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2010-06-12, 08:06 PM
The Touched
The Touched are a group of creatures altered heavily by a group known as the Runecarvers. These Runecarvers rule over a plane of death, poison, pollution and disease. They engineer weapons from living creatures to fight for them and expand their rule. The Touched are the result of the formation of an alliance between the Runecarvers and several Underdark-dwelling races. The alliance pooled their resources to create powerful warriors, and The Touched are the result. The Touched can be made from any humanoid creature, as the process has yet to be refined for wider use.

Size/Type: Change type to Aberration, with the subtype of Augmented Humanoid. Do not recalculate saves, base attack bonus or the like.

Hit Dice: Increase all current and future hit dice by one step, to a maximum of d12.

Speed: Increase all movement modes by +10 ft.Either gain a swim speed equal to 2x base land speed(this gives a +8 bonus to Swim checks and the ability to take 10 to avoid a hazard and the like), or a Fly speed equal to 2xbase land speed, with good maneuverability. If the Fly speed is chosen, the Touched gains a white lump of metallic material between the shoulder blades, from which a pair of pure-white feathered wings can be folded out of or into. If the Swim speed is chosen, the Touched can breathe water as well as air.

Armor Class: A Touched creature gains a +3 bonus to its existing natural armor.

Special Qualities: A touched gains Damage Reduction and energy resistance according to the following table. A Touched gains energy resistance to a number of energy types equal to its old Constitution modifier.

{table]Hit Dice|Damage Reduction|Energy Resistance
1-5|DR 5/magic|5
6-10|DR 10/magic|10
11-15|DR 10/magic and cold iron|15
16-20|DR 15/magic and cold iron|20
21+|DR 20/magic and cold iron|25[/table]

Saves: A Touched gains a +1 Insight bonus to all saves

Abilities: Str +4, Dex +2, Con +4, Int +2, Wis +4, Cha +2

Challenge Rating: +X

Alignment: The Touched that are under the Runecarvers' control simply follow all orders given, and are Lawful Neutral. If a Touched is released from their control, they may become any alignment, although they tend towards neutrality and law, many being simply amoral, making the most logical decisions at the time.

Level Adjustment: +X

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