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2010-06-13, 01:02 AM
In the same vein of the Majora's Masks thread, let's see if we can't find a way to turn all of the songs from the games into bardic spells!

Song of Time- probably some 9th level or epic level time travel spell
Song of Healing- Pretty self-explanatory. Should be a Bardic expy of Heal
Epona's Song- Summons a horse?
Song of Soaring- Teleport-style spell?
Song of Storms- low-level, makes rain
Zelda's Lullaby- Not sure
Saria's Song- some sort of commune with nature thing
Sun's Song- High-level, changes night to day and such, in a limited area, for a limited time.

Minuet of the Forest- No idea
Bollero of Fire- Not sure, but it seems like it should be offensive
Serenade of Water- not sure
Nocturne of Shadow- not sure
Requiem of Spirit- Some undead-related effect, or maybe that should be NoS
Prelude to Light- No idea

Sonata of Awakening- I have no idea
Goron Lullaby- Some sort of sleep spell
New Wave Bossa Nova- No idea
Elegy of Emptiness- Not sure. Creates some sort of statue, I guess.
Oath to Order- No idea

Admiral Squish
2010-06-13, 01:48 AM

Well, let's start with the ones you have trouble with.

Epona's Song: Mount/ Phantom Steed.
Song of Soaring: hmm... I'd have to go with plain teleport. Makes it better to simulate the 'you can only 'port to places you've been'.
Zelda's lullaby: Sleep, but affects HD up to 2x your caster level
Song of Storms: Combination of control weather and purify water. Makes it rain holy water. Perfect for zombie apocolypses.

Minuet of the forest: Plant growth of some sort or another. Maybe the effect depends on the plants in the area?
Bolero of Fire: Transmute Rock to Magma (C. Arc Pg. 127)
Serenade of Water: Water breathing?
Nocturne of Shadow Illusion related, definitely.

Prelude to Light Heals status effects, ability damage etc...
Sonata of awakening: cures fatigue/exhaustion?
Goron Lullaby: Probably similar to the zelda's lullaby.
Elegy of Emptiness: Create Fetch (CScou, pg. 96)

2010-06-13, 01:54 AM
Most of these could be refluffed spells, maybe given to bards
Song of Time-This one is a bit sketchy, and probably can't be directly ported.
Song of Healing- Heal
Epona's Song- Mount
Song of Soaring- Teleport
Song of Storms- Any of the Druid storm styled spells, pick one.
Zelda's Lullaby- What was this anyways?
Saria's Song- Speak with plants
Sun's Song- Possibly a high level light spell.

I haven't played the games from which the others came, but I imagine it is similar.

2010-06-13, 01:54 AM
Why bardic spells instead of bardic music?

2010-06-13, 02:14 AM
Here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51744) is how I statted some of Link's abilities a LONG time ago, if you're interested and looking for ideas.

2010-06-13, 02:13 PM
Why bardic spells instead of bardic music?
When it comes to bards, spells are just a kind of magic music. I suppose spells might be easier to balance because you can't use them as frequently.

The Song of Storms should function like control weather, but with a smaller radius, shorter duration, and must produce a thunderstorm, so that it's fair to reduce to 6th level.

Some other songs...
(Ocarina of Time)
Scarecrow's Song- creates a scarecrow at the point you designate, which causes enemies near it to become shaken
(Link's Awakening)
Manbo's Mombo- word of recall
Ballad of the Wind Fish- ?
Frog Song of Soul- animate objects
(Majora's Mask)
Farewell to Gibdos- effectively turns undead
Inverted Song of Time- similar to a personal, limited-duration time stop
Song of Double Time- haste?
(not familiar enough with the newer games to list their songs)

2010-06-13, 03:57 PM
I can't find a link but there's a Wizards web article that details a Psionic Power that lets you travel back in time. Maybe use that (if someone can find it) as a basis for Song of Time?

2010-06-13, 04:04 PM
Zelda's Lullaby was kind of like a MacGuffin... it more or less unlocked plot advancement when you used it, for the most part. Maybe some sort of higher-powered Prestidigitation?

2010-06-13, 06:49 PM
Zelda's Lullaby- sleep spell, and repairs damaged sgins :smalltongue:

Minuet of the Forest- Treestride spell?

Bollero of Fire- Fire stride spell? :smalltongue:
Serenade of Water- water stride spell? :smalltongue:
Nocturne of Shadow- shadow jump? or more like a shadow stride spell?
Requiem of Spirit- sand stride xD
Prelude to Light- light stride spell? x)
(well thats what they do, kinda)

Sonata of Awakening- wakes affected creatures from all kinds of sleep, natural and unnatural
Goron Lullaby- Some sort of sleep spell
New Wave Bossa Nova- summon a giant turtle.
Elegy of Emptiness- Silent image
Oath to Order- Dictum! or something a bit less over the top... like summon giants to hold the moon for you x)

2010-06-13, 06:55 PM
never played the games, but it sounds as though Zelda's lullaby should be a divination spell that puts the caster to sleep and gives some sort of relevant dream