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2010-06-10, 08:57 PM
So my friend is asking my advice on how to turn the cleric into a melee tank without using DMM persist and Divine power in combonation with each other. My guess he means he wants as near Full bab as he can get without using the spell so when he presents it the build doesn't get thrown off the table with the DM scowling at him.

So here is what I got

Cloistered Cleric of (diety of his choice) 4/Ordained Champion 3/Bone Knight 10/Ordained Champion 2/Dragonfire Adept 1*/Church Inquisitor 1

* classes can be changed out for 2 lvls of fighter. I took those classes because of the invocations that grant unnamed bonus's to knowledge skills.

F Extra Turning
F Extra Turning
H Weapon focus (deity weapon)
1 Extend Spell (if he chooses planning domain then replace with Persist Spell)
3 Persist Spell (if above DMM Persist)
6 Power attack
9 Leap Attack
12 Holy Warrior
15 Travel Devotion
18 Extra Turning
DT: Inquisition domain for Knowledge Devotion

I will advise that C.I. can be taken anytime after Cleric 4 and that I would suggest it so that he can get Knowledge Devotion. Also that dragonfire adept dip is for the Draconic Knowledge invocation that grants +6 on any knowledge check.

Well GITP have fun ripping it apart and suggesting other alternatives. :smallbiggrin:

2010-06-10, 09:30 PM
Why not move Church Inquisitor up to level 4? You're going to start off slowly enough as is.

The last 2 levels of Ordained Champion are kind of mediocre. I'd skip them. Prestige Paladin makes a better dip, and I'd even hesitate for that.

Why invest so much in Knowledge skills? Cast Divine Inspiration (SpC) when you think things are going to get hairy and you'll be hitting your Knowledge Devotion caps from a pretty low level.

I don't remember much about Bone Knight and I don't have the book with me. Does it have anything on Knight of the Raven (Expedition to Castle Ravenloft)? Either way, the Lightbringer Cleric ACF from the same book can double your Turn Attempts, if taken alongside some outside source of Turning (but that's cheesy as hell).

2010-06-10, 09:36 PM
Skip the Divine Persist. Go for Quicken at level 9, and do a quickened Divine Favor/regular Divine Power first round, giving you +3 to attacks/damage, full BAB, +6 str, and +1 temp HP per level. Costs spell slots, which can be a little painful, but I know far fewer DMs who would throw that out than someone who'd throw out DMM:Persist. Alternatively, drop Righteous Might instead of Divine Favor. Same spell slots, slightly different effect.

2010-06-11, 03:38 AM
@ Pluto: Bone knight does the following from what I can recall off the top of my head---
Heavy Fortification
Undead immunities basically
Full BAB
9/10 Casting
Rebuke undead pool (Idk if the pool is different or if the levels just stack)

I may do church inquisitor at Level 4 and have him trade the domain for Knowledge Devotion. I personally agree with the last 2 lvls of O.C. being dropped. The reason for the knowledge Skills is because of Knowledge devotion and not wanting to use spells to help such things. Personally I would take a lvl dip in warlock and dragonfire Adept to pick up the 2 invocations that add unnamed bonus's to your knowledge checks.

@ Quietus: Good idea. I will heavily recommending this to the player. :smallbiggrin: