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2010-06-11, 08:52 AM
Took the Osteomancer from Dragon Magaize and am trying to make it a base class. I used the Bard class as a basic template and worked out from there.
Please let me know if this is a workable class. I'm more worried about over-power than under-powered. I can live with him not being optimized as long as he is reasonably competative.

Most spell-casters draw their power from outside sources but not an Osteomorph. Tapping the power of their own bodies they can empower their spells as well as strengthen their physical form.

Alignment: Any
Hit Dice: D8
Class skills (and the key ability for each skill): Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Control Shape (Con), Craft (Int), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Listen (Wis),Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), and Tumble (Dex).
Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + INT modifier
BAB: Average
Saves: Good Fort & Will

Spells: Spontanious Caster, Custom list, Same # & Known as a Bard
Spell list is all about the body so Jump, Bull Strength, Blinding Spittle, Haste, etc. not Fireballs, Dimension Doors and such.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Osteomorphs are proficient with all simple weapons and small shields. They are proficient with light armor but armors that are predominantly metal, wood or other inflexible materials are too restrictive for their shifting anatomy. An osteomorph wearing such armor can only perform a single action each round unless he forgoes any supernatural benefit he receives from his osteomorph class levels. It is also difficult for an osteomorph to reach his magic if it is sealed behind armor. An osteomorph suffers the same chance of spell failure as a wizard would wearing the same armor and/or shield.

1st Bone Spurs, Resist Poison, Natural Armor
2nd Immunity to Disease, Skeletal Shift, Malleability
3rd Shape Bones
4th Indelible senses, Unnerve
5th Damage reduction 1/—
6th Bonus Feat
7th Metabolize Metals
9th Unusual Anatomy – 25%
10th Bonus Feat
11th Damage reduction 2/—
13th Unusual Anatomy – 50%
14th Bonus Feat
17th Damage reduction 3/—Unusual Anatomy – 75%
18th Bonus feat
20th Perdurable Form

1) Bone Spurs (Su): An osteomorph may, as a free action, cause portions of his skeleton to break through his skin in spiky growths at will. The osteomorph bleeds slightly from the process but does not take any damage from it. The protruding bones provide the osteomorph with all the benefits of a monk’s unarmed strike, including the Improved Unarmed Strike feat. The only difference is that the bone spurs inflict piercing instead of bludgeoning damage. The amount of damage an osteomorph can inflict with these natural weapons is the same as a monk's.
While normal bone is far more fragile than any forged weapon, the osteomorph's supernatural skill causes his exposed bones to have the strength of steel.
An osteomorph is can also sprout spurs which give him the equivalent of armor spikes at will. The barbs do damage equal to the osteomorph’s bone spur damage.
Resist Poison (Ex): Osteomorphs can enhance their body’s ability to break down toxins, giving him a +2 bonus on saving throws versus poisons.
Natural Armor (Su): An unarmored osteomorph can weave a flexible lattice of bone beneath his skin. This enables him to add his Constitution bonus (if any) to his AC.
Additionally at 4th level, the bone-shaper gains a +1 Natural Armor bonus. This bonus increases by 1 for every four osteomorph levels thereafter. Unlike the bonus gained from his Constitution, these bonuses apply even if the osteomorph is wearing armor.

2) Immunity to Disease (Ex): Due to their phenomenal understanding of bone and the role it plays in the immune system, osteomorphs are immune to disease, including supernatural and magical diseases.
Skeletal Shift (Su): As a standard action, 2nd-level osteomorphs can shift the bone structure of their limbs and face (including teeth) to appear as a different person, at will. This ability grants a +3 bonus on Disguise checks.
Malleability (Su): With the ability to bend his bones as he wishes, an osteomorph can slip through tight spaces more easily than most creatures his size. An osteomorph can sqeeze through and area 1/4 as wide as his normal space and gains a +3 to Escape Artist Checks. When squeezing (see Players Handbook, page 148) each space only counts as 1 square of movement and he suffers only a -2 penalty on attack roles instead of -4.

3) Shape Bones (Su): A 3rd-level an osteomorph can shape his spurs into heavy cestus-like ridges or long skeletal claws. This enables him to create bludgeoning and slashing bone weapons in addition to piercing. If he is using bludgeoning damage he can choose to do non-lethal damage without accruing any attack penalties. If he is using slashing or piercing attacks, the spurs now threaten a critical on a 19 or 20.
Additionally thick growths of bone can be shaped across the osteomorph’s wrists providing him with a +1 shield bonus.

4) Indelible Senses (Ex): By the time the osteomorph has reached 4th level, he can protect his hearing and sight from painful over-exposure. He is immune to being dazzled and immune to being deafened by effects that come from loud sounds (he can still be affected by effects that block sound waves.)
Unnerve (Su): As a swift action a 4th level osteomorph can sculpt his protruding bone into terrifying shapes, such as sinister leering faces. Creatures within 30 feet of the osteomorph attempting to strike or otherwise directly attack the osteomorph, even with a targeted spell, must attempt a Will save (DC 10 + osteomorph level + Charisma modifier). If the save succeeds, the opponent is unaffected and immune to that particular osteomorph's unnerve effect for 24 hours. If the save fails, the opponent suffers a -2 penalty on every attack roll against the osteomorph for the next 24 hours. A creature only has to make one save against a particular osteomorph per 24 hour period. This is a mind-affecting, fear effect.

5) Damage Reduction (Ex): At 5th level, an osteomorph gains the ability to shrug off some amount of injury from each blow or attack. Subtract 1 from the damage the barbarian takes each time he is dealt damage from a weapon or a natural attack. His damage reduction rises by 1 point every six levels. Damage reduction can reduce damage to 0 but not below 0.

6) Bonus Feat: At 6th level, and every of four levels afterward, (10th, 14th and 18th), an osteomorph may choose a feat from the following list: Close-Quarters Fighting(CWar), Diehard(PH), Endurance(PH),Improved Disarm(PH), Improved Natural Attack(MM), Improved Sunder(PH), Improved Toughness(CWar), Roll With It(SS), Thick-Skinned(SS), Weapon Finesse(PH) or Weapon Focus(Bone Spurs). The osteomorph does not need any of the prerequisite feats to qualify for the above feats but they must meet all other prerequisites.

7) Metabolize Metals (Su): A 7th-level an osteomorph learns how to safely ingest metals shavings and work those alloys into his bone spurs for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. The osteomorph must consume in gold piece value enough of the metal to create a light weapon. Since the metals can be stored in different sections of bone, metals that could not be combined in a single weapon can both be present in an osteomorph’s system. He would simply need to use a free action to shift his bones around to have the desired metal on top.

9) Unusual Anatomy (Su): At 9th level, the bone-shaper’s anatomy is so far from normal that he has a 25% chance of ignoring any critical hit or sneak attack scored against him. This chance increases to 50% at 13th level and to 75% at 17th level.

20) Perdurable Form (Su): When the osteomorph reaches 20th level, his body has achieved a unique state. If he was a humanoid, he is considered a monstrous humanoid. Outsiders remain outsiders. His damage reduction increases to 5/— and he gains regeneration 5, vulnerable to fire and acid. He is able to use the magic coursing through his body to diffuse magical attacks aimed at him. He gains gain spell resistance equal to his osteomorph level +10.

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Making a table would be better than what you have done and easier to read.

2010-06-11, 09:53 AM
Yes, you want the first link in the following thread (and the rest are pretty useful too).


2010-06-11, 10:39 AM
I don't like how you built the armor restriction. A chain shirt is metal armor, and would be restricted, but a shirt made of chain links is extremely flexible and doesn't restrict the limbs at all. Leather armor, on the other hand, is unrestricted, but is made of hard, inflexible plates of boiled leather. Personally, since you're not letting the character cast in armor, I'd suggest you just scrap the armor proficiency altogether and rely on the class-based natural armor/shield bonuses.

The abilities presented here are nice, but hardly overpowering. The proof will be found in the spell list. We can't really judge the effectiveness of a spell-casting class without seeing its spell list.

2010-06-11, 12:39 PM
I've only done 0 & 1st level but here they are.

Cure Minor Wounds (SRD pg.216): Cures 1 point of damage.
Daze (SRD pg.217): Humanoid creature of 4 HD or less loses next action.
Deathwatch (SRD pg.217): Reveals how near death subjects within 30 ft. are.
Detect Magic (SRD pg.219): Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Detect Poison (SRD pg.219): Detects poison in one creature or object.
Devlin's Barb (BoEM pg.17): You temporarily create an arrow, bolt, bullet, or sling stone.
Disguise, Minor (SPC pg.142): Makes slight changes to your appearance.
Electric Jolt (SPC pg.78): Ray deals 1d3 electricity damage.
Fleeting Fame (Dragon 326 pg.73): Gives you a +2 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks.
Guidance (SRD pg.238): +1 on one attack roll, saving throw, or skill check.
Inflict Minor Wounds (SRD pg.244): Touch attack, 1 point of damage.
Know Direction (SRD pg.246): You discern north.
Launch Bolt (MAG pg.105): Launches a crossbow bolt up to medium range.
Necrosurgery (Dragon 326 pg.73): Grants +2 bonus to resist disease.
Seeker's Chant (Dragon 326 pg.74): +2 bonus on Search checks, but -2 penalty on Move Silently.
Touch of Fatigue (SRD pg.294): Touch attack fatigues target.
Unnerving Gaze (BV pg.108): Subject takes -1 penalty on attacks.
Virtue (SRD pg.298): Subject gains 1 temporary hp.

Accelerated Movement (SPC pg.7): Swift. Balance, Climb, Hide, Move Silently, and Tumble at normal speed with no penalty on skill check.
Angry Ache (BV pg.85): Subject takes -2/4 levels (max -10) penalty on attack rolls.
Blade of Blood (PH2 pg.103): Weapon deals +1d6, or +3d6 if you take 5 points of damage.
Blood Wind (SPC pg.33): Subject uses natural weapons as thrown weapons.
Bloodhound (SPC pg.34): You gain an immediate retry if you fail a Survival check while tracking.
Boneblast (BV pg.86): 1d3 Con damage to subject.
Branch to Branch (SPC pg.38): +10 bonus on Climb checks in trees & can brachiate through forest.
Camouflage (SPC pg.43): Grants +10 bonus on Hide checks.
Cause Fear (SRD pg.208): One creature of 5 HD or less flees for 1d4 rounds.
Chill Touch (SRD pg.209): One touch/level deals 1d6 damage and possibly 1 Str damage.
Clear Mind (SPC pg.47): +4 on saves against mind-affecting spells and abilities.
Climb Walls (SPC pg.47): The subject gets a +10 bonus on Climb checks & +10 / 4 levels. [Personal only]
Cobra's Breath (CAr pg.101): Cone of Poison deals 1d3 Con damage once.
Conviction (SPC pg.52): Subject gains +2 or higher save bonus.
Corrosive Grasp (SPC pg.53): You deal 1d8 acid damage with one touch/level
Crabwalk (SPC pg.53): Subject gains +2 to AC and Attacks when charging. [Personal only]
Critical Strike (SPC pg.56): Swift. +1d6 SA dmg, 2x threat range, +4 to confirm critical hits.
Cure Light Wounds (SRD pg.215): Cures 1d8 damage +1/level (max +5).
Cutting Hand (SPC pg.57): Your hand gains a +2 enhancement bonus and is considered armed.
Death Knell (SRD pg.217): Kills dying creature; you gain 1d8 temporary hp, +2 to Str, and +1 level.
Delay Disease (SPC pg.63): Postpones effects of a disease.
Delay Poison (SRD pg.217): Stops poison from harming subject for 1 hour/ level.
Embrace the Wild (SPC pg.79): You gain an animal's senses for 10 min./level.
Endure Elements (SRD pg.226): Exist comfortably in hot or cold environments.
Entropic Shield (SRD pg.227): Ranged attacks against you have 20% miss chance.
Expeditious Retreat (SRD pg.228): Your speed increases by 30 ft.
Expeditious Retreat, Swift (SPC pg.85): Your speed increases by 30 ft. for 1 round (swift).
Fetid Breath (GHW pg.): 1 round cone shaped stinking cloud. Nauseates for 1d4+1 rounds.
Fist of Stone (SPC pg.94): +6 bonus to STR for attacks, grapples, breaking/crushing things & slam attack.
Focusing Chant (SPC pg.96): Improves concentration; +1 on attack rolls or selected checks.
Friendly Face (RD pg.166): Gain +5 bonus on Diplomacy and Gather Information checks.
Guided Shot (SPC pg.108): Swift. You ignore distance penalties with your ranged attacks for 1 round.
Hawkeye (SPC pg.110): You gain +5 on spot checks and fire ranged weapons better.
Healer's Vision (CS pg.100): Gain +5 bonus on Heal checks, and +2 attack and damage on sneak attacks.
Healing Lorecall (SPC pg.110): If have 5+ ranks in Heal, can remove harmful conditions with healing spells.
Healthful Rest (SPC pg.111): Subjects heal at twice the normal rate.
Hideous Laughter (SRD pg.292): Subject loses actions for 1 round/level.
Horrible Taste (SPC pg.116): Attackers that bite & fail Fort save are Nauseated for 1 full round.
Hunter's Mercy (SPC pg.117): Your attack with a bow automatically hits and threatens a critical hit.
Hypnotism (SRD pg.242): Fascinates 2d4 HD of creatures.
Inflict Light Wounds (SRD pg.244): Touch deals 1d8 damage +1/level (max +5).
Insightful Feint (CAd pg.153): Swift. Gain +10 on your next Bluff check to feint in combat.
Ironguts (SPC pg.126): Target gains +5 bonus on saving throws against poison.
Jump (SRD pg.246): Subject gets bonus on Jump checks.
Lightfoot (MH pg.37): Your move does not provoke attacks of opportunity for 1 round (swift)
Longstrider (SRD pg.249): Increases your speed.
Low-Light Vision (CAr pg.113): Subject sees twice as far under current light.
Magic Fang (SRD pg.250): One natural weapon of subject creature gets +1 on attack and damage rolls.
Marked Object (SPC pg.139): You gain bonus to track a specific being.
Omen of Peril (RD pg.166): You know how dangerous the future will be.
Parching Touch (SA pg.118): One touch/level deals 1d6 desication dmg and possibly 1 Con dmg.
Quickswim (STO pg.120): Your swim speed increases by 10 ft.
Rapid Burrowing (SPC pg.166): +20 ft. to subject’s burrow speed. [Personal only]
Raptor's Sight (RW pg.175): Gain +5 on Spot checks; range increment penalty halved.
Remove Paralysis (SRD pg.271): Frees one or more creatures from paralysis or slow effect.
Resist Energy (SRD pg.272): Ignores 10 (or more) points of damage/attack from specified energy type.
Rhino's Rush (SPC pg.176): Deal double damage when charging for one round.
Rooftop Strider (RD pg.167): Move across uneven surfaces with ease.
Sandblast (CD pg.178): Hot sand deals 1d6 nonlethal damage, stuns enemies. [Bone shards not sand]
Scales of the Lizard (CAr pg.121): Gain +1 +1/3 levels enhancement bonus to natural armor (max +5).
Serene Visage (Dragon 325 pg.72): Grants a bonus on Bluff checks.
Shock and Awe (Dragon 325 pg.72): Reduces a surprised creature's initiative roll.
Shocking Grasp (SRD pg.279): Touch delivers 1d6/level electricity damage (max 5d6).
Silvered Claws (BE pg.107): Natural attacks are treated as silvered weapons. [Personal only]
Sniper's Shot (CAd pg.157): Swift. No range limit on next ranged sneak attack.
Spell Flower (SPC pg.198): Hold the charge on one touch spell per forelimb.
Sticky Fingers (Dragon 323 pg.65): Gain +10 bonus to Sleight of Hand checks.
Stupor (BV pg.106): Helpless subject cab be moved/guided but takes no other actions.
True Strike (SRD pg.296): +20 on your next attack roll.
Urchin's Spines (STO pg.124): Target grows spines that damage opponents. [Personal only]

2010-06-11, 01:06 PM
Can you tell me more about the source of the osteomorph's spell power? My first impression is that the spell list needs more focus, but without a better idea of the story behind the class, it's hard to make specific recommendations.