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2010-06-13, 02:49 AM
A level 10 3.5 game is starting up soon and, unable to confirm the exact knowledge the group (though I understand it's relatively low) has of 3.5, I've decided to play a buffer so that if I overshoot the power level, they won't notice, and if I undershoot, I'm still useful.

Wizards make great buffers, but I'm wary of pulling out a big gun just yet. It's my understanding that as a wizard I will actively have to try to not crush the game. What are some good/fun classes that are better buffers than bards, but below wizards? I don't really want to be a bard since I'm playing one in another game, that's all.

2010-06-13, 02:58 AM
Clerics are obviously pretty good at it. Same problem as wizard though. A sorcerer can work at buffing as well, but you'll be pretty limited in what you can do (so no taking off the gloves when the party's about to get TPK'd). Favored soul is in the same boat as sorcerer. Archivist is in the same boat as cleric/wizard.

A Spirit Shaman can be interesting. You cast off of the druid list, and there are some good buffs on there, though it's more limited than the cleric/wizard lists.

2010-06-13, 03:39 AM
Nobody beats a cleric in my mind as far as buffing goes if the Spell Compendium is allowed.

The short list of spells you would have handy are

Mass Conviction (3rd)
Mass Shield of Faith (4th)
Recitation (4th) - Great for getting converts to your faith!!
Righteous Wrath of the Faithful (5th)

Don't forget Close Wounds and Revivify for PC saving moments as well as Death Ward and Sheltered Vitality to put a stop to all the level/ability damage/drain.

Your party will love you for it!

2010-06-13, 03:49 AM
You may consider a Dragon Shaman. By level 10 you will be able to switch between every aura possible, which gives you decent, persistent, situational buffs, plus you are relatively useful in melee with 3/4BAB, d10, and a breath weapon.

Of course, I would choose an Archivist with Dark Knowledge being an excellent buff alongside the massive spellbook and skills in general. Cloistered Cleric may also work to receive additional domains and skills so you can be a greater noncombat utility to the group who may be focusing more strictly on damage and disruption.

Though you said you are playing a Bard elsewhere, if you are a melee heavy but not filled with knowledgeable Warblades and Swordsages, Bards making good use of Song of the Heart, Warning Shout, and Inspire Spellpower with plenty of Extra Music.

2010-06-13, 06:14 AM
Why not an artificer, if ebberon is allowed? At that level you can apply metamagic to wands to persist any buff you damn well want. And you get a lot of other good class features to boot. And did I mention EVERY AND ALL SPELL LISTS?