briefly in the matter of the magical items, but seems to quickly lose interest at the sight of them. Nothing looked terribly useful to him; at least, no more useful than a share of gold might be. With a shrug, he sets out to find a shovel or three (to account for breakage) and bury the priest wherever is most convenient

((OOC: as an aside, if no one goes with him, he'll probably strip Silithos of anything valuable looking before burying him. no one come, please :P))

2006-08-27, 07:54 PM

Tiriel shrugs when Kiah offers to come with her. She seems nice enough after all, so whatever.

Hearing no response from the room, Tiriel knocks again, louder. " Katrin, it's me. Open up already."

If there is still no response, she's more than prepared to find out which is stronger, the door or herself.

::She'll try the door to see if it's locked, if so then:
if the hinges face out, she'll simply lift the pegs (or the entire door), if not, ahh well I think we know what's coming....::

edit: yeah I guess I should have her try the door first...

2006-08-27, 08:01 PM

Nyssa nods to Lumpy. "You are correct. We don't have the time, and better he rests now. I will assist you, Lumpy. You should also secure any goods left on his body -- they will do him no good where he has gone. They can better assist the group."

{Nyssa dealt with death all of her life -- it's completely natural to her, and she's very pragmatic. Dead people don't need things. Living people do. She won't allow his holy symbol or any non-useful personal items (like clothing) to be taken. She'll help Lumpy sort out what's magical/worthwhile and not, as well.}

She then looks at Elthan. "And I believe your proposal is a good one. Those on the front lines get injured and must use potions, or the priests must use costly items on them. They keep people like me safe, but I bare none of the cost of it. It's not equitable."

With that, she gets up to follow Lumpy. "I trust the group will figure out a fair way to divide our rewards. Please keep in mind that two of our number have departed, but I think we should keep their shares for them until we're sure they're not returning."

2006-08-27, 09:12 PM

Aeroz stays present for the scanning/testing/identifying of the magic items. He keeps an eye on Callos and anyone else fiddling with the magic items, just in case what the wizard fears does happen. He also occasionally glances at Si'rene, Ginerva and Tiriel.

I dont trust the three of them at all. First they put me on that hellhole of a journey, and now they want to just be allies. Well, not mine, but, the point is there. Too many variables.

[OOC: Fixed DR, Stupid not reading things in their entirety.]

2006-08-28, 09:50 AM

Fizahn keeps his eye on the gold. He grins as he sees Yix start counting. Fizahn decides to have fun with Yix and sidles over to the pseudodragon very nonchalantly. "Good idea counting it. Make sure it's all there and we weren't shorted any. Did you count that piece?" Fizahn asks, pointing to a piece he knows full well Yix has already counted. Fizahn busys himself trying to distract the tiny dragon and make him lose count. He also sneaks some of pieces the dragon's already counted back into the pile. When it's all said and done, the dragon's count comes up 2179 gold. Darn and I was so hoping to get 2180.

OOC: Completely useless and stupid, but it struck me as a kinda funny thing for Fizahn to do.

2006-08-28, 10:11 AM

Ludo gratefully accepts the healing elixir and drinks it. He sits quietly in a corner by the fire, letting its restorative effects work on his wound. He refuses the wine and cigars but instead sips water from a goblet. He watches Nyssa and Lumpy exit to bury the priest. Nolan has grown to respect the half-orc and he quietly meditates where he sits, trusting that his sister is in good hands.

2006-08-28, 10:59 AM

*Working with Callos*

'Ach lad, sounds like a good idea, may also be good to take off yer belt pouch so yer dont start slingin spells around, Ill make sure I dont have to be too forcefull in removing the gauntlet'

*Thokk helps Callos any way he can, but lays his sword against the far wall, but still close enough to grab should the need arise*

2006-08-28, 11:07 AM

The tiny dragon can't figure out why the king would give them more gold than he promised for teh reward. He sits there scratching his head for a few moments pondering, but eventually gives up, and begins to take more of an interest in the other items going around.

2006-08-28, 11:41 AM

Lissa's eyes fixed on the ruby ring the moment Si'rene brought it out. She picks it up almost reverently, examining the damaged piece of jewelry. "Great Golden Lords... people, I really think we should put some of the gold toward identify spells. At least one of you magic types can cast that one, right?" The gnome looks around at Achkby, Elthan, Callos and Nyssa. "I've heard tales about rings like this, but I don't want to look like a fool if I'm wrong. And you know how bards are, who knows how much of those tales was actually true. It would be wonderful if it were, though..." Her voice trails off, and she stares at the mysterious ring a moment more before putting it back with the rest of the loot.

Then Lissa notices what Callos is doing, and just about falls out of her chair. "YOU IDIOT! Beshaba on a broomstick, a wizard of all people should know better than to wear an unidentified magic item! You complete and utter dolt! I lost a good friend of mine to an enchanted necklace that choked her to death! 'Oh, Lissa, you're so paranoid! I'm sure it's perfectly safe!' Last words she ever said." Finally she runs out of steam and just glares for a bit. Despite the glare, it's plain that Lissa is indeed very upset and worried.

2006-08-28, 12:00 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

As most of the group turns on the ring and Callos investigte the gauntlet, Achkby fineagles the crystal away. Callos has clearly got his piece under control, and while Achkby's heard as many stories as the rest--well, maybe not Lissa, but no one has her appetite for treasure (besides that Greedy Fizahn, of course. Gnomes!)--but it can't really be what they all hope it is. These things don't just lie about in the snow.
He turns the crystal over and over in his hands, trying to remember if he's ever heard of this sort of thing. He did always try and pick up tales of magic as he travelled, but it had been so long since he'd heard any new ones...

If you haven't already made the check, DR... Knowledge (Arcana) (1d20+11=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=585360)

However, when Lissa's tirade to Callos spews forth, his is forcibly pulled from his attempt at memory recall, and he grudgingly involves himself with intra-party politics.
"Come on, now, Lissa, leave him at it. He knows what he's doing, better than most. 'Snice of you to watch out for him, an' all, but don't stop him at his work."

That's settled.

Lost Sage
2006-08-28, 05:50 PM

Kiah watches as Tiriel knocks and tries the door. If the door is locked and Tiriel can't break it first try she will hurry down to the group to see if anyone is good with locks.

2006-08-28, 08:59 PM

Trinark chose to remain in the background after their meal. He didn't partake of the luxuries, mainly because they were foreign to him.

Instead he remained seated back from the hearth, observing the goings on. He used his keen elven hearing to listen as his companions examined the items liberated from the lair of the hydras. He never learned much about magic beyond the limited divine flows he was able to channel.

He did take note the Tiriel and the older human woman left the room together.

2006-08-29, 12:36 AM

Well, I'm no good at digging, am I? She looked mournfully at the pitiful few dents she'd made in the frozen earth with her shovel.

Lumpy, meanwhile, had made astonishing progress in the time they'd been outside, and was already knee-deep in a substantial hole. He'd carried the body out on his own, sorted through the priest's possessions on his own, and was basically running the entire burial. She had a feeling that's how he preferred things, anyhow, and she went along, helping where she could.

I'm really getting nowhere. Still, Nyssa kept digging. Even if she couldn't contribute much, she could contribute something. She pulled her furs around her tighter and made another clumsy stab at the ground.

"So," Nyssa said, after a while, "where did you get that scar?" She could have pointed at any one of the dozens that marred the half-orc's body, but in the darkness, it was hard to tell.

2006-08-29, 05:40 AM

Lumpy was in fact quite good at digging holes. When there had been digging to do back home, his mother's husband had made sure he was the one doing it. The militias usually made him too, come to think of it. He could swear up and down he'd dug every hole in Scardale. As he progressed, he gradually stripped extraneous furs from himself, heating up quickly beneath the bulky garments. Eventually, he's left only with his pair of homespun wool pants as well as boots and heavy gloves to aid his grip. And though the tip of his whole ear reddens and gooseflesh prickles along his leathery skin, he seems comfortable in the cold.

He drives the shovel into the ground with a grunt, the tool's handle creaking and bending under the applied force. Digging in the winter was stupid really, but he didn't need anyone else losing focus on their goal on account of alternative burials. He glances up in surprise as Nyssa speaks up, leaving his shovel stuck in the ground, swaying slightly,

"Huh?" A moment later, his mind catches up, processing the information and supplying an answer. He glances down at himself, then at her, as if trying to further divine her meaning, What's she playing at?Ah, whatever. . .. Regardless, he shrugs, tracing his finger along a number of scars as he rattles off their descriptions and cause. It almost seems he knows every one of them,

"Most'a these ones" He traces orderly marks traveling perpendicularily along both his forearms. Their order and alignment is uncannily good, "come from blocking swords. Beats getting hit in the face. The little round ones are from arrows. I picked up more than a few'a them up north, but a couple're from the Dales too.." His hands slide up to his scalp, where an oddly posistioned scar shimmies it's way along the top of his bony head "This one's actually where a crossbow bolt bounced off. It was a lousy shot. Most'a the other nicks here are from knife-fighting. They're always going fer the face, unless they know what they're doing" He points out cuts along his cheeks and nose, as well as his missing eartip, but then moves along to a nasty set of three jagged slashes curiving down his browline, narrowly missing one eye, " 'Cept this one. Big walking statue near tore my face off in the Underdark.""

He resumes shoveling, though he keeps speaking
"Everything else's just normal wear and tear. Little nicks and scrapes happen when ya fight. Well, the ones on my back are lashings, but it's all basically the same."

2006-08-29, 12:14 PM
Lumpy and Nyssa chip away at the frozen earth. Once they get below the frozen crust, the digging gets a little easier, but not much.

Lumpy had managed to salvage a small ring from the green-haired priest's body, but little else seemed to have survived the hydra's teeth and claws.

By the time they have completed the burial, the moon is high in the clear night sky. The orc sentries had long ago lost interest in watching them, so the two of them sit quietly beside the mound of dirt watching as a pair of falling stars streak across the sky.

Suddenly Lumpy stands up, peering into the darkness. It might have been his imagination, but for a moment he thought he saw a dark shape slinking around in the distance. "Maybe we should head inside?" he suggests.

Callos flexes and opens his hand experimentally a few times, dislodging small flakes of rust that catch the firelight as they drift to the ground.

The necromancer randomly points and gestures, but the gauntlet seems to have no obvious effect.

Thokk leans in close, almost smelling the metal, and notes a series of fine complex spirals inscribed in the gauntlet.

Callos reaches for the fireplace poker, but when he grasps the tool with the gauntlet, it immediately oxidizes and crumbles into dust ...

Upstairs, Kiah tries the latch, but the door is locked from inside. Kiah is about to head downstairs to see if anyone is good at picking locks, but before she can do so, Tiriel has lifted a heavy booted foot and kicked the door in.

The bedroom is empty. Moonlight spills through and open window onto a bare floor.

2006-08-29, 12:23 PM

"In the name of the gods..."

*Thokk jumps back and quickly rambles in high dwarven, before catching himself and speaking in common*

"Ach, that be a powerful weapon there lad! Bane to any fighter in existance! Take it off lad, I wish to try!"

*Thokk quickly stripes all metal objects off himself, except for a chain around his chest. He then politly reaches for the gauntlet, but all can note the eager look in his eyes*

2006-08-29, 12:26 PM

She listens to Lumpy's business-like listing of his scars, her shovel held still in her hands. "I think my brother and you are very alike, in some ways." She goes back to "shoveling" in silence.

When they've finished, Nyssa kneels down by the grave, touching it, then touching her forehead. She murmurs a quiet prayer to Kelemvor, then stands.

She looks once more at the grave. "May you be in peace. And may your goddess warn her other priests to not be so foolish."

Nyssa looks directly at Lumpy. "Life is far too precious to waste. He was a idiot. And now he's a dead idiot. But still, one trait that makes us who we are is how we treat the dead." She smiles. "Shall we?"

{Once they're back inside, she'll Detect Magic on the ring, and attempt to use Spellcraft (+11) and Knowledge: Arcana (+11) to determine its properties, if it's magical.}

2006-08-29, 12:50 PM

"Damn that girl. She's gone and done it again. Tiriel sighs and walks out of the room. Kiah looks at her questionaly as Tiriel closes the door behind them.
"Look, all we can do is wait for her to come back. Whatever she's doing, she must have wanted to do it discretely."

Slightly peeved at being left out, Tiriel heads back downstairs to enjoy the food, and festivities.

2006-08-29, 01:06 PM

When Yix sees the fire poker crumble from a mere touch of the gauntlet he becomes very intrigued. The next moment he is standing up and clapping anxiously calling to Callos "Again! Again!"

2006-08-29, 03:58 PM

A delighted smile came to the necromancer's face when the fire poker oxidized and disentergrated into rusty powder. So thats what it did. With the sudden huddling by the pseudodragon and Thokk though a clustered look came to his face. Then annoyance until he stepped back from the two of them as he worked the gauntlet off of his hand.

"Behave yourselves or I'll hide this thing from the both of you! We don't even know if it will work more then once a day so be calm."

Taking a deep breath now that there was breathing room he handed the gauntlet to Thokk though one longing eye was on it. And to make sure Thokk wasn't reaching for any of his metallic items to test it on.

2006-08-29, 04:10 PM

Lumpy watches Nyssa's prayer impassively, but shrugs at her commentary,

"People get the treatment they deserve, living or dead. I seen it time and time again. I just do what needs doing and keep moving on."

Turning his eyes, which glint brighter in the darkness than they ever did in light, out towards the countryside, his brow furrow slightly. He drops his jaw as if to voice some concern, but shrugs, burying it under a grunted reply, "Yeah, let's go."

Gathering his things, he leads the way back to the hall, offering the ring over to Nyssa for inspection.

2006-08-29, 09:14 PM

Trinark watches as the small group experiments with the magic items. He notes with some interest when the gauntlet causes the fireside poker to crumble to dust. He recalled such creatures in the Underdark whose bodily fluids were so corrosive as to cause even Dwarven forged steel to disolve before your eyes.

After the women had been gone a few minutes, he rose and headed for the staircase. As he reached the bottom he met them coming down.

He looked at Tiriel with a questioning look, "Is everything alright? Do you need help finding Katrin?"

Lost Sage
2006-08-29, 11:02 PM

Kiah turns in surprise as Tiriel kick the door in. As a small, frail woman it's not something she ever dreamed of being able to do. She grins at Tiriel and says "Remind me to stay behind you in a fight."

Peering into the empty room it's clear that Katrin has left through the window. As Tiriel expresses her frustration Kiah can only look on with some sympathy. Sometimes there's jus' nothing to say.


Back in the common room she leaves Tiriel to explain Katrin's disappearance. I wonder what happened to the half-orc - what was his name? And the friendly one - Nyssa. Looks like they're happy with the haul anyway. Wait! Is the tall guy giving the gauntlet to the dwarf?? They haven't identified them things yet have they? I hope someone around here can remove curses 'cause I'm fresh out.

The tall male half-elf catches her eye. He don't look right. I've seen it before. Does look too long ago nether.

Kiah sits down and considers the scroll of restoration in her scroll case. It was an expensive scroll. Higher that she could do. She had to pay 800gp for it and was saving it for an emergency. Different voices in her mind argued over what to do. The half-elf wasn't at the fight with the hydra but he definitely seems part of the group. On one hand she was always tight with her money running the Inn - had to be. So the older part of her mind wanted to sell it to him. But on the other hand the nature priestess - the newer part of her mind - was not like that. There are things beyond buying and selling. They could do something about the hydra and did it - so here she was alive and well. She could do something about this. It would all balance out just like Ehlonna said it would.

Her decision made she makes her way over to the male half-elf (Ethan) and sticks her hand out. "Kiah! Pleased to met 'ya. Looks like you had a run-in with some undead. Would you mind telling me about it? I might be able to help. The most important thing is when. How many days ago did this happen?"

2006-08-30, 07:24 AM

"Ach, this be very interesting indeed..."

*Thokk smiles as he looks over the gauntlet, and tries to read the tiny runes inscribed on the side*

"Callos, I needs help with three things. First, can ye hand me a small steel object? Second, can yer make any sense from these runes? Finally, do yer know any spells or magics that can rust metal items? As in, can ye cast any right now lad? O, and the rest of ye, I suggest all metal be stripped off and put over yonder on the side"

2006-08-30, 12:19 PM

Tiriel is about to answer Trinark when she overhears Thokk's annocement. She turns back to Trinark, "Everything's all right I guess," she looks back at the group noticing that the dwarf has a strange half-manical, half-gleeful grin and that Yix is jumping up and down. "Whatever's going on here, I think I'd rather hear about it afterwards. I'll be outside."

She grabs some food on her way out before heading to the stables.

2006-08-30, 12:43 PM

The older human nodded and looked around the room for a suitablly sized metal object, a spoon or other utensil if he can. Once such an object is found he returns to the dwarf and holds it out. Once Thokk takes it he leans over and peer s curiously at the gauntlet, trying to see if anything happens when it rusts something as well as attempting to see the runes Thokk was talking about.

"Huh, I don't know of any spells that do that myself. Perhaps you can ask Elthan or Ackby about it..."

((Actually rolled my Spellcraft check to see if Callos would know about the Rusting Grasp spell and failed it.))

2006-08-30, 12:53 PM
Tiriel thanks Trinark for offering to help, but she feels that it's best to leave Katrin alone for now. If she felt she had to sneak out, there must certainly be a good reason.

Si'rene joins Tiriel outside to get some fresh air. As they walk outside, they pass Lumpy and Nyssa, who are returning from burying Silithos.

Once alone, Si'rene and Tiriel spend some time in quiet conversation. Neither of them are sure what Katrin is up to. "Well, I guess we all have our secrets, don't we?" Si'rene says as she looks up at the moon.

Elthan counts backwards. It's been at least three or four days since the battle with the spectres. Kiah isn't sure whether the spell will restore Elthan's weakened spirit this far out from the initial drain.

Together they look at the crystal prism and the silver ring inset with the single ruby. Everyone else seems focused on the gauntlet.

Yix, Thokk and Callos gleefully attempt to disintegrate any steel or iron items that are offered up, including some flatware and a chamberpot. Unfortunately, the effect on the poker can't be replicated. Callos concludes that the gauntlet may only work a limited number of times a day.

Nyssa looks over the ring recovered from Silithos' body. It is a simple gold band with a single groove that spirals around the band seven times before meeting itself again.

OOC: So can we wrap up the gold distribution soon?

Lost Sage
2006-08-30, 11:32 PM

Kiah listens to Ethan while he recounts the battle and the number of days it has been. Then she checks the whites of his eyes and the skin between his fingers. Finally, she pronounces "Well, you're lucky. Looks like I can still do something about this. But next time you get yourself looked at right away y'hear! Undead ain't healthy! It's a lot easier to do something in the first 24 hours then to wait. In a few more days it would have been beyond me."

She grumbles a bit, digging through her bag for a scroll case. Taking it out, she selects a scroll and spreads it in front of her. Then she snorts, "Actually, it's beyond me now. I suggest that if you don't want to spend all that gold (points at the table) and more on scrolls than you best be more careful. Now, hold still."

As she reads the scroll twists of glowing green vapor rise from the disappearing script and coalesce around her hands. The words are soft and light and strangely musical - like a butterfly on a spring day. When she finishes she reaches over to grasp both of Ethan's hands. The glow passes over to him and sinks in. Anyone can see the change. His skin is instantly less pale and his eyes are brighter.

"There," she says "that does most of it. Can't do more after this long I'm afraid. You need to get out and do something."

She will refuse any payment. As she packs up her things she says "You can thank me but that's about it. What goes around comes around as they say."

Afterward she will walk to somewhere in the room where she can see everyone. "Hey all!!" She projects her voice quite well, and obviously is comfortable speaking in front of a group. "I know everyone wants wants to divide gold and such but give me a moment. I need to say my piece and they you can get back to it. I want to join your group for a bit. You've removed the hydras and left me with some free time, and there seems to be something about undead in whatever you're messed up in. Now I know that some of you don't trust me..." she looks at Achkby pointedly "... enough to tell me what *is* going on but that's OK. I'll tag along, and either that will change or I'll pick up enough to decide on my own. Until then I'll help out, and if I leave I'll let you know."

"Now I'll hang around for a bit if you want to ask me some questions, but then I'm head'n up to bed and you can let me know in the morning. I rise at dawn. If you want me earlier jus' knock."

(OOC: Whew! that was way too long)

2006-08-31, 12:12 AM

Elthan tries to reply to some of Kiahs statements without feeling like a guilty child. "I wanted to do something about it when it happened, but we where rushing and I thought it might just fade away like anything else."
He can feel the energy return to him as the spell is completed, the positive energy lighting him up agian. "If all I can do is thank you, then thats all I can say. Thank you."

Kiah gives her short speech and leaves. Of all the people we could have picked up, at least we found an interesting one.

Elthan begins to lose interest in the trinkets found, and his mind wanders to other areas. He gets up and heads out for a walk, and spying the lizardkin outside, heads to him. Not wanting to disturb the Lizarkins meditation, Elthan sits down on a nearby object and waits to see if he stops.

2006-08-31, 12:56 AM

"Way to enunciate..." Aeroz mutters to Kiah's speech. "As for the gold, I believe I still owe some to Achby, so he can take what he needed to cover the Stone to flesh."

He then takes a seat and waits for Thokk, Callos and Yix stop gawking at the gauntlet.

2006-08-31, 06:50 AM

Fizahn basically ignores everyone else as he does calculations in his head. Every few minutes, he will offer an outrageous proposal that is shot down by the group. "Aeroz. I have just lost a great deal of respect for you. You should never admit to having a debt and only repay them if they press you too hard, or you need to borrow a greater amount of money from them. Let them bring it up and then say, 'I don't recall that.'"

2006-08-31, 10:10 AM

It was very warm and very comfortable where he was sitting. The sound of friendly banter in the background only added to the cheerful atmosphere. Everything was pleasant and cozy.

It was too cozy for Nolan. I wonder if they have a spiked bed to sleep on...

Nolan looks up at his sister's return. With a stretch he stands and makes his way over to see how things went, giving wide berth to the enchanted gauntlet waving dwarf.

2006-08-31, 11:06 AM

"Fizhan, I'm no theif. And besides, its the least I can do after about those half dozen times when I thought he looked like a roasted pheasant in the underdark. And besides, its better to get it paid for now, just in case we find a nice big stash of gold. The halflings I've dealt with in the past were notorious interest keepers."

Aeroz walks crouches beside Fizhan and whispers "And as a fringe benefit, now I can start bugging him about what he owes me."

He then gets up and moves to the other side of the room.

2006-08-31, 11:34 AM
I still wanna know if anything's happened with this crystal thingamabob...

Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby perks up a bit at Aeroz's announcement, but tries his best to hide it. He manages well enough for only a couple to notice his enthusiasm for the idea.

But then Fizahn speaks and the thought of gratitude is expelled from the halfling's mind as he glares at the gnome. Scrambling for a sharp retort, he decides, instead, to muster up what grace he has.

"I certainly wasn't going to charge interest; the thought hadn't even considered speculating about crossing my mind," he says, trying his best to sound as little like Fizahn's cruel characterization of himself as possible.
"But thank you much. It'll be nice to have some spare gold on me again."

Achkby'll sit and wait until someone figures out how they're splitting the gold (Why is this a problem? Just split it thirteen ways... or make it easier, cut out Fizahn, 'cause he's a greedy bastard, and split it twelve ways.), and then collect the 300 gold from Aeroz, Brandobaris willing.

2006-08-31, 12:48 PM
Lizardman Druid
Meanwhile near the stables..
The reptilian jerks awake. He blinks in surprise. Nothing had happened.

Why did I not see anything

He knew he had connected but no visions had presented before him. He looks up to see the wizard from his old roup sitting a distance away.

For a moment he grew suspicious of the magic user, considering whether he had something to do with the lack of visions.

However he dismissed the thought immediately.

This one has done nothing but aid me

Elthan's eyes had been gazing one something to the side but sensing a shift in the lizardman's body, they turn back to lock onto him. He smiles at the lizrdman.

Perhaps the place then..

He frowns at the surroundings around him and motions the wizard forward. He pulls a package of steaks from the side.

He looks around and sees no one else besides the two of them.

Cloudhair must still be eating
His thoughts drift back to the drow and then to the dwarf and gnomes he had been re-united with. He would have to leave them tomorrow.

2006-08-31, 06:24 PM

Fizahn smiles as Achkby talks. "Oh, absolutely Achkby. I completely understand that you would never charge interest." Fizahn says in a tone of mock cheerfulness that is absolutely mocking the halfling. He turns back to Aeroz and whispers in a voice barly audible to Achkby, "Which is what makes him such a sap, because the amount owed to him will never go up." He then directs another cheerful grin towards Achkby. "I suppose you all want me to come up with an idea of splitting the wealth. I'm obviously the smart one and most decisive of the group. I propose we keep the ring as a little 'backup' tool. Nolan should keep it. I feel there are twelve of us who deserve a share of the treasure, as I feel Hajih and Delphinia aren't coming back. The gauntlet should go to Thokk. The prism isn't very important; we should sell it first oppurtunity and split the proceeds amongst those who didn't fight the hydra, Achkby, Elthan, Callos, and Kiah. The rest of us will take 181 Gold each with the missing rangers getting the remaining 9 gold if they return." Fizahn shrugs as he finishes speaking and looks at the group. Let's make a decision please.

OOC: When Nyssa and Lumpy return and explain about the ring, Fizahn will propose that Nyssa keeps the ring and the other members' pots go up to 200 GP with no gold left for the rangers.

2006-08-31, 10:55 PM

Lumpy grunts an incoherant greeting as he passes Tiriel and Si'rene, but leaves it at that.

When he enters the hall again, he speaks almost immediately, his tone flat but strong enough to carry,

"Priest's buried. Anyone what wants ta say their peice over his grave best do so tonight, we'll be riding out tomorrow by the time the sun's up. I wouldn't, though, there's something skulking around out there."

Shouldering his bundled furs, Lumpy moves over to the table, pouring and draining a goblet of wine before reinserting himself into the conversation,

"A share'a gold's fine fer me, I ain't much interested in any'a the rest'a the lot. Just don't stay up all night arguing. Details can always be sorted out on the road."

With that, the taciturn orc moves past the rest of his companions, heading up to his room wordlessly, leaving Nyssa behind to sort out matters on the priest's ring.

2006-08-31, 11:35 PM

Nyssa follows the half-orc in, and stops by her brother's side. "Beware, Nolan, you appear far too relaxed. Before you realize it, you'll be speaking complete sentences, letting your hair grow out, and possibly even smiling." She then takes her freezing cold hands and cups his ears, grinning.

She then heads to the table and drops a golden ring on it. "This was on the priest, the only salvagable item Lumpy found. It radiates a pretty fair amount of transmutative magic. I'm not sure of its function, aside from prolonging this discussion. Are you really still talking about money?"

2006-09-01, 03:34 PM
"Yeah, I guess we do."

"I'm going to take a walk and then turn in. Let me know what that group sorts out in the morning - all I care about is that everyone is treated fairly."

Tiriel streches a bit before puting action to her words. If it's not too late, she'll try to find someone who's willing to sell her some flasks of oil. Maybe I should start with the kitchen? she thinks.

2006-09-01, 08:31 PM
As the night drags on, one by one each of you retires to your rooms to rest. In the end, the group agrees to try to divide up the treasure into roughly equal portions ...

Aeroz, Achkby, Lissa, Lumpy, Fizahn, Tiriel, Si'rene, Trinark and Yix each claim 150 gp. Si'rene and Trinark also hold 150 gp for Katrin and the lizardman respectively.

Two more 150 gp shares are held for Hajih and Delphinia in case the rangers return.

This leaves 50 gp to be shared communally for lodging, rations and feed.

Nyssa is allowed to keep Silithos' ring, and the silver ring with the single remaining ruby is entrusted to Nolan. Although everyone has the same suspicions, no one is willing to waste a possible wish by "testing" the ring.

The gauntlet is given to Thokk, who would be the most likely to benefit from its powers.

Which leaves only the crystal prism. Callos peers at the prisms and notes some draconic lettering somehow etched into the center of the long crystal. The letters appear different depending on which of the three faces of the prism he is looking through.

OOC: Flasks of oil bought by Tiriel. Level restored to Elthan by Kiah.

2006-09-01, 09:04 PM

Once again an expression of curiousty came to his face as he looked at one of these magical items. Going into his pack and retrieving his newly bought pen, a vial of ink, and a sheet of parchment the necromancer laid the sheet down and looked at the letters through each facet. Chewing on his lower lip some he wrote down what he read.

((Callos can in fact read draconic.))

2006-09-01, 09:13 PM

Nolan had been wincing everytime his name had been mentioned when it came to the ring. I swear... Give it to me and I will toss it at that gauntlet.

And then the ring was placed in his hand.

He lets out a sigh. They just met me... "If it means going to bed at some point tonight then fine, I'll take responsibility for it." His hand closes around the ring. "I'll need a chain of some sort to place it around my neck. You wouldn't want me to be wearing the blasted thing on my finger next time Nyssa speaks to me."

2006-09-01, 09:58 PM

"Ach, so be it. Now Im tired, and if im tired all of yer should be tired. I am going to bed lads, till the morning"

*Thokk picks up the gauntlet and gathers up his belongins. He bids everyone a good night, and wanders out to the main stable area to see if he can find the lizardman and talk for a while before he retires for the evening*

2006-09-01, 10:30 PM

Yix carefully counts his gold coins before adding them to his growing stash. After finding himself a drink, he scampers off to sleep.

2006-09-01, 11:29 PM

In his unlit room, Lumpy goes through his nightly ritual methodically, servicing his weapons and armor briefly and easily, eyes glittering in the dark.

Lifting his pillow, he slips his sheathed dagger and moneypouch beneath. His armor and pack are stacked neatly at the bed's foot in a military bundle, with the newly added guisarme propped alongside them. He folds his winter overclothing passingly, stacking it within easy reach on the bedside table.

Finally, he stalks around the room one last time, ensuring that everything is in good order, before settling onto his bed, tucking his flail against his chest as he drifts easily to sleep.

Lost Sage
2006-09-01, 11:53 PM

Kiah beds down for the night, keeping her bag in bed with her and her door and window locked. Not that it helps much, but it does make me feel safer.

One thing is for sure anyway. This lot ain't no military. I've never seen such a lack of leadership. Kind of an organic hodge-podge She smiles to herself. The idea does have an attraction to a nature priest.

Still, it will be interesting to see who actually says something to me tomorrow, one way or the other.

2006-09-02, 12:17 AM

Nyssa stays up late, enjoying the company, the fire, and the drinks. She actually speaks little, and spends her time watching the rest of the group and listening in on their discussions. They're all so very interesting.

Other than that, she plays with the ring in her hand, but doesn't put it on. She was happy to take the ring in lieu of money, she finally decided -- she had enough money for now, and this way she could be sure the ring would be given to the right person once she knew what it did. She just hoped Lumpy wasn't upset, because she could see how it looked for her to end up with it. I'd talk to him, but I think that might annoy him even more.

She's one of the last to go to bed. When Nyssa does, she takes the precautions of securing her door and window, but beyond that she acts as if she is completely at home. Her pack is on a chair, her cloak and robes thrown over it, and within a minute she's sound asleep in the bed.

2006-09-02, 12:54 AM

About an hour and a half after the treasure has been distributed, Aeroz goes to his room. He takes off his chain shirt and unbuckles all his weapons but a dagger strapped to his ankle, throwing them to the ground in an unorganized heap. Lying down on the bed, his thoughts begin to wander.

Something just occured to me, I only get about four hours of rest a night, while everyone else gets around eight. Seems kind of odd...my race is of the longest lived, you would think we would be able to devote more time to sleep. I guess life is strange that way...why is common so confusing in it's spelling anyways? There are a lot of words that are spelled the same, yet are spoken differently...

2006-09-02, 07:56 AM

Trinark took the 2 small bags of gold coins without comment. He was still growing accustomed to the idea of having personal wealth.

He took a brief stroll around the building to see if he could locate the Druid, but he was no where to be found. He furrowed his brow in annoyance. It figures he would venture out at this late hour.

Trinark decided to locate a spot near the main hallway and the stairs. He retrieved a cushon from the main room, and sat down on the floor to wait. He slipped into his typical state of light meditation, knowing that if the Druid came back he would see him first.

2006-09-02, 03:14 PM

The sorcerer gets up from his position and takes a seat next to the lizardkin. He sits in silence for a bit before daring conversation. As always, out of respect, he speaks to the druid in draconic. "Have you just been meditating out here this whole time? There's a need for reflection, but to spend all night out here alone seems a bit much. Come inside with the rest of the group. We've been separted long enough, it would be an injustice to keep you and your wisdom locked outside."

2006-09-02, 04:03 PM
So, does Achkby get Aeroz's 150?

Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby doesn't reply to Fizahn's ridicule, and mostly keeps to himself for the rest of the evening.

They seem to trust the new man, Nolan, more than me. Of this whole group, many of us having pulled through the Underdark together, the person they trust the most is the guy we picked up a few days ago. Not that I wanted to guard the ring -- oh, no! But to think they trust him to carry it more than, say, Aeroz, who's been on this... this quest since it began... it's ridiculous.

Achkby does, though, offer Nolan some twine as a makeshift necklace.
He retires fairly early, bidding all a polite good night.

In a bit of a bad temper, he tosses his things in a pile on the table, secures every part of the window he can against the cold outside, and slides in to the bed.
He almost forgets to cast the quick spell to clean hisself and clothes, but not quite.

2006-09-02, 08:34 PM

Fizahn grins mockingly at Achkby once more before taking his share. He talks freely among the group. He smiles and offers no complaints to the splitting of the loot. After a while small-talking with the group, he heads toward bed. He makes sure to bathe before locking up his room. After all that talk, Achkby still got a share. I suppose it's a fair split, but I'd still like more. He grins ruefully before going to sleep.

2006-09-03, 10:46 AM
The party gathers outside the keep early in the morning after a quick, simple breakfast. The sun is rising behind the Thesk Mountains far to the east. From the raised vantage point of the Keep, you can see the Forest of Lethyr to the north, and a glimmer of the Lesser Elth River to the west (where you had first encountered the hydra).

The road to Rashemen runs roughly northeast. The journey will be lonely and perilous suggests Lord Ulrich. Eventually you will reach Lake Mulsantir, which will be frozen at this time of the year, allowing passage. Lady Ulrich stands by her Lord's side, holding his hand and wishing you all a good journey.

The orcs are in a fine mood. They've groomed and dressed your mounts and are all smiles.

Katrin is back, having slipped back into her room sometime in the early morning. She makes no comment about her door being kicked in.

Some eyes look back to the west for any signs of Delphinia or Hajih.

2006-09-03, 12:08 PM

Gladi and her rider come padding into view when the first of the group begin to assemble for the day. She says nothing, and stops the dog a few feet off from everyone else.

2006-09-03, 12:12 PM
Lizardkin Druid
Night before..

The druid looks to the wizard. His lip curls up into the slightest of smiles.

"I wanted to glimpse the future"
He frowsn in worry.

"But something stopped me"
He pauses before continuing
"With no guidance , i know not how i must save sheyra and kill sethra once and for all"

He idly pulls at some dried grass on the ground
"Someone must know a way to end this...

They both rise and go inside. His unease at entering a human dwelling while not as strong as before still lingers.
The memory of the ferryman's hut returns.

2006-09-03, 01:13 PM

Nyssa rises early, says some brief prayers to Kelemvor, and then meditates.

She's already bundled in furs and one of the earlier ones to gather outside. She seeks out Kiah and Elthan first. "Elthan, Kiah, I think the idea of having a group fund for expenses that are unfairly placed on some and not others is a good one. I'm not sure how we can implement it for a group of this size, though. But I want to at least say that I am willing to contribute for myself and my brother."

She knows little of the new group that had been added, and assumes they will all be travelling forward together, to warn the northlands of the army.

Lost Sage
2006-09-03, 02:12 PM

Kiah rises well before dawn, bundles herself up well, and goes outside to meditate and pray. She has a lot to do after her ordeal yesterday. So much in fact, that the sun has risen by the time she finishes. She only has time to grap some breakfast to go and head out to where the group is marshalling.

Nyssa approaches her to say a few words. Kiah replies
"Damn good idea. Especially since it'll mostly be stuff I would need to keep you lot healthy. Thank you for it."

She chooses a place carefully. Not in the group, but not apart from it either. Putting her bedroll on the ground she sits cross-legged and eats her breakfast, waiting for the latecomers to arrive.

2006-09-03, 02:19 PM

Not needing much sleep but grateful for the peace and quiet afforded by everyone else slumbering, Nolan begins the morning with his usual exercises and stretches. The magic ring entrusted to the night before hangs around his neck from a sturdy leather cord.

He finds Nyssa with Kiah discussing the group funds. "I am also willing to let Nyssa contribute for the two of us in this matter," he says dryly before hefting Nyssa's pack over to the cart.

2006-09-03, 02:57 PM

Katrin slips out of her room late in the morning, not looking very well rested. She bolts down her breakfast and gathers her posessions together as quickly as she can, but she is still the last to get outside. She mounts her horse silently, hoping she isn't holding the group up.

2006-09-03, 04:03 PM

Hajih and his cart come into view shortly after Delphinia arrives.

The ranger waves cheerfully as he comes up to the group, but stops when he sees Kiah.

"Mornin', you going to be joining us?" he asks, a grin on his face.

Curled up beside him on the cart is a mottled grey wolf, it growls quietly.

"So..." Hajih inquires, pausing to take a drink from his flask "...When we headin' out?"

Lost Sage
2006-09-03, 04:35 PM

to Hajih
"Hope to" says Kiah simply "...at least until I have a better idea of what is going on." Kiah stands up so she can see the wolf in the cart better. "Nice wolf." she comments, and turning back to Hajih continues "I don't believe I know your name. I'm Kiah. I gave a little speech in the dinning room last night asking to join the group for a bit. 'seems like I missed quite a lot of you." She glances over the 4 or 6 that where not in the room. "So here I am waiting for an answer."

2006-09-03, 05:16 PM

Being one of the first to get up in the morning, Aeroz has a quick breakfast and gears up. He spends the time afterwards polishing his weapons and readying his equipment.

While everyone gathers to leave, Aeroz waits quietly until most of the group is present.

"You know, one of these days I should look at a map to see where the hell we are actually headed. Speaking of which, no one let Colonel Bluehat lead the way. I'm not making that same mistake again..."

[OOC: DR, I was wondering if it was a little too late to go supply shopping. PMing you my list.]

2006-09-03, 05:38 PM

Nyssa, still standing nearby, overhears Kiah. Well, my brother and I just started following them and they didn't tell us to go away, but I suppose an official invitation would have been nice.

She walks to Kiah, and extends a hand. "By the power vested in me by absolutely no one at all, welcome to the team. I believe that is as official an invitation as you can expect to recieve here."

2006-09-03, 06:12 PM

*Thokk spends his morning being once again surprisingly good-natured, talking to the Orcs, eating a large breakfast and seeing different workers in the castle. He soon gathers up all his belongings, reigns in his horse, and prepares to leave*

2006-09-03, 09:07 PM

Despite another night of subpar sleep, Lumpy manages to beat the sun up, perhaps finding some comfort in a regular waking schedule. His morning routine is as regimented as his night, all order and honed reflex as he dons his armor and clothing and repacks his things.

By the time he's left his room, his militaristic demeanor has faded, shoulders slouching a bit as he steps out into the light of the coming dawn. He is quiet for much of the preparation to the journey, seeming pleased to find his mount tended to but unwilling to vocalize upon it. he eventually settles with a grateful grunt in the general direction of the orcs.

He breaks his silence as Kiah resubmits her proposal, drawling a lazy response, with a bit less bite than usual,

"I ain't'a mind ta question people's judgement no more. If yer tagging along, that's yer risk ta take. All I ask is ya make yerself useful, 'cause we ain't got overmuch use fer hangers-on. Ain't no picnic we're going on."

Lost Sage
2006-09-03, 09:08 PM

to Nyssa
Kiah looks surprised at Nyssa's pronouncement. She looks around at the others - most of which continue to ignore the proceedings - and snorts.

"Thank you girl, if that's all I'm going to get I best take it."

As Lumpy says his piece she picks up her bag and walks over to the other cart (the one without the wolf) "I'll hold my own" she replies to him. Then she addresses the driver "If you don't mind I'll hitch a ride here. My donkey got eaten." Without waiting for an answer she climbs on.

(OOC: there are 2 carts right?)

(EDIT: to reply to Lumpy, he beat me by a few seconds)

2006-09-03, 10:24 PM

Fizahn awakes brisk and refreshed. Fizahn spends the morning socializing and checking his belongings. He overhears Nyssa 'officially' inviting Kiah to join the group. He smiles at her and pipes up cheerfully. "Yeah, that's as official as it gets, unless I conduct the experiment. Pretty much anyone's allowed to tag along, assuming they don't want to hurt anyone in the group. It's an extremely diverse group. We've got all sorts of gnome-oids from all types of proffesions. Everyone can do their own thing and we respect each other's privacy. There is, however, a tight-knit inner circle that was formed when traveling through the underdark. You don't become involved in the companionship, trust, and intrigue of that unless you travel with us for quite some time." Fizahn leaves Kiah and Nyssa to think about what he said and hops onto Hajih's cart. He spends a few seconds examining the wolf. "This your kid now Hajih? I knew a ranger had a pet once. Aholoh was Graevic's badger. A badger I was rather attatched to, being able to talk to the little critter. Pity what happened to them though." Hajih might recognize Graevic as one of the names Fizahn mentioned at the pool where Thokk was ressurected, or he might not.

Lost Sage
2006-09-03, 10:51 PM

Kiah turns to Nyssa "Makes you feel warm and welcome all over don't it?"

2006-09-03, 11:01 PM

He bows to Kiah "My name's Hajih, and don't worry about the rest of these folk, they're mostly harmless."

"Yeah, I found him in the woods" Hajih remarks to Fizhan "his name is Fluffy" The wolf raises its head and growls at Hajih.

"Alright, guess he doesn't like that name...I'm sure I'll think of something else." He smiles and takes a drink from his flask.

2006-09-04, 09:48 AM

Nolan makes a small awkward bow to Kiah. "Welcome. Fair warning: in a day or two you may be given valuable treasure you have absolutely no interest in," he says stiffly, finding it difficult to maintain eye contact with the stranger.

2006-09-04, 10:31 AM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby arises sort of in the middle of people waking, but is nonetheless one of the last few out the door. He dawdles his way downstairs, and eats a slow breakfast of hot porridge.

This stuff really tastes fantastic after so long on the road. I wonder if it travels well. Nah, bet not.

Achby emerges from the hall behind Fizahn, and grimaces at the sight of the mounts again. Heaving a little sigh, he wanders over near his pony and hovers a yard or so away, waiting until the very last moment to actually climb on the creature.

2006-09-04, 11:23 AM

Last Night
"If you need guidance, you have plenty of friends to find it from. We aren't too sure how we will finish this either, but we will find a way. We're the heros of this tale, aren't we?"

Elthan takes his first good rest since the encounter with the specters, and stays in bed a bit longer than usual. He throws his pack into his cart along with anyone hitching a ride in it.

When Nyssa offer to contribute to the group funds, Elthan gives a nod and a smile. "I'm glad we have some support. Even if it's just the four of us."

After getting everything set, Elthan checks up on the lizardkin. "Druid! Are you prepared to go? We've finsihed our official welcomings to the new ones, and we will require help keeping ribbons off of Hajihs new pet."

2006-09-04, 01:01 PM
Lizardkin Druid

The reptilian has a pained expression but otherwise does not seem perturbed.
" Do not call him a pet.."
While the words seem curt. His level tone and matter-of-factness about it conveyed tolerance over a minor mistake more than anything else.

He looks at Hajih and back at the wolf. He seems to think something before shaking his head.

He looks at the sun hefting his pack before looking back to the others.

"I protect my pack.. all of it. We know where Sethra is. I'm going back for Sheyra now"

Without my pack... without guidance...

2006-09-04, 02:42 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

At the Druid's words, Achkby sees the entire journey flash before his eyes. He envisions most of the group following the stubborn, idiotic lizard back the way they had come. Everything is crumbling about him.


2006-09-04, 05:10 PM

Ire rises in Lumpy's features as he turns abruptly, stalking across their gathering-place to impose himself between the lizardman and his intended destination. Unbothered by their gap in height, the burly orc fixes the druid with a belligerant stare,

"Like Hell ya are. Ain't no one, and I mean no one, going back that way until the situation's good and ready fer it. We just got our act back together, and I'm right tired'a folk running off helter-skelter on fool's errrands. There ain't nothing we can do fer the girl now, not until we know some useful information about the forces involved, and North is where we find that. Jumping the mark'll only kill ya, and that helps nobody."

2006-09-04, 08:06 PM

Tiriel had been quitely packing her few positions and generaly enjoying the morning. When she notices that Katrin has rejoined the group, she will make her way over to her friend.
"Sorry about your door,"She mumbles, "I did try knocking but I was worried when you didn't answer. Did you happen to tell the lord about the note you found on the girl at the ferry landing?"

She quickly turns around as Lumpy starts ripping into the lizardman. Ahh great... Another disagreement. His heart's in the right place but his reasoning, it's not very sound. No one stands a chance agaist something that... big, alone. If the orc-man doesn't convince him, I'll have to try...

2006-09-04, 08:36 PM

Another fine morning had begun. The sun was up and shining, they where finally resuming their trek to the north, and perhaps the most important (to him at least) he had achieved a new level of arcane mastery. Even if he felt the business at the castle had perhaps gone a lot more smoothly, and been more productive, there could be no helping the matter now that he was already leaving.

Of course certain things did in fact bother him. Like why Hajih had simply appeared on the road with his cart in tow. Hadn't he fallen against the hydra? At least thats what Callos had believed. But not there was most certainly something more worrisome. Another delay. What was the lizardkin going on.....?

Oh no he doesn't! I will not have this mission be delayed once more simply because of his cultural ways of brotherhood amongst ones pack! Espicially when it won't be able to help!

So instead he came up behind the druid and laid a calming and stern hand on his shoulder before his voice dropped into the gutteral hisses of draconic.

"And what would you do once you got there? Sethra is now IN Sheyra, do you understand what this means? She is his new vessel and he will use that against you. Not only that but ow can you remove his foul presence? Your ways are off nature, not the Weave like my ways are. And if I cannot discover a way to exorcise Sheyra how will you? Trust me when I say this but us going North is the best thing for her now. And I will not allow you to delay our mission any more then any of you already have."

2006-09-04, 10:03 PM
Lizardkin Druid

Ssathiya simply stands there quietly as Lumpy bursts out at him. He seemed to be listening and thinking.

But when Callos gave an answer as to why he should abandon his quest, he gives him a cold stare before replying:
"You think little of the Balance"

His body language and tone seemed to convey that he hadn't expected Callos to know much about the natural order. Whether that might be due to a racial difference or because he was a mage was unclear.

"Was the way clear when I joined with them?"

He sweeps a hand to Fizahn, Elthan and Thokk.

"Was the way clear when I had a collar around my neck?"

He massages his neck, seemingly still feeling the chafe of cold iron and the laughter of Cloudhair's cursed race.
The look of agony on his face passes. He addresses Lumpy now,
"I knew not if we would find another as we watched you sail away..... but I BELIEVED!"

He snarls now at all present,
"that and the kill of ssSethra drove me"
A visible paroxysm of emotion passes through the lizardman, alarming those who had known the lizardman long enough. It seemed unnatural in a creature of cold contained fury if he had any emotion at all.

He stands erect and proud beside Elthan, eyes flickering to fizahn, thokk,Trinark and Tiriel. A long chat with this wizard who ran in his pack for many moons now had helped him find his words. words he had not known the night before.

To his friends he seemed even more sure of himself and yet paradoxically uncertain at the same time.

2006-09-04, 10:30 PM

Lumpy seems wholy undeterred by the druids words and posturing, countering with an agressive stance of his own,

"I tell ya what, I'll let ya pass me all clearlike. . . If ya can give me one good example'a what ya'll do ta help the girl. Just remember, yer going up against a mage with more experience than most'a the rest'a us combined. One who'a already killed more than one'a us fer being uncareful. " The burly warrior waves a hand to encompass the party as a whole, though by context, he's only pointing out some of them, "Who in direct combat with us, played us like a harp. Who's living in the body'a the one yer swearing ta save? I'm no stranger ta unclear paths, but there ain't no lack'a clarity in seeking out the necromancer now. Yers'll be one'a the corpses we gotta step over when a dead army comes marching. Just one more obstacle fer the rest'a us, and one less comrade ta fight it with. Do ya want that?"

He squares up with the lizard, eyes hardening to match coldly presented facts. His voice cools similarily,

"What WILL you do to avoid something proven so certain in the past? I'm all ears."

2006-09-04, 10:38 PM

"As much as it pains me to say it, Ugly's got a point Lizardman. Every encounter with Sethra has resulted in some sort of loss. And now that he is in Sheyra, who holds a position of power, we can't just pretend that devotion and good will can get the mage out of her. Right now, the best thing you can do for Sheyra is leave her and Sethra alone. Because there is no doubt that he can and will kill you given the chance, and how can you save her when you are dead."

Aeroz stops and pauses for a few seconds.

"And standing here arguing about what needs to be done next isn't doing us any good either. We should probably get a move on."

2006-09-04, 10:48 PM

Elthan is a bit suprised. On one account for the new found range of his expression, and again that the lizard elected him for support. He thought the others could persued him, but now feels he was in the best position to do so.

"Druid, I understand what you want to accomplish, but understand that so does everyone else. We all want to save Sheyra and stop the necromancer, but going back will not help now. The witch we meet wanted to do the same as you, and went to do so with several strrong warriors, but only her head was returned by Sethras new acomplises. I don't want you to end up like the witch, we will need everyone when we confront him. We will need you. We will head back to save her, but only when we're ready. It's a narrow cliff to rescue her, and there is no telling who the else the shadow may take. So please, stay with us."

Lost Sage
2006-09-05, 12:03 AM

Throughout the conversation Kiah is becoming increasingly agitated. She didn't understand the lizardkin words but it was clear what he was planning to do by what the others where saying. Kiah was being driven by her need to care for those around her. Not to keep them safe, but to help them live out their nature. It seemed to her that the lizardkin did not understand the subtleties of the situation and was acting on his tribal instincts at the wrong time. It was clear from what the others where saying that his going back would be fatal, and might expose the group's mission to further risk.

I've got to keep out of this - they don't trust me yet.... No you fools, he's tribal, the tribe is more important to him then his own life.... Don't say anything Kiah.... But fear is not going to move him. He will attack his fear... Don't confuse him with reasons..... He'll follow the words of a leader... But there is no clear leader here...

She can see him standing taller he is going to leave... he is summing his will...

Finally, she can stand it no longer May Ehlonna protect me.... She stands up in the cart to make herself appear taller.

"Druid!" she speaks in Sylvan. As a druid he should understand it and it was more appropriate for what she was going to say. If he doesn't look at her with comprehension she'll switch to common. "I am not of your tribe but hear me speak. Is see already that you are a great warrior and would give your life for the tribe. These ones..." she indicates the ones around him "...are also great warriors but they don't speak in the same way that you do. This you know. Please hear what their reasons say to my ears. You are all hunting Sethra. He is very dangerous prey. You know that as a hunter you must first understand your prey. They go to get help to understand this prey so it does not slip through your nets again. They will need your strength and your wisdom on this journey, for the people of the north also know the way of the tribe, and you may be able to speak to them better then we. The warriors here also think that Sheyra is safe for now, because Sethra needs her alive. But they need to hurry to find the net that will catch Sethra and return Sheyra to you. And they need you with them."

Kiah holds her breath, not knowing if they will ignore her, attack her, or throw he out. I say what I find... but I might have incured the fatal wrath of that one if I lied...

EDIT: spelling :(

2006-09-05, 07:56 AM

"It's all right about my room, Tiriel..." Katrin says distractedly. "I don't... I didn't remember to tell the lord about the letter, and now would probably not be a good time." She lowers her voice. "I had intended to look at it first anyways."

Katrin looks up, and turns to listen to the argument. "What is going on over there?"

2006-09-05, 09:58 AM

"Ach scaly one, how do ye think I feel? If I could right now I would cut the necromancers throat and let his lifeblood spill upon the ground. But evidnetly we cannot, why I am still not completely sure. But if we go north, we can find out both how to save the girl and destroy Sethra FOREVER. Lets hunt this bugger down, scaly one."

2006-09-05, 11:32 AM
Lizardkin Druid

Ssathiya stares blankly until the meaning of Lumpy's words sink in. Then he just gets mad. Both glower at each other as they face off. The lizardman draws up to his full height towering over the half-orc. Mirroring Yix, a growl emanates from the bottom of his throat. It sounded different from a 7ft scaly muscebound reptile though.

Wittingly Aeroz steps in to defuse the situation. The aggression dies down and he turns to face Aeroz instead.

Do they think so little of me? That I would attack with no cunning. I joined pinkskins... PINKSKINS to hunt a prey my people did not see

Before he opens his mouth to answer however, Elthan and the stranger speak up. Despite sounding familiar, the druid doesn'y understand sylvan and Kiah is forced to resort to common
"sStranger you are...wise. The prey we hunt iss dangerouss. Tricksy and cunning. It hidess in the packmate-bodiess....
Killing not for food or to live...
. It has no place in thiss world. We have hunted it for many moonss now and know where it liess now."
He points back the way they had come.
"It not kill sSheyra maybe but have such thing inside you iss..iss"
He can't find words to express his disgust at the ordeal Shera has to go through.

He remembers the last vision he had seen showing him help from the north instead of directly showing him where sethra had been as all his visions had been about.
How could semunya have not shown me? How could he have deceived me?
A fresh spring of anger wells up in him as he deals witha a sense of betrayal he had not acknowleged. Although he believed the others were going north to help sheyra, he could not for the life of him imagine what they could find there that migh help sheyra i time.

"I must..I must.. go", he still maintains but the conviction has gone out of his voice. His shoulders are slumped and it is clear that Kiah and Elthan have got thru to him.
He stares at the ground until he feels a tap at the side and sees Thokk standing there. Trinark too moves beside him. When Thokk finishes, he says only two words looking intently at the lizardman he had come to regard so fondly
"For Sheyra" with a smile.
He pauses then leans in closer before muttering in a low voice,
" Rescuing Sheyra... is what matters and my heart tells me the key to Sheyra's salvation"
He points northward,
"is there"

The primacy of Sheyra's plight to the latter two packmates he greatly respected moved him to believe that the journey north would be followed by one swifter south.
With a nod of gratitude to both of them and a lighter heart than he'd had since he'd heard about Sheyra he sets off running ahead of all of them to the north.

He only stops to stand at the ridge of the road to take a final look back down the road before continuing to run.

I'm coming for YOU

2006-09-05, 12:15 PM

The argument between the lizardman and, well, almost everyone else, had risen in both volume and seriousness.

What the blazes do they think they're doing! Yelling at him will only make it worse!

Tiriel is about to hand Katrin her horse's reins when Tinarak and one of the mages approace and talk to the lizardman in more reasonable tones. Tiriel still stands ready to tackle the lizardman if he does something rash, but surprisingly, he seems to calm down. She relaxs and turns back to her friend, only to be startled as the lizardman rushes past them.
"Well there he goes. Does anyone know, was he headed north with us or south?"

She mounts her horse as she waits for an answer.

2006-09-05, 12:21 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

As his friends step in front of the Druid, relief floods through Achkby, calming the adrenaline that saturated his veins.
They aren't following him. Thank Hlal for that. But... maybe we shoud just.. let him go.
No. We don't get along like some others, but I don't wish him death. I don't!

Despite his best intentions, as Achkby awkwardly mounts Bess he can't help but grumble quietly, "Here we go again."

At least we're following him the right way. And he'll run into trouble before we--NO. We won't let him run into trouble. He's still a comrade, despite this foolishness.

Simul-posted! Aargh!

Achkby turns to Tiriel and says, more curtly than he had intended, "That's north." before riding after the rest.

Lost Sage
2006-09-05, 12:29 PM

Kiah sits back down in the wagon and let's her breath out slowly. Well, I'm still here. Now just keep your head down. You've pushed yourself into their personal lives enough for one day.

2006-09-05, 12:43 PM

Trinark had watched the arguement and spectacle with interest but not concern. He knew his Lizardkin friend was very passionate about saving Sheyra. Even if it but the Druid's life in danger. Trinark had been ready to step in if things got worse or the Druid went charging off to the south. Fortunately he didn't have to.

Trinark remained nearby following the conversation as best he could. Occasionally, they used a word in common he didn't know but he followed most.

Trinark stepped closer to the Druid when he realized the lizardkin was relenting. Then was surprised when he bolted off at a dead run. Trinark quickly returned to his mount, and headed off after him.

2006-09-05, 02:28 PM

Nyssa had watched the emotional exchange, but kept strangely silent. While she didn't understand everything that was said, she understood the emotions behind it. The passionate desire to go back and right a great wrong, opposed by the wisdom to see that it can't possibly be undone at this time. She knew the conflict all too well, and all too personally.

She climbs into the wagon after Kiah. "Very wise words, thank you for helping him understand," Nyssa says, pulling a warm blanket over herself.

2006-09-05, 03:28 PM

Delphinia doesn't seem to pay any attention to the display. She absently scritches Gladi's hair between the ears to keep her quiet so they can all argue without distraction. This is none of my business. Such drama, though. Hard not to listen in.

Once the group finally gets moving, she waits until they all pass and takes up the rear.

2006-09-05, 06:32 PM

Lumpy seems unperturbed by the lizard's display, matching it with bravado of his own. If anythying, he makes it abundantly clear through body-language that he is willing to take things as far as the druid is willing to push them.

He seems satisfied by the standoff's conclusion, casually moving back over to his horse and mounting up wordlessly. Waving for the others to move along, he begins cantering after the lizardman.

2006-09-05, 10:42 PM

*Urging the horse to follow the druid*

"Ahahaha! Thats the spirit laddie! Lets have at him!"

2006-09-06, 12:24 AM

The confrontation with the lizardkin was all too familiar to Nolan. It would have been five years ago by now. The time has flown by so quickly. He settles into the cart next to his sister, wondering if she was remembering that day too.

"Go?! Go where? This is OUR HOME. I can't leave this place to these abominations, Nyssa. Mother and fath–"

"Mother and father are dead," Nyssa said quietly.

"And their deaths must be avenged!" Nolan spat out. He had been denied the happy homecoming he just assumed would be his one day. Denied the family he barely remembered. Denied everything that kept him going all those years training to be the best he could in order to make his family proud. Nolan's rage was absolute. "It is my duty to destroy each and every one of those filthy–"

"YOU are the one going to be destroyed against all of those horrors" his sister countered. "Where is the honor in that, Nolan? What duty asks you to die without meaning?"

Her words stunned the young monk and yet he tried to remain steadfast, "Our parents would want me to cleanse our home..."

"Yes, but not throw your life away so stupidly. We cannot win this now." Nyssa stepped forward again, placing a hand on Nolan's arm. "I've already lost them. I can't... I can't lose you too." Her courage was so impressive when he found her fighting for her life the night before. Her resolve so strong when she insisted they slow their flight and look for survivors on the way to the outlying forest. That strength had left her now as she collapsed into his arms and started to cry. Nolan felt his own own tears stream down his face as the impact of their loss finally hit him.

"They're dead. It's just us now, Nolan. And if anything happens to you it will be just me..." Nyssa took a step back and regained her composure, brushing her hair back from her face.

"We can come back," she said. "We will come back."

We will... someday.

2006-09-06, 01:14 PM
One by one, you turn your mounts to the east, leaving Phent, its Lord and Lady, and their orcs behind you.

The group can not yet be said to have come together as friends, but there is at least a sense of shared purpose.

The road heads northeast towards Lake Mulsantir. You will have to cross the lake before heading north to Rashemen.

You encounter no other travelers on the road as you cross a fairly featureless plain. The only reference points are the distant Thesk mountains to your right and the equally distant Forest of Lethyr to your left.

As the sun is setting, you see a large wolf standing on a low rise in the distance. The wolf seems to be watching your party. Hajih's wolf stands up in the cart, its hackles raised, a low growl in its throat.

2006-09-06, 02:07 PM

Tiriel feels relieved to be on the road again, but soon the lack of interesting landscape bores her. She finds Yix among the group, and in an attempt to both amuse herself and raise the group's mood, she asks him,

"Hey Yix, I have a riddle for you. Can a man marry his widow's sister?

[ooc: personaly I suck at riddles. This is a fairly easy one, but we'll see how far we take it.]

2006-09-06, 02:24 PM

Nyssa spends her time in the cart evenly split between learning more about Kiah and harassing her own brother. Sometimes she manages to deftly merge the two goals.

"So you ran an inn, Kiah? I bet you had all sorts of wonderful food there. My brother would object wholeheartedly." She puts on a stern face and does her best Nolan impersonation. "Such luxuries lead to slothfulness and errors in battle. One who is attempting to atain purity of spirit cannot fall to such temptations! Where's my bed of nails, I ask you! Where's my pile of coals to walk across!" She then gives Nolan a playful push, trying to break him out of his thoughts.

When the wolf is spotted, she sends Orestes into the air to scout and keep an eye on the group from above.

Lost Sage
2006-09-06, 05:10 PM

After the episode at the start of the journey Kiah is quiet. She only gives a small smile and a nod to Nyssa's kind comment.

Eventually however, her dour mood cannot hold up against Nyssa's continuous good humor. She finds herself talking more and more about her family and the Inn they ran. She even talks about the death of her husband and her second born. Her children have moved on to other things and the Inn was sold. Her grandchildren, of course, are of special delight to her. In turn she asks her own questions. Where do Nyssa and Nolan come from and how they came to choose such a path. Intuitively, she feels something very strong is binding these two siblings together and will try to approach questions of their past carefully.

She notes some others looking and pointing to a distant rise, and sees the wolf standing there watching them. That's rather odd, I wonder what's making him so curious?

She looks around and does a quick count of party members, one count for humanoids, and one for animals.

(OOC: How many are we?)

2006-09-06, 05:12 PM

All during the argument/discussion with the druid, Lissa remains silent. Those who know the gnome can see the muscles clenched around her jaw and the occasional twitch of hand toward rapier, sure signs that Lissa is just barely keeping herself from doing something rash. In this case, probably something involving a blackjack and the lizardkin's skull. Stupid lizard, stupid treehuggers and their accursed code of honor! Why does he have this compulsion to get himself killed? She snorts softly, watching the proceedings with a cynical expression. Like I'm any better. Some priestess of the Sly One I am, fighting beside people I hardly know. Lissa fingers the crude silver medallion around her neck absentmindedly. Well, His primary goal is to protect the gnomish people by whatever means are necessary. If Sethra gets what he's after, sooner or later his undead hordes will come to High Dale... and almost none of our illusionary protections will work on undead. So I guess I'll just be sleeping with one eye open on this trip. Won't be the first time.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

During the ride north, Lissa is friendly toward the newcomers but always a little distant, neatly evading any questions about her past or her family. She enjoys feeding the riding dogs and Hajih's wolf scraps of meat whenever somebody manages to shoot dinner. When she sights the strange wolf, Lissa immediately loads and ***** her crossbow. "One of you nature types want to try talking that thing out of our way?"

2006-09-06, 05:16 PM

Katrin watches the horizon as she rides, occasionally looking across to see the progress of the setting sun. She listens to everyone else talk, even smiling when Tiriel starts her riddle game with Yix, but she doesn't offer any conversation of her own.

The wolf catches Katrin's eye, and she watches it suspiciously. "That doesn't look good..." she says. "I bet there's more wolves right over that hill. They probably want the horses or something, though I don't know why they'd come near this many people just to take down horses, even in winter..."

2006-09-06, 05:37 PM

Nyssa's suprisingly frank talking about her and her brother's past with Kiah.

"My family were keepers of a great cemetary -- we helped prepare the dead for burial, safeguarded generations upon generations of remains, and, most importantly, we helped the living cope with their grief. Nolan was to be the next steward, he was first-born, and sent away for training. I was an unexpected twin, though, with unexpected consequences. I ended up with the powers intended for him, but they were... strange. Wild."

"Anyhow, people might think living in a cemetary is... well, deathly boring. But I've never seen a place so full of energy. Our family embraced life, because we knew all too well it was fleeting. Aunts and uncles and cousins and... it was full of life." She smiles, fondly remembing her childhood.

"Unfortunately, the dead we'd sworn to protect rose from their graves. I barely made it away -- Nolan had somehow known what was happening, and came to save me. He was... there was no one else alive by that point." This is the only point where Nyssa slows her story, but she smiles and goes on, at peace.

"I sense you've learned the same lesson as I have. You can bottle up your grief, pretending it doesn't exist. Or perhaps you let it consume you, and your life will never be the same, never what it was before."

"Or you can accept it for what it is, and then live. Otherwise, you might as well have died that day yourself." She looks to her brother, hoping he felt the same way.

2006-09-06, 05:50 PM

"Well at least the dead don't have to listen to your incessant talking," Nolan quips, crossing his eyes at his sister. He twists in his seat to get a better look at what the wolf was growling at.

2006-09-06, 05:53 PM

Fizahn remains uninterested throughout the lizardman conflict. Someone will talk sense into him. I couldn't do it. If he does go though, I'll come with him to make sure he doesn't die. Fizahn settles down on Hajih's cart patiently, waiting for the argument to be resolved. He smiles contentedly when they're ready to leave. He spends some time inspecting all his companions. Adventurers with me come and go like the wind. I'm on a quest to save the world. How do I know it's all in danger? Is Sethra really that powerful? Most of my companions are complete strangers. How do I know they won't betray me? I don't, but just because you think you know someone doesn't mean they won't betray you. He spends time contemplating all this until Tiriel asks her riddle. He smiles mischieviously and waits for Yix's answer.

2006-09-06, 06:07 PM

As usual, Lumpy keep to himself unless someone bothers to actively engage him in conversation. The big orc engrosses himself easily into the rigors of the trip, keeping a bored watch of their surroundings as they pass him by.

The sight of the wolf evokes a grin that could only be described as predatory. Casually, he unties his battered bow from his saddle, stringing it up. He hadn't bothered to try hunting for anything, but here something was coming to him. Flicking his head over his shoulder, he calls back gruffly,

"Who's hungry?"

2006-09-06, 07:39 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby rides along in fairly stoic silence, thinking of nothing until he heard Tiriel ask Yix a riddle.
No. Because he's dead. I know that. Any boy from Krashaul knows that. We used to spend hours telling riddles. And playing pranks. I can't remember when I had more fun than when we hid in Ol' Mazer's apple barrels. We had him running faster than he'd moved in fifty years!

He smiles.

Those days were so much... so much... what? So much fun.
But it's not like that now. I haven't had any fun at all in... since... since I met Darius. How could I? I could end up in pieces any moment. There isn't room for messing around like that.

But look at those twins. Laughing their heads off. Going along as if they haven't a care in the world. They've gotten by.
Well, they haven't been through what I have.

But look at Tiriel! She's had rough times. And she's telling riddles. What's wrong with that?
Well, look at Lumpy. He shows, he proves the way to get by is... is seriousness. Stolidity? He pushes through. You can't just relax.

That... that frivolity was a waste of time.


I'm not any more productive right now.

Because I was happy, was I wasting time?

He frowns a bit.

2006-09-06, 08:16 PM

Hajih sighs "Let me handle the wolf, Lumpy."

He stops the cart and hops off, drawing his longsword and shortsword as he does.

He whistles and gestures for the wolf on the cart to come before heading towards the strange wolf on the hill.

2006-09-06, 08:52 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby is roused from his unhappy thoughtfulness by Haji's movement.

"Good," says Achkby, half sourly and half amused, "I think this is the first time he's done anything like a wilderness guide since he took up with us. Mind you, he said at the time he was an Underdark specialist, and, well..."

2006-09-07, 12:25 AM

"Ha laddie, I agree with yer, some nice wolf flank would be good"

*Thokk also reigns his horse around and draws his longbow and nocks an arrow into it. When the ranger steps down, Thokk lowers the bow and releases the strain*

"Hajih, why in the blazes are ye getting off? We see the wolf, we want to eat the wolf, we shall shoot at the wolf. Do yer have some compelling reason why we should not?"

2006-09-07, 02:13 AM

Stubborn, selfish, spider-killing, tree huggin, son of a lame dragon of course I think little of the Balance! When have I ever given cause to believe that I actually don't think little of the way things naturally are? Maybe its when I conjure forth fire from my finger tips or delve into the minds of others. Maybe he got that impression when he learned I too was a bloody necromancer.

Maybe the frustration of the past couple of days had finally gotten to the necromancer. It certainly felt like it. The wave of hopelessness that had overcome him when he had learned of Sheyra's condition, combined with the impotent rage when the others had abandoned their mission to hunt hydras, and the sheer confusion raised in him by the odd behavior of the Lord and Lady had smelted together into a whirlwind of negative emotions that Callos knew could never end well. And how conveniant that a target for his rage had so readily presented itself!

Eager fingers flexed and untensed with a readiness to....well inflict great harm unto this wolf was stopped by this talk of convincing it to move out of the way. Or of eating it. Neither suited his purpose, after all he simply wanted to blast it down to such tiny little pieces that nothing on earth was left of it. Was that so wrong? Deep down in the far corner of his mind though thats exactly what his mind was screaming at him.

Don't do it! This is what lead to you joining Jintan in the first place! These emotions aren't natura....!

Too late. This furry little bastard had to be removed out of the way and he knew just how to do it too. A hand went into his pack and pulled out the heavy tome that contained his dweomers in it. As always the pages flipped through the spells of its own accord until it landed on the right one. His free hand raised up and danced through the arcane motions. Once it was complete it happened. A black bolt of electricity arced out from the humans roughly skinned hand and went on its way to the furry creature.

And what worried the human deep down was how good it felt to simply let his rage guide his actions. Every inch of his body ached to unleash more magic again, on other more resilient targets, like the hydra he had seen or Sethra if possible. Callos was sure if he had the chance....

To others though his dark eyes where almost smoldering with an....evil/odd/deranged glee as he shuddered.

"Mystara above! That felt good!"

((Callos will move so that no one else is in the way (though preferablly so people are still around him) and close enough the lighting bolt will hit the wolf.
6d6=24 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=603882)
DC 15 for half))

Lost Sage
2006-09-07, 02:27 AM

Kiah stares in shock as the tall wizard unleashes a black bolt of electricity at the creature.


Her features settle into a grim look as she watches the rest of the party's reactions.


2006-09-07, 06:51 AM

Fizahn had been lounging in a relaxed position, waiting for Hajih to take care of the wolf, but his eyes widen as Callos fires his lightning. He springs up from his cart and grabs his crossbow. Hastily loading it, he shouts at Callos. "You big fat stupid pile of horse dung! What do you think you're doing? Don't you know they always hunt in packs? Hajih could have got us past them without a scratch, but now you've brought the entire pack down upon us!" They probably have us surrounded too.

2006-09-07, 07:19 AM

Delphinia saw the wolf. Big deal. One wolf. All this talk about killing it. Why don't we just ignore it? Maybe the wolf isn't interested in attacking a small army. No normal wolf would be, even one with a decent sized pack. We're just-

She had fallen to scowling at the group's reaction to the lone canid when Callos threw his lighting bolt. Her face went slack with incredulous shock. Blessed- holy- frigging- by the- !!! She just stared at him, no words within her to describe the incredible outrage she felt for such a callous disregard for life.

2006-09-07, 08:21 AM

Since Hajih had said he was going to deal with the wolf, Katrin had stopped watching it, focusing on riding her horse, which she was still not very comfortable doing.

Katrin jumps, startling her horse, when Callos casts the lightning bolt. She tries to keep it under control as she yells at Callos, "How can you just kill an animal like that, unprovoked?! A lone wolf wouldn't have attacked us anyways, there's too many of us!"

2006-09-07, 10:15 AM
Yix settles down on Tiriel's saddle pondering her riddle.

Several of you are startled when Callos strides towards the wolf and blasts it with a black lightning bolt.

The wolf, larger than it seemed from a distance, yelps in pain when it is struck by the lightning bolt. The blast knocks it down, but it scrambles to its feet and disappears over a ridge, its tail between its legs ...

2006-09-07, 10:29 AM

"Well no wonder you people are constantly in trouble, if that's the extent of your problem solving abilities!" Nyssa sits back in the wagon, actually annoyed.

2006-09-07, 10:30 AM

It didn't die? Thats certainly a new one. And it got away!

He could hear his teeth grinding as he took a couple of quick steps forward to pursue the beast but managed to reign himself in. No way that he'd be able to catch his target not now anyway. It only came as an after thought that the others where talking to him and the words where met with a blank stare and a shrug.

"I don't know what you're all getting so worked up over. It was a wolf. It was in the way, carneverous, resilient apprantly, and managed to walk away from the bolt. Granted I didn't think that it would survive the electrical shock but it somehow did and now its gone. Shall we continue?"

2006-09-07, 10:56 AM

*Thokk at first remains as slack jawed as the rest of the group, then his face breaks into a grin*

"AHAHAHA! Lookit the wolf run! Nice shot there lad, didn't take the beastie out, but I guess it may help to have it already cooked for us, eh?"

2006-09-07, 11:19 AM
Lizardkin druid

The running served to distract the lizardman. The ache in his muscles felt so good.

As he drew in big breaths of air, He savoured the crisp, clean, cold air. So different from the smell of woodsmoke and horses that he had to breathe in Pwent.

aaah.. this is much betterl...

As he paused to breathe from running and spy his path, he saw the wolf on the distant ridge. He stood there admiring its sleek form.

For a moment he was brought back to the time he had been apprenticed to his old master.

The sights and sounds and smells of the plants and creatures of his hunting grounds. Everything had been such a wonder. He had been so blind to the beauty around him before. The color and sound he heard filled him with a sense of admiration for his god and joy at being alive to experience it.

He had watched bees pollinating wildflowers for a day unmoving. Before his training he had barely noticed them like any other lizardkin.

After all, if it wasn't food or a threat why should it merit any attention?

It had been a time before he ascended to the position of druid, before Sethra. A time when he was free as that wolf on the ridge.

Feeling a momentary pang of envy, he set off ahead leaving the wolf to one side and the main body of his packmates a distance behind him. His mind on the new flavour of emotion he had experienced as he forgot about the wolf.

Any creature would watch for what entered its territory. Besides wolves never attacked the sentient races unprovoked. They simply weren't their natural prey as Semuanya had made them. He also knew a pack as big as his wouldn't be attacked.

Best to pass thru the territory swiftly. The wolves will not feel threatened

A few minutes later, a loud explosion behind had him diving forward for cover.

The air stank of burnt flesh. He winced as he sensed the loss of the earlier serenity. It was as if a large pebble had been tossed into a calm pool, disturbing its surface. Where there had been a atmosphere of peace and nature unspolied, he could only feel pain and a trace of destructive magic now.

wizard Magic!.... Semuanya!.... Why?

His expression tightens as he snarls and starts back to his pack.

I will skin the one who caused that!

Thinking some hidden enmy was present, he starts studying the surroundings closely as he trudges back.

2006-09-07, 01:00 PM

After much scratching of his chin, and much churning of his brain, Yix comes up with the answer. "Of course a man can marry his widow's sister, but first he'd need express written consent of from his wife. He'd also not have to be dead anymore, unless she likes that sort of thing." Yix makes a grossed out face after giving his answer, having a metnal image of someone marrying a dead body.

2006-09-07, 02:46 PM

"Errr... yes. That was the point. Normaly a dead man can't marry anyone..."
She breaks off her sentance as she spots the lone wolf that seems to be the center of discussion for most of the party.
Why the hell would you want to eat a wolf? She thinks, ahh, good. The ranger with the obnoxious pants is going to take care of it. We shouldn't have any problems then........! !
The hair on the back of Tiriel's neck stands up as a bolt of electricity is unleased near her. She wheels her horse around and looks at the caster, quickly noticing the angry/mad look in his eyes.

Without hesitation she quickly dismounts, unsettling Yix, and runs towards Callos. She grabs him by his collar and lifts him of his feet.
"Just what the bloody hell do you think you're doing?!?"" she yells at him.

[ooc: I figure that there's a good chance that Callos will drop his spell book while this happens, if not, well things will only get more interesting since Tiriel is almost 6' tall and pretty strong... oh and doesn't like being surprised like that.]

2006-09-07, 04:14 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer


Achkby sends a lopsided grin to Callos.

"Might have to put more juice on that if ya wanna take out anything more than a stirge," Achkby comments with a raised eyebrow.

2006-09-07, 06:27 PM

Nolan winces at the crack of lighting that strikes the wolf. He sighs and hops out of the cart to stretch his legs. He wishes the mage hadn't done that. Not because of any feelings about the wolf but because of the inevitable back and forth yammering that it would elicit.

2006-09-07, 06:55 PM

Upon seeing Callos unleash the bolt of lighning at the wolf, Aeroz shudders a little.

Note to self, don't buy a dog when travelling with Callos

"Right then...I guess we won't have to worry about that anymore."

2006-09-07, 07:44 PM

Hajih runs back to his cart, the wolf in tow.

"I was thinking of luring the wolf away in a ... less lethal manner, but nice work anyways."

2006-09-07, 08:55 PM

What where all of them bickering about? All he had done was remove a pest from the way and now all of them where getting worked up over it. It was a wolf, no big deal. Of much bigger note was the angry woman charging towards him for some unknown reason. Fingers twitched again but he didn't do anything, instead a steely glare settled unto his face as he looked right into Tiriel's eyes. So when the taller woman grabbed him and pretty much hoisted him up to eye level he didn't look shaken. If anything he looked more detached and cold then he ever had.

"What I did was a boon to this group so don't get angry because I startled you out of your revere. Now unhand me woman or we'll both end up regretting the decisions we've made today and have yet to make."

It wasn't loud. It wasn't even threatening. It was more like when a surgeon was telling you about the treatment for your sickness or a lawyer laying out the probability for a case. And most importantly it was meant only for her to hear and probaly owuldn't carry much farther away.

2006-09-07, 10:46 PM

Tiriel returns Callos stare. Her tone is surprisingly level and calm after her last outburst.
"What you did was uncalled for. The next time you blast an unprovoked animal, you'd better hope I'm not around to see it."

She resists the urge to throw Callos to the ground. Instead, she politely sets him down before she walks back to her horse. She remounts, apologizes to Yix, and nudges her horse into a trot, routing around wagons and other people as needed. Her shoulders are set and tense. It's clear to all that she's still angry.

2006-09-08, 02:55 AM

"Pah, lay off it. Ain't no different from killing hydras, and we all know that don't hardly bother anyone."

Resting his bow against his forecantle, he directs his attention forwards, not bothering to look back as he continues,

"And he can, but only if he marries the sister first."

Flicking his reins, he chrks his tongue, directing his horse onward.

Lost Sage
2006-09-08, 04:37 AM

"No Lumby, it is not the same as the Hydras." Kiah says in an even, controlled voice.

"One can only hope that one of us are not considered 'in the way' for just standing and watching."

She watches Callos as she says this. She did not hear what was said, but something in the confrontation between Tiriel and Callos left her with a cold feeling in the pit of her stomach.

As the wagon moves on, Kiah is again quiet.

2006-09-08, 07:09 AM

I came back for this? Delphinia shakes herself, finally recovering from the shock. She urges Gladi to dash up and stop a few feet in front of the wizard. Her face holds an angry, ugly glare.

"A wolf is about as much like a hydra as I am. I'm in your way. Are you going to blast me for it? Maybe you'll feel more like a man if I pull out my bow first. Or maybe you're just too much of an arrogant, self-centered bastard to give two hoots about anything other than yourself."

2006-09-08, 07:40 AM

Lumpy snorts belligerantly,

"Not the same? Care ta explain? I've seen a wolf standing in the road in front'a me today looking fer a meal, and a hydra doing the same two days ago. I bet yer up in arms 'cause the hydra's got some magic in it but that don't mean squat. Hydra didn't choose ta be magic, that's how they are. Why's that make it less worthy'a yer sympathy, so undeserving'a life that ya'd slaughter it, babies and all, but blanch at one wolf?"

He growls low, continuing darkly,

"Yer starting down a dangerous road, laying down two-faced logic like ya are, Ya don't wanna go down it with me."

2006-09-08, 07:50 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The druid jogs to a halt. He keeps studying the surroundings agitatedly.
" Are there others near?

He looks to Tiriel, Trinark and others he's close to. The unspoken question of 'What just happened?' is evident from the confusion on his face.

Although not very bright, after a while he can sense tension between Callos and some others. And that the rest of his party aren't concerned with the surroundings.

It is beyond him to guess the motivations for one of his packmates for attacking a harmless animal and he will not put two and two together without someone spelling it out to him..... (upon which he gets very mad)

2006-09-08, 08:23 AM

Without looking back at Lumpy, Katrin says, "A single wolf, even a hungry one, is not much of a threat to a group of almost 20 people and a bunch of horses. It didn't attack us, which the hydra did. It was just standing on the hill. I'm surprised it didn't run away earlier; most wolves would be afraid of this many people. Or any amount of people, for that matter."

2006-09-08, 10:30 AM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby, surprised, finds himself siding with Lumpy for once.

"The hydra attacked you once, but you got away none the worse for it. When we went back for it, it wasn't even in the way. Now, I'd much rather we'd ignored both the hydras and the wolf, since neither one was a threat. But don't complain just because Callos' target was furry," he argues with a half smile.

2006-09-08, 11:23 AM

Again with the commotion. It was beginning to make his head throb in a way it hadn't in years. All over a wolf and whither it had been right to blast it. It had walked away for Mystara's sake! Probaly not even mortally from how fast it had went. And now there was an angry halfling/gnome (Why can't I find Delphinia's race?x.x) in front of declaring she was in the way and asking if he was going to blast her.

What's wrong with these people? Did she just question if I cared for anyone....Ah hell no! Calm....calm....its just not worth it. She doesn't know anything about you. She has no clue at all.

"Move, I'm not going to rise to the bait and I'm not going to keep waiting. Whats done is done. Nobody here can change what I did and I don't feel sorry for doing it. Now lets keep going. We're burning up more time standing here discussing the diffrences between a hydra and a wolf then we would have if I had just done and we kept on going."

2006-09-08, 12:56 PM
Delphinia, halfing ranger

She curls a lip and sneers at the wizard. "Yeah, gods forbid we should waste any time on what's right or wrong. Your mission is too damn important to worry about anything like that. Right, wrong, it's all just a semantic argument, anyway isn't it?" The sarcasm drops and only anger is left. "You do something as cold as that around me again, and you might find more than a glare burrowing into your back. There's no point to saving the world if you mean to treat it like your personal playground." She nudges Gladi forward, out of his way, intending to stay off to the side until everyone has a chance to get moving again, then drop back to the rear.

2006-09-08, 01:06 PM
Lizardkin Druid

The lizardman blinks and looks at the rest while they converse until Callos utters,
What.. I... did..to the wolf...

WHAT?! this human fouled this place.... and..... and... hurt the wolf

Drawing himself to his full height, he steps up to the magic-user, shoving people aside until he grabs and pins the wizard down.

Shoving a single clawed digit into his mouth, the lizard prevents him from calling more of his corruptive magic while spluttering as he tries to find words as a hundred thoughts race thru his head.

This one protected sheyra and linda and the other wizard in my pack...

Sheyra is in big danger. When you were spider-abomiantion and killed my packmate, One did not kill you. I hear words of my packmates and gave you your life. , he says loudly.

If he sees Callos not casting a spell, he will remove a finger and let him stand.

"Never hurt the ones who cannot hurt you. You are not spider-abomination any more. ", he snarls. He seems more upset at being betrayed than angry.

My people were not all wrong about these pinksksins

I brought the pinksksins here. I brought unnatural death and imBalance to this place

He hangs his head as he walks away, the beauty around him no longer touching and rejuvenating him.

Lemme apologise for manhandling yr char, CDT.

P.S. Ssathiya did not see the bolt hit the wolf so he doesn't know that the wolf took the bolt and lived.
p.s. Ssathiya's in-game relationship with callos was at best cordial now it's on the rocks.If callos loses his patience and fights, the lizardman will deal subdual damage unless he starts getting hit with powerful spells, then he'll go all out.

2006-09-09, 08:25 AM

Fizahn directs his attention back to the party after he's sure nothing is going to attack them. He grins slightly as the druid hoists Callos off his feet. "Everything is okay now. We can get on our way. We did not destroy the balance, but it has been thoroughly chastised. Any part of the balance will think twice before getting in our way. If we have any problems with wolves, though, Callos takes full responsibility. Get this cart moving, Hajih." Fizahn settles back onto Hajih's cart. He keeps one furtive hand resting on his crossbow.

2006-09-09, 10:03 AM
It will be dark soon and unfortunately there is no sign of any village or inn to rest at for the night, so you will be forced to spend the night out in the open or to force a march through the night by moonlight.

Si'rene listens to the fallout from Callos' hasty actions impassively. "We need to make camp," is her only comment.

In the distance, a wolf howls ...

2006-09-09, 02:02 PM

Trinark remains largely silent during the day's travels. He listens idly to the conversations around him, taking particular interest in the chat between the ladies.

When the group encountered the wolf in the distance, Trinark was startled a little when Callos cast the spell and assaulted the wolf. Frowning, he kept a close eye on the "Mage" for the remainder of the day.

As they pause to consider camping for the night, Trinark slips over to Tiriel and mutters "We better keep a close eye on Callos he doesn't look well and that stunt this afternoon doesn't bode well."

2006-09-09, 02:52 PM

Yix begins walking around and picking up as many tiny twigs as he can, he makes a fairly decent pile, at least according to his standards. He sits on top of it waiting for the others to finish their preparations for making camp.

Lost Sage
2006-09-09, 03:53 PM

After the encounter with the wolf and the resulting fallout, Kiah settles back in the wagon. She sits with a thoughtful look on her face, occationally glacing at various members of the party. After a while Kiah realizes that she did not finish her conversation with Nyssa. Oh poor girl... to lose your family like that, and so young. No wonder her and her brother are so bound together. A wave a compassion sweeps through her, and she wished she could do something to make their burden easier.

"Nyssa,... thank you for sharing your story with me. For thinks like that words just ain't enough. But they do help sometimes. My heart goes out to you..., to you and your brother and your family... and to the happiness that is gone."

She is silent for a moment.

"For what it's worth, I think you got the right of it. Life is for living, not for being bottled up in your own grief. I think it's good that you can talk about it." she glances at Nolan. "Everyone has to live through it in they own way, but bottling it up or blaming yourself don't help any one."

For the rest of the day she is silent and thoughtful. Even Nyssa cheerfulness can't draw her out. "I'm sorry my dear, I'm just not in the mood for talking right now. Got some things to think about."

Later that evening, as camp setup, she seeks out Fizahn and has a few private words with him. (OOC: PM sent)

2006-09-09, 04:12 PM

Nolan clears his throat and quietly addresses the group, "Uh... I don't really need much sleep. So if there is a need for someone to take an extra turn at watch, I can do it." He doesn't wait for an answer but instead helps Nyssa get situated for the night, leaving the offer out there for consideration.

[Nolan has a ring of sustenance.]

2006-09-09, 05:10 PM

Nyssa thanks Kiah for her sympathy, and then politely leaves her to her thoughts for the rest of the day's ride. Instead, she spends her time looking out at the landscape as it slowly rolls by.

Once they camp, Nyssa attempts to be as helpful as possible, but it's obvious camping outdoors is something her brother knows more about. "I could gather branches if it would be helpful. You gather branches in camping, do you not?" She pulls over overcloak of furs around herself tighter, looking around. "I don't think I've ever been this far north. It's cold here."

When she hears the wolf howl, Nyssa looks around, "Are they dangerous? We're a large group, would a wolf try and make prey of us?"

2006-09-09, 05:14 PM

"Well, if we are gonna be setting up camp, are we going to be eating months old pemmican or is someone going to actually cook something for a change?" Aeroz says as he looks in Callos' direction and smirks.

2006-09-09, 07:00 PM

Delphinia glowers for a little bit, then slowly brightens back up, like a wilted plant sucking a fresh rain from the ground. She remains silent and attends to her job as a rearguard. Just because some of these people were idiots didn't mean they deserved to be snuck up on by something that could eat them.

When they stop to make camp, she shifts out of guardian mode and dismounts. Removing their gear from Gladi's back, she lets the dog stretch and sniff everything. She keeps an eye on her to call her back if she strays too far, but otherwise lets her move freely.

While mucking about with their stuff, she stays quiet, watching the others chat and joke with each other. I should try and talk to someone. That kid, what the heck is his name? Something-flub? Bee? Ah, I don't remember. I wanted to ask him about his clan, but he's kind of funny-weird. And I don't know him at all. I sure have something in common with the druid, but not a whole lot. He's kind of alien. Them twins, they're new to this group too, but I just don't think we've got anything else in common. And I hate looking up at folks I don't have anything in common with. Wizard, out. Lumpy, out. Pseudodragon, I don't think so.

She watches each person as she thinks of them, using the visual to help her decide. Then she sees Kiah walking off to chat up Fizahn. Well, the gnome's a right ass, but that Kiah, she's kinda like a druid. And she's about my age. And she's new to the group, and a woman, too. Stopping what she's doing, she watches them talking off to the side. And she's busy. I guess it can wait. It'll give me time to think about how to open a conversation.

2006-09-09, 07:54 PM

Tiriel unsaddles and hobbles her horse before attaching a grainbag to it's halter.*
Leaning on a nearby tree, she watces the rest of the group prepare for the night. It's obvious that Callos's rash action agaist the wolf has made many uneasy, but Tiriel also feels like she may have crossed an unspoken line earlier when she confronted him.

Someone had to yell at him about that. It's not his intention I had a problem with, but the motive. We killed the hydra because it was dangerous - to us and the nearby settlement. The wolf though, while it was unusual, wasn't a danger. And now, here we are, camping in it's territory...

Tiriel ends here gloomy reflections as Trinark walks up. She nods in agreement with the cleric.
"What do you know about that one's background anyhow? She asks, indicating Callos.

"The lizardman knows him, and obviously wasn't pleased with him anymore than I was. But I really don't know much about, well almost everyone. We've been travling for months now and I don't even know his name or even why the two of you are involved in all this anyhow.

*ooc: I'm assuming that we brought grain for the horses since it's winter and all.

2006-09-09, 09:14 PM

Fizahn begins to set up camp with the rest of the group. He vocalizes his opinion that they should remain on the road through the night. He feels that sleeping while there is an angry wolf pack somewhere out there is a mistake. He also tries to appeal to Callos's sense of urgency about the mission. He greets Kiah and begins talking privately with here. Towards the end of the conversation, it is apparent that something she said disturbed him.

OOC: PM sent.

2006-09-09, 11:00 PM

Lumpy seems content to let matters drop as the confrontation dwindles off, the burly orc settling back into silence as if nothing had happened, When the others decide to settle down for the night, he offers little complaint or comment, shifting businesslike into the task of preparing himself for the evening. He's finished undressing and tending to his horse by the time he opens his mouth in speech again,

"Two hour watches, least two folks on each one. Mages or anyone else what needs their full night'a sleep get it. I'll take one'a the first watches, and I want someone with decent night sight on every other one." He glances around, Well, looks like it's me, the dwarf, the drow, and the lizard. "cept they need their meditation or whatever., before scowling. "I'll take the last one too if I gotta. work the rest out fer yerselves."

2006-09-10, 02:45 AM

Nodding as Lumpy makes his request, Delphinia pipes up when he stops. "I can sit a watch, no problem. A middle one is fine."

2006-09-10, 05:05 AM
Lizardkin Druid

Ssathiya had maintained a distance from the rest of the group. When dusk was falling, he had turned back to see the pack setting up rest for the night.

With the hunt for a weapon against Sethra and the injury of a creature that called this place home, the Lizardkin strongly believed that should have kept moving. He did not feel like returning to discuss it with the rest though.

He sat down and wrapped himself with his blanket over his winter clothing. He watched them move about making preparations for the night while eating one of two hydra steaks he still had left.

So many are dead or have been lost. The two who left for home after we left Sheyra...and..
Flamearrow ...remains in that human ..city?...

He reflects about Callos's actions and his fault for allowing it as he slowly chews on the now softened meat.
So unlike any pack in my tribe....but they are .. mine

He sits deep in thought before coming to a decision. He sits and stares at the rest of party as he seems to formulate something further before jumping up and running up to them.
As he runs up to Tiriel, he stops panting before asking,
"Flamesword, i need one of ...healing"
He uses hand signals to describe 'something you drink' before saying 'healing' while pointing at her backpack. You surmise that he means a potion of healing. From the look on his face, it's clear he's up to something.

OOC:By the time ssathiya takes to finish thinking and come back the camp's all set up and ppl are settling in.

2006-09-10, 09:58 AM

Katrin also surreptitiously watches Callos, hanging back in the group so she doesn't have to turn around to see him. Various angry thoughts flit through her head, but she pushes them away as dusk grows nearer and she hears the wolf howling.

That's not good... I bet the whole pack's out there. I don't know how intelligent wolves are, but I don't want to risk having an wolf pack bent on revenge attacking us tonight...

...Or werewolves, it's the full moon...

Katrin shudders at that thought, and scowls.
She starts to say "I don't think we should stop tonight..." However, it is obvious that the camp is going to be set up anyways, and the majority of the group wants to stop, she just goes off into the woods to help collect firewood.

EDIT: Dr. Bob: PM'd you.

2006-09-10, 03:11 PM

Wonderful! Now theres more of the furry little ingrates. I bet that they'll be angry this time if I do anything about it this time either. Bloody bleeding hearts...

"If we travel for two more hours I can arrange for safe sleeping quarters for six other people. But I would simply prefer that we don't stop travelling in the first place so lets keep going."

His voice was pert and terse as though something was on his mind. At first it seemed to be because he could feel the eyes of the others peering at him with those negative emotions but then again it probaly wasn't. The human simply focused on one spot and kept staring out there. Without blinking. Okay maybe thats not normal but he seemed content to just remain there.

2006-09-10, 03:58 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

I can't just keep sulking my way along this trip. A willingness tp pour your heart out counts for more in this group than anything else.

Seeing Yix slip into the woods for kindling, Achkby heads into the other side of the woods. He gathers somewhat larger sticks than his more draconian counterpart, veritable logs for the small sorcerer.
Achkby smiles to Yix as he drops five nice-sized fry sticks next to the others' pile. "Mind if I add these sticks to yours?" he asks. "I'd think we could get a good-sized blaze with this for a start."

If Yix acquiesces, Achkby begins stacking the twigs into a teepee shape, balancing the larger pieces around them and eventually lighting the pile with a little flame produced with a neat spell which he duplicates later that night to clean himself.

I hope I can use Prestidigitation for this... if not, I suppose he could Scorching Ray one of the larger logs...
Also, I'm sort of afraid that Yix's pile is, like, the guy's bed, and he'll be really insulted Achkby thinks it's kindling.

2006-09-10, 08:59 PM

Yix gladly thanks Achkby for the help with collecting sticks. Yix watches with great intrigue as Achkby uses his magic to get a crackling fire going. When the fire becomes more than just a flicker Yix curls up basking in the heat. "Want food?" Yix asks Achkby, if he sits down next to the fire as well.

2006-09-10, 09:12 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

That's nice of him.

Achkby pauses, reaching for his pack.
"What do you have?" he asks, turning back towards Yix.

In part, I don't want to deprive him... in part, I don't want week-old deer haunch of somesuch. Though it might keep well in these environs.
Achkby cheers up after that last thought.

2006-09-10, 09:31 PM
The wagons are placed close to the fire to provide some shelter and protection. They form a reasonable barrier against the cold north wind, and they cover at least one flank.

The horses are tied to a picket line and allowed to browse within the radius of the firelight. The dogs stay close to their owners, providing additional body warmth.

Some of you try to huddle together under your furs and winter blankets for warmth. Others choose to keep to themselves, as nature suits.

By the time the full moon is high in the sky, exactly three things are worth noting.

(1) The lone wolf howling is joined by a chorus of distant wolf howls from several directions. The howling cuts off suddenly and is replaced by an equally eerie silence.

(2) Katrin has not reappeared. She was last seen heading into the forest to gather firewood.

(3) Callos, who had been curled up asleep, stands suddenly and begins to walk into the forest, ignoring the sentries' queries.

2006-09-10, 10:03 PM

[Regardless if it is his turn at watch or not, Nolan would most likely be awake meditating or just keeping an extra eye out]

Upon seeing Callos get up and walk off, Nolan realizes that the other group member has not returned. What was her name again?

"Is disappearing into the woods by yourself standard practice with this group? If so, Nyssa and I didn't get the notice," he says dryly to those that are on watch. He quietly shrugs off his blankets, grabs a sunrod and his shurikens out of his pack and secures his siangham to his belt. Nolan leaves the sunrod unlit for now if the campfire is still going and walks to an unmanned edge of the camp, hopefully ready for whatever may happen next. He won't try to physically stop Callos if the mage won't listen to verbal questioning.

2006-09-10, 10:17 PM

Nyssa wakes up, slightly groggy and very cold. She notices some activity in the camp, and a few murmured questions, but something far more important catches her eye.

Her brother has gotten up from his bed a few feet away, and left his blankets entirely unguarded.

She reaches across and grabs some of Nolan's fur blankets, dragging them to her. Wrapping herself in them tightly, she blinks and blurrily looks around the camp. Smiling sleepily at her brother's comment, she adds, "Maybe we should start tethering them to things, like you do with horses."

Nyssa remains sitting up, wrapped in blankets, and semi-alert and responsive for a few minutes.

2006-09-10, 11:16 PM

Lumpy shrugs carelessly from where he's propped himself up against a makeshift backrest made from his backpack and saddle, making no move to stop the mage,

"Too many folks with too many motives. It aint worth trying ta sort out who does what and why. All I ask is that no one else wander off looking fer him. THat's how these things go wrong, everyone splitting off ta wander the woods aimlessly. He's a grown man and makes his own decisions, and I ain't chasing him through the woods unless he disappears fer too long."

2006-09-11, 12:50 AM

After setting out his bedroll and making a makeshift tent with a blanket and a couple of sticks, he sets out what is left of his equipment in a pile that serves both as a storage area for his stuff and a support for one end of the "tent".

Not needing sleep for another few hours, he walks around the camp. Finding Lumpy, he takes a seat beside him.

"You know what ugly? I've been travelling with you for a couple of weeks now, and I haven't the slightest clue what you are about. Normally half-orcs aren't as...well, smart as yourself."

2006-09-11, 07:00 PM

Lumpy seems to take Aeroz's opening insult in stride - which is to say he's no more surly about it than he would be about any other greeting. He shrugs tiredly, scarcely bothering to counter-rebuke the elf,

"Real astute, genius. Just cause orcs are dumb don't mean everyone wants ta be. I put a helluva lot'a work inta being something besides a slavering moron, taught myself everything I ever needed ta know. Most people don't gotta work fer that, it come natural or gets hended ta them. That's what I'm about, working my way along."

2006-09-11, 07:21 PM

"Ah, that came out all wrong. I guess it's just repressed hostilities. What I meant to say is that you are really different from the half orcs I met. Most of them actually had a name. Lumpy just seems more like a nickname than anything. Do you have an actual one?"

2006-09-11, 09:01 PM

Trinark emerges from his elven meditation, and slowly looks around the camp. He realizes a few folks were missing, and frowns.

He sees Lumpy and Aeroz chatting loudly a short distance away. Seeing few other options he heads in their direction.

2006-09-11, 09:08 PM

Fizahn very abruptly ends his chat with Kiah. He volunteers to take the last watch while setting up his sleeping area. After he is finished, he quickly slides into his bedroll. He is soon sound asleep and misses the entire incident with Callos.

Lost Sage
2006-09-11, 09:17 PM

Kiah beds down in with the main group, eager for any extra warmth. I'm getting to old for this... Nevertheless, Kiah can't help but come to semi-wakefulness anytime something changes in the sounds around the camp. Years of looking out for family and for others has left it's mark.

zzz... zzz...*?...huh? more wolves...zzz...zzz...

She doesn't notice Katrin's disappearance. But the change in the quiet conservation as the sentries query Callos catches her radar. Something about it nudges her consciousness, and she becomes fully awake. That's odd...maybe I should...No, they're all odd...besides, it's cold. she snuggles down further in her blankets, if possible, and sleepily watches the sentries ignore Callos's leaving. Once the commotion dies down she will drift back to sleep.

2006-09-11, 09:20 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby rolls over, further entangling himself in his bedroll.

2006-09-11, 09:41 PM


*Thokk continues to sleep and snore, and creaking as he turns over still wearing his full plate*

Moradin...My life is yours now more then ever, you shall be repayed...

2006-09-11, 11:06 PM

The burly orc seems almost reluctant to respond for a moment, but eventually continues on regardless,

"Edgar. My mother's husband named me Edgar. I ain't never put much stock in names, on account'a a name's what ya make'a it. There weren't much point'a me being Edgar if everyone calls ya "Lumpy" or "Ugly" or "Half-Breed" anyway. So I beat them ta it. Edgar might be who I am, but Lumpy's what I am, and that's all anyone notices."

2006-09-11, 11:51 PM

"Mothers husband? But...oh..."

Aeroz says nothing for moment.

"Ok Edgar, I'd like to say its been a pleasure talking to you, but you, my friend, are too sullen. Its depressing. You should try lightening up and stop being so linear. My father was, and he almost blew me to bits."

At that point, Aeroz gets up and makes his way to his "tent". Skipping the pointless thoughts, he goes straight to a reverie.

2006-09-11, 11:56 PM

Nyssa, quietly evesdropping the entire time, says, "I think Edgar is a nice name."

Saying nothing more, she lies down, wrapping both her blankets and the blankets procured from Nolan around her. She slowly drifts back to sleep.

2006-09-12, 12:06 AM

Once all the camp chores are done and full dark has fallen, Lissa spends about an hour in what looks like quiet prayer, dog curled up at her back. Evidently her deity prefers communion at night. Am I doing the right thing? I think I am, but I don't know... we've picked up so many strangers lately. I guess few people ever do really know that they're going the right way in life. Even those of us who serve the gods. Prayers complete, she bids goodnight to everyone with a tired smile and burrows into her bedroll. Cloudy settles down next to his diminutive mistress, evidently intent on sharing warmth with his new 'pack'. Lissa isn't about to complain; this is one reason she likes riding dogs.

About midnight, the howling of the wolves jolts Lissa awake. She reflexively grabs for her crossbow, left loaded next to her bedroll. "Mwuh? Who, what?" The sleep rapidly fades from her eyes as she looks around. "We under attack?"

2006-09-12, 12:09 AM

The reappearance of the lizardman startles Tiriel, but not overly so. Guessing from his pantomime and with Trinark's help she digs in her pack and pulls out a small vial sealed with wax.
"You're not hurt are you? She asks as she hands the lizardman the potion.

When the subject of watches is brought up, Tiriel volenteers to take any of the three shifts.

If she's awake when Callos leaes:
Tiriel shakes her head as the wizard wanders off from the camp. Figures. He's either sulking or getting into more trouble. If he's not back by morning ... Well, I should look for him... maybe. Katrine took off again too, what the hell is she up too?

2006-09-12, 12:34 AM

Elthan goes to bed early and without worry. Sure there where wolves, but the group counted as an army in its own right. A money motivated, necromancer tormented, relatively combat unorganized army, but still one relatively that few sane creatures would care to bother with. When he is awakened by the continued howls, he shuts it out and falls back asleep wondering, How do they know what each of those howls mean anyway?

2006-09-12, 01:15 AM

Hajih lies on the back of his wagon, his hat pulled over his eyes and his wolf curled up beside him. Deep in sleep, the ranger stirs in his slumber, responding to a dream, or judging from his response, a nightmare.

Standing on the deck of a ship, Hajih smells the salty air with a smile, but his expression quickly turns sour.
“Oh not this again, why did it have to be this? Why this day?” He says out loud to the ocean breeze.
He walks over to lean on the railing, his thick mat of hair open to the sea air. From somewhere behind him a feminine voice whispers, “Not getting sea-sick are we?”
Hajih reels back, a looks of horror and recognition on his face.
“No, you’re dead…you died…I saw it, why are you still here?” He says leaning backwards on the railing.
The voice belongs to a woman in gleaning plate mail; she has the same olive skin tone and sharp nose that Hajih carries and her hair is the same inky black colour. She doesn’t seem to notice, or care what Hajih is says, instead she acts as if he was simply sea-sick, offering encouragement, and offering him a water skin.
There is a sudden flash of lightening and everything changes.
No longer sunny and bright, a storm cloud lurks over the ship. The deck tilts and heaves, spilling cargo all over its surface. A line breaks with a sound like the crack of a whip and some rogue piece of timber lands squarely against the back of the woman in plate mail. She spills over the side of the ship and sinks into the white foam of the wild sea.
“Oh gods” Hajih mutters over and over again as this takes place but after what seems like a life time, there is another lightening flash.

Hajih sits up, spilling the hat to one side.
“I need a drink”

2006-09-12, 06:41 AM

Gladi stirs at the wolf howls, whining quietly and awakening her ranger. Delphinia comes fully awake in a moment, just in time to hear the howls stop abruptly. She darts her glance around the camp, making sure everything is all right. Looks like maybe half of us woke up to that. Huh. Where's that wizard going? She watches him pace zombielike to the edge of the wood, then keep going. Damn frigging sonofa- he can go get himself killed for all I care. She scritches Gladi's head, trying to calm her, and sighs. Oh hell. Everyone's just going to let him go like that. I don't really want to see him dead, do I? He's just a jerk, not anything deserving of fatality. How many times did Orris tell me that not everyone sees the wilds in the same way? She gets up, grabbing her bow and quiver, and trots after the wizard, stopping just outside the clearing. Either something's wrong and he's not going to say anything, or he's just being a weirdo and he'll snap at me. She nocks an arrow to her bow. "Ya daft wizard, where in the Nine Hells are you going? If you don't answer me, I'll shoot you in the back." If he's in there, he'll answer to that!

2006-09-12, 07:20 AM
Lizardkin Druid

Storing the vial carefully, he gives a look of gratitude to Tiriel. He fishes out the gourd of hydra blood and gives it in exchange.

He vigourously shakes his head and turns about standing arms spread open to show that he hadn't a scratch on him.

Taking in her scent one last time, he nods politely before stalking off to bunk next to Trinark who had already start to meditate smiling at the rising moon.

Feeling obliged to share his thoughts with his partner, he mentions breifly his intention to be off in the morning briefly to make things right and in a small way restore the balance.

With a far better disposition since he had watched Trinark die and learned of Sheyra's fate he plops down and sighs as the fatigue in his sore muscles are relieved. In a matter of minutes he is fast asleep beside a wagon tightly wrapped against the cold.
The howls of the wolves do not disturb his slumber. The silence does make him start before sleep settles over him again.

Thus, he doesn't notice Callos's departure. However, He does get up and stare coldly at hajih.....

..... before removing the ranger's hat from his own head and tossing it back onto Hajih's lap.

2006-09-12, 08:44 PM
Callos ignores Delphinia's challenge, weaving between the trees until he is out of view.

Before anyone can decide whether or not to follow the wizard, a blood curdling scream pierces the night. Is it a woman in distress? Callos? Or perhaps a jungle cat? It's hard to say.

Almost immediately the howling picks up again. This time, the howling seems to be closer than before and the howls are definitely coming from multiple directions ...

2006-09-12, 08:55 PM

Oh, hell no, if anyone is gonna kick his ass, it's gonna be me and the druid. "Hey, need some help with the wizard here," she calls back to the camp. Without wasting any more time than that, she uses what little power she has to try to stop him with a spell.

{casting Entangle, trying to get Callos in the AoE before he slips away}

2006-09-12, 09:49 PM

Just as Lissa is about to go back to sleep, she hears Delphinia shout out. Wizard? A quick headcount confirms that Callos has gone missing. Ooh, if he did this a-purpose, he is so getting frozen horse dung in his bedroll when we got back! I just got warm! The gnome peels out of her relatively warm bedroll with a wince, now infinitely grateful that it had been so bloody cold that she chose to sleep in her clothes and armor rather than expose any skin to the frosty air. Damn, I took Cloudy's saddle off for the night. Well, here's hoping Callos isn't too far. Slinging her loaded crossbow over her back, Lissa rouses Cloudy and mounts him bareback. "Coming, Delphinia!", she shouts back. "Cloudy, mush!" The riding dog obediently bounds forward into the night.

OOC: It amused me to have Cloudy trained to the same directional commands as sled dogs. ^_^

2006-09-12, 10:02 PM
Lizardkin Druid

What was that!?...

In a flash, the lizardman who had slumped down spun out of bed and onto his feet. The primal life he'd led before aiding his swift reaction.

He assesses the situation and tries to make sense of what's going on.
{Knowledge(Nature): 4 + 6= 10}

"Fire...Fire.. get fire", he urges pointing to the small fires they'd lit. Grabbing a torch he will hand it to the nearest human and urge others to pick one up.

Turning his head this way and that, he tries to make out just how many enemies they were facing.

{Cast Detect Animals and sweep it around}

2006-09-12, 10:03 PM

She had just gotten back to sleep when the scream split the night air. "What was tha--" she managed to say before the resumption of the howls cut her off.

Standing, Nyssa wraps her cloak and robe around herself tightly. Seeing Lissa head off into the forest at Delphinia's call for help she adds helplessly, "Splitting up might not be the best ide--" She gives up halfway through her words. It's like herding cats. Hasted cats.

Instead, she walks around the camp, quietly awakening anyone who still sleeps. "Callos has walked off. There was a scream. Delphinia and Lissa are after Callos. The wolves are closer and in multiple directions," she answers efficiently to anyone who asks.

2006-09-12, 10:34 PM

Yix wakes up, and he seems pretty angry at the interruption. Upon seeing the anxiousness of the rest of the party he figures something is not right. "What's going on?" Yix broadcasts to the group.

Lost Sage
2006-09-12, 10:36 PM

Kiah is just snuggling down into her blankets when Delphinia challenges Callos. She perks up and watches as Callos ignores her.

damn, that's not right after all Throwing her blankets off she just stands up when the scream pierces the night. holly mother... what was that???

She does a quick count of people, including Delphinia and Callos, and comes up one short.

"Lumpy, you great oaf, someone else is missing! Who left besides Callos?"

(OOC: can Kiah get to Lissa before she leaves, since she was already up?)

"Lissa! before you run off take this." Kiah casts a spell and touches Lissa. "Then I'll know if you get into trouble. Stick with Delphinia please."

She looks around...

"Anyone else hell bent on running off?"

(OOC: casting Status)

2006-09-12, 11:12 PM

"Katrine is the other one missing. Trying to track her is near impossiple, we usualy just have to wait for her to come back. The wizard though, he should be fairly easy to find. She grabs her pack and quickly produces a tourch which she hands to the lizardman.

Good thing I put on my armour when my watch came around... she thinks, Now, it had better not be Katrine that screamed. The wizard seems inclilnded to act a fool, but she should know better...

Tiriel will follow the two shorter women who went into the woods after making sure that there are a good number of people, who are awake, staying at the camp.

edit: she'll allow Kiah to cast status on her before she leaves.

Lost Sage
2006-09-13, 12:41 AM

"Katrine... (sigh)... of course", she touches Tiriel as she goes by, then calls after her,

"Maybe the dog can find her!"

(OOC: Status on Tiriel also - that's it for that casting of it)

2006-09-13, 05:32 AM

At the lizardkin's call for fire Nolan fetches his modified quarter staff and lights both ends of it once again. He returns to the perimeter of the camp, watching and listening intently for any approaching danger.

[+8 to spot and listen]

2006-09-13, 06:55 AM

Fizahn's eyes spring open as he hears the scream. He brings both arms out of his bedroll. Aw hell. It's cold out there. I'm going to enjoy mt bed for as long as I can. He grabs his crossbow and promptly disappears into his bedroll. From the oddly shaped lump and the noises, it is obvious that he is loading the crossbow. He soon springs up from the blanket and stands short. He begins scanning the area, load crossbow held loosely in one hand and the hilt of his 'short sword' gripped firmly in his other.

2006-09-13, 07:27 AM

Everything began to happen at once and the camp suddenly resembled an anthill. Different members moving in different locations.

Trinark quickly moves back to his things and finishes strapping on his armor. If they had to fight something, anything, being prepared was a good idea.

After he was equipped, he moved to the edge of camp outside the firelight. Trinark began scanning the area outside of camp using his Darkvision, looking for enemies.

2006-09-13, 10:14 AM

Barely into his meditations, Aeroz snaps to attention. Sliding on the new small sheild he recently procured and unsheathing his rapier Aeroz goes to where most of the group is congregated.

"Alright, what in the infinite pits of the abyss is going on now?"

2006-09-13, 12:26 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby wakens with the rest, but is slow to get his head on straight. Once he does understand what's going on, though, he dives into his pack, rooting to the very bottom where his sling has settled.

A few moments later, he pulls it out, and casts a quick spell on one of the stones, making it glow with a soft illumination. This he loads into the sling pouch before carefully standing his spear firmly in the ground at his feet. Then, he casts another spell to create a group of luminescent orbs, which he directs to circle the campsite.

Light on a slingstone, Dancing Lights to scour our perimeter in widening circles (a spiral, I suppose).

2006-09-13, 10:45 PM

There it was. Humans. Hardly more than a day, and that bitch was already trying to put him in his place.

In contrast to the general madness of the waking camp, Lumpy's methods are neither rushed, nor delayed, simply taken at an easy pace. He casually rises from his seat, making sure his things are properly secured before taking any other action. He chooses not to dignify Kiah's query with a response, instead shifting straight to instruction, barking like tired drill instruction,

"No one else go nowhere. And slow the Hells down, it's hard enough ta sort this out without everyone yelling and flashing lights everywhere."

2006-09-14, 11:35 AM

*First from the scream, then from the mental ping from Yix, Thokk extracts himself from his bedroll, simply grabs his sword and shield and jogs over to the lizardman. Standing, he sweeps the area to try and see anything moving within the darkness*

"Ach, scaley, what be goin on here?"

2006-09-14, 10:39 PM
Delphinia is about to cast entangle, but Callos is too far into the woods to reach, so she holds back for the moment, plunging into the trees with Gladi at her side.

The bare trees don't obscure the moonlight too much, and Callos doesn't seem to be attempting to disguise his footsteps in any way. The halfling ranger is able to track Callos fairly easily.

Lissa pauses only long enough for Kiah to link to her, before she leaps astride her dog and rides into the woods after Delphinia. Tiriel, also linked to Kiah, is not far behind, her flaming sword lighting her way.

The camp flares to life. Nolan stands, his staff burning from both ends. A set of dancing lights spirals into the night, sending shadows spinning disorientingly. Questions are shouted into the air at no one in particular and weapons are hastily readied and armor donned.

The lizardman peers into the woods, forming the mental image of a wolf as he scans the area for life. The howls have stopped, and if there are any wolves in the area, they must be too far away for the druid to sense them ...

It doesn't take Delphina, Lissa and Tiriel long to catch up with Callos. The wizard stands swaying slightly in a forest glade. Illuminated by the full moon, he looks peaceful as he stares up into the night sky.

Another high-pitched scream fills the air from deeper within the woods, causing Callos to start slightly. He turns around and looks at the women behind him, blinking in confusion. "Where am I?" he asks dazedly ...

2006-09-15, 12:34 AM

Yix looks at around at the group, the tension thick in the air "Back to back?" the suggestion comes from the small lizardesque creature.

2006-09-15, 07:12 AM

"Yeah, that's not a surprise. You wandered off, probably called over by something." Delphinia takes a moment to look around. A glade, eh? When you get sucked into a glade, it's either lollipops or knuckle sandwiches. And that smell sure as hell isn't sugar. The scream directs her attention that way. She climbs up onto Gladi's bare back and readies her bow again.

2006-09-15, 04:16 PM

Nyssa, at a loss of what else to do, speaks a few words and draws an arcane symbol in the air, drawing upon her powers to see if they are being approached by the undead. The group's primary enemy was a necromancer like herself, and they had already been attacked once in the night by undead.

{Cast Detect Undead, concentrate, and scan out in all directions from the camp (clockwise) for undead. If she finds any, she'll warn the group.}

2006-09-15, 06:55 PM

Nolan nods to the pseudodragon's suggestion and makes sure his position covers an area not being scanned by others. His grip flexes on his staff once and he clears his mind in anticipation.

2006-09-15, 08:45 PM
Nyssa scans the area for undead, detecting none. The lizardman hisses, however, sensing the approaching wolves before the others can see them.

The wolves converge on the party from all directions staying just out of range of Achkby's dancing lights. As they close in, their eyes pick up some of the light from the party's torches and arcane illumination, glowing red. Soon your party is surrounded by what must be at least two score pairs of glowing eyes.

Everyone is up and standing in a loose circle. The horses and mules stamp their hooves and whinny uneasily. Hajih's wolf crouches at his side, growling softly. Its tail is tucked under its body and its ears lie flat as it trembles in fear ...

In the glade, Callos, Lissa, Tiriel and Delphinia also stand back to back. Something dark is moving through the underbrush, just out of sight, as if it is stalking them ...

2006-09-15, 10:08 PM

Fizahn is standing stiffly. He has his crossbow aimed at a pair of eyes. He cautiously steals a sidelong glance at Hajih. "Hey Hajih, can you and your buddy do anything about the situation we're in? Speak wolf or something. Tell them it wasn't our fault. Say something like an upstart member of the pack was attempting to become alpha wolf but failed miserably. I blame Callos for all this."

2006-09-15, 11:29 PM

"Speak...wolf?" Hajih asks, a quizzical look on his face.

He pulls on his oversized hat "I'm a guide, not a druid.” He says flatly

“What about the lizardkin? Can’t he help with something like this?

Hajih grumbles while he pulls out his two swords.

2006-09-15, 11:35 PM

"What in the blazing-levels-of-Hell do you mean 'where am I'! If we got into this all because you were sleep walking I'll kill you myself!" Tiriel hisses at Callos.
She watches the spaces between the trees for signs of movement, hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever is stalking them.

[Tiriel will focus on defense until she has an idea of what they are facing. For the first round she will use total defense and raise her AC to 24]

Lost Sage
2006-09-16, 12:33 AM

Kiah retreats to the middle of the group. Having almost no combat ability, she wouldn't be much use on the outer circle. She concentrates and prepares to cast one of her most powerful spells should the wolves attack.

"Good idea Fizahn. Can anyone speak wolf?" A thought suddenly occurs to her. The eyes, are they the normal height above the ground or are these wolves larger than normal?

(OOC: ready action: Prayer if the wolves attack: +1 luck bonus to attack, damage, saves, and skill checks; -1 on the same to all enemies)

2006-09-16, 01:02 AM

Sleep walking? That would explain why I'm not where I feel asleep....it doesn't however explain why on earth wolves are howling and only this three are here.

The drowsy necromancer shook his head to get the last vestiges of sleep from his mind before peering about carefully. It wasn't like he could see what it was out there. Probaly wasn't friendly though.

"We can discuss my nocturnal habits later because frankly I'm curious as to how I got out here myself. More importantly we should get ready to defend ourselves."

Callos's voice was surprsingly calm. Consideirng the situation they where in and all. Wasn't like they were defensless though. It didn't feel right though. Without his spellbook in front of him the arcane motions came just a little bit slower and he was biting his teeth in frustration as the arcane energy began to flow through him and into his hand. Then, reaching out, he placed the softly glowing appendage on Tiriel's arm and let the rush of growing magic rush into her.

((Enlarge Person on Tiriel.))

2006-09-16, 01:17 AM

Speak wolf? Where do these people get this stuff from?

Lumpy stalks slowly around the circle of their campsight, looking every bit like a caged beast as they face off against their unseen audience. His still-new polearm is at hand, though his flail was looped in easy reach at his belt; he was actually quite interested in seeing the guisarme in action again, and to see if it's prior effectiveness was a fluke or not.

His pacing served an effective purpose as well, warming his joints and loosening his stiffened armor. He'd seen too many soldiers slowed down by a cold night and was loathe to join them.

"Ain't no such thing as wolf, not what we'd be able ta use. If ya wanna get something through ta them, yer body's how ya do it. Show them yer not afraid and let them no there ain't no easy pickings here. If they're set on it, they'll come. Just don't get worked up over it."

2006-09-16, 01:44 AM

Damn that blasted Callos. Nolan's face is grim as he tries to position himself between Nyssa and any danger. His movements are slow and methodical, careful not to aggravate the wolves nor give them any opportunity to strike.

2006-09-16, 03:30 AM

Nyssa allows her brother to move in front of her, stepping back slightly. She still tries to keep a confident stance, despite her retreat, looking directly at the wolves. I thought they said wolves weren't a threat to a group this large? This seems unusual.

She prepares an arcane spell quietly, ready to cast should the wolves advance aggressively.

{Nyssa prepares to cast Scare on the two wolves closest to her, should they move in for the attack.}

2006-09-16, 07:01 AM

She lifts her bow, holding it steady. At the slightest urging from Delphinia's knees, Gladi stands rock still. "Threaten him later," she hisses. Assuming there will be a later.

2006-09-16, 07:22 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The lizardman had stood silently. Picking up on the number of wolves and their health.

It would have been futile to attempt anything as they ahd swiftly surrounded them.

His face was shrouded in the dark as the light from the torches did not touch it. So no one so the look of acceptance of submission on his face.

So the Balance moves... to correct itself

He sighs. He reflects that he wasn't surprised that it had come to this. A thought nagged at him but he was far too distracted to pay mind to it.

Cries of 'could anyone speak wolf' went out among his friends. He looked into the direction of the scream and asks the nearest person,
"Who's missing?"

When the absence of Tiriel and Katrin are pointed out. He snaps his head up with a look of alarm on his face.

He finally pays heed to the thought.

The wolves aren't attacking

"Something is not as it should be", he utters out aloud. He blinks as the companions beside him look at him in puzzlement.

A wolf attacks in hunger, defence. A wolf attacks only out of necessity

He spins looking at the gathered wolves. Waiting, watching.

This is revenge..

Leaving his previous spell active but shifting his focus, he casts a new spell. One that would let him share a common tongue with beasts.

Moving forward on his knees and holding his arms out. He voices out

"Peace. Brothers. Peace. Will one among you speak? "

OOC: Cast 'Speak with animals'. WE're so lucky I had that memorised....*thinks* or maybe not :-/

2006-09-16, 09:22 AM

Fizahn replies angrily to the mocking of his question. "Well I can speak badger, so it stands to reason one of you nature types can speak wolf. I don't care if it's through a spell or something; just start negotiating already!" Fizahn grins as the lizardman casts his spell and attempts to communicate with the wolves. "See? I figured someone here could speak wolf. I'm not stupid."

2006-09-16, 05:57 PM

Trinark had just finished strapping on his armor as the wolves moved into view. He had heard tales and even seen something vaguely resembling then in the Underdark but certainly not this many at one time.

He decided that defense was the best course, again. He brought is oft cast Bless to memory, prepared to use it if the wolves pressed in and attacked.

He watched his druid friend begin the incantations of a spell while dropping to his knees and creeping forward.

Trinark was at a loss for what to do. Many, many things here on the surface seemed like pure madness.

And they thought I was crazy...

2006-09-16, 11:05 PM

Lissa shoots Callos a look that, by rights, should have at least burned his hair off. "Our wandering wizard is right... for now." Clearly, the gnome is not happy at having had to leave her bedroll for a wandering colleague. She dismounts from her dog, hearing Things That Go Bump In The Night. I'm nowhere near good enough at riding to shoot from the saddle. With one hand on her medallion, Lissa murmurs a phrase in a strange language. The air shimmers briefly around her lithe form.

OOC: Dismount and cast shield of faith on self.

2006-09-17, 11:52 AM

'By the hammer the lizard can speak with 'em! Thats good. But these don't seem to be normal wolves, I dont remember them being revenge-driven or havin red eyes...'

What are these?

*Thokk shifts his footing and looks for something to get his back to*

2006-09-17, 05:21 PM
At the campsite ...

As the lizardman attempts to communicate with the animals, soft barking can be heard from the "wolves" surrounding you. It almost sounds like laughter.

One of the animals steps forward into the light. It looks like an enormous wolf, but is much heavier and taller than what you expected. It's lips move in an almost human way and unexpectedly it speaks.

"I can speak your ugly tongue, bipeds. Where is he?"

In the clearing ...
To her surprise, suddenly Tiriel finds herself almost 12 feet tall - a veritable giant. Lissa and Delphinia are now merely knee-high. Tiriel spins and looks down at Callos, who simply shrugs.

Suddenly an inky black form bursts from the undergrowth. It streaks across the the clearing and disappears again, colliding noisily with something else hidden in the bushes. You hear another high-pitched scream, a yelp, then silence ...

2006-09-17, 06:21 PM

Speaking to no one in particular, Delphinia says quietly, "I'm watching where it came from. Somebody else watch where it went."

2006-09-17, 08:43 PM

Silently the necromancer began to curse the fact that he had none of his precious possessions with him since he was fairly sure that there was a torch among them. Now he couldn't see what on earth was going on and there was no way he was going to set a tree or bush on fire just to see.

So instead his nimble fingers began to twist and weave through the arcane motions once more until a subtle smile ame to his face. If the woman had been surprised when she had grown...well this would be just as big as one. Reaching out once again his hand landed on Tiriel's lower calve and more transformative magic began to surge through her.

((Bull's Strength on the now giantess.))

2006-09-17, 08:50 PM

Frowning, Lissa swings her crossbow into position and peers at the bush where the yelps came from. The darkness there is too deep for even gnomish eyes, though. "Brace yourselves, people, I'm going to make some lights. I want to see what's in that bush." Comrades duly warned- after all, it's never a pleasant experience to have magelight flare up when your eyes are adjusted to the dark- Lissa makes a throwing gesture toward the bush and speaks a few arcane words. Four balls of pastel-colored light pop into existence over the bush.

OOC: Draw crossbow and use dancing lights racial ability.

2006-09-17, 08:57 PM

Yix looks as menacing as possible towards the pack of wolves, even though on the inside he is shaking in his proverbial boots. Desptie his bravado, he is rather confused, first by the wolf's speech, and secondly by who the wolf is refering too. He chooses to stay quiet on the subject, and let others do the talking.

2006-09-17, 09:07 PM

"Well. You see, our problem is he sorta left. I'm not rightly sure as I was peacefully sleeping and not harming anything. He is a wizard, so there is some possibility of him teleporting away. He never really struck me as the mentally stable kind of fellow; especially not when we were in the Underdark." Fizahn shrugs, but keeps his crossbow at the ready. "Nice to know he isn't prejudiced against us in the slightest. I personally never liked that language much either. Everyone should learn Gnomish. Or Dwarf maybe, is Dwarf a good language, Thokk?"

2006-09-18, 02:12 AM

Nyssa remains standing still, but now shifts her gaze so she's watching the lead wolf. She finally breaks and glances over at Kiah, who is also inside the protective circle of the group with her. Is this normal? her eyes ask in the flickering light of the fires.

2006-09-18, 02:25 AM

This isn't natural. Nolan's body tenses. Though not a druid, the young monk's distaste for anything that doen's follow the natural order of things comes to the fore.

Lost Sage
2006-09-18, 04:45 AM

Kiah shrugs her shoulders at Nyssa and moves to the edge of the circle.

"The small one is correct. I saw the one with the black lightning lured away just before you arrived. It seems others are hunting him. That scream is not one of yours is it?"

Kiah studies the wolf carefully to see if there is any reaction to her mention of the scream.

EDIT: What are these things? (OOC:Knowledge Nature +7)

2006-09-18, 10:26 AM

Aeroz is shocked to hear the wolf talk, and in such a rude manner too. "Well, you are no Sune yourself wolfy." the elf replies snappily after taking a few seconds to comprehend his situation.

[OOC: Untrained Sense motive - 14+0=14; trying to see if they have hostile intentions]

2006-09-18, 01:04 PM

"That thing that just went by looked like a cat. A big cat." Tiriel doesn't really like the fact that Callos keeps casting spells on her with out warning or an explanation of their effect. But she realizes that he's trying to help... or he's just using her as a shield.

Strength: 26 (enlarge, 2nd round; bull's strength 1st round)
AC: 19
Reach 10'

ooc: holding action.

2006-09-18, 05:54 PM

Lumpy is obviously startled by the speaking wolf, turning to look the beast over for a moment. But only for a moment, as the orc warily turns his back on the spectacle, slipping into his routine of pacing their campsite. If the enemy wanted you looking one way, sometimes it was better to be looking another when everything was said and done.

Besides, from the sound of things, they were going to piss it off enough without his help. A fight was almost inevitable.

2006-09-18, 09:42 PM

Trinark seemed to be the least surprised to hear the wolf speak. He came from strange "lands" below the ground where many creatures lurked.

He cleared his thoat quietly, and moved forward toward the large wolf a bit. He kept his hands calmly at his side, palms open facing toward the wolf.

"Perhaps I can help. I can heal the injured member of your pack, if you will let me."

2006-09-19, 06:16 AM
Lizardkin Druid

Looking to Cloudhair, he gives an audible hiss to gain his attention. Once he has he shakes his head(edit) slowly and motions him back.

NO...he may not know wolves do not speak..like us

He recalls his earlier spell to detect animals and concentrates of a wolf as he centers the spell on the speaking wolf.

2006-09-19, 11:11 AM

"Yes little one, dwarf is a very good language"

"Your native speak also works well"

"Goblin talk primitive, 7 word for hate but one for ale"

"The language of the demons is rather complex regarding pain and suffering"

"Rock-talk hurts the throat muchso"

*Turning fully to the wolf now*

"Ach, and now the language ye dub ugly. I could say the same about yer yelps and growls, but I shant. Now, what exactly do ye want?

2006-09-19, 08:45 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

What in the nine -- er, yes, nine -- hells is going on?!

At a loss for actions, Achkby searches his memory for any idea of what these things could be.

Knowledge (Arcana) (1d20+11=16) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=626760) (Damn)

2006-09-19, 10:49 PM

The large "wolves" have formed a semicircle surrounding the southern side of your camp. The leader of the pack stands forward slightly, his lips curled back in a sneer.

The alpha worg shakes his head at Kiah in a very human-like gesture. "I am no mood for games. We know that the shadow cat is with you."

"Give us the wizard, and the rest of you may go in peace."

The two wagons protect your northern flank, but the horses and mules tethered on the opposite side of the wagons are getting increasingly agitated.

In the distance, there is another high-pitched scream, then a yelp of pain. As one, the worgs prick up their ears and turn their heads toward the sounds, which seem to have come from the forest to the north.

The alpha worg growls and barks out an order. Immediately, roughly half a dozen worgs break ranks and disappear into the night.

The alpha worg gazes at your group for a second or two as if memorizing each of your faces and appraising your capabilities, then he and the rest of his pack back away slowly from you until they disappear into the darkness as well.

Tiriel now feels as strong as she is tall. Her flaming sword has been enlarged by Callos' magic along with her armor and gear. As the bull's strength flows through her veins, she almost smiles with pleasure.

Tiriel steps forward into the bushes with Lissa and Callos close behind, while Delphinia makes sure that there is nothing sneaking up on the four of you from the rear. Lissa's dancing lights illuminate a gory scene.

A large wolf lies on its side beside a clump of evergreen bushes. Its eyes and mouth are open. A pink tongue protrudes limply from between its glistening fangs. The wolf has been viciously disemboweled. Its entrails have spilled out onto the rocky, icy ground, still steaming.

Delphinia peeks at the scene and immediately notes several bloody paw prints leading away from the scene.

2006-09-19, 11:17 PM

Lumpy snarls as the pack breaks away, shouldering his weapon,

"Worgs. Been a while since I seen one'a them. ain't never seen one without a goblin riding it neither." The burly orc considers the situation for a moment, "It ain't safe here no more, obviously. We're gonna have ta mobilize and round up the strays, wouldn't be much of a fight if a mob a them finds all'a us a bit at a time, and they're out ta find us."

There was an unspoken second option flitting across Lumpy's mind, which was simply to dig in for the night and leave the seperated to fate for the night. But the others wouldn't go for it, he knew. Best to get moving and get it done with before someone pitched a fit.

"Best load everything up and get plenty'a torches burning. Ain't gonna be no sneaking around among worgs. Heavy-Handed's the way ta go."

Lost Sage
2006-09-20, 12:12 AM

"I think you nailed it Lumpy. Damn that wizard!"

She continues on in a low voice. The worgs may appear gone but they will have keen ears. "Now we are stuck between rescuing him and leaving him to the wolves."

Kiah looks around to anyone who will listen "So the shadow cat is Katrine?" She shakes her head slightly How in heavens name does this group get along? It's beyond me.

"Tiriel and Delphina are (distance) in that direction..." She points (OOC: distance determined by status) "... and still uninjured. (sigh) The sooner we get everyone together the better. Can anyone get a message to them? I don't feel like walking into a worg ambush in the middle of the night."

(OOC: DR: how far are they away?)

2006-09-20, 12:37 AM

"As Edgar said, sneaking around won't be an option. And unless one of us can cast a telepathy spell, getting a message to Callos and the others is kinda out of the question. I think Lissa and Tiriel are with them. Lissa is a tough little thing, and if Tiriel can break through a royal escort, I figure they will be alright for the meanwhile." Aeroz says as he flicks his rapier into the ground impatiently.

2006-09-20, 12:54 AM

"Ach, I would actually be game for spending the night here lads. Mobilization would work, or we can simply dig in and set a higher number of sentries then normal. Those beasties know we can kick the stuffing out of 'em so they shant bother us, espically because we dont have any shadow cat of theirs.

2006-09-20, 01:44 AM

"I think they'd be beyond my ability to send a message to, Kiah. Of course, a subtle approach seems to be pointless, as the Worgs know we're here, they know where our friends are, and we know where our friends are. I'm not sure what secret we'd be trying to keep."

Nyssa shrugs. "I suggest shouting." It always works with Nolan.

2006-09-20, 04:47 AM

Worgs? From bad to worse... Nolan shakes his head and sighs. He holds his lit staff aside as he tosses his and Nyssa's packs and blankets into the cart, preparing to head out into the night after the absent party members.

2006-09-20, 06:54 AM

After the quick look to appraise the scene, Delphinia returns her attention firmly to watching thier backs. "You kids want to track those paw prints or head back to the rest of the group? I can't see that this is anything we ought to stick our noses into. My vote is to head back."

2006-09-20, 06:56 AM
Lizardkin Druid

Whatever that thing was. It was no animal nor was it an abomination.

He understood why his earlier spell did not let him sense anything.

They were beasts but with an intelligence of a speaking race.And they hunted in packs.

The Spirits do not favour us

He keeps watch of his surrounding as the other talk, picking up snatches of the conversation.

He noted the half-human call the creatures 'wargs'.

We can be tracked but we are not the prey.. yet

"We move...no rest"

Trying to remember the lay of the land as the sun set, he sets his sights on finding higher ground and some defensible, preferably among some dolmens (stone formations).

If there is no such position he can single out, he will instead edge people into the thickest parts of the forest.
He will let them bring their horses and packs but make them leave the carts behind.

2006-09-20, 10:31 AM

Yix stands there slightly shaking in his armor, the only sense coming over him is one of great confusion. However, he follows everyone elses lead and makes his way into on of the carts.