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Lord Vukodlak
2010-06-14, 01:10 AM
I realized most campaigns have a timeline, and mine didn't so I made one and just thought I'd share.
An important fact to note, Garr Empire, The Empire and Imperials all refer to the same group.
(stands for 2E 2nd Era, the current era being the 3rd)
-133:[987:2E] The first prototype warforge is constructed in the city of Gracis
-132:[988:2E] The half-fiend Hiraxus Blackhand is born to the diviner Kayla in the magical city of Gracis. She flees the city with him immediately after his birth. In the chaos of he escape the prototype warforged is destroyed and the knowledge is lost in rubble.
-98:[1027:2E]] The Death Knight Gottmörder slays the demigod Na'Luna wielding the Godslayer sword, he goes onto kill three other demigods.
-95:[1030:2E]] Hiraxus destroys Gottmörder and offers to destroy the godslayer sword in exchange for divine power. The God of Tyranny is born.
-20:[1105:2E]] The Old Ones awaken the Dark War begins
-12:1113:2E]] The Magic city of Gracis is destroyed by the Old Ones and a cabal of Liches, the city is consumed by the ice of the northlands and becomes the Necropolis
00: End of The Dark War, Beginning of 2nd era
001: Founding of the Knights of the Shining Hand, by the heroes of the Dark War, the Order grows into a powerful organization, dedicated to the cause of good
003: Collapse of the Great Kingdom, The continent Khazadorm falls into three centuries of years of civil war, fueled by Garthos god of slaughter
017: The exodus of the elves begins as they sail away in all directions for Avalon
213: The exodus of the elves ends as the last of the elves depart the world of men for Avalon
250: Knights of the Shield is founded its goal to remove supernatural threats using methods deemed to extreme by The Shining Hand.
287: The Knights of the Shield began their purge to exterminate the lycanthropes from the continent of Quel'Shar
307: Shao'Garr appears in Khazadorm and begins a war of conquest to unite the continent of Khazadorm
315: Garthos god of slaughter is slain by Kalar God of Justice, who used a shard of the Godslayer sword provided by the then demigod Blackhand. Kalar reclaims his lost Hand from Garthos's neck.
322: The Knights of the Shining Hand do battle with the Knights of the Shield, the Hand calls them monsters for their extremes methods the Shield calls the hands weak.
340: A band of Lycanthropes flee across the ocean bound for Khazadorm hoping to find a new home in the war torn continent, a hurricane blows the ships off course an onto a large island south of Khazadorm, they quickly establish dominance over the island and over time more lycanthropes migrate from Quel'Shar to the island which would later be called Lycanthral
358: After fifty years Shao'Garr's war of conquest ends with all of Khazadorm united under one banner, The Garr Empire is born.
410: The God Emperor Shao'Garr 'dies' legend states he entered a deep slumber and would only awaken when the Empire needed him again.
450: Hobgoblins begin to convert to the worship of Blackhand
505: The last of the lycanthropes of Quel'Shar die, the Knights of the Shield suspect some have fled Khazadorm they sail east in search of their prey.
517: The Knights discover the island the Lycanthropes fled to, they attempt to enlist the aid of the Garr Empire but the Emperor turns them away.
525: Blackhand archives the status of a greater deity, Kalar curses himself for he knows the death of the god of slaughter was what allowed The god of tyranny to rise to power.
519: The Knights rally their members from across Quel'Shar and set sail for "Lycanthral" with an army thirty thousand strong. They faced an army of 200,000 Lycanthropes. Guess what happened?
618: The last 'half-elf' dies of old age.
630: Adventurers steal the lost secrets of warforge construction from the Necropolis
650: The first warforge see combat in the armies of the Garr Empire and a few other nations. The initial success spurs further development
653: The adventure Thaylog journeys to the Garr Empire determined to free its people from their oppressive rule.
654: He tries to inspire the people of the town of Westmeadow to rise up against Imperial rule, they stoned him to death and threw his body off the cliffs of insanity and into Florin channel.
712: The Imperial colony of Alexandria in Quel'Shar declares its independence and successfully fights off Imperial attempts to reconquer it.
735: Maglubiyet god of goblins declares war on the church of Blackhand as more and more Hobgoblins convert to his worship.
748: The first modern Warforge are constructed[as printed in Eberron], further development in intellect is halted as they have reached human level sapience.
755: The Church of Blackhand develops the slave codes, designed to maximize productivity and minimize rebellion. Most significantly all warforged are freed after twenty years of service, The Garr Empire adopts these policies.
762: A rebellion in the western Empire begins[not slavery related]
770: The rebellion is ended by the invention of the new Imperial weapon. The cannon and its growing army of warforged.
776: The Empire establishes the vassal state of Voradoom on a volcanic island in Bleak bay north of Khazadorm's mainland, It is to be the homeland for the nations growing Hobgoblin population.
780: The state religion of Voradoom is declared to be that of Blackhand's, the worship of the old goblin deity is outlawed in Imperial territory.
885: The Island of Tu'Una is conquered by The Garr Empire
898: Warforged uprising in the nation of Stormguard, after many bloody battles it is put down. Warforged are now retired after twenty years of service. [recycled back into the forge]. The Garr Empire which grants freedom after two decades of service has seen no major uprisings of warforge.
969: My Evil Campaign begins
971: The Hex Cannon in Meridian is constructed, to test fire their weapon they destroy an Imperial Colony on the northern end of the continent of[name here]. Over the next year they destroy the cities of Vernamous and Bowen
973: An alliance of city-states marches on Meridian city with Imperial support. The Cannon implodes destroying most of the inner city. The daring and "heroic" adventurers who assaulted the cannon's power source are presumed dead in the explosion.
My Evil Campaign ends with the "death" of the party.
975: The war between Maglubiyet and Blackhand ends, the Lord of Tyranny wrestles the portfolio of hobgoblins away from their creator. Few hobgoblins remain true to their creator Maglybiyet.
978: The return begins as Elves venture out from Avalon and back into the world of men.
977: Nupraptor builds his retreat on the island of Tu'Una
985: Jerric becomes the Imperial governor of Tu'Una
987: Nupraptor abandons his retreat and vanishes from history and it is soon overrun by his pet Deathclaws and a flock of Varrangoin's
998: The Warforged Brigadier General Ironheart turns 250, he has served in the Imperial Military for his whole life, not counting a vacation days. The forge that made him is renamed Ironheart in his honor
999: Current year, start of next campaign on the island of Tu'Una
1001: Something wicked this way comes!

Some events I'm going to add are various activities of the Knights of the Shining hand and when certain significant NPC's arrived on Tu'Una as its the starting location of my next campaign.

I welcome any suggestions for adjustments of years, moving the timing of certain events around. Or adding in little thing here and there to help fill in some of the bigger gaps.
I'm also happy to answer questions about what is this and that.