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2006-08-16, 06:37 PM
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The streets of Lelan are notoriously drab, made of cobblestone that crumbles just a little bit more with every step. All the buildings are made of dirty stone, also crumbling. Ever since the elves left, the city has been rotting. That is, if stone could rot.

Map of Lelan (http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n259/Lord_of_Cookies/Lelan.jpg)

The east side of the River Hoyilson is a dangerous place. In the west, the temples of Alson and Ranna maintain militaristic rule, but the east is controlled by the Temple of Halavan, which demands protection money and nothing else. It is basically anarchy, and peace is kept only because you don't kill somebody who could get someone else to kill you. Occasionally, some misguided patrol sent from the west finds itself on the east bank, but they find themselves cut up if they ever try to bring "order" here. These are the slums, although they are properly referred to as the "East Common Quarter" and the "River Quarter."

The Tumbling Dragon is a small pub in a particularly dilapidated building in the River Quarter. It is no different from many similar taverns throughout the city, it just happened to be the one you were closest to when you realized you were hungry and thirsty and that it was time for supper. It has a small common room, only five tables. All of them are occupied. There is a "bar" made out of empty crates. A barrel of what seems like ale (you hope) is behind it, top open for scooping with mugs. The barkeep is a small, demure old man who looks like he has run from every fight presented to him over his long life.

Patrons of the Tumbling Dragon tonight include a tall, lean and muscular man in spiked armour and a shorter, stony-looking man with blond hair [Kerrul and Panian] at one table, an older-looking—though not old-looking—man and a much younger man with a crutch [Holgier and Justance] at another, a dark-looking man in a chainmail shirt at the third [Gondal], two cloaked figures and a young lady covered in dirt at the fourth, and a solitary man with a heavy beard and heavy clothing at the fifth. All of you are eating the same fare: bowls of potato soup (the crop of choice in the farms surrounding Lelan) and the ale, which seems to have been made by mixing regular, weak ale with a particularly strong whiskey. It tastes disgusting, but it does it's job.

The door to the tavern opens and in steps an elf [Aeyamar], a new sight to half the people in the room. He seems familiar to you (except for Gondal), and you're pretty sure that you've seen him before. You notice that he has six fingers on each hand and the memory clicks. You've definitely seen this man before.

Outside, the sky is growing dark...well, darker. It has been a very cloudy day with the occasional burst of rain falling from the sky, accentuating the decaying feel of the city around you.

2006-08-16, 07:14 PM
Gondal Wynn

Black eyes and a tanned face followed the opening of the door as Gondal looked up at the elf entering the Tumbling Dragon. Now that's a new one on me, Gondal thought, as he took another bite of the potato soup. Don't think I've ever seen an elf before.

Gondal studied the figure for a few seconds, and then turned his attention back to the fare before him. The day had involved quite a bit of traipsing around the River Quarter fixing three different locks, two of which were broken because someone had tried to open them with thieves' tools. Tried and failed rather spectacularly, wedging the picks and levers into the keyhole and ruining the locking mechanism. Gondal had been forced to drill both out and install new locks. And while that meant business and income for his shop, his shoulders always ached after drilling out a lock with a hand drill. Two was going to give him hell in the morning.

Rotating his right shoulder to try and ease the dull ache already starting to creep into the muscle, Gondal shifted his relatively short, but muscular frame in the seat. His chain shirt clinked quietly as he did so, but the noise drew no attention. In an area as rough as the River Quarter, no one was going to bat an eyelash at a man carrying what looked like a giant toolbox and wearing a chain shirt. Thinking of the toolbox made Gondal rest a foot on it underneath the table. He had all the proper licences required to own the tools in the box, but he was responsible for their location, and losing them or having them stolen wouldn't win him any friends with what passed for the rank and file Watch in the area.

Pushing back the empty bowl, Gondal took a sip of the ale without thinking and then grimaced at the taste. Don't know why I even bother ordering the stuff, he thought. Since his Opa had been killed by the Halvernites, Gondal had avoided eathing at home most nights. He had no one else to support and his business was fairly successful, so he could afford to eat at the Tumbling Dragon a few nights a week. Truth be told, it was more to stay out of the house than anything else. Besides, Gondal was keen observer of people, often spending hours simply watching the progression of individuals through the tavern and out into the street beyond. Tonight should be interesting, as the elf would add some flavor to his now familiar routine.

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2006-08-16, 08:11 PM

Aeyamar entered the tavern and addressed the barkeep. Excuse me sir, but may I place an order for one bowl of potato stew and a mug of ale? After getting his food, Aeyamar hands the bar tender a gold pieice and says, Keep the change.

He then pulls up a seat at table where the man clad in chain mail is sitting. As Aeyamar begins to eat, his mind wanders. I need to get out of this city as soon as possible. Perhaps after I reach another town I can consider joining the wizard's guild, it seems to possess a fair amount of power. I just hope no one recognizes me before I leave here. I don't want to have to deal with authorities from any temple.

2006-08-16, 09:53 PM

The black cloaked man in the back lifts his mug of vile alcohol and slams the remaining liquid in it back. I tell you Panian, things are going to the dogs. Wiping the back of his hand across his face(and taking special care not to rip his face off with his spiked wrists), Kerrul spits on the floor of the inn. The nobles are miserable wretches, the King is a pawn, and the bloody harlots have got more influence than our masters. His voice is a growl low enough to be heard clearly by his companion, but not to carry too far over the din of the tavern. Even the drink gets worse every day.

Interrupting his tirade to look at the door, Kerrul's dark eyes widen in suprise, before his scarred face slips back into it's customary scowl. Weeelll. Look at this Panian. A genuine elf. Don't see many of those around. Haven't seen one of those arrogant bastards since..hmm.. The last time I was at the temple. One of them was learning to be a preist. Cor..He looks a bit like him too.

Kerrul runs a thoughful hand through his hair. What ever happened to that elf who left the temple? If I remember right, he vanished like a master thief without any notice at all. While the gesture was thoughtful, the tone and the man's face are nothing but threatening, giving off an undeniable malice.

2006-08-16, 10:52 PM
Justance was still a little twitchy at being on the east side of the river. Even though the merchant's quarter was located on this side, he avoided it when he could. Those times when his father's business took him into the area, he made sure to travel in full daylight and with a few companions. Of course, having Holgier at the table with him made him feel a little better.

A little.

He still wasn't sure why Holgier had invited him for a drink. Sure, he knew the paladin from The Merry Maid. There was always a reason for the Temple of Alson to keep in touch with the local pubs. After all, an ale or two can often do more for the flow of information than even a discreet gold piece in a palm. He wasn't in The Merry Maid now, though; and their passing acquaintance did not justify the expense of coin on a drink--waste, actually, given the quality of the ale. Had Holgier heard of his inquiries at the Temple? Justance sincerely hoped that this "meeting" were not the prelude to an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding his injury. He doubted that his cover story would hold up under the scrutiny of an experienced questioner. Holgier had kept his silence and sipped the foul swill in a companionable manner, leaving Justance to all sorts of speculation.

At the thought of his departure from home, Justance's eyes darted to the barkeep. Was there any chance that he needed experienced help? Put that thought away. As long as you still have a few coins in your purse, you've no need acting desperate. Around here, desperate people disappear.

An elf appeared at the door. Justance had seen very few come through at The Merry Maid; even fewer had bothered to make his acquaintance. This elf stirred a vague memory in Justance's mind; perhaps in a more familiar setting he would be able to make the connection. As it was, he shook off the thought and turned back to his table companion.

2006-08-17, 12:40 AM

Holgier sat across from Justance, closely watching the man with his golden brown eyes. Studying him.

"Justance...." Holgier begins and trails off as the elf enters the door, looking him over. Holgier shifts in his mail. The dirty greys and browns he wears are unwashed. He probably hasn't changed clothes in weeks. The armor, though in good condition, is well worn and no stranger to battle. Alson's symbol, emblazoned across the breast, is faded and scratched. Draped across the back of his chair is a weathered wool cloak, at his side a rucksack and greatsword. His hand often absentmindedly strays to the weapon, for reassurnce.

His eyes narrow at the elf's hands I know those hands.... ((knowledge: local (1d20+3=11) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=566534)))

Holgier slowly turns back to his dinner companion, casting his gaze across the room. I wonder how many of these men have blood on their hands. He mentally shakes off the urge to peer at each man's soul, and instead resumes convseration.

"I was....
I heard you're leaving town." Like rats fleeing a sinking ship. His brusqueness turned the question to accusation.

As his sentence hung in the air, Holgier turned back to his bowl of soup.

2006-08-17, 01:22 AM

The deep green eyes of Panian Shipsail slid over the room. His focus seemed to be everywhere at once. There wasn’t a move in the inn that Panian didn’t take notice of. He took note of everybody there, making mental notes should something go awry. He quickly assed the threat everybody would pose to him, a common practice that has kept Panian alive in many brawls. He scanned the table where the older man and the cripple sat, Not much threat here. The cripple could be easily dispatched. Most likely the leg since he has a crutch. The old man might prove a problem; he looks like he’s seen a fight or two. . . I believe I’ve seen the lad over there fixing locks during the day, so he’s no threat . . . the woman isn’t worth my time, but the man at the other table. . . I’ll have to be wary of him.

Panian was aware that his companion was talking about the worthless nobles of this city, something Panian planned to put an end to in his lifetime; when the door to the tavern swung open and Panian witnessed something he had not seen in a great while. Panian’s eyes snapped up and locked onto the elf, watching his every movement. It has been a long time since he had seen an elf, and he distrusted them.

I believe you’re right, Kerrul. There was an elf cleric but he’s disappeared. Be wary, there aren’t to many of their kind around here, and I distrust them. His fingers slowly trace the flute at his side, the closest thing to a nervous reaction that any man would ever see from Panian. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was the same elf. Panian carefully watches the elf as he takes a drink of ale.

2006-08-17, 09:29 AM
The two men and the girl are all talking together in low tones so you can't hear what they're saying, except for when one of the men laughs very loud and says to the girl, "You, my girl, have a sick and twisted mind!" Behind the bar, the old barkeep is doing his best to wash the cracked ceramic mugs, but only as best as he can do with the incredibly filthy rag he's using. The man with the beard focuses intently on his soup, occasionally glancing up at the rest of you in the bar.

They all notice the entrance of Aeyamar and stare for several long seconds in his direction. The bartender hands Aeyamar his order of the watery soup and the disgusting ale/whiskey without a word.

From outside, you hear the various sounds of the city: loud shouting (usually along the lines of "Stop! Thief!"), rickety carts carrying whatever past the tavern, and occasionally the sound of marching feet of some poor, foolish patrol.

[Just a bit more atmosphere for now. Keep interacting.]

2006-08-17, 10:39 AM
When Holgier finally broke the silence between them, Justance was simultaneously relieved and dismayed. Holgier obviously knew something of his situation. How much?

"Uh...yes. My father decided that it's time I strike out on my own, pursue my fortune, live my own life." Although why anyone would choose to leave home after an injury like mine--or why any father would permit him to--is more than I can explain..

"I was hoping to be able to find another pub or tavern needing help. Actually, I would start my own but I don't have the stake it would require. Besides, I don't know if my father would approve if I suddenly became 'the competition.'" Justance grinned in a lighthearted manner, and desperately hoped that Holgier would too. "So I guess the best thing for me to do is to leave the city. There must be someone in the outlying towns and villages who could use an experienced hand to help. Who knows? Maybe there's some childless inn owner out there just looking for an heir to his business."

Just keep turning the conversation to the future. Steer it away from last week.

Justance sighed. "In truth, I don't know what I'll do next. I've even considered joining the Temple of Alson. As a cleric--not a paladin like yourself." He laughed heartily. " Can you imagine me as a paladin? What a better representative of the guardian god than a cripple, eh? No, not that. Not for me. But I have seriously considered taking vows as an acolyte. What can you tell me of service to your god?"

Satisfied that he had done his best to steer the conversation in the right direction, Justance sat back in his chair and took a drink from his tankard. A loud guffaw and a coarse (and anatomically impossible) expostulation from another table covered his coughing as he choked on the vile brew. He grinned apologetically at Holgier, but noticed that his companion was somewhat distracted by the latecomer. All the better: it might prevent deep scrutiny of what he said. Justance found himself momentarily distracted by the elf, however.

Where was he going to sit?

2006-08-17, 10:50 AM
Gondal Wynn

Gondal turned his attention back to his mug, as the elf walked over and sat at the same table. Resting a foot on his toolbox, Gondal cast a glance at the newcomer, nodding when [if] he caught the newcomer's eye.

A slightly boisterous group broke the tavern's quiet momentarily with their laughter, but things soon subsided back to the low background noise normally associated with the Tumbling Dragon. Gondal sighed as he finished the last of his brew, once again wishing for the simple taste of a decent ale, or even some halfway drinkable moonshine, but the Tumbling Dragon would burn to the ground before it started serving anything besides its trademark swill.

Leaning back in his chair, Gondal propped his feet on his toolbox under the table and resumed his simple study of the room. Not that anything changed, but sometimes the routine was amusing to watch just for his ability to predict what came next. And then again, sometimes the Dragon surprised him completely. Depended on the night and how much whiskey was in that night's particular barrel of homebrew.

2006-08-17, 11:43 AM

Aeyamar was somewhat disconcerted by everyone's sudden interest in him. The sooner I get out of here the better. It appears the only thing I've managed to accomplish while lying low is attract the attention of every single one of these yokels. Aeymar's attention then fell upon his meal. Boy, this is possibly the worst food I've ever had the displeasure of eating. I can't wait to get as far away from this place as possible

After hearing the man in the black cloak rant about him, Aeyamar's sense of isolation turned to nervousness. How could he possibly remeber me? I've never even met him before, or at least not in any significant way. He's Clearly not a follower of Alson though, he probably saw me before when I was at Halavan's temple. Perhaps I should leave now to avoid being discovered, or would that just make things look even more suspicious?

Aeyamar decided to ignore the man's rantings and finished is meal. Afterwards, he simply stared down at the empty place not thinking about anything in particular. Then the words of the man with the broken leg caught his attention. Poor fool! He plans on throwing his life away in service to Alson. I should save him from making the biggest mistake of his life. He turned to the person with the crutch and began to speak. Pardon the interuption, but I couldn't help but interject. You plan an joining the church of Alson, do you not? You perhaps know some of the teachings and the ideals and find that such a crusader would make the perfect diety for one such as yourself? Well let me tell you that those philosophies are naught but pretty words to the churches heirarchy. They care nothing of the trues ideals of the curch and are essentially drunk with the divine power they wield. Worse than that is the fact that the oh mighty Alson will stand for such hypocracy. So I tell you think twice before you devote your life to the service of a hypocritical god. Having said this, Aeyamar realized he had probably just sounded half insane, but he attributed that to the rage he was currently feeling toward Alson's church.

2006-08-17, 01:04 PM
The elf seemed intent upon ignoring his table companion, a wary-looking man in a chain shirt; which made it all the more surprising when he turned his attentions upon Justance.

"Pardon the interuption, but I couldn't help but interject..."

Justance started in surprise at the elf's words. As he listened, however, his face reddened in embarassment--and then in consternation. He wasn't aware that his cnversation had been so public. Was I so overeager to change the subject that I got louder? Or do elves just have better hearing? His ears are certainly big enough. The invective against the church of Alson concerned him, though. He slipped a sidelong glance at Holgier[, who was listening in stony-faced silence.]

The elf was visibly upset, and there was the venom of bitterness in his words. What would provoke such a reaction? Is he part of the Halavanite Temple? Sheesh. Of all the places to be found in company of a paladin of Alson.... And his table-mate looks like he could be another one of those lawless followers; he certainly seems enough at home in this place. The tavern's other patrons began taking on a sinister aspect, and every mocking laugh or whispered comment increased his heart rate. He began to look for an easy way of escape. For a cripple. With a crutch. With all his material possessions strapped to his back.

He began to look for a more diplomatic means to extricate himself from this uncomfortable situation.

I don't want a fight. I'm no good in a fight; look what happened the last time. I've gotta get out of here.

Even so, perhaps I should stick around to hear Holgier's response. If things are truly as the elf says, it will be instructive to hear what a...uh..."churchman" has to say in response. In any case, itll help me make up my mind about service to Alson.

2006-08-17, 01:12 PM

Kerrul's eyes widen when he hears the elf start to talk about the church of Alson. By Halavan's Black Blades, he sure speaks like one of us. Pushing his chair back, the man unfolds, clanking slightly as he does. With his customary swagger, he moves purposefully towards the table where the elf stopped. Focusing hard for a moment, he twists his scowl into something akin to a friendly face.

He's right you know. The man in spiked armor forces himself into the conversation with little regard for the current occupants. Alson's little following and Ranna's cult of pyromaniacs aren't worth your time or effort. What have we accomplished under their control? Precious little. They refuse to admit that we have fallen as far as the animals of the wilderness here. The only difference is that we still have our toys. Kerrul glances at the table he is adressing, looking over the cripple, the old man, and the elf. He lowers his tone to a conspiratorial whisper for the next part, not because he is afraid of speaking of Halavan in this district, but simply for dramatic effect. There's only one god worth serving here, the only one who can see the truth and adapt to it. His black eyes flash with maniac energy as he speaks. Looking up at the elf, he wraps it up. Come, let us leave these two to their misguided wretchedness. I am going to buy you a drink. I think we have a few things to discuss with my friend back at my table.

2006-08-17, 02:51 PM

Upon hearing the man in armor speak, Aeyamar grew more indignent. How dare he imply he associated with the Halavanites, those sociopaths are all about power, worse than the church of Alson.

Aeyamar then addressed him. I must respectfully decline your offer, for you are just as misguided as this poor fool. So you think this powerful Halavan is the one worth serving. I guess you are in favor of an anarchic society where murder, and theft are the two most abundant forms of communication. Open your eyes, the very decay of society you complain about now is the one your diety would bring about if he were to gain dominance in this region except more so. At least the curch of Alson's intentions are noble, it is his cleric's who have failed there, but you follow an openly wretched diety and would welcome the destruction he would bring down upon this land with open arms! I apologize for my temper, but I assure you evething I said was truth. I have had first hand experience with the church's workings.

I believe I went too far here. I shouldn't have made that last remark. I must ready my staff and prepare for a confrontation. Aeyamar grips his staff harder in case he needs to have it handy. A situation which appears to be quite likely now. Don't mistake me for one of Ranna's cult either, though I have no specific quarrel with them, a cult based entirely on war and destruction is not one I would willingly be part of.

2006-08-17, 03:06 PM
Gondal Wynn

Watching the display of 'polite' conversation with an amused expression, Gondal simply sighed as the discussion became more heated. A few years ago he might have jumped at the chance to bash a few Halvernite heads, but now the routine had become tiresome. Halvernites, Alsonites, it didn't matter which, sooner or later it all came down to either whose mouth was biggest or whose fists were faster.

At least I've got my entertainment for the night, Gondal thought. Odds to evens the whole thing turned into a brawl. The Dragon had more than its fair share of those, just like every other River Quarter pub and tavern, but there'd be a solid increase in business if tonight's brawl involved an elf. That would see quite a few new customers through the Dragon's doors.

2006-08-17, 03:32 PM

Of course. Nothing can be done to stop what has started. All we can do now is embrace the decline and enjoy every second of the chaos. He stands up straighter and shakes his head, sending reddish blond hair dancing about his face. He then leans in very close, breathing fumes of the vile drink over the three. Anyone can realize the control he has placed on himself is cracking slightly; Kerrul is clearly unused to maintaining a civil facade for more than a few sentances. Sweat glistens on his scarred face, and his eyes are filled with malevolence. His voice is a mixture of strained civility and threat.

So you have had experience with the Emporer of Theives. I thought I recognized you. You'll get what's coming in time. Just wait. I won't spoil the fun for whoever gets to teach you what happens to betrayers.

He turns to the man with the crutch and the older man, scanning them both briefly before arrogantly turning away. You heard what I have to say. Think twice before joining those clowns. If you ever decide you want to serve a real god, ask around for Spinesnap.

With that, he stomps back to his table and flops in his chair, ignoring the warning creak. Bastards he mutters under his breath, reaching for his mug. Realizing he drained it earlier, he swears further under his breath and resists the urge to throw it at the elf before simply starting on the watery soup.

2006-08-17, 05:48 PM

No wonder you humans weren't ready for civilization. Look at how you've torn it asunder with your currupted morals and desire for anarchy. When Halavan has achieved victory and caused your lands to plunge into utter chaos, do you believe you will be rewarded? If so you are sadly mistaken. It is far more likely that his followers will simply kill each other, with the strongest few being the ones to survive. You, my friend, are likely to be one of those that die in the blood bath. You are clearly not as strong as those in the order whom I have met.

2006-08-17, 08:19 PM

Panian leans back in his chair, appearing very cool and relaxed. When he speaks, no emotion escapes from his face. His voice is low and yet it carries over the tavern. Panian does not worry about who hears him because he knows that in this district, Halavan rules. I'm surprised that Kerrul hasn't ripped this elf in two yet. This is the most restrain I've ever seen out of him. Yet, the night is young.

And who are you to act so highly? A turncoat elf? You speak of the temples of Alson and Ranna as if they were noble. They hold us all in a militaristic rule while our city crumbles. What have they done for the people? Halavan seeks to rid this city of these failures to start anew, and bring Lelan back to the glory it once posessed before we were abandoned by your kind. Beneath the table, his hand slides over his dagger in case this elf should get any ideas or let his tounge move too loosely.

My mentor will be eager to know that the elf has been found. I wonder how he managed to slip away from us. . .I must be wary of him, lest he slip away from us once again.

Panian's eyes flick over to the young cripple. Panian's eyes lock with his, almost looking directly into the man's soul. He speaks more warmly to him than the elf. You lad, my friend here is right, though a tad to direct at times. Be careful of who you align yourself with. Alson cares not for it's people or whom they step upon. I would hate to see an up and coming young man throw away everything by joining with those ignorant fools. You know how life in Lelan really is. Choose your allies carefully.

As Kerrul slams his mug down, Panian slides his over towards the big man. Panian's eyes flick back over to the elf. He scans him up and down trying to take in his every detail. Panian's face remains calm, his jaw firmly set. He is ready for anything at this point.

2006-08-17, 08:59 PM

Aeyamar turned his attention to the man who now addressed him. If I gave you the impression that the churches of Ranna and Alson are noble than you clearly have not been listening. In the case of all three churches not one is in the right. Granted I agree somewhat with Alson's ideals, but not with the church or its Hierachy. As for Ranna, they are essentially nothing more than a gathering of raving bloodthirsty warmongerers. But you Halavanites disgust me the most in that you willingly bring about anarchy and mayhem that willl surely destroy you before you gain the slightest of profit from it. You people complain about the crumbling society of this land, when it is you yourselfs who have allowed it to fail and even assisted in it. I favor no church or guild in this land because they would all sooner see the destruction of the entire plane before conceding even an ounce of power. A society cannot be built on such a scism. I see now that civilization cannot be taught to such dogs as yourselves.

2006-08-17, 09:27 PM

Gripping the dagger at his side Panian shouts at the elf: No, you and your kind would rather run away and abandon all! Panian catches himself. That was a rare slip in his temper. He takes a deep breath as he regains his composure and sets his face back into it's stoney regularity. He sits up leaning his elbows on the table, looking the elf directly in the eye, as if he were examining the very fiber of his being.

I don't know if I should agree with you or allow my friend and myself to deal with you in ways that I'm sure you deserve. The way you speak of the other temples I agree with, but I would take anarchy to the rule of the corrupt. At least in anarchy the corrupt are quickly replaced by the strong. The people can choose to follow them because they are strong, but not because they were born into some bloodline. Society crumbles when some bastard's child is born with a gold coin in his mouth, and never suffers through a hard day in his life.

Panian sits back in his chair, once again relaxing. His eyes remain on the elf, trying to get any information out of him that he can get. This could get out of hand very quickly. I'll have to be cautious. Instead of returning his hand to his dagger, Panian slips his rapier out of it's holder an inch or so under the table, being careful that he is not seen. If things were going to take a turn for the worse, it will be sooner than later. I don't think a dagger will slow down the elf or the other two men at the table.

Panian shrugs his shoulder, appearing to lose interest in the elf. You underestimate a people's ability to govern themselves. We are all not as hopless as you believe.

2006-08-17, 10:55 PM

Ok, that's it. Kerrul stands up suddenly, bumping the table out of his way. He stalks over like a predator, radiating rage. His path leads him to the elf, in whom's face he procedes to get in, his nose practically touching the elf's.

It may do you a little good to remember whose district you are in when you are saying this. Alson doesn't rule here, Ranna doesn't rule here, and by the nine hells the king doesn't bloody rule here. We rule here because we were left to rot, and we do it how we damn well please. If we didn't run this place, no one would. And there would be total anarchy. There's a system now. We collect our taxes just like the king collects his. We just do it a different way with a different name. It is hard, but so is life. Now you can just shut your stupid mouth, or I can take you outside and wring the elf juice out of you, you miserable, six fingered excuse for a living being.

2006-08-17, 11:22 PM

Holgier sits, staring blankly at Justance, his mind thousands of miles away. Acolytes of the Murderer. Where would they flee... where would they boast.... Holgier fidgets slightly, his hand rubbing the week old stubble on his face.

The elf interrupts his macabre musings. Those hands, he thinks, where have I seen those hands before? Holgier studies the boy as the elf begins ranting, wondering how a prospective cleric would handle the criticism. Nothing I haven't heard before, elf, but how do you take such abuse, Justance?

Come on boy, defend your faith.

Holgier runs his hands over his short, greying hair. He sighs. I shouldn't be here. Never should have invited the boy here. Should be looking for those killers.

Then the black cloaked man approaches, spouting blaspheme. Holgier abruptly stands, drawing his greatsword. He levels it at the man's chest.

"If I was as you suggest, filth, I would not hesitate to drop you where you stand.

Holgier steps close. his golden eyes locked to the fiend's black pupils.

"Today I found three corpses, carved by buctchers. The cowards fled me. Perhaps you know the ones I seek?"

Or perhaps you are the one I seek."

Holgier takes another step closer.

"Or perhaps, since I can't find those I seek, I should just take you. A dog's a dog."

The paladin steps closer still, bringing the blade closer to the man's neck.

He glowers at the man for a moment, then slowly lowers his sword, letting the point rest on the tavern floor. Holgier sighs. He suddenly looks very tired. There are deep bags under his eyes, his face creased by weather, scarred by blades. His voice is strong, though.

"I am a man of Justice. You may be lower than a dog, mudeater, but I am not. Men like you will never know the glory that I serve, for you understand only that which you rail against.
Were I a follower of your Butcher, you would be at my feet, begging."

Holgier againt lifts the heavy blade, menacing.

"But I'm not," he says, sheathing his sword.

((pink = celestial))

2006-08-17, 11:55 PM
Your commontion has attreacted the attention of the rest of the bar, obviously. The bartender has dissappeared into the kitchen. The man with the beard stares silently in your direction, perhaps preparing for what seems inevitable. The girl is looking very apprehensive and frightened. The two men in cloaks stand up and remove their hoods.

Aeyamar, Kerrul and Panian: you instantly recognize them. Their names are Attal and Villik, both high up in Halavan's clergy. Aeyamar, you know them personally from your "training." Kerrul and Panian, you've both seen them around when they visited your mentor, though you've enver actually met them. Attal starts walking toward the group of you while Villik circles around to block the door.

"Sorry to interrupt the theological debate, but a few of your arrows hit near to my heart." As he says this, you wonder why he doesn't choke on his own sarcasm. He's trying very hard to sound dangerous. "Namely, a mention of betrayal. You." He looks straight at Aeyamar. "You are coming with us, and if anyone else tries anything..." he draws a short sword. You also notice that the other, Villik, has pulled out a crossbow.

2006-08-18, 12:26 AM

Holgier watches, still standing, still holding his sheathed greatsword.

((Using detect evil on everyone))

2006-08-18, 12:44 AM

A smug smile on his face, Kerrul lightly shoves the old man with the sword. What? You have a problem with those that have seen the light. Justice. What is justice anyway? It's your code. My code is that I will win, winning being defined as not ending up dead. Anyone who wants to play the game with me can play it on my side or the other side. It's looking like you picked the other side. I got plenty for you and the elf.

When the high ranking Halavanites show up, Kerrul's grin gets even broader, and even more threatening. What did I tell you, elven scum. These gentlemen will be teaching you the price of violating the rules. Kerrul casts a glance full of gloating irony at the man with the greatsword. Well, it looks like we will get to see a little justice after all. Aren't you glad?

2006-08-18, 01:28 AM

A slight smirk crosses Panian's face as the old man gets up and threatens the brutish Kerrul. He waits silently until the man finishes his "speech" and then Panian lets out a low chuckle.

Brave words sir, but you forget where you are. Across the river you would most likely have people eating out of your hand, but here things are a little different. Here that talk can get you killed, so keep your knife in its case before holding it up tires you out. You seem like a decent fellow, a little misguided, but decent. I'd hate to see you die, but that doesn't mean I'd hesitate perform the stroke myself. Panian looks into the man's eyes, showing no fear for his rather large sword or the man who weilds it.

As Attal and Villik stand up and make their present known, a slight smirk creeps onto Panian's face. Attal and Villik, well this elf sure has a large price on his head. I wonder what will become of him. . . death? . . . torture? Panian calmly stands up and draws his rapier pointing it at the elf. Dripping with sarcasm Panian addresses him. Well it looks like you've wandered too far from home, friend. Next time you should be more careful of your tongue. As you'll soon find out, it can bring you a whole world of pain. Keeping his sword leveled on the elf and his eyes flickering back and forth between the elf and the old man, Panian adresses Attal. It would be a pleasure to drag him in with you. I've heard and told many a tale, but this shall have a wonderful ending. Truely, poetic justice.

2006-08-18, 08:38 AM

Aeyamar responds to the stony faced man after listening to his outburst.Abandoned? Did you say abandoned? Perhaps you prefered the enslavement that my kin put you through. If you enjoyed it so much you have but to travel across the border and chances are within a few fortnights you will once again be enslaved. Society does not crumble because of the ruler it collapses because of its people.

Aeyamar noticed the man in black armor once again moved toard him this time stopping at a much closer distance. Aeyamar heard his threats but knew this man was probably not about to back them up. You claim you are just like the king, well I beg to differ. The king, while powerless, does not actively seek the destruction of his own empire. The reason Alson's church has been given so much undeserved power is because there is now a threat to his rule, that would be yourselves. After finishing his speech, he steps back five feet.

Aeyaamr then notices the two men trying to block the exits of the tavern, and recognizes them as a couple of clerics from the Halavanite church. Perhaps I should have stopped myself before I had gone so far. I shouldn't have let my emotions control my speech. Oh well I guess now I must dispatch these two Halavanites. Poor Misguided fools.

Attal and Vilik, I presume. Yes, I thought I remebered you. Well, have you come to take me back to the clergy. That's quite a shame as I was planning on returning to Nyeve without blood on my hands. Aeyamar's voice changes to sarcasm. But I suppose if you insist I can make an exception, after all who am I to disobey the clergy of the mighty Halavan.

*begins to cast Kelgore's Fire Bolt targeted at Vilik*

1d6=5, 1d6=6 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=569093)

[I think we need a tactical map because I am about to initiate combat]

2006-08-18, 09:08 AM
Within minutes, the situation had gone from bad to deadly. Justance wasn't afraid of theological dispute; but the elf clearly had murder on his mind. Even though the elf''s muttered words were unfamiliar, the tingle of mystical energy was not. [Spellcraft check: d20+5 = 10+5 = 15 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=569118).] Things were about to get even worse.

He looked at Holgier to see if he would intervene to stop the violence; then Justance decided that it was his own responsibility to act. He pulled himself to his feet with his crutch.

"STOP! Hold, elf! And you, servants of Halavan! I don't know what your quarrel is; but if you claim to serve the good of the people, you won't bring this tavern down upon our heads--even if the ale is so much swill."

[Attempt a diplomacy check to delay--if not prevent--the violence. 1d20+5 = 19 + 5 = 24 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=569110)]

2006-08-18, 09:18 AM
[Spuddly: I'd say you've been detecting evil for about two rounds so far, so you know that there is evil present in the room , and that there are four evil auras. One of them is significantly stronger than the other three, but you don't know whose. If you're going to participate in combat, you'll have to break off]

Villik briefly glances in Kerrul's and Panian's direction. "Shut up, both of you. This isn't your business," he says, just as Aeyamar starts chanting his spell. He shouts, very loud, "Witch!"

[Whether you stop Aeyamar's casting, PolkaBear, is up to Aeyamar, and the others haven't reacted yet. For now, everybody roll for initiative and state what you're doing. Justance can't identify the spell being cast (you were just a little below the DC)]

2006-08-18, 09:32 AM

Aeyamar listened to the youth and refrained from loosing the conjured orb but he still held it in his grasp in case of an attack. He chuckled slightly at Vilik's cries of witchcraft. Ah it appears you are now aware of the power which I wield, would you like to continue threatening me or have you recognized that you are in a fight you cannot win. Just cease your threats and I will stop mine. As I said before I plan on returning to Nyeve come sunrise and then the little comotion I've cause will have ended, without the need for your interference. But If you would rather die here trying to kill me now, I'll be more than happy to oblige. Tis' A pity, if you only had seen what I have orr possessed a less provincial view of you would have understood what I was saying.
Aeyamar continued to hold the conjured bolt in his hand ready to loose it if the two Halavanites refused to lower their weapons.

Initiative (1d20+4=14) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=569120)

2006-08-18, 10:54 AM

(Initiative: 1d20+2=20+2= 22)

Panian begins to lower his blade, a little confused as to why Attal would refuse his help. But, as soon as he cries "witch" Panian's blade snaps back up and it is aimed directly at the elf's throat. Elf look around. There are four of us. Even if you could loose one of your spells, you would be struck down shortly after. Panian glances around and tries to see what the old man is doing. He could really turn this into a mess. Lets hope he doesn't get involved. . . if he's smart he won't. Every muscle in Panian's body is ready to react. Though he doesn't look like it on the outside, Panian is tense. A bead of sweat forms on his brow as Panian tries to reason with the elf. His emotions have gotten the better of him tonight and now he's trying to regain the composure that he always carries himself with. Don't act before you think. Your emotion will cloud your judgment and control your actions. Regain your control and give yourself in. Only then will you have a chance of walking out of here

[Like to ready my strike at Aeyamar. If he makes a wrong move or starts his spell.]

[OOC: Not completely sure on how combat in a PbP works so tell me if I miss/do something wrong]

2006-08-18, 11:08 AM

Aeyamar assessed the stony-faced mans threat and thought for a second before speaking. Four against one are not the best of odd. I can at least get rid of two of them, three if I'm lucky, then maybe I will be able to get away without the other one pursueing. Though all of these circumstances are unfavorable as I do not want to have to waste my life killing these men. I must now appeal to their selfishness.

I may not be able to kill all four of you but I will likely kill at least two of you in the process. The question now is which two of you would like to be the ones I take with me to the grave. Step forward now so that you may forfeit your lives in service of your evil god. I suppose though if you are all so eager to meet your maker I could bring down the entire building, but I don't want to have to kill the others in here.

[I thought I was relatively far away from Panian in this scene, how could he have gotten so close. Or am I mistaken.]

@V Okay thanks for the clarification. Now I just need some people to post their responses to the above so I can see if this fight will actually occur or not.

2006-08-18, 11:21 AM
[OOC: In the OOC thread: "but since you're all gathered around a table, you're all within an easy 5 ft. reach of each other, except for Gondal, who's at his table 15 ft. away, and Attal, who's at the door 20 ft. away." Plus I moved closer when the two other Halavanites made themselves known. Sorry for the confusion.]

2006-08-18, 11:57 AM
[Wait a minnit, I'm confused. Aeyamar's spell is already cast, I need initiative rolls so I know what order everybody will react to it, like if one of the two would be able to stike Aeyamar and interrupt the spell. Villik and Attal are certainly going to attack Aeyamar in response to the spell, so I don't think anyone would be able to make long speeches.

@V Okay, I get it. Now what's happening is everybody continue and I'll just use your initiative rolls for if/when we really do get going.]

Attal turns to Panian. "I don't recall asking you anything. The rest of you should just shut up and let us take this elf away and give him what he deserves."

2006-08-18, 12:08 PM
[I guess I didn''t describe this too well as I sort of did something not done in DnD all to often. Aeyamar sort of suspended his spell when Justance started shouting. Since he doesn't really want to fight, Aeyamar is now continuing dialogue with the other characters. Basically, I jumped the gun when I rolled for damage.]

2006-08-18, 12:27 PM
Gondal Wynn

Gondal let out an exacerbated sigh as the posturing in the room suddenly turned into threatening. The elf began to cast some kind of magic spell and the others reacted with bared blades and harsh words. Soon the entire common room looked like it was ready for a brawl of epic proportions.

Having taken no part in the discussion up until now, Gondal decided to play the safe move and continue to remain uninvolved. None of the participants looked particularly predisposed to listen to reason right now, and Gondal had rarely met anyone in the River Quarter that was willing to sheath a dry blade once it had been drawn. Still, luck favored the prepared, so Gondal shifted his feet under the table and loosed his tunic from over the top of his chain shirt. Solid footing and free movement would be vital in case he got drawn into the conflict. A swift touch of his wrist to the table assured Gondal that his wrist sheath still held his dagger. While not the most deadly weapon on the streets, in a tavern brawl, a dagger in skilled hands was something to fear.

[OOC: Gondal initiative roll: 1d20+3 = 10 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=569414)

Gondal readied action: Draw and throw dagger at any individual that approaches and threatens him closer than ten feet.]

2006-08-18, 12:45 PM
Fool boy! Why couldn't you have just kept your mouth shut instead of making yourself a target? Now that he started the thing, though, Justance had to see it through. At least the elf's holding his spell.

[Initiative roll: d20 + 1 = 3 + 1 = 4 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=569446). Sheesh.]

The tension of the moment froze Justance, as he watched to see what would unfold next.

[Readied action: Take a swing at anyone attacking him (using his crutch as a club). If he's not attacked, but combat starts, he'll try to stay out of the way. At this point he doesn't have a clear reason to get involved.]

2006-08-18, 12:48 PM

Aeyamar noticed the two clergymen telling Panian to stand down and found the circumstances quite intriguing. This is most unusual, it appears that Vilik and Attal do not want these other two to get involved. Perhaps that means they are aimed attaking me alive. Either way I can use this too my advantage. Aeyamar began to talk with him.

So this is the church you serve. It appears what I said before is true, you do prefer enslavement. Just look at how submissive you are towards these two men who aren't even more powerful than you. How can they demand your obedience when you should be commanding theirs. Is it because they are clerics of Halavan? It is already know that Halavan favors theives and assassins; so how could clerics weild any power over one such as yourself. Are they truly promoting the will of your god, or are they merely using you as a tool to achieve dominance over those that would otherwise deserve to rule over them? If Halavan saw this now, even he would be displeased that you are not asserting your authority as one of his true followers.

2006-08-18, 06:04 PM
As requested, a strategic map of current positions. (http://www.thestoriesofcookie.com/graphics/Bar.JPG)

2006-08-18, 06:23 PM
[OOC: I'm on GMT time here in the UK and have to work early tw, so i gotta get to bed, but I've only posted once today and just can't see posting again as nothing's really changed for Gondal. I'll post first thing tw when I get off work though. Sorry, but the time zone difference and work just mean I can't stay up waiting on everyone to post replies and get to a reasonable point where Gondal has something new to contribute.]

2006-08-18, 06:33 PM

Panian's brow furrows as Aeyamar speaks to him. A bead of sweat runs down his cheek as the elf's words strike home. Why do I follow them? . . .they're stronger than me, thats why. . . perhaps he is right, maybe I am just their tool. Maybe thats why they want me to disappear when they have what they want. . . I don't really care what Halavan would think of me, I don't want his approval. . . what would my father think if he saw me now?

For the first time in his life, it appears as if Panian is struggling with himself though it is a brief glimpse. Panian feels his stomach looping itself into knots as he struggles to decide what he should do. He glances back into the elf's eyes, you can still notice in his eyes his inner struggle. Hold your tounge elf, lest I decide to cut it out Panian glances over at Attal. I have just as much right, hauling this betrayer in as the next. We'll all see that he gets what is coming to him. Panian's eyes slide back over to the elf and he looks straight into his eyes. His voice is strong and resound but his eyes say that he hasn't really made up his mind. His sword lowers ever so slightly though it is still pointed at Aeyamar.

2006-08-18, 09:26 PM

The fighter has maintained silence, standing down as ordered. He feels the need to break that silence when the elf speaks again. It is simple. I don't wish to test my strength against them when it is obvious you simply wish to divide us to your own advantage. He is tensed, and ready for activity, ready to move as a coiled spring. If the elf starts casting, or the old man or cripple attack, Kerrul leaps and tackles them, attempting to pin them in a grapple.

Init: +2
Touch Attack to Start Grapple(Imp grapple, so no AoO: +4
Grapple: +8
(if you want me to roll, tell me)

2006-08-19, 05:37 AM

((Holgier will maintain detect evil for another round as everyone postures.))

Holgier surreptiously unsheathes his greatsword, assessing the situation. Four Halavanites, crossbowman at the door. The elf's a witch, a witch willing to slay Halavanites.

Holgier looks from the elf facing two drawn blades, then at the lone crossbowman by the door, then at the injured Justance. He will slowly edge towards the wall behind Justance.

I hope your wish to serve the Light was genuine, young Justance

Initiative:1d20+1=20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=570611)

Holgier will charge the man at the door with the crossbow with his greatsword.
Charge, Power Attack (1d20+3=14) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=570614)

If the man registered as evil, Holgier will use smite evil (attack then becomes 15).

Damage: 2d6+5=15 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=570616)

((Invisiblecastle wasn't rolling for me; after hitting roll it'd freeze. I may have mutiple rolls for the same action.))

2006-08-19, 10:45 AM
[For the extra round you can tell the location and strength of the four auras: Kerrul, Attal, Villik, and the man with the beard. All four are technically "Faint" auras, although you can tell that the bearded man's aura is significantly stronger than the others.

Hoglier can't reach Villik, Spuddly, since your path to him is occupied by an "opponent." (Panian) You can get to Attal easily, though.

If we're now fully starting combat, order is:
Kerrul (I got a 4 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=570756) when I rolled for you Werebear, sorry)

And, yes, it's probably better if you make your own rolls and just link to them.

What I need now is for everybody to state what they're doing this round (you don't have to post in order) and at the end I'll make a post describing the round.]

2006-08-19, 10:47 AM
Attal it will be then.

2006-08-19, 11:10 AM
Gondal Wynn

Seeing the men around the table erupt into violence, Gondal made up his mind to take some prudent precautions. Reaching beneath the table, he grabbed his toolbox and rose to a crouched position. Seeing the frightened girl at the back of the common room, Gondal backs towards her, keeping an eye on the combatants.

Upon reaching the table she was seated at, Gondal dropped his toolbox and placed his hands underneath the table's surface, exerting his strength to flip the table over so that the broad, flat surface was facing towards the commotion. He then motioned the girl to crouch down behind the makeshift cover and positioned himself behind as much of it as he could. Having secured a defensible position, as much as was possible in the Dragon, Gondal quietly drew his rapier and waited.

[OOC: Assuming that the column on the map to the farthest left is 'A' column and the rows start at 1 at the top and move down to 5, then Gondal begins at E2. He moves 20-25 feet (depends how you want us to move around the tables) to H4, the girl's location. There, he flips up the table so that the surface is resting on the ground in G4 and G5. He motions the girl back to H5, where she, hopefully, crouches behind the table's surface and receives full cover. Gondal then occupies H4, where she was, and hopefully benefits from at least partial cover. Not sure about drawing the rapier, as I've used a move action and flipping the table was probably a standard action. If it is, then I'll draw rapier first thing next round.]

2006-08-19, 12:35 PM

Aeyamar took notice of the inner turmoil that had recently developed with in Panian. Even noticing the change in his voice as he respoonded to him. It appears I've struck a nerve with this one, perhaps I can press this advantage further.

But before he could say anything, the paladin across the table began swinging at Attal. This has gone much further than I intended, but now that an attack has been made my words can do nothing to stop this violence. At least if I fight alongside this man I may stand a chance of surviving. Aeyamar than takes a 5ft step back and looses his spell at Vilik.

Damage roll: 11
Ref Half

2006-08-19, 01:00 PM
Screaming out for everyone to "Stop! Don't! Just stop!" Justance backs into the "southwest" corner of the room and tightens his grip on his crutch. [If targeted, he will mock the aggressor's bravery for attacking a cripple, and then fight defensively with the crutch. If not, he will cast Expeditious Retreat upon himself while everyone else is distracted by the battle.]

2006-08-19, 02:02 PM

The armored man springs into action, laughing insanely. He dashes around the table, leaping at the elf, trying to wrap him up in a big, spikey bear hug.

Touch attack for initiating grapple(imp grapple, so no AoO (1d20+4=16) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=570872)
Opposed Grapple Check (1d20+8=22) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=570877)
Damage for Grapple(1d6Spikes,d4+3 unarmed strike) (1d6 + 1d4 +3=8 ) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=570878)

Chosing to make the unarmed strike subdual damage rather than lethal, so, if Ayemar fails the opposed grapple check, then he takes 2 lethal and 6 subdual damage.

Grapple Rules (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/combat/specialAttacks.htm#grapple)

2006-08-19, 05:56 PM
As the elf begins to loose his spell, Panian dives at the elf striking at his head with the flat of his blade. I'm not going to let these two steal him away from me and take all the glory. I'll bring him in myself.

[Dealing nonlethal damage with a lethal weapon so a -4 to my attack roll.]

(1d20-2= 9-2=7.
I don't think I really need to roll for damage in this situation ::) )

2006-08-19, 06:10 PM

[Didn't Kerrul just provoke an ungodly amount of attacks of opportunity trying to start that grapple? He had to move either across the table provoking attacks from Holgier Justance and Aeyamar, or around the table in which case he would have to actually move through spaces occupied by either Holgier or Justance, thus provoking more attacks of opportunity. (Remember I took a five foot step back so I'm next to the wall and Holgier moved into the space I was occupying to attack Attal. So before your movement, we do not threaten eachother.)]

2006-08-19, 08:04 PM
across the table, which means two AoOs on top of the one from Aeyamar for initating a grapple. Same goes for Panian. He can't get to Aeyamar without going over the table as Justance blocks his way. I'm going to assume that they're going over the table, so could Justance, Holgier and Aeyamar please roll for AoO's. You only get one each, though, and Aeyamar's has to be on Kerrul. Good thing I got that tactical map up in time or I'd be completely clueless. Please look at it; you can't move through an opponent's space. Fortunately, I don't consider this too serious as this is pvp combat that I won't allow to go too far.

Panian leaps over the table, aiming to hit the elf with the flat of his blade. His swing goes wide, though, and is easily dodged.

Holgier leaps from the table, sword in hand, runs up to Attal and slashes at his chest, killing him in one go.

A bolt of electrical energy [since you're using energy sub.] springs from Aeyamar's hands and strikes Villik square in the chest [he fumbled his saving throw]. He collapses, charred and dying.

No one takes notice of Gondal as he circles the room to defend the girl.

Justance backs slowly into the corner, but no one seems to pay him any mind.

Kerrul leaps over the table, aiming to take down Aeyamar. He grabs hold of the elf and brings him to the floor. [Aeyamar's opposed grapple check: 12 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=571216). Aeyamar takes 2 points of lethal damage and 6 points of non-lethal, knocking him unconscious but not dying]

As the combat heats up, Gondal and Justance [being the only ones without hefty penalties to their Spot checks] Notice that the bearded man hes stood up and looks ready to do someting. You notice a sword at his side, not yet drawn.

As the round ends and the fight is about to begin in ernest, the door to the tavern flies open (well, it opens, as Villik's body prefents it from flying open), and in steps a heavily armoured man. Behind him, you can see a squad of soldiers (there are at least 6 that you can see from inside). They all wear the very dark crimson cloaks and carry the halberds that identify them as members of the Flaming Legions, the soldiers of Ranna.

The leader looks around, his face scrunched in rage, as he screams "Stop this!"

[*gasps for breath* Let me know if I screwed up anywhere. I still need AoO rolls from Justance and Holgier, and tell me who you took them against. Post both the rolls, and what you're doing next, after the entrance of the soldiers.]

[Edited because I forgot that Kerrul doesn't provoke an AoO from Aeyamar, since he has Improved Grapple.]

2006-08-19, 08:37 PM
(I have improved Grapple. I provoke no AoO for starting a grapple. You can move through an allies square with no penalties. So, I went through Attal's square and tackled him that way. Justance backed into a corner and fought defensively, and since I went around the table, he won't be able to hit me. So, if anything, I get one from Holgier.)

2006-08-19, 08:41 PM
[^ oh, right. Sorry. But you still can't get to him without going over the table. Holgier is in your way. I should probably make an updated tactical map.]

2006-08-19, 09:58 PM

Holgier silently thanks Alson as he sees the Halvanite drop, then lashes out at the other as he rushes past.

((Invisiblecastle ain't working for me. Could you roll instead? My damage will be 2d6+3, attack will be 1d20+2))

2006-08-19, 10:17 PM
[This would be at Kerrul, who, according to the map, is closest to Holgier as he jumps over the table. 1d20+2=20, 2d6+3=9 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=571405) You hit him for 9 points of damage, but I don't believe that interrupts his grapple attempt, since it didn't come from Aeyamar.

Here is what the lower-left corner of the room looked like at the start of Kerrul's turn. Each table cell represents a 5-ft square.


And here's what it looks like now.


2006-08-19, 10:56 PM
(alright, that works for me)


Kerrul pauses at the interjection, letting go of the unconsious elf's collar, and leaving a huge smear of blood on him as he lets him slump to the floor. The armored man's hand instinctively feels along his back and side at the huge gash that has been formed in his armor and flesh. Gritting his teeth to ignore the pain, he glances over to Holgier, and to Attal's body laying in front of him. With a look that conveys both rage at being interrupted and annoyance at his wound at the Flaming Legionaires threatening both sides, he says to Holgier in an indifferent voice, Truce until we have handled them?

2006-08-19, 11:47 PM

Having only succeded in climbing over the table and providing a breeze for his opponent Panian quickly recollects himself. When the soldiers of Ranna burst in, he whips around. Damn! It's bad enough we've lost Attal and Villik but now we have to deal with Ranna scum? I can't let them get ahold of the elf. I have to bring him in.

Seeing how affective he was in the last fight, Panian decides not to leap into the attack too quickly. He picks up the unconcious elf and drags him back towards the bar. It wouldn't pay to have your hostage trampled to death, especially if he had information.

Having safely positioned Aeyamar, Panian walks up to Kerrul and stands shoulder to shoulder with him (well, as close as he can get without impaling himself on his armor spikes). He's right, we should work together. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. . . for now. Panian flashes a glance over at the paladin and a slight smirk slides onto Panian's face. He turns his attention back to the soldiers at the door and jokingly says: Well, well, well, aren't you boys a little far from home? It figures you Ranna thugs would try to butt in. Who asked you guys to stop us anyway? But thank Halavan you did. I know I wouldn't survive a slash from that huge sword and I don't know how much more Kerrul could either. At least one of us would have fallen. Panian raises his rapier to a defensive position, ready in case these Ranna scum decide they want to dance.

2006-08-20, 12:51 AM
Justance looked on in horror at the carnage before him. The man at the door: a charred and smoking wreck; his partner: a spreading pool of blood; the elf: lifeless in the hands of the blond man; the tall, cruel one: bleeding profusely from a terrible gash.

Two of the four were injured or slain by the hand of Holgier, the very man who had sipped his ale so silently just minutes ago and whose favor Justance had been trying so hard to retain. The plink of blood dripping off the greatsword resounded more loudly in Justance's skull than even the commotion of soldiers entering the common room. He swallowed hard.

His eyes were drawn from the paladin's naked blade to the bearded man, who had to this point taken no part in the action. His blade remained sheathed at his side, but the determined narrowing of his eyes made it clear that he would remain a mere onlooker no longer.

The sound of Holgier clearing his throat drew Justance's attention back. Justance remembered his cowardly actions and reddened. [i]But what was I to do? I can't fight; and I certainly can't use my magic. Not here, where everyone can see. Nevertheless, he stopped cowering and stood up more straight. Whatever the quarrel between the elf and the Halavanites--and Holgier, too; why was that?--the Ranna men meant them no good. Better to cast his lot with tenuous allies than certain foes. If the violence continued, he would do what he could to defend himself. And Holgier, too; although he doubted that he could do anything to help a mighty man like Holgier.

2006-08-20, 04:58 AM
Gondal Wynn

Gondal muttered a muffled oath as the entrance by the Flaming Legion distracted him from his curious study of the man to his right. Something about both didn't quite fit. Ranna's thugs weren't usually involved in breaking up fights, though the elf's use of magic might have something to do with it, but still, it was far too soon for word to have reached a Rannan temple and a Legion to have been dispatched. Which meant that the troops had been on their way before the fight.

As Gondal mulled this possibility, he risked another glance back at the bearded man in the corner who had first attracted his curiosity. Continuing to make calming noises towards the girl, who was curled up in the corner whimpering, Gondal decided that a little bit of range might not be a bad idea. Ranna's thugs were known to shoot first and ask questions later, if at all.

Propping his rapier up against the inside surface of the tabletop where he could reach it easily, Gondal reached down and opened his toolbox, pulling out his crossbow. He rarely used the weapon, but always carried it with him since his Opa's murder. He quickly loaded a bolt from the bottom of the toolbox into the weapon and then poked his head above the tabletop once more to survey the scene.

2006-08-20, 10:18 AM
[Didn't justance aslo get an attack of opportunity against Kerrul. And even though I don't get one against his attempt to grapple, shouldn't I get an AoO for him moving in my threat range. (He had to move onto the table, which I threatened, then move down from the table into a square which I threatened, then grapple.) So I should still have recieved an attack of opportunity. My head hurts thinking about how complicated this is right now.]

Well I guess it doesn't matter, I missed anyways.
1d20=2 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=571900)

2006-08-20, 11:13 AM
[Justance would have gotten one against Panian, since he'd be closest when leaping over the table. My head hurts too.]

The leader surveys the scene in the tavern, staring for a moment at the group of you in the corner, then looking at the rest.

"There's the witch! Get him!" For one moment, Justance, you think that he is referring to you, while the others expect him to be referring to Aeyamar, but then you notice that he's looking in the direction of the bearded man. He steps aside as the soldiers rush into the tavern, headed toward the man. "You will give us what's ours, witch!"

As the soldiers stream in, the bearded man draws his sword and shouts arcane words of power. [Justance, you made your Spellcraft check and you recognize the spell as Lightning Bolt] A blast of lightning shoots from his hands and runs through the line of soldiers, killing three of them instantly.

Combat order is now:


[Edit: sorry, boxboy.]

2006-08-20, 11:31 AM
Gondal Wynn

Great, just what this place needed, Gondal thought wryly, more magic flying around. The possibilities blurred through Gondal's mind, but no matter how he figured it, the wizard was more of a threat than the brawl currently taking place at the center of the Dragon.

Gondal grabbed the edge of the table and pulled it to his right, angling the surface so that it formed a base between the two corner walls. It made the space where he and the girl crouched somewhat more cramped, but offered much better protection from the new player in the drama.

Raising his head above the table, Gondal kept his right hand, which held the crossbow, beneath the surface level and looked at the wizard, doing his best to convey with just a facial expression that his only concern was keeping the girl safe, not acting as a Ranna goon to try and capture a rogue wizard.

[OOC: not sure how much room will be behind the table turned along the two walls like that, but it will be pushed out far enough to leave space for both Gondal and the girl.]

2006-08-20, 12:37 PM

Damn damn damn damn, Holgier thinks, looking from Kerrul, to Panian, to the soldiers fried by the wizard's lightning bolt. Can't trust any of these bastards.

"Put these on, wrist to ankle." Holgier tosses Kerrul a set of manacles. He hefts his sword, blade angled at the man. The alternative is obvious. "And you there,", Holgier directs at Panian, "Drop the elf and back up, or...." Holgier nods at the the bleeding Kerrul.

((Readied action: if Kerrul does anything besides attach his wrist to his ankle with the manacles, Holgier will attack Kerrul. If Panian does anything besides droping the elf and back away from Holgier, Holgier will attack Kerrul.))

Holgier glances about the room, looking from corner to corner to corner, then back to the soldiers. Damn damn damn that's a powerful witch.
"How you holding up, Justance?" Holgier asks, shouting above the fray.

2006-08-20, 12:51 PM

Panian's eyebrows rise on his forehead. He glances at the manicles that Holgier tossed to Kerrul. What the. . . we should be working together against a common enemy. You fool, you think you can take them yourself? Having previously propped the elf against the bar and taken up his place next to Kerrul, Panian is forced to turn his attention to the paladin. You have a strange way of working together with people. Is this how they teach you to cooperate in your temple. We have to take care of these Ranna fools before anything. Only after that can we go back to killing each other.

[OOC: sorry for the confusion but Panian had already set the elf next to the bar and taken his spot next to Kerrul]

Panian realizes that there is another player in the field as he notices the man who appears to be a wizard. Hmm, looks like we have another witch on our hands. Hope he's a Halavan supporter, we can use all the help we can get. You there. Who are you and who do you support? Panian listens for the man's reply but his attention is really on the paladin.

2006-08-20, 01:10 PM

The man just smiles. You don't get it, do you. There is no victory in stupidity. Still, it is in my best interest to play along right now. He starts putting on the manacles. As soon as Holgier looks away, Kerrul takes a five foot step forward and throws them over the paladin's neck, cranking back and putting him in a position where the man can't bring his greatsword into play. Still, it makes it much more convenient if you would just take a nap right now.
Touch attack to start grapple, no AoO (1d20+4=17) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=572009)
Grapple Check (1d20+8=17) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=572010)
Damage for grapple(Lethal for spikes, non lethal for unarmed strike (1d6+1d4+3=10) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=572013)

2006-08-20, 02:04 PM
[OOC: So is that lightning bolt the wizard's combat round? Or does he have another coming up? Also, is the Ranna leader one of the soldiers killed? I would think so, given that he doesn't explicitly appear in the combat order. If he's still there in the doorway, the following will have to change.]

The smell of ozone wakened Justance to awareness and to action. He called to the mage, "Wizard, to whom do you belong?" Being answered with a sneer, Justance darted his eyes to Holgier, who seemed preoccupied with the elf's antagonists.

"Holgier! Never mind them; look to that wizard!"

The man in the corner, behind the table, seemed ready to shoot whoever moved next; so Justance caught his eye and gave a little nod before he hobbled/lunged toward the door and banged it shut with his shoulder.

[If I read everything correctly, the soldiers were still outside; it was only the leader that entered. The door would be screening them from Justance since it didn't open all the way (Villik's body) and he was coming from the back side of it; so I don't think that they get an AoO. Let me know if I'm wrong in this.]

He cast Hold Portal to ensure that it stayed that way, and prayed to Alson that everyone else would think that it was merely locked.

2006-08-20, 02:30 PM
[The leader is still alive, since he stepped to the side to allow the soldiers through, so you can get to the doorway. I've just lumped all the soldiers together. The leader is still inside while you've shut the other soldiers out (there are more, since the wizard only killed three, and you could only see six of many more through the door. And, yes, the lightning bolt was the wizard's combat action.]

[Holgier's opposed grapple: 1d20+3=10 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=572056) And that's 7 points of regular damage, 3 points subdual?]

Kerrul brings Holgier to the stone floor of the tavern, but doesn't knock him out, while Justance closes the door with what looks like his shoulder, as he conceals his spell.

The lead soldier of Ranna charges the wizard with his own sword, and manages to give him a good slash across the shoulder.

As the second round begins, the wizard turns quickly and runs into the kitchen, allowing the soldier to get off another swipe [and he misses].

[The [i]Hold Portal, will only last for a minute. I'm trying to get this combat shored up quickly and get you into a position where you can rest for a couple of hours, since it'd be unfair to Aeyamar to have his character out all this time.]

2006-08-20, 04:17 PM
"The door should hold, but only for a bit," he said to the man behind the table. "You can take her out through the kitchen before they come through."

Preoccupied with the door, Justance failed to see the wizard and the Ranna leader run out of the common room into the kitchen the disappearance of the wizard or the fact that the Ranna captain now stood in the way of his proposed escape route.

He turned and saw the scene with Holgier and the Halavanites. Justance exploded in exasperation. "Gaah! What are you doing? Those Ranna men will be coming through here any second; that door won't hold long. I thought we were going to work together!" He snapped at the lean man with a chokehold on Holgier, "Drop him and let's get out of here! The kitchen should have a back way out."

While he watched to see if the thug released Holgier, Justance kept his back braced against the door to prevent the disconcerted soldiers outside from bashing it in. [Yes, I know that this doesn't really do much; but it's what he would do. He doesn't really trust his magic yet.]

2006-08-20, 07:55 PM
(Six lethal, 4 subdual)

No more greatsword, no more arrests. Then, no more strangle? Deal? His voice has slipped into a tone of icy insanity. If Holgier responds in the affirmitive, then Kerrul lets go, and hands him the manacles back.

2006-08-20, 11:52 PM

[OOC: sorry I didn't post for the first round. Trying to get a new computer set up and it's being less than cooperative. I'll post my first round actions and then my second rounds after that]

1st round

As the cripple throws himself against the door and slams it shut, Panian searches about for something he could do. We need some way to get these soldiers out of here. They aren't going to know whats going on in here so maybe I can use that to my advantage. Panian takes a step back and his eyes close. Panian begins to mumble and concentrate on something farther away. (Casting Ghost Sound Will DC 14 if interacted with)

From somewhere within the tavern the sounds of four men clashing erupt. Sounds of swords and a halberd clash and from inside the noise one voice can be heard. Run away men! This witch is too strong! Run for your lives

2nd round

Panian's eyes snap back open and he quickly recollects himself. A bit of sweat has formed upon his brow and he hastily wipes it with his cloak. He whispers to Kerrul as he takes his blade and returns it to his defensive position. That might have bought us some time. . . if it worked. I don't know. Either way, we have to deal with that Ranna captain.

[Panian will watch the captain and wait for his movements before acting. If he comes within range he will strike out against him or if Kerrul leads a charge in Panian will follow and attempt to flank the leader.

Attack Roll:

Damage Roll:

Not sure how you want to do critical hits, if you want me to conferm and multiply my first roll or make completely seperate rolls. Either way I'll allow the DM to make any rolls needed]

2006-08-21, 08:57 AM
[As a rule, you make all the rolls that your character does, except in certain situations like when I don't want you to know the outcome or if I just want to speed things along. Here, I'll make your confirmation roll for now. 1d20+2=8 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=572925). Sorry. Invisible Castle usually likes me. Anyway, I assume this means you're delaying until the last turn to see what the Ranna captain does.]

2006-08-21, 10:29 AM
[Okay, make sure I'm making all the right rolls then. Thanks for your help ZRS. Panian is basically holding his move untill Holgier makes a wrong move or the Ranna captain does something. He'll be responding with the attack that I rolled. Thanks for the help]

2006-08-21, 10:44 AM
[OOC: Oops! I just realized that the Ranna captain was still in the room, and not now in the kitchen. I'll go back and tweak Justance's response.]

[OOC: In what square is the captain now? I would think that if he was close enough to take a swipe at the wizard, he must be near the kitchen door. I ask because Justance's mobility is poor enough that certain areas of the room are farther than he can travel (from E-5).]

2006-08-21, 10:44 AM

Either after releasing the paladin from the hold, or while still choking him, the man in spike armor chuckles. Let the witch take him. Neither of us (a nod indicated the paladin and himself) are fit to lead a charge against a skilled fighter like the Rannan at the moment. As little as I like to leave someone who needs a thrashing without one, we are going to have to fall back for now and finish him(If he survives the witch, that is,) later. For now, we need to get the elf out of here and possibly with these two idiots.

2006-08-21, 11:06 AM

Panian sighs, knowing that Kerrul is right. They really aren't in the shape to take on a skilled fighter. Panian glances over at the Ranna captain hoping that he hasn't noticed them and decided to attack. You're right. We need to get out of here. This tavern has drawn too much attention. I'll get the elf.

Panian returns his rapier to it's holder and calmly walks over to the elf. He leans down and picks the elf up and slings him over his shoulder in a fireman's carry. He turns to Kerrul, How do you suggest we get out of here? The back door like the witch? Panian's eyes slide over the room, hoping that he missed some exit that might provide a quick escape.

2006-08-21, 11:12 AM

No, they will go directly for the back. Also, the witch may be there with another nasty spell cooked up and waiting for the first stupid sonofawhore who walks through. Clutching his wound to minimize the bleeding, the man looks for a window available to climb through, preferably one on the side of the building.

2006-08-21, 04:44 PM

................Alson........................Halav an...........................Ranna................ ........lies..................

[Just letting you guys know I'm still actively reading this thread even though my character isn't conscious.]

2006-08-21, 07:38 PM
[If threatened, Justance will fight defensively with his crutch; but otherwise he will do exactly as described in the earlier post.]

2006-08-21, 09:37 PM
[Okay, I'm assuming combat is over for now. I'm going to wait a little before I hand out experience.]

The Ranna captain turns and chases the wizard into the kitchen, swearing loudly. [He was in the second square south of the kitchen door, but now he's dissappeared into the kitchen.]

The soldiers outside pound at the door, not heeding the perceived order to flee, though it holds. [The spell will give way very soon.]

[Panian, the soldiers have orders to bring the wizard in at any cost, so they'd be a bit suspicious of an order to retreat, but they don't doubt its origins.]

2006-08-21, 09:59 PM

Panian looks about for any alternative route. A window, another door, a damn trap door, something! We have to get out of here Panian begins to edge towards the kitchen listening for any sound of struggle coming from the back

Listen Check 1d20+2=12 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=573691)

He glances over at Kerrul. Looks like we have our sonofawhore. Do you think it's safe now, or can you find another way out? Somehow I don't think the front door will work too well. Though the situation is tense, Panian has seemed to remain cool, calm and collective. Though the elf is beginning to get a bit heavy on his shoulders, Panian still holds him and moves about as freely as a man carrying an elf on his shoulders. He glances at the door and sees the cripple leaning up against it. Panian lets out a slight chuckle and then addresses the boy You there, somehow I don't think a cripple will hold the door against a squad of Ranna thugs. You'd best move away from there, lest you go flying with the door when they come knocking.

(Are there any windows or alternative exits that Panian sees?)

[OOC: Might not be posting until late tomorrow. Have to bring my computer into the Geek Squad so they can fix their mistakes. ZRS, don't worry about the soldiers. I totally understand. Just puts a fire under our butts for now ;)]

2006-08-21, 10:08 PM
The profane screaming of the Rannite leader rang as he ran from the room. Given the direction of the soldier's exit and the absence of the wizard, Justance guessed that a fight was imminent in the kitchen, cutting off the only obvious escape route.

[Holgier still struggled in the grasp of the mean-looking brawler, and his face was beginning to turn a dangerous shade of purple.] With as much alacrity as he could muster, Justance rushed to him and tried to pry the manacles from the steel grip of the thug. [OOC: No opposed check; this is RP-only.] "Let him go, will you? We haven't got the time!"

[Justance took the greatsword from the near-nerveless fingers of the paladin.] "Here. If I have his sword, will you let him go?"

[If Kerrul agrees to let him go: "Let's just get out of here, first, alright?" Justance admonished the gasping and red-faced Holgier. "We can deal with the Halavanites later," He handed the man his sword and looked toward the door.]

2006-08-21, 11:41 PM

The thug lets go with a snort. You have balls kid, and can at least stand up for what you think is right. I can respect that, even if what you think is right is wrong. Tossing the manacles carelessly to the floor, he turns his back on the two others.

Panian, grab the elf. We will deal with him later. He glances back over his shoulder at the pair. Normally, I wouldn't bother, but you impressed me that much. Turning around, he adresses the remaining patrons. I'm gonna be leaving now. Anyone who wants to come with, better follow quick. But duck first.

Kerrul walks over to the open barrel of the disguisting alcohol mixture. He quickly finds the lid and sets it on the counter while he works. Taking a flask of oil out of a belt pouch, he stuffs a section of cloth into it, then drags the oily rag out and tucks it into a knothole or slighty crack in the barrel's lid. If there isn't one, he makes one. Then, he seals up the barrel tightly. With some shoving and pushing, the thug drags the barrel to the door, which is hopefully still shut. He then ignites the rag with some flint and steel, then starts towards behind the bar.

I hope there is enough fumes from that crap to make this work...

(refusing no help in setting this up)

2006-08-22, 12:50 AM

Bewildered, Panian follows Kerrul's actions with interest. He shifts the elf's weight on his shoulders. It finally dawns on Panian when he sees Kerrul drag the rag stuffed barrel towards the door. Uhm, Kerrul. You do know that that liquer will explode, right? Most likely a huge explosion. . . Kerrul. . . . do you know what you're doing? . . . . Kerrul . . . oh by Halavan's Blades

Panian sees Kerrul light the fuse, and takes off for the bar, moving as fast as he can with an unconcious elf on his shoulders. He dives behind the bar and tries to hide as far underneath the bar ledge and as far into the corner as humanly possible. He sheilds the unconcious elf with his body, awaiting the impending kaboom! Shouting to Kerrul: I sure hope you know what you're doing!!

2006-08-22, 02:42 AM
Gondal Wynn

Gondal cursed as the larger thug set the rag ablaze. Tossing his gear and crossbow into his toolbox, Gondal snapped shut the lid, sheathed his rapier, and grabbed the box in one hand and the girl's hand in the other. Quickly pulling him after her, Gondal headed for the bar, intending to get behind it to offer whatever protection might be available from the idiot's makeshift contraption.

[OOC: Info on the barrel bomb placed in OOC thread]

2006-08-22, 08:27 AM
Justance's eyes went wide as he realized what the big man was trying to accomplish. Despairing of being able to get behind the bar in time, he threw himself on the ground and covered his head in anticipation of an explosion. [OOC: I know it's not coming; but he doesn't.]

2006-08-22, 08:42 AM
[Okay, I think I have a good way to make the barrel work. Not in the way you expected, but work none the less.]

You hide behind the bar [I assume that Holgier has gone with the rest of you], awaiting the impending explosion. You hear a rush of what is likely flame, but nothing deafening. As you peek over the crates that make up the bar, you see that the barrel has caught fire and is completely ablaze, filling the room with thick smoke.

You hear pounding on the door as Justance's spell (even though you don't know it), gives way and the soldiers come bursting through. The barrel is tipped and the ignited ale-whiskey in it spills all over the floor of the bar, creating a lake of fire on the floor in between you and the soldiers and completely filling the room with smoke.

[I suggest getting out of there quickly or you won't be able to breathe for very much longer. And for the record, there are no windows on the first floors of any buildings in Lelan, those that may have existed have long since been bricked up to protect against burglary.]

2006-08-22, 08:47 AM
Gondal Wynn

While relieved that the makeshift attempt at a bomb didn't work, Gondal was now faced with the dilemma of getting a terrified girl out of a flaming bar where hundreds more gallons of alcohol was stored. Deciding that the Rannans and other thugs would be fleeing just the same, Gondal risked going through the kitchen, pulling the girl behind him and using for front of his toolbox to bash open the kitchen door before him.

Upon reaching the kitchen, Gondal headed straight to the back door, being familiar with the layout of the establishment as he had repaired the failing back lock many times, even though he had counseled the owner to replace the ancient mechanical piece.

[OOC: Not sure if Gondal and the girl make it to the street that easily or not. If we do, Gondal will take the girl with him to some distance away from the bar, hopefully blending in with other onlookers. He'll try to calm her and keep her from giving away the fact that the pair of them was in the bar when the ruckus started. If he can't find an easy way to hide in the crowd, he'll take her back to his home/shop.]

2006-08-22, 09:08 AM

The armored man springs up from behind the bar and whoops pumping his arm with victoryHahaha, enjoy that you flame loving (%[email protected]#^'s! The man uses a term that probably would have made the alcohol catch fire of its own accord. Coughing as he ducks back under the smoke, the armored man half crawls and half duck walks towards the kitchen door, making sure that someone is dragging the elf behind.

2006-08-22, 09:17 AM
Justance had to roll to evade the quickly-spreading flame. He struggled to his feet in an attempt to get out of there before the soldiers found a way across. Thank Alson I held onto my crutch! He planted his good leg and helped Holgier to rise, as well. Then, winding his way around the tables, he headed for the kitchen door. I just pray that the wizard and that Rannite have finished their spat by now. If not, I might end up well-toasted anyway.

As he went, he listened (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=574836) and looked (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=574840) for signs of continuing struggle.

briefly check the body (or bodies) for something obvious--not a thorough search, but enough to satisfy his curiousity. He's not interested in looting, but he does have questions. Does the Rannite captain have papers on him ordering an arrest or explaining what the commotion was about? The Temple of Alson might want to know. Does the wizard have anything that Justance can use to help his own magical investigations? Anything that would help him understand his magical gift/curse would be welcome. In any case, he's more interested in saving his skin than in loitering near a dead body when smoke and soldiers could pour through the door at any instant; but he's willing to spare a moment's attention.]

2006-08-22, 08:47 PM
The kitchen of the Tumbling Dragon is a tiny room, the only features of which are a small fireplace with a boiling pot of the potato soup hanging over it, a wooden table with a blunt knife (used for cutting the potatoes), and a large sack of potatoes by the table. There is a single door leading out into a back alleyway, which has been left open, presumably by the fleeing wizard. There is no sign of the bartender, who had retreated in here when the arguing had begun.

You neither hear nor see any signs of stuggle, but what you do hear is the clatter of the Ranna soldiers, their path to you blocked off, and one of them ordering the others to run around to the back. You don't have much time.

[I'll try to get a map up ASAP, but for now you are in a five-foot wide alley with two basic choices: left or right. Both lead into the maze of back alleys. You have no clue which direction the Ranna soldiers will come from.

And since Spuddly is moving into college right now, I'll have to assume that his character is with the rest of you. Not unreasonable, since it's either this or stay in a burning tavern.]

2006-08-22, 09:40 PM
His right leg sore from the unwonted activity, Justance leaned heavily on his crutch and on Holgier for support. In his clumsy haste to make a retreat, he tripped over the sack of potatoes, spilling them underfoot. Slowing so that he would not trip further, he staggered out into the alley.

"Which way? I don't--this isn't my area. Which way do we go?" He looked to the man with the girl for an answer; he wasn't sure that he could trust the Halavanites' instructions.

Before the man could answer, Justance reached down and snatched up two potatoes that had spilled out the door. He chucked one in either direction and listened for a reaction.

[OOC: Just a whim, but it might have results if he gets lucky. He's figuring that a flying spud would elicit some sort of reaction from a soldier coming around the side of the building. If Justance hears something like that--you can take his earlier unused listen (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=574836) roll, if you want--he'll head the other way. Obviously, something like a cat's yowling wouldn't tell him anything.]

2006-08-22, 09:54 PM

Kerrul strides confidently out the back door, and hangs and immidiate left. He isn't sure exactly where he is. This isn't the pub that he normally drinks at. But this is his section of town, and his time.

Panian, we can move him faster if we work together. Grab his feet, I'll take his arms, we can drag him between us. Once that has been arranged to both their satisfaction, Kerrul takes off town the streets, leading the way. He moves without hesitation, knowing that to hesitate is to show weakness or uncertainty, which are both magnets to the many theives and thugs of the area. The armored man looks for a street he knows, and gets on it once he finds one.

2006-08-22, 11:53 PM

Satisfied that there will be no explosion, Panian pokes his head above the bar to find that there is quite a bit more smoke and fire than when he went beneath the bar. Well it looks like we've over stayed our welcome at this tavern.

Panian scoops up the unconcious elf, and heads for the back being very careful about any stray spells from a hidden wizard. Once into the alleyway, Panian stops. Which way do we go. . . . curses this elf is getting heavy. He better be worth the information. Panian shifts the elf's weight on his shoulders. When Kerrul offers to help carry him Panian agrees to share the load. I'll take his head, in case you need to make a quick He carries the elf by his shouldersIf Kerrul would need to leap into battle quickly, it would be bad if he were to drop the elf on his head. Panian follows Kerrul down to the left.

He looks over his shoulder at the paladin following them. Seeing as you are the only one who is a capable fighter who isn't carrying an elf, you should probably take the lead and stop any Ranna thugs from getting ideas of ambushing us. Panian regrips the elf, hooking his arms underneath his arms. He wonders to himself how he gets in these situations!

[OOC: Sorry for the one later posting. Have been having computer troubles today and it doesn't show any signs of letting up. I'll try and get another one in tonight if something in the plot advances/changes]

2006-08-23, 09:05 AM
[OOC: If the Great Potato Maneuver yields no results, then Justance (and presumably Holgier) follows Gondal. If Gondal follows Panian and Kerrul, then Justance follows the main group. Not trusting the Halavanites, however, Justance refuses to walk before them. They might backstab him; or they might just be using him to spring the nasty surprises that they know lie ahead.]

[OOC: I also find it unlikely that Holgier and the Halavanites have not been quarrelling over who gets to deliver "justice" to the elf. Oh, well; if he's not posting, it can't be helped.]

2006-08-23, 09:59 AM

Do you think we should have someone take over Spuddley's character until he's done moving into college?

2006-08-23, 12:14 PM
quite yet.]

From your right, you can hear a bit of commotion and the footfalls of boots on the stone as the soldiers are surprised by the appearance of a potato flying through the air.

2006-08-23, 01:47 PM
Justance Senneset

Hearing the unmistakable clatter of boot treads on cobblestone coming from the right, Justance took off after the retreating backs of the Halavanites. While he looked for a familiar landmark, he stayed close to Holgier.

"What do we do about the elf? Does he need to go back to the Temple?" he whispered to Holgier. "Or do we follow these guys to see what their interest in him is?"

[OOC: Is the girl still with Gondal or did she split as soon as they got into the open? If she's still around, Justance would likely try to say something comforting to her so that she wouldn't think she was a prisoner.]

2006-08-23, 02:22 PM
Gondal Wynn

Gondal ploughed out the back of the Dragon and a chance slip left him facing right as he regained his feet. Considering that one direction at this point was as good as any other, Gondal set off in that direction down the winding alleys. As he moved, he took a moment to check the girl to see if she was ok.

"Are you hurt at all? I'm sorry to have pulled you along like that, but it didn't seem safe to leave you there and once the fire broke out, well, it just made sense to make sure you got out of there too. Oh, guess names my help. I'm Gondal, Gondal Wynn. If you're from the River Quarter, you might have heard of my store? I run Gondal's Locks over on Artisan Way."

2006-08-23, 07:04 PM

His muscles beginning to get stiff from carrying the dead (in this case unconcious) weight, Panian scans the alleyway for some sort of exit. We need to get him to the Temple. What is the quickest way from here. . . . As Panian tries to get his bearings he whispers to Kerrul. We need to get the elf to our Temple. What's the quickest way there. . . we should be safe there. Panian tightens his grip on the elf and continues moving.

He casts a glance over his shoulder and sees that Gondal and the girl are heading in the opposite direction. At least they got out. I hope everybody else did. . . I'd hate to have other innocent people die because of us. . .

2006-08-23, 07:18 PM
Gondal, as you run to the right, your way is suddenly blocked off as the squad of soldiers (there are 7 of them in total, evidently there were a lot more outside the tavern) rounds a corner and comes charging down the alley. One of them screams "Hey, you!" at the group in general. They are still about 50 feet away.

Panian and Kerrul, the temple of Halavan is a good deal to the East of where you are now. You come out of the alley facing south, so it's to your left.

2006-08-23, 08:37 PM

Panian, [Kerrul and the elf] come bustling out into the alleyway. It is as busy as to be expected. Panian looks to the left and right desperately trying to get his bearings and catch any sight of the Ranna patrol. When he hears the commotion behind him Panian turns as much as he can to see what has happened.

Well it looks like we need to move, and fast! Quickly, to the left. Hopefully those two down there will buy us some time. Lets go!!

Panian takes off down the street heading towards the Temple of Halavan. He pushes past the people in the street trying to move as quickly as possible. Once or twice he can feel a man trying to find his purse, but having lived in this side of Lelan for long enough has taught Panian to hide his purse well. He makes sure that nothing is taken from him as he continues to the Temple. I hope to Halavan that we make it there before anybody stops us. The last thing we need is another fight

2006-08-23, 08:44 PM

Right. Shadowbone will know what they want to do to him. The thug stops in the shadows of the alley, and kneels down. Supressing a grunt of pain, he rips off four sections of his cloak, three long, thin strips, and a wider patch. If possible, he rips them so the bottom of his cloak remains even, if shorter. The wide patch, he tucks and tightens in the hole ripped in his armor, stanching the bloodflow. The three thin strips go around the elf, one on his wrists, one on his ankles, and one as a gag. While he works, he talks in a low voice.

So, what do you think of the foolish Alsonites? Should we allow them to trail us back if they decide to follow us? A way out of the bar was all they earned from me with the cripple's courage, but if you want to shelter them, it is your call.

As soon as he is done with his knotwork, he takes off down the street with Panian, not brooking anyone stopping them.

Use rope check (1d20+2=16) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=577470)

2006-08-23, 08:49 PM

As Kerrul dresses his wound Panian will offer him any help he can. He looks back at the other patrons of the bar to see how far behind them they are. I don't think it matters if they follow us, as long as we get him to our mentor before they catch us. I don't think they'll be too willing to let us take him, but we know these streets better then they do so we have that working for us. Lets just get him to the Temple quickly and if they follow us, so be it. They're decent men, misguided but decent. Panian takes up the elf with Kerrul again and sets off for the Temple, casting glances over his shoulder. He looks over at Kerrul and notices the bloodstained cloth. How's your side? Is it serious?

2006-08-23, 08:51 PM

As he runs along, Kerrul chuckles, tapping his forehead's scar with his left hand, his right still in an iron grip of the elf's leg. I've had worse. Shadowbone had to damn near shove my brain back in my head after I caught an axe to the face durning training.

2006-08-23, 10:45 PM
Justance was getting fed up with Holgier's continued silence. Worse yet, their opportunity to take the elf--if that was, indeed, what Holgier intended--was quickly slipping away. They're headed for the Halavanite Temple. I think. What is it about the elf that has them so worked up? Doesn't Holgier have an ounce of curiousity in his body? This certainly seems like a matter that may be of interest to Alson.

Justance gritted his teeth in frustration as the Halavanites began to outdistance him. Or maybe it was the Halavanites he wanted; I think he said something about tracking murderers. But if that's the case, then I still don't see why he's just letting them get away!

He sighed. Maybe it's a paladin thing. Does he have some sort of internal connection to Alson? Does he know something I don't?

The stench of the river was strong in this section, and it brought his thoughts back to the mundane. I should probably be trying to find a place for the night, right now. Or a job. Or both. Or doing something to figure out the mess my life has become. Why am I stumping along with a taciturn paladin of Alson in pursuit of two Halavanite scoundrels lugging an unconscious elf? What even happened back in that tavern back there? Did I really...oh, gods.

Justance retched in the gutter as a wave of nausea hit him; but the gutter didn't notice.

A cry behind him indicated that the Rannite soldiers noticed, however. With a groan, Justance wiped his mouth with the already-soiled sleeve of his shirt. He turned and shouted to the armed men who had just run out into the alley behind them.

"You were after that wizard, right? I hope you find him, he almost cooked us all. I think I saw your leader chasing him back the other way; that's why we're headed this direction: we don't want no trouble with a witch." [Diplomacy check (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=578192)]

Justance's stomach twisted again as he spit out the last word, knowing that he was just as worthy of the epithet as the bearded man.

2006-08-24, 09:09 AM
Gondal Wynn

Gondal pulled up short at the sight of the soldiers headed his way. A myriad of curses ran through his mind in the time it took to figure out that he'd never make it out while hanging on to the girl and leaving her alone in Rannan soldiers' company was too calloused even for him. Wearily, Gondal set down his toolbox and laid his crossbow atop it. Putting both hands in the air, he called out to the approaching soldiers.

"I'm Gondal Wynn, a local craftsman. This girl and I were simply fleeing the scene of a bad bar brawl that started a fire. We have harmed no one and seek only safety from the blaze."

While he was speaking, Gondal kept his body largely in front of the girl's so that only her head was visible to the soldiers. Without turning around, he whispered quietly to her. "If they shoot me, take off running the other direction. Stay low and look for a place to hide. Find someone you trust to put you up for a couple of days while this blows over. You should be fine after that."

2006-08-24, 07:07 PM
[PolkaBear, I believe that's actually a Bluff check, since you don't actually know which way the wizard went. (Oh my god, the alliteration...) I'll use that roll though, and that makes it 27. They believe you.]

The soldier in the lead of the group listens to Justance's argument, and says "Alright men, back the other way." The squar turns and rushes down the alleyway.

[I apologize to Spuddly, but we need Holgier doing something. So I'm going to have to decide his actions a bit. Unlesss you come back tonight, in which case we can ignore this.]


Holgier turns and sees Panian and Kerrul carrying Aeyamar off to the east. He shouts, loudly, "Put that elf down!" He then draws his sword and starts to chase after the three of them.

There is about 15' of distance between Holgier and Panian, who's carrying Aeyamar's feet. And you're in a back alley, not on a street. There's no one else here, besides the seven of you (including the girl) until you get onto the street.

[We probably need a map. I'll tr to make one quickly.]

2006-08-24, 07:22 PM
[OOC: Was the group Justance talked to the same one Gondal and the girl ran into? Or am I waiting on a different response for those troops?]

2006-08-24, 07:36 PM
[No, there was only one group of soldiers.]

Gondal, the girl turns to you and says "Thank you for saving me. There's not many who would do that. Not for me, anyway."

She is a young girl, perhaps sixteen or seventeen, dressed in a torn dress and her skin is covered in dirt. She has a thin frame and looks undernourished. She might have been a prostitute picked up by the two Halavanites. She looks frightened, casting nervous glances at the others.

"My name is Lora."

2006-08-24, 09:47 PM
[Wow, the first encounteer is just barely over and Gondal has already started icking up chicks...]

2006-08-24, 10:04 PM

Hearing the paladin shout after them, Panian begins to quicken his pace. He pretends he did not hear the shouts to stop and he continues towards the street. Under his breath he asks Kerrul, What do you propose we do? He's already put a rather large gash in your side, and I don't really want to mess with that sword of his.

Panian tires to make it into the street before Holgier gets to them so that they could do their best to blend into the croud or lose him in the streets. He glances around the alley for anything that he might be able to use to slow down the paladin if need be. He also keep san eye open for any way they could get away from him, and quickly.

2006-08-24, 11:19 PM

Kerrul hears the paladin's shout, and Panians nervous question. Only one thing to do in this case. Bluff. Turning over his shoulder, he shouts to the paladin. Come on, follow us, we know a safe spot we can recover away from the Rannites.

2006-08-25, 12:27 AM

Catching onto Kerrul's plan, he thinks. He decides to throw his own interjection in, hoping it doesn't sound suspicious. We'll all be safe there. Hurry, follow quickly. We don't want those Ranna soldiers following us. Panian tries to hide his nerves. His face is cool and calm considering all that has happened tonight.

2006-08-25, 04:34 AM
Gondal Wynn

Gondal smiled encouragingly at the young girl. "Well, it's all over now, Lora. We managed to get out of the bar just fine and the soldiers aren't interested in two average citizens like us, so what say we get out of here? If you like, you can come back to mine for a chance to wash up and some hot tea, no cost of any kind. Or I'll walk you anywhere in the River Quarter you want to go if you have a home of your own. Your choice."

Gondal kept an eye on the alleys as he spoke with the girl. While she was in need of some care, he didn't want to ignore his surroundings and fall victim to a common footpad after escaping the much more deadly events of earlier in the night.

2006-08-25, 08:06 AM
Justance Senneset

Justance heard the offer of refuge given by the two Halavanites; but it also seemed that they had been trying to increase the distance between them as much as possible. [Sense Motive (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=579575)]

2006-08-25, 09:30 AM
[Shouldn't Kerrul have rolled for his bluff check]

2006-08-25, 09:56 AM
[Er... It is theoretically true, he is just leaving out important qualifiers. Like, it is filled with Halavanites.]

Bluff Check (1d20+0=16) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=579793)

2006-08-25, 10:17 AM
[I usually don't require rolls for character interaction, since I trust you guys not to metagame, but if you feel you need them.]

Holgier looks skeptically at Kerrul. "The soldiers are already gone. Where is this hiding place of yours? He runs to catch up with Holgier and Panian. "We need to wake him up somehow, preferably sooner rather than later." [Recognizing that Holgier knows that Kerrul is evil, but also that he isn't Lawful Stupid.]

Lora says to Gondal "I have no home of my own. I was supposed to spend this night with them," she gestures towards the burning tavern, indicating the now probably charred corpses of Villik and Attal. "I could spend the night with you, if you wish." She is obviously mistaking your offer of hospitality as an offer to spend the night together.

2006-08-25, 10:20 AM

As he keeps running, he looks over his shoulder and snarls at the paladin. Look, this isn't your pretty little section of town where you can march back and forth under banners. Out here, we need shelter, fast. Now are you going to keep asking stupid questions or are you going to follow us to our safehouse?

2006-08-25, 10:23 AM
Gondal Wynn

Gondal gave a gruff cough and reddened slightly, glad that the darkness of the night hid his blush. "No child, that's not necessary at all. I simply offer you a place to rest for the night, no charge or payment required. I remember what it's like to have little to your name and, since my Opa died, I have more than enough room at my shop. If you want, I can make some inquiries about finding you work at a local tavern or even with the seamstresses' shop in the River Quarter if you want to change your profession."

2006-08-25, 10:38 AM
[OOC: Sorry about the roll. Didn't know how you worked it. I'll just RP with PCs from now on.]

With the Halavanites quickening their pace, and with Holgier running to catch up, Justance struggled not to be left in the murky evening darkness. His right leg burned like the tavern behind them. With the exertion, he had no breath left to voice his concerns about this "safehouse." Even so, he could detect no obvious duplicity in the tall one's offer; so perhaps it was sincere.

At least Holgier's taking command again, not just scowling and looking fierce.

2006-08-25, 11:26 AM

Appearing a little annoyed with the paladin's questions and a little aprehensive to be on the streets, Panian continues moving towards the safe house. He looks straight into the paladin's eyes and talks with all sencerity when he says: Either way, we need to get off the streets. We're going somewhere safe and we'll get this fellow healed up. We also need to tend to that nasty cut on my friend's side He motions with his head to Kerrul. You and your young friend are welcome to come with us. You'll have a roof over your head and you won't have to worry about any of those Ranna soldiers finding you.

You may be tied up and taken prisoner but you'll be safe

Hoping that this satisfies the paladin's questions Panian motions towards the young man hobbling after them and adresses the paladin. You'd best help your friend. He won't be able to keep up and on these streets he might disappear for good. He seems like a nice boy, I'd hate for something to happen to him.

2006-08-25, 08:05 PM
Holgier catches up with Kerrul and Panian easily [since you're both bogged down with carrying an unconscious body], running around to block their path down the alley. He looks at the two of you with a stern face and speaks slowly. "We do need to get off the streets, but I will not leave the elf with you. You didn't seem so keen on helping him before. Do you really expect me to believe you would now? It's because of you that he needs help. Follow me. We'll go across the river to the Temple of Alson and he can be healed there. Otherwise, drop him or I will cut you down." You notice that his greatsword is still unsheathed and that it still drips with Kerrul's blood.

[Just keep role-playing this as you would normally. I don't intend to let it go back into pvp combat.]

He looks back to Justance to see if the young man is okay, but his primary concern is getting Aeyamar out of the hands of the two Halavanites.

Lora says to Gondal: "I...I don't understand, sir. If you don't want me, I must be on my way. I must make money. Are you offering to shelter me?" She seems genuinely incredulous, as if this were the first offer of help she has ever received.

2006-08-26, 12:39 AM

The man in armor simply scoffs and pushes past the paladin, not even wincing when his wound brushes the man. His voice drips with arrogance and condesenion. You still don't get it. It is only the fact that Panian and are are here that prevents you and your crippled friend from being killed and stripped down. Don't threaten me here. If you touch either one of us, then neither of you will make it across the river alive. So, instead of us going to Alson's temple, we will take him and you two to Halavan's Refuge. And you will be more comfortable there than we would be in Alson's, I can promise you that. Now shut up and get in line, and quit waving that ridiculous cow killer around.

2006-08-26, 01:33 AM

Sighing Panian drops his head for a moment in disgust. He picks his head back up, returning his gaze to the Paladin. Do you think for one second that we haven't helped you? Don't you think if we wanted to kill you or the elf we could have? Do you think, for one moment, that if we haden't gone after the elf that Attal and Villik wouldn't have taken him and killed him. We merely subdued him before he did my friend or myself damage. I don't want this to come to blows. In fact, we're doing the best that we can to make sure everybody is right as rain. The only thing that seems to be keeping us from doing that is you! Now if you're quite finished, we need to get him to some place where we can mend him and also that gash you gave my friend here. Just because we grew up on the streets doesn't mean we don't have pride, and respect. Now put your weapon away. Remember back when both of us wanted to join with you. We could have just as easly struck you down while your attention was on the Ranna guards but we did not. Panian's eyes stare directly into the paladins, as if he were searching the man's soul. Panian's brows furrow and then his face relaxes as he says: We've done enough fighting for one day. I don't like seeing good men hurt.

Panian looks away from the paladin, almost in disgust, as he pushes past him. As they head for the streets Panian scans the streets, looking for any suspicious characters that may cause them trouble or worse, Ranna soldiers that have come back searching for their prey.

2006-08-26, 06:28 AM
"I...I don't understand, sir. If you don't want me, I must be on my way. I must make money. Are you offering to shelter me?" Lora asked, incredulously.

Gondal sighed with a general despair of the failing world of men, where such a child would not be able to recognize charity in its simplist form. As they walked, he began to steer them towards his shop and the rooms built on the back of the structure that had housed both he, his Opa, and at one point, his mother and father as well.

"Aye, lass. Simple shelter with no requirements at all from you. And, if you want, I can ask around to find work for you that doesn't require danger and unsavory men at night. Do you have any skills in a trade? Your hands don't look like a smith's, so I guess that's out," Gondal chuckled, trying to lighten Lora's mood. "If you can sew or cook I can probably find you work fairly quickly. If not, well, I know a lady who had a life like yours. Now she runs a nanny service, hiring girls out to look after rich folks' children. If you like working with spoiled brats, she would take you on, I'm sure."

Gondal kept an alert eye on the alleys as they walked. He was well enough known in the area to be considered a neutral as far as muggings and footpads went, but tonight had been a rather odd night, so there was no use in taking chances. Through the mist of the early morning, Gondal saw the turn onto the street where his shop was.

2006-08-26, 01:28 PM
Holgier does not lower his sword, choosing to ignore Kerrul's "cow killer" insult. "There's not many who would attack an armed paladin of Alson, but you're right. He needs to get to shelter fast." He still does not trust these men, but he sees no alternative.

"You will take us—the elf, myself, and Justance—to wherever this place of yours is. But, I swear, if he comes to harm, you two will be the first to die by my sword."

He calls out to the man in chainmail and the girl he appears to be sheltering. "You, sir! And you, lady! Do you need shelter?" He knows he may be leading two more innocents into a possible trap, but he also knows that harm will come to them if they stay out on the street. The girl seems frightened and would easily fall prey to assault.

2006-08-26, 02:02 PM

Quit giving me orders. I made the offer, and you can take it or leave it, but I'll be damned if I'll take any orders from Alsonites. And I already told you, the hospitality you wil

Kerrul drags the elf along, and the strain of the effort alongside of his wound is starting to show in his expression, his habitual snear accented by supressed pain. But the expression turns to rage when the paladin starts calling to the other two survivors from the bar. Did I extend the offer to them as well? He is snarling with anger, and drops the elf's feet. He stands square to the Alsonite, using his height to glare down at the man with the greatsword.

2006-08-26, 06:33 PM

When Kerrul steps toward the paladin, Panian decides it is time to break this up. He gently sets the elf down. He places a gentley restraining hand on Kerrul's shoulder, taking care not to hit the spikes. He steps in front of the hulking man, getting very close to the paladin, showing absolutely no fear.

Sir, I'm afraid you still don't get it. You being a paladin of Alson means nothing on this side of the river. I know it is admirable on the other side, but here, that is a reason enough to attack you. We offer you protection, but you are overreaching your authority if you think you can command us. We are not at your disposal. If you want something from either of us, ask but do not think for a moment that you'll get it from us if you order.

Panian has remained cool, his words flowing from his mouth and his eyes locked onto the paladin's eyes. He is getting dangerously close to touching one of Panian's nerves, and Panian doesn't want things to come to blows again. He looks back at Kerrul and gives him a reassuring nod. Looking back at the paladin he says:

My friend is also correct when he says that we did not offer these other two shelter. They have played no part so far and we do not seek to include them. They have their own paths to follow, so let them follow it. But, seeing as you have already invited them we'll just have to wait and see what they decide. I doubt they'll take up your offer.

Panian briefly looks up at the two people, checking to see if they have a response. Then he turns on his heel and walks back to the unconcious elf. He glances over at Kerrul and notices the strain he is putting on his body and the blood that is soaking into his wound dressing. Panian picks up the elf by his shoulders and then motions for the paladin to pick up his feet.

If you would put your sword away and pick up his feet, sir. I believe it is your turn to share the load and give my friend a rest. . . not that he needs one. Panian throws Kerrul a reassuring look, as he waits for the paladin to pick up the elf.

2006-08-26, 07:03 PM
Gondal Wynn

Even from the end of the alley, Gondal sensed the tension roiling off the men standing there. That, and the fact that they had been involved in the thick of the combat which Gondal and Lora were now trying to distance themselves from, argued strongly against taking up their offer. Besides, that Paladin obviously had no clue of how things worked in the River Quarter, a fact which the other men he was with seemed to be trying to educate him in.

Raising his hand and shaking his head, Gondal called out softly, "No thanks, we can manage on our own." Grabbing Lora's hand and picking up his toolbox, Gondal set off again, intent on putting some distance between himself and the blokes that had turned the whole night sour.

2006-08-26, 07:03 PM

Panian couldn't have picked words better to ensure that Kerrul could make it in, especially without slugging the paladin. With nothing but another snarl at Holgier, he grabs the elf's feet and resumes moving.

2006-08-27, 09:08 AM
Justance could feel the tension as he caught up with the others. Even though they started moving again, the spine-stiffness that was displayed by everyone (except the elf) bespoke the expectance of a dagger in the back.

I have to mitigate this tension, if I can.

Breathlessly he said, "While I appreciate the offer of sanctuary, I must admit that it's difficult for me to accept the gift of a complete stranger. Could we not share our names? I'm Justance. The paladin's Holgier."

Holgier shot Justance a warning glance as if to say, Tell them nothing about us!

I know what I'm doing. We have to begin to build some sort of trust, here. We didn't do it, back in the bar; and look how that turned out.

Besides, Justance thought to himself, These two may both be Halavanites, but they seem...different from each other somehow. The lean one's a mean one. But the other; I think I might have been able to admire him, were the situation any different. I need some sort of an opening--an opportunity--to see what I can make of them.

2006-08-27, 10:16 AM

Face locked in a grim expression as he hauls the elf along and focuses away the ache of his wound, Kerrul opens his mouth long enough to say "They call me Spinesnap," before sealing it shut again to prevent any sound of pain from slipping out.

2006-08-27, 02:18 PM

Panian stops when the youth asks for their names. He motions for Kerrul to set the elf down with him. Panian turns to face the youth and a sly smile comes across his face. He extends his hand saying : Panian Shipsail, son of Elian Shipsail. He shakes Justance's hand and then he turns to face the paladin. Holgier was it? A pleasure to finally know your name, sir. Panian also extends his hand but his eyes stare into Holgier's.

After shaking his hand, Panian motions with his head towards the elf, never taking his eyes of of Holgier, and says: How about you give my friend a rest, and carry his feet for a while. It should be no trouble at all for you. Panian nods his head toward Holgier in as friendly an attitude as the paladin can get from him.

He returns to Kerrul [who isn't very happy about having to give up his job]. Panian goes close to the hulking man, keeping his back to Holgier and Justance. He leans in close to the brute and whispers to him I need you fresh, my friend. If you over exert yourself here, what is to stop them from taking him from us at their whim? Rest yourself, and be on guard. At least this way, we'll have removed their best fighter from taking the first strike. Panian looks into Kerrul's eyes and slightly nods his head.

That might seem suspicious to Holgier. He doesn't really trust us at all right now and us keeping secrets is only going to fuel the fire. Time to explain myself.

Panian returns to the paladin and says in a low voice so Kerrul cannot hear him. My friend was a little too proud to show his tiredness, but I've managed to convince him to take a break. . . at least for a while A smile comes to Panian's mouth as he looks over at Kerrul and throws him a wink. Turning back to Holgier. Shall we? Panian returns to his place at the elf's head as he begins to pick him up [with the help of Holgier].

2006-08-27, 02:23 PM

Kerrul's face twists into an annoyed scowl, but he nods and backs off, letting the elf's feet bounce to the cobbles. He stands silent while Panian talks, defering to his more diplomatic lead.

2006-08-27, 02:25 PM

Ow..............................................So ...................................Bumpy.......... ........................

2006-08-27, 05:15 PM
Names. Well, it's a start. Justance slipped into the comfortable manner he used with patrons new to The Merry Maid.

Panian. Good to meet you." Justance nodded in the direction of the blond man. "And...er...Spinesnap. I'm guessing that the, uh, 'vivid' character of that name is entirely intentional."

No one earned a moniker like "Spinesnap" in a casual manner; and given Halavan's patronage of murder and trickery, the man probably wasn't just a petty thief or one of the misguided masses that gave their support to anyone who challenged the reigning authority. Justance still didn't trust him--he feared the man, in fact--but he could find no fault with his description of the dangers on the streets at this time of night.

2006-08-27, 08:21 PM
Holgier sheathes his greatsword and moves to pick up the elf's feet, keeping his gaze hard on Kerrul.

"Lead." It is an order. Kerrul can deal with it, as far as Holgier is concerned.

He looks at Justance, hoping that he will see the knowing glance in his eyes that says I know this is a trap, but we have to play along.

2006-08-27, 11:24 PM

A grin crosses Kerrul's face, turning his normal scowling visage into something truely horrifying. Say "please". Without holding his breath for an actual response, the armored man takes up the lead at a comfortable pace, making sure to check everywhere for theives and muggers who were out for business that night.

2006-08-28, 08:54 PM
[Okay, Adjudicator and I are doing this through PM, so this is for the other 5 of you.]

The streets of Lelan are crowded with people, even at this time of night(it's about 11). The streets are always crowded, no matter what time of day or night it is. The only difference between day and night is the type of people out on the streets. No one gives a second glance at several heavily armed figures carrying the unconscious body of an elf, even down a main street.

The place you are aiming for is east of your present location, in the "East Common Quarter." It is a small house you (meaning Kerrul and Panian) know well, with a door painted red, a trademark of Halavan supporters on this side of the river. You notice that none of the lights inside the house have been lit.

[Just thought I'd throw in some flavour, like a red door.]

2006-08-28, 10:58 PM

The armored man walks up to the door, a small grin of pride on his face at the bold crimson marking his faith. He politely raps the door in a subtle pattern set aside long ago for identifying his return.

2006-08-29, 12:10 AM

Panian readjusts his grip on the elf's shoulders and throws a sideways glance at Kerrul. He looks up and down the street more in habit than actual nervousness. He lets out a quick sigh and says, more to himself then anybody else: We are safe now. He waits patiently for the red door to swing open and to be in the presence of his mentor once again.

2006-08-29, 09:41 AM
Justance nervously awaited the opening of the red door. He knew its significance, even though (or, perhaps, because) few on the western side of the river bore that identifying color. The relief expressed by the two Halavnites upon reaching their "safe house" bordered on outright glee, and made Justance even more uncomfortable.

He wasn't sure what Holgier made of the situation. He had earlier sent Justance a long, hard look; but Justance was unsure whether that was a warning, a command to shut up, or some sort of secret message. Whatever it was, it only served to unnerve him. He had been babbling inanities almost non-stop since then. If it weren't for the fact that he was bringing up the tail of the group, he was sure that Spinesnap--What a name!--would have throttled him.

All I really want to do is get home. Back to the tavern. Back to my brothers and my father. He sighed. Of course, that's not really an option now, is it? Even if I could get back across the river safely--at this thought, he checked his purse (which was thankfully still intact)--I still have no where to go. Maybe leaving town is the best course. Go somewhere I don't have to worry about being strung up just because I have this unwanted...somewere I'm not unwanted. The uncertainty of his future prospects did nothing to settle his stomach; but at least it shut him up.

2006-08-29, 05:19 PM
You wait several long minutes, and yet the lights in the house remain off. There are no obvious sounds coming from inside, and the door does not move.

Holgier ponders this development. He was expecting a trap, and now it seems like something "unfortunate" (for the Halavanites) may have happened. He studies Kerrul to see his reaction.

[I hope you don't think I was metagaming when I had Holgier go along, knowing that something would go wrong with the trap. I really couldn't see any other way to resolve the situation, and I adjusted as DM. This will tie into the plot, so it was adjusting to the situation as DM, not as player.]

2006-08-29, 08:50 PM

Thats not right. He should have answered by now. Maybe something has gone wrong. . .

Panian's brow furrows as he sets the elf down. He strides up to the door and does the "secret" knock again, hoping that Kerrul might have done it wrong. He waits for some sort of life to stirr in the house. When nothing does, Panian draws his sword and whispers for Kerrul to be ready for anything. He looks back at the other two and says Be on your toes lads. Something doesn't feel right here.

Panian's off hand slides onto the door handle as he slowly turns it so that it makes no sound. He slowly slides the door open enough to get his head in. He pokes the tip of his head in and tries to see what has happened inside.

2006-08-29, 09:35 PM

After several minutes of silence, Kerrul's patience wears thin. The long night, the pain of his wound, and the struggles with the arrogant scum of the Alsonites finally sapped his reserve of willingness to wait. If the door doesn't open with Panian's turning the handle, Kerrul shoves him out of the way with a feral snarl, and shoulders the door hard. If one listens very closely, one might detect a trace of fear for his master in his rage filled assault on the wood.

2006-08-30, 04:13 PM
The red door swings open easily, reveling the interior of the house. It is a simple house with few furnishings. The main room is dark, and you can make out only the silhouettes of the furniture: a couple of chairs and a table for eating. In the opposite wall is a door leading to the kitchen. Stairs on the left wall lead up into the second story, where Kerrul and Panian know lies the study and bedrooms.

Justance, you notice that there is a figure of a person sitting in one of the chairs, though it is too dark for you to make them out.

2006-08-30, 04:23 PM

Panian opens the door and silently steps into the room, his rapier held in front of him in a defensive position. He reaches with his other hand trying to find a lanturn or lamp to shed some light into the room. He strains his eyes against the dark trying to see anything at all. He keeps his ears open, hoping for some sort of sound. He whispers very softly Be on your guards. Something definately doesn't feel right here.

[OOC: Why would Justance be able to see anything that we wouldn't? Especially when I hadn't opened the door all the way ;). If it was just one of those DM makes spot check things just chalk this one up to me being a "stupid first timer"]

2006-08-30, 05:49 PM

The armored man storms into the room. Standing in the middle, he points up the stairs. Go ahead and toss the elf on one of the beds up there. Doesn't matter which. With that, he begins to grope around for the lantern he knows is somewhere in here.

2006-08-30, 07:08 PM
"Hello? Hello? Uh...please excuse us. Is it alright if we come in? Hello?" The figure that Justance could vaguely make out in the shadows remained silent. Maybe it wasn't what he supposed--a statue or a pile of clothes, perhaps. The dim light could easily play such a trick.

Apparently the others thought that he was asking permission from them[; and they impatiently waved him through the door. Panian glared at him, presumably for the noise.]

Should I risk making a light for us to see in there? Sure! Announce to these violence-prone hotheads that you're a witch: you'll probably have them inviting you to join them every sevenday for a drink down at the pub with the rest of the boys. Stupid.

"Hold on...just a minute," he said as he swings his pack around to get into it better. "I think I have a light in here somewhere." In the dim light of the street, Justance rummaged through his pack in search of the lantern he had packed.

[If no light is struck--and no other surprises occur--before Justance finds the lantern, he lights it and enters the house holding it before him.]

2006-08-31, 08:24 AM
[I just rolled Spot checks for everyone and Justance is the one who passed.]

Both Justance's and Kerrul's lanterns are struck at the same time, lighting up the interior of the house. The room seems normal, except for the body occupying the chair. He is clearly dead, with a large sword wound in his chest. You notice that around the sword wound, his clothes and leather armour have been blackened as if he was bleeding black ink instead of blood. He sits in the chair as if he had stumbled back into it, and not as if he had sat there. You can see his short sword on the ground near him. none of you recognize him, be he does look to have been involved with the temple of Halavan. The room does not look as if there has been much of a fight here.

Holgier stalls with Aeyamar's body, not taking him upstairs but staying near the door, pausing to consider this new development.

2006-08-31, 08:53 AM

That's new. The man sounds somewhat suprised, but hardly bothered. He hardly cares past that. The armored man notices the pause this has given the Alsonites. No one we knew, don't worry. I am going to see if our mentor is about. Kerrul walks over to the kitchen door, and standing slightly to the side, pushes it open abruptly, shining his light in.

2006-08-31, 09:07 AM
Justance yelped in alarm when the lantern revealed that the room was not empty: there was a figure seated on a chair. The gruesome black wound on his chest and his lifeless eyes attested that there was no hope of resuscitation.

"Look! Ye gods..." Justance pointed to the dead body as if the others had not seen it. He had no desire to approach it more closely, however, despite the curious manner in which it died. (Or perhaps because of it.)

2006-08-31, 03:17 PM

Panian lowers his sword and strides over towards the lifeless being. He take reaches out to examine the man's face and body, looking for any distinguishing features or any objects the man has on him. (Seach: 1d20+2=21 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=591275))

Panian sighs as he turns his attention away from the man and looks around the room for any other suspicious things or any trace of Graben.

After looking Panian glances up at the horrified Justance. It's all right lad. He won't hurt you. He won't be doing much anymore. Panian says with a scoff towards the dead body. This obviously isn't the first corpse he has seen. More to himself he says: Help me look around the house and make sure no other unwelcome guests are here, for all our safety.

Panian raises his sword back into the guard position and he quietly goes up the stairs. If it is also dark upstairs he will take a lanturn with him. Panian feels like his insides have frozen over. It is one of the rare times in his life that he actually is afraid, not for himself but for his mentor, Graben. Where are you Graben? What has happened here? Please be safe, I don't want to lose another father.

2006-08-31, 05:33 PM
At Panian's rather subdued request for assistance, Justance narrowed his eyes and examined the man more closely. For a moment, the underlying tenor of his voice and the expression on his face had lost the easy grace with which Panian had spoken previously.

What is it that has affected him so? Does he know the dead man somehow? Spinesnap doesn't seem to. Panian took Justance's lantern and headed up the stairs before he could ask what was wrong.

After looking back to make sure that Holgier had dragged the unfortunate elf inside and closed the door, Justance took his crutch in hand and climbed laboriously after Panian.

2006-09-01, 10:57 AM
Holgier lowers Aeyamar's body to the floor and follows the others up the stairs, drawing his greatsword.

The kitchen appears to be empty, though in the back wall there is the back door, which has been left slightly ajar.

Up the stairs, the study is the first room, with doors leading into three different bedrooms. The study is a small room with a a desk and maybe three books in total on a tiny bookshelf. The door to one of the bedrooms, Shadowbone/Graben's, is open. Light from the street shines through a tiny window and illuminates the room enough for you to see. Within, you can see the body of an older man that Panian instantly recognizes as his mentor. He lies flat on the bed, unconscious.

Over him stands the bearded wizard from the Dragon. He holds his sword out, pointed directly at Graben's chest.

"He's not dead, but he will be if you move to attack." To emphasize his point, he takes the sword and chops into one of the bedposts. What happens then is that the sword blade flashes, but instead of flashing with light, it flashes with darkness, a cloud that expands and then contracts on the gash made in the wood. Even though it was a weak swing, the bedpost crumbles under the blackness.

"If you move, I will kill him. Now, did you bring the elf, who I recall you knocking unconscious?"

Waiting for nods of confirmation, he tosses a vial of green liquid to Justance. "Give that to him."

[Assuming that Justance does, it is a potion of CLW, and will heal all of Aeyamar's damage, bringing him out of it.]

2006-09-01, 12:18 PM
[OOC: Since you told us what it was, I assume that I made my Spellcraft check or whatever to identify the potion and know that it's safe to administer. Either that, or I'm too intimidated by the wizard's command to refuse, and we find out its effects by results.]

Justance almost dropped the vial; his eyes were fixed on the ominous blackness that the sword emitted. [OOC: I guess he made his check, though; amazing when you consider his DEX.] Turning it over in his hands, he inspected the thick green fluid.

He had no idea what this wizard wanted with the elf. Harm? Rescue? Why the concern? Given that they were both magic-users, could the man be feeling some compassion toward the elf? What was the fluid?

[OOC: Assume that Justance recognizes the stuff.]

He examined the vial again. "It's a curing potion, isn't it?"

The wizard nodded impatiently. "It is. Now MOVE!"

Justance glanced over at Panian; and he heard either Holgier or Spinesnap top the stairs behind him. Probably Holgier: he didn't seem to be carrying a lantern.

"Holgier, wait. The wizard from the tavern is here. Don't make any sudden moves; he has a hostage. He gave me a curing potion for the elf. I'm going down to give it to him."

Slowly and carefully, he turned to go back down the stairs. He edged past Holgier, who had his sword drawn and in a guard position. "Please. There's been enough blood shed tonight; and we don't even know what's going on here."

[At the foot of the stairs he saw Kerrul returning from the kitchen. "Spinesnap! The wizard's upstairs with another unconscious man! He has a sword!" Spinesnap rushed up the stairs.]

Justance knelt beside the elf and unstoppered the vial. He supported the elf's head and began dribbling the potion into his mouth, pausing to prevent gagging or choking. The wounds from the armor spikes began to heal as Justance looked on: it was, indeed, a curing potion. When the elf began to stir Justance cautioned him, "Easy, now. You've been out over an hour, you might be dizzy if you get up too fast. Of course, the elf was in the tavern when he was knowcked unconscious. What to tell him? "The tavern's burned down. We took you out. But the Halavanites are here, and there's a wizard with a black sword upstairs and...never mind. Too much to tell. How do you feel?"

2006-09-01, 02:13 PM

Panian stops dead in his tracks when he realizes what this witch is capable of doing to Graben. Panian's eyes are frozen on his seemingly lifeless mentor. No! He can't be dead. He just cannot be dead. Panian's eyes flick back up to the witch from the tavern. They are filled with complete hatred and loathing for this mysterious witch. He begins to stare the man down as he slowly almost threateningly growls at the man:

What have you done to Graben? If he is dead, there is no descripiton for the world of pain you will be put into.

Panian struggles to regain some of his composure. It is taking every ounce of restraint not to dive at this man and gut him. As he tosses Justance the potion the questions keep formulating in Panian's head.

What business do you have with the elf? what business do you have with us? Why is the elf so important to you that you'd recklessly kill a Halavanite and hold another hostage? I hope for your sake, it's worth it. Because if I ever find you, you will regret ever doing this.

As Justance leaves the room, Panian's eyes remain locked on the witch. I hope that boy tells Holgier and Kerrul to get up here quickly. The more help against this witch the better. I saw the spells he was letting fly in the tavern and he seems strong. But, he cannot go free for doing this to Graben. I shall kill him myself.

[OOC: Moving into school tomorrow so I'm not sure if I'll be on to post. I'll do my best but I'm not making any promises.]

2006-09-01, 02:17 PM

After drinking the potion, Aeyamar jolted back into consciousness and saw the crippled boy from the tavern standing over him. Who are you? Where am I? How long was I out? Aeyamar's head filled with questions that he began to ask instantly as he thought of them.

Then Justance began to speak and words and he became quite afraid. You took me to the Halavanites! Are you crazy? In case you haven't noticed from my previous actions the last thing I wanted was to wind up in the hands of a church around here. You may as well have left me in the burning tavern! I need to get out of here!

Having said this, Aeyamar jumped to his feet and began to head toward the door, and then fell over from the dizzyness, which Justance had warned him of.

2006-09-01, 09:57 PM

The man turns rapidly at the call, charging up the stairs despite the pain of his wound. A look of absolute rage is on his face, and he nearly plows over the elf as he blasts into the room. Panting with rage, he stops, glaring into the elf's face. If I find that this is your doing elf...What they would have done to you in the temple for your treachery would be like a walk on a fine spring day. Back up. The armored man turns to the witch from the tavern, and echoes Panian, though much more angrily and less articulately. What do you want with our master, and what is your business with the treacherous elf we captured. Despite the snarl on his face and the rage in his voice, he is very careful to make no sudden moves the witch may view as offensive.

2006-09-01, 10:05 PM
Justance rushed over to catch the elf before he toppled over and hurt himself.

"Easy! It may take a moment; I've seen it in barfights before. And no, we didn't 'take you to the Halavanites.' They took you, and my friend and I came along to make sure that you survived unmolested. But there's some guy upstairs with a hideous black sword who's threatening us. And he seems to know you. Leastwise, he was the one who gave us the potion to cure you. He's a wizard, too." Justance carefully avoided using the word "witch." "He was the older guy with the beard at the other table. Do you know him? Oh, and some Rannites came busting in right after you passed out. The place caught on fire. We saved you from all that, too." He was annoyed at the way he was presenting everything out of order; but he was too agitated to think too clearly. "The Rannites were after the other wizard. Or maybe you, too. Oh, I don't know!" He threw up his hands in frustration and looked back toward the stairs. "Anyway, they're all up there. And it's partly your fault. We need your help to deal with this other magician, and then we can sort this mess out peaceably. I'm Justance, and I don't hate you just because you can use magic."

With a short, shrill whistle, Justance called to the rat that had been following them in the shadows ever since the tavern. The rat scurried out from behind a chair to where Justance stood and sat back on his haunches at the young man's feet.

Justance watched the elf carefully to see how he would respond. Did he suspect that Justance shared his secret? Was he in a state of mind even to think clearly?

Justance wouldn't prevent him if he bolted for the door--he could hardly blame him--but he wouldn't let him make a rash move in his weakened condition that would lead to harm. He wondered what was happening on the floor above; but this elf could help them deal with the threatening wizard upstairs.

2006-09-01, 10:43 PM

Aeyamar was quite bewildered by Justances words and began turning them over in his mind. Other wizard? Why was he asking for me? I don't know him. Well I suppose I can trust this Justance for now it appears he is a fellow mage, and he did bring me out of the coma...

Aeyamar rose to his feet and walked away from the door. I see we are of similar talents, Justance. Always nice to meet a fellow. Thank you for your assistance. So tell me, do you know why this other wizard is so interested in me? Because I'm afraid I know less about the current situation than you do. And where exactly is this wizard your talking about?

2006-09-02, 08:30 AM
The elf spoke as if he did not intend to run--at least, not immediately. Justance plucked at his robes with his free hand and began heading toward the stairs.

He spoke in a low voice: "Nobody else knows; and I'm sure you understand that I need to keep it that way." He looked back with intensity in his eyes. "But we have to hurry. They're up this way. I don't know this other wizard. He killed a Rannite, just as you killed that Halavanite. And he has a sword that oozes darkness and destruction. Beyond that, I know nothing."

It was only as Justance was halfway up the stairs that he realized his foolishness. If the elf and the other wizard were acting in concert, bringing them together was a rash (and potentially deadly) mistake. Spinesnap had mentioned treachery; and the Rannite was after the other wizard. Were they involved in some sort of coordinated action against the Halavanite and Rannite temples? Against all the temples? Were they from the Robes? Was the Temple of Alson next?

2006-09-02, 09:04 AM
The wizard looks at Kerrul menacingly, almost daring him to move, but does not speak. He keeps the sword dangled over the man's chest.

[Sorry about the short post. I'll do something more detailed later tonight. And we should have Gondal back with the main group shortly.]

2006-09-02, 02:08 PM

Aeyamar listened to Justances response se and began walking up the stairs. This is quite strange. What does this man want with me? Is he from the wizards' guild here? I wonder if this is some sort of trap.

As he reached the top of the stairs, Aeyamar had to maneuver around the others, whom he recognized as the Paladin and the two lesser Halavanites from the Dragon. Aeyamar finally passed them and was able to view the entire bedroom. Immediately, he saw an old man holding a sword over the chest another man, who appeared to be lying unconscious on the bed. Aeyamar guessed that the one holding the sword was the wizard Justance had told him of. I guess I should ask this man what he wants from me

I heard you were asking to see me. Who are you? What exacly do you want?

2006-09-03, 12:28 AM

The brute growls at the return of the elf, but edges aside enough to allow him access to the room. His entire body is tensed. One bit of treachery elf.. I will rip your head off. Hang on Shadowbone, we are coming.

2006-09-03, 09:55 PM

Panian's jaw clenches tightly as the elf enters the room. He tightens his grip on his sword he attempts to star the fear of god into this witch. Panian's eyes are frozen upon him watching his every move, waiting to spring into action if this black sword gets too close to Graben. Without removing his eyes from his prey Panian says threw clenched teeth: Elf how do you know this man, and if you don't know him, how in the Nine Hells does he know you? It is taking every ounce of self dicipline for Panian to resist diving at the witch and putting a couple slices into his throat.

[OOC: Don't know how often I'll be able to post. My computer at school has gone berzerk. I'll try to make it to the lab at least once a day if not more. I'll do my best not to slow up the game and to still contribute.]

2006-09-04, 01:46 AM
The wizard does not move, refusing to be intimidated by any in the room. As long as he keeps his sword above the chest of his hostage, he controls this situation.

He looks at Aeyamar. "Like me, you are a man of power, elf. You know the situation in his city, the struggles for power. You know that it is time for the Robes of Coron to stand and assert their power. And we are ready to take that power.

"This blade is one of the most powerful weapons in the city. I stole it, from the temple of Ranna. With it, and others like it, we can take control of the city."

2006-09-04, 10:39 AM

The thug, still scowling and tense, manages a short laugh. So you stole a Rannite blade and are holding a Halavanite hostage. What next?

2006-09-04, 03:12 PM

Aeyamar was taken by surprise by the wizard's response. It appears you have misunderstood my message. Although I agree that the power struggle between the temples should be ended, I don't believe that siezing control of the city is the best way to do such a thing. That is what led to the curent problems in the first place; too many factions were trying to sieze control. I do not seek to control power, simply to restore it to its proper place. Where that is though I haven't the foggiest. I used to think that Alson's temple was the true way to go but they are just as corrupt and hypocritical as the Halavanites, and the Rannites are no better. Right now, the only organization I support are the smiths, who are at least working to limit the power of the three, well I guess now four, warring factions, in order to prevent an open civil war, but it is unlikely that their efforts will succede much longer unless something drastic is done to change things. I am sorry, although I appreciate the aid you have given me, I cannot join you.

2006-09-04, 10:11 PM

Panian softly sighs while the elf delivers his speech. This elf is determined to dig his own grave isn't he? That man could easily kill Graben and yet the elf continues to speak ill of the very cause the witch represents. Panian's muscles tense, he's ready to spring into action if the witch takes the elf's words in a less than kind way, which he most likely will.

[Readied action to attack the man and disarm him]

2006-09-05, 01:42 AM
[This post is for Gondal, who is rejoining the group.]

Gondal, you and Lorsan walk through the streets, displaying your weapons prominetly to ward off attack. Lorsan leads the way, knowing where you should go.

When you arrive at the house, you notcie the open door, and as you enter you see the scene in the room, with the dead body in the chair.

From upstairs you can hear snippets of the conversation.

"...the situation in this city, the struggles for power..."

"So you stole a Rannite blade..."

"...too many factions were trying to sieze control. I do not seek to control power...

2006-09-05, 09:28 AM
As he mounted the stairs, Justance cast Resistance upon himself. He stepped into the room in time to hear the exchange between the wizard and the elf.

"Wait a minute," Justance blurted out. "You see all the conflict in the city and think that the solution is to make a grab for power? That's the very source of the problem!"

"Have you ever stopped to wonder why people hate you, why they hate those who use the magical arts? It's not that they fear you, even though that may be what you whisper to yourselves in the darkened corridors of your tower. No, they do not fear you: they despise you. They despise the weakness of those who would stand by and do nothing when the innocent suffer. They despise the arrogance of those who seem to think that other lives are of less importance than their own. They despise the cruelty of those who would stir up more strife and dissent and conflict, simply that they might gain more power."

"And now you stand with a stolen Rannite sword, threatening a known Halavanite...and you expect us to be swayed by your talk of power? You are no more than a peddler of petty lies and fruitless schemes. The more pity is that you believe them yourself."

Justance was quivering with mixed fear and outrage as the words poured out of his mouth; yet managed to keep his voice steady and sharp. He could tell that the man was not unaffected by his jibes. His hope was that the wizard's attention would turn away from the man on the bed, for even a Halavanite did not deserve the shadowy death dealt by that foul-looking sword. If the wizard moved the tip an inch from the Halavanite's throat, Justance was confident that Holgier or Panian--who appeared to be almost bursting from the strain of the moment--would intervene swiftly and decisively. Same if the wizard began casting a spell. Even so, Justance was glad that he had not pushed himself to the front of the group.

Just in case.

2006-09-05, 04:12 PM

The Halavanite can't supress a grin at the crippled boy's spirit. Bravo, he mutters quietly to the young man. However, despite his subtle show of support, he adjusts himself slightly to the side, both to provide a better angle to leap to his masters defense if the Witch attacks, and to put himself out of the main line of fire if the witch releases another display of power like that at the now ruined inn.

2006-09-05, 09:50 PM

A very slight smirk momentarily creeps onto Panian's face. Justance's speech managed to pull his attention away from the witch and onto Justance. I think this boy is onto something here. He may be weak in body but his spirit is stronger than most.

Panian's eyes snap back onto the witch. He never really untensed at all when he looked at Justance. He is ready to leap into combat at a moments notice should things go badly.

2006-09-05, 10:43 PM
The wizard sees you all preparing for attack, and begins the move into a defensive position.

"And you expect me to be swayed by your pretty words. This city needs to be cleansed, and magic is the soap. Pity that you will not join me."

With that he plunges the blade into Graben/Shadowbone's chest. The darkness "flashes" and you see the area around the wound turn to black as it does.

[Initiative time, except for Gondal and Lorsan, who aren't part of this combat yet. I still need to know what Gondal is doing, Adj.

For a campaign that I said wouldn't be combat-heavy, this is the second one already.]

2006-09-05, 11:27 PM
[OOC: What in the world happened to my readied action????? Did I miss something or make a rule blunder????]

2006-09-05, 11:46 PM
[You're not right next to the wizard (I'll get a tactical map later) so you can't attack him as a readied action, since you'd need to move to get to him(and not just a 5-foot step). For now, I'm assuming that you moved toward him with intent to attack, so now you're right next to him.

Also, the blade was right above Graben's chest. There's no way you could have reacted in time, no matter what the rules say.]

2006-09-05, 11:48 PM
Justance Senneset

[OOC: Initiative roll=12 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=601625)]

Justance gasped as the wizard shoved the blade into the chest of the unconscious man, and his soul shrieked as the foul darkness closed over the wound.

Moisture welled up in his eyes as he felt the weight of his failure: would not the man still be alive had he not goaded the wizard into striking? The guilt for the man's death lay fully upon his shoulders. He looked over at Panian, whose form was now blurry and indistinct through the tears. Clearly the dead man was a friend to him; and now it was through Justance's artless meddling that the man had died.

With a strangled sob, Justance turned to flee down the stairs, away from his shame.

[OOC: let me know if Gondal is in his way. He'll react in a slightly different matter depending on if someone is coming up the stairs or not.]

2006-09-06, 01:06 AM

For a moment, as the room plunges into darkness, Kerrul feels nothing but a sudden, empty shock, harder and more painful than any blow to the vitals he had ever taken. In the sudden void of his thoughs, a single thread of conciousness ran through it. That was the man who had shown me the rules of the world, how to survive and prosper. The one man who had introduced me to my only friend, the one who had been as close to a father as I can stand. And now...

Kerrul's vision becomes blurred by a sheen of red rage. His teeth clench audibly, but not hard enough to prevent the scream of pain and fury that comes out of him. With no concern for himself whatsoever, the man in spiked armor throws himself at where the witch last was, thrashing with nothing even approaching control, and nothing but blood on his mind.

Charge Attack W/Touch attack for Grapple (1d20+6=26) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=601738)
Opposed Grapple Check(1d20+8=16) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=601739)
Grapple Damage (1d4+1d6+3=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=601742)

2006-09-06, 03:38 AM
When you arrive at the house, you notcie the open door, and as you enter you see the scene in the room, with the dead body in the chair.

From upstairs you can hear snippets of the conversation.

Gondal Wynn

Gondal arrived in the house with Lorsan and took in the dead body. Hearing the conversation from upstairs, he shared a look with Lorsan and then crept slowly to the stairs. The sound of arguing reached the pair, soon followed by the start of a scuffle. "Maybe we can use the fight as a distraction to grab the blade," Gondal whispered to Lorsan as he drew his rapier. "Ready?"

2006-09-06, 09:25 AM

Aeyamar was quite shocked by the outburst of Justance who until just then had been the most meek person in the room. He had hoped the wizard would simply leave now that he had been given his answer, but knew once the black sword had impaled the man on the bed that a bloodless evening was now impossible. His stomach began tying nots. This man believes himself a wizard! He murders and plunders and is driven by a lust for power. He is nothing more than a common bugler with a few spells. It is because of mages like this that my father was killed. People will forever hate our kind if this man is allowed to go on killing, even if the victims are Halavanites.

Initiative (1d20=1) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=602138)+4=5

Aeyamar casts Kelgore's Firebolt on the wizard
Damage: 2d6=10 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=602142)

2006-09-06, 01:39 PM
[Alright ZRS. My mistake. Thanks for clearing it up]


Initiative=1d20+2=9 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=602616)

Panian's life slows almost comes to a halt as the witch plunges the sword into Graben's chest. Panian's mind goes completely blank, almost like he cannot fully register what has just taken place. His mind is, somehow, unable to grasp it.

As Kerrul charges at the witch Panian's mind snaps back. Tears flood his eyes as he begins to grasp the situation. The usually stone-like face is now filled with raw emotion. Tears come streaming down Panian's now rage twisted face. With a houl that tells everyone around him, that his heart has just been ripped apart, Panian grips his sword and charges towards the witch with no reguard for any other being in the house and with no reguard for his own safety. Nooooooooo. You bastard!! He swings as hard as he can at the witch's heart, if he even has one.

Charging and Attacking 1d20+4= 9 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=602637)

[Wow Invisible Castle is not my friend today. I don't think I even need to roll damage for that.]

2006-09-06, 09:01 PM
[I need Kerrul's initative roll.]

2006-09-06, 09:06 PM
Initiative (1d20+2=20) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=603343)

2006-09-06, 10:05 PM
Holgier - 20 (19+1)
Wizard - 18 (17+1)

So order is:


Tactical Map (http://www.thestoriesofcookie.com/graphics/tactmap.JPG)

Hogier, unable to get to the wizard, takes up a position in front of the door to prevent the wizard from escaping.

Opposed grapple check (1d20+4=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=603373) Sorry.

Kerrul lunges at the wizard, his armour spikes glinting and ready for blood (still with bits of Aeyamar's on them), and grabs the wizard, who manages to push him off before on of the deadly spikes pierces his flesh.

Unable to cast a spell with enemies close to him, the wizard slashes at Kerrul with his sword. The swing comes dangerously close to Kerrul's chest, where he can feel a very stinging coldness emenating from the blade, but does not connect.

Panian's attempted swing goes wide to the wizard's left.

A bolt of crackling electricity shoots from Aeyamar's hands and flies toward the wizard, who attempts to dodge, but gets grazed in the arm nonetheless.

Justance, you flee to the top of the stairs, and are suprised to see the other man from the bar and a stranger waiting below. [Your way isn't technically blocked, but Gondal is at the bottom of the stairs]

2006-09-07, 12:01 AM

Not detered by the deflection or near miss in the least, the frenzied man continues his attempt to drag the wizard down and beat him until he is unrecongnizable. All coherant thoughts have left his mind, leaving only blind rage and a bloodlust beyond comprehension. Roaring like a wounded bear, he continues his assault.

Touch Attack (1d20+4=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=603568)
Grapple Check (1d20+8=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=603571)
Damage Roll (1d4+1d6+3=12) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=603577)

2006-09-07, 09:36 AM
Justance Senneset

Blinded by tears and unstable on his crutch, Justance lost his footing on the stairs. He tumbled down with shouts of pain, and lay sobbing and moaning at the bottom.

[OOC: damage from falling down the stairs: 1d4-1 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=604092) = 1 HP]

The lantern he was carrying tumbled down the stairs with him, its flame guttering and going out as it hit the floor.

[OOC: I'll let the DM decide whether the lantern breaks, a fire is ignited, etc.]

2006-09-07, 06:27 PM

Tears still streaming down his face, Panian lets out a cry and swings around, throwing his entire weight into the blow. Panian swings his hips around and steps towards his adversary, not caring what might happen shoudl he miss. He levels his sword out in a vicious swipe at the neck and head of the witch.

Attack Roll: 1d20+2=13 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=604819)
Damage: 1d6+2=3 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=604822)


2006-09-07, 08:26 PM

Lucky bastard. How could he have dodged so quickly? Now I have no more attack spells left and sleep is unusable in these close quarters without possibly knocking out one of the halavanites. right now I have to rely on my rays of electricity, and they're quite weak. This could end badly...

Aeyamar casts Ray of Frost at the wizard.
Ray of Frost (1d20=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=604953)+4=23
Ray of Frost Damage (1d3=1) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=604962)

2006-09-07, 09:38 PM
With nothing to do, Holgier maintains his guard on the entrance to the room.

1d20+4=23 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=605001) [It seems to like me just fine. Sorry again.]

Kerrul makes another violent grab for the which, who again brushes him aside. The wizard, knowing that this battle is stacked against him, pulls from his belt pouch a scroll and begins to read it.

[Panian and Kerrul get attacks of opportunity against him for reading the scroll. I don't think you can make a grapple attempt as an AoO, but you do get an unarmed attack.]

A thin bolt of lightning streams from Aeyamar's hands and strikes the wizard, who barely notices the minimal damage.

[I'll make the Concentration check to see if he succeeds after Panian and Kerrul make their AoOs.]

At the bottom of the stairs, Lorsan is surprised at Justance's appearance and fall and keeps his sword at the ready.

2006-09-07, 11:33 PM

Seeing the witch going for an escape, Kerrul's eyes widen. NO! He snatches for the scroll, trying to knock it out of the wizard's grasp.

Grab item attempt (wizard gets an opposed roll to hang on to it) (1d20+4=18) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=605293)

Disarm is an attack action, so you can do it on an AoO

2006-09-07, 11:41 PM

Noticing the wizards concentration has been drawn away, Panian takes this chance to throw his full weight into his stab which is aimed at the wizards stomach. With a sob he shouts I hope you rot in Hell you bastard!

AoO: 1d20+2=20 Which is a criticle for a Rapier (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=605295)
Confirm Criticle: 1d20+2=18 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=605315)
Damage: 1d6+2=8 16 if criticle is confirmed (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=605322)

[OOC: Yeah looks like InvisibleCastle is starting to really like me. . .it really likes me]

2006-09-08, 12:54 AM
Justance Senneset

Justance was nearly too self-absorbed to notice the boots standing inches from his nose. Nevertheless, he smeared the tears from his eyes and followed the boots, legs, and torso to a face. The fact that he recognized the face gave him no cause for comfort: suppose the man who had protected the girl at the tavern were another Halavanite who presumed that he, Justance, were the one who had killed the man in the chair. No, Justance only had one death on his head tonight, and it wasn't the man reclining in the main room.

"It wasn't me!" he choked out between gasping breaths. "He was in the chair; I thought he was a shadow! The--the shadow, it's upstairs. It killed the man on the bed." His breath caught and he stifled another sob. "No, I killed the man on the bed. I probably killed them all!" At this, he cradled his head in his hands and broke down into incoherence again.

2006-09-08, 03:42 AM
Gondal Wynn

Gondal looked at the sobbing man before him with more than a little puzzlement. Chair? Bed? What the hell is he talking about? Shaking his head, Gondal decided that it didn't really matter. Things upstairs were obviously very confused, so now was as good a time as any to try to take the sword from the wizard.

Motioning up the steps, Gondal headed up with his sword at the ready. Sounds of a scuffle and muffled cries reached his ears as he hit the top of the stairway and a quick peek around the corner revealed to him the combat currently going on. Gathering himself, Gondal prepared to rush the wizard.

[OOC: Sorry about absence, work and getting ready for new university term have me fairly busy. I'm assuming that it takes the equivalent of a round to go up the stairs, so I'm rolling Gondal's Initiative now and will start combat next round.

Gondal Initiative Check: 1d20+3 = 19 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=605780)]

2006-09-08, 05:23 PM
Hang onto scroll (1d20+4=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=607154) [Okay, seriously. That's the third time in a row I've got that same number.]

Kerrul makes a grab for the scroll, but the wizard manages to keep it out of his hands. Panian's stab hits at his heart, hard, very hard, but the wizard still completes his reading [as he makes his concentration check].

The scroll dissolves in his hand and the wizard quickly fades from view, turning invisible. You can hear him shuffle and shove his way past you and out the door.

[I hope nobody thinks I was fudging the rolls. If you defeated him fairly, I was going to let you have it. He just got very lucky. Panian's stab had him down to 8 hp too. You still get the xp for defeating him. Check OoC thread.]

2006-09-08, 06:16 PM

As the wizard disapears, Kerrul turns and shouts to the paladin He's gone invisible, block the door!

(Worth a shot for another AoO, even if at 50%miss)

2006-09-09, 01:59 AM

Panian stands bolt upright as the wizard goes invisible. He spins around lookin for any sign of him. Oh no. He's gone. Panian frantically looks about the room. He is almost now in a state of panic. Come back here you coward! I'm not finished with you yet!! As he spins around and looks back at the bed Panian's eyes fall upon Grabens' body.

Unable to hold back the flood of emotion and tears, Panian slowly walks over towards his mentor's lifeless form. He drops his sword and kneels down on the bed. He gently picks up Graben and holds him tightly in his arms.

Hoping that somehow Graben can hear him, Panian softly says to him No, please don't leave me. I need you here. What will I do without you? Where will I go?

The tears pour forth from Panian as he begins to openly sob. The stone exterior that Panian always holds about him dissolves as his body shakes. Panian holds Graben's body tightly in his arms, rocking back and forth with him in his lap.

2006-09-09, 07:22 PM

The man in spiked armor falls to his knees beside Panian. Tears well in his eyes, but his emotional conditioning refuses to let them fall. He slams the floor with a fist, hard enough to crack bones in his hand. Even his rage can't keep his internal turmoil in check, and a void feels like it has made a home in his guts. His head sinks towards the floor, and his eyes meet that of his dead mentor's. No...No master, it won't end like this, with this wizard getting away. You taught me about the rules of the world and survival of the fittest, but you also taught me of other things...

Shadowbone's voice echos in the emptyness inside Kerrul, a lesson returning to mind. Spinesnap, you are powerful. There is much you can accomplish on your own. But if all we thought about was ourselves, then we could never rise to power. Do you know why this is?... No, master... It is because there are those who would group together to destroy you. So, we have our own group. Think of the wolf pack. Each member works together inside of a larger group. Alone, each could be defeated, but together... The final bit of that memory comes to him. Together, they can destroy any who dares kill one. Master, The foolish wizards just messed with the wolf pack. You were alone, and could be defeated. But now, we are aware. We are together under Halavan. And those wizards will pay. Oh, how they will pay.

When the thought comes to mind, Kerrul slams his hand on the floorboards one again. The emotional turmoil inside is shoved away by the burst of pain, and is replaced by a familiar emotion: pure rage. However, it is focused now, driven by more than his need for survival. It is driven by a thirst for the blood of the wizards of the Robes of Coron. It drives him to his feet, wounds forgotten. He sets his non damaged hand on Panian's shoulder. Come on, there is nothing we can do for him now but cleanse Lelan of the Wizards guild. The mage said that it would be magic that would wipe the city clean. He was wrong. I plan to do it with his blood. The intensity of the bloodlust and anger normally in his voice has increased threefold from normal.

2006-09-09, 08:02 PM

even though aeyamar cared nothing for the dead Halavanite, Aeyamar was quite frustrated by the wizard's escape.I can't believe I let him get away, my father was murdered because of men like him. Because of men like him, good mages and their families are assaulted and killed merely for existing. If I had prepared more electric bolts, that wizard would be dead right now and his future crimes would have been stopped.

Aeyamar's thoughts were interrupted by Kerrul's words. Upon hearing them he became very distraught by Kerrul'ss intentions to slay the entire Robes of Corron. So you would plan to destroy an entire guild, including possibly hundreds of people, just to get revenge for the killing of one? Your anger is quite misplaced. Think of how you are feeling now, it is horrible is it not? Would you bring the same pain and misery to the families and friends of the innocents you would slaughter in the name of your vendetta.

Plus, I don't believe that the wizard was acting on behalf of the guild when he came here. He was clearly quite powerful as we saw before, but he had no fellow guildmates with him, seggusting that he may have been preforming independently. You shouldn't be seeking out the death of the entire organization but that of the wizard who has escaped.

2006-09-09, 09:33 PM
Justance Senneset

Justance's head began to clear as the pain became stronger. He swiped at his eyes with his sleeve and pulled himself up into a seated position at the foot of the stairs.

Almighty Alson, he prayed, give me the strength I need to act wisely; to protect to weak. Overcome my own weakness. I see now why it is that you have chosen servants--like Holgier--to work your will in this world. If you'll accept me--broken, accursed, and foolish--then I, too, would serve you.

Sniffling, he rose to his feet and looked around the room, as if for the first time. The prayer he had offered seemed to have filled him with resolve. He no longer felt an urge to run away: he now knew that his place was here, in Lelan, working to heal that which was broken.

2006-09-09, 09:41 PM

Panian softly sets his mentor back on the bed, laying him peacefully. His sobbing has subsided during Aeyamar's speech, and he now gets up off the bed. He bends down and picks up his rapier that he dropped at the foot of the bed and calmly strides over towards the elf. He raises his sword so the point is only inches away from Aeyamar's neck. His tear soaked face is extreemely calm. Panian has gone back to showing absolutely no emotion on his face. His red eyes lock onto Aeyamar's and he speeks softly to him. There is something different about the way Panian is talking now. All the emotion is gone from his voice. This is the voice of a man who has had everything taken away from him. The way he speaks stirrs an emotion of fear deep inside a person. It is not the same fear that comes from hot headed violence, but fear of a man who now has the capability to kill anyone without care. In cold blood.

No elf. We should not attack the Robes. We should only punish those responsible. This witch, he came here for you. That makes you partially responsible. I should slay you now

Panian's face remains calm, void of all emotion. His voice is like ice. Several long moments pass, but Panian makes no move to strike at the elf. His sword tip is only inches away, but he still makes no move.

......but it is not your blood I want. I want that witches. And you, are going to lead us to him. You shall flush this witch out.

Panian abruptly lowers his sword and strides past the elf and all the others in the room, heading for the stairs.

2006-09-09, 10:21 PM
Gondal Wynn

Having stepped over the stumbling figure, Gondal moved up the stairs, trying to figure out the lay of the land. Gondal looked around at the chaos of the upper room and the occupants. "I don't know what's up, Lorsan. Things are pretty confused, not sure what's going on," Gondal called quietly down the stairs to Lorsan. "Any suggestions?"

2006-09-09, 10:22 PM

Aeyamar stared down the man with the rapier and showed no fear despite his threats.
Partially responsible... I may also want this wizard dead but I will not be coerced into doing it

You would blame me for this? I agree he did come here for me. But who is it that brought me here? It was you and that barbarian of yours who put your own ally in danger by bringing me here. If any of those among us is responsible for his death it is you and him. I certainly would have never come here had I been given the choice, but you dragged me here nonetheless and thus led him here. I have no responsibility to aid you, my only responsibility is t return home. You can flush out the wizard yourself.

2006-09-09, 10:35 PM

The brute considers the elf's question carefully for several seconds while Panian holds a rapier to the witch's throat. When Panian steps past, Kerrul walks up, a spiked forearm taking the place his friend's blade had recently held, sticking his scarred visage very close to the elf's. His voice is deathly calm, though it the calm is just serves to accent the rage held barely in check underneath it.The witch's guild sent him to recruit you, and he killed Shadowbone on a guild mission. They are just as responsible in my mind. And if you continue to tell me my anger is misplaced, or refuse to help us on our mission, I will remember that you were the one he was here to recruit.

Kerrul steps back, and lower his forearm. Panian may want to stop at just the one who held the blade, and you may believe he was working alone, but I would kill the world to avenge my master. As for the friends and family of those who will die in Halavan's name to avenge Shadowbone...Well...Life is pain. To assume anything else is to be a fool. Now come along elf, you have work to do with us. He turns, walking after Panian.

The thug elbows past the men wandering in on the stairs, subconsiously recognizing one as one from the bar. He says not a word.

Further on, he sees the boy on the stairs, the cripple. He walks up and sits next to him. He doesn't look directly at him. I am about to kill a lot of people. Everyone who was responsible for Shadowbone's death is going to die. But I'll tell you this now. Even though you pissed off the wizard, I don't hold it against you, or you responsible. You've got the deck stacked against you, a lame wolf in a city full of bigger, stronger, predators. And you have held your own, and still have courage, despite the fact you have nothing to back it up. I can respect that. Even if you do follow the teachings of Alson, don't forget the true rules of life. He stands up, armor clinking. Turning slightly, he calls back up the stairs. Hurry up elf, before I decide to drag you.

2006-09-09, 10:43 PM

I refuse. You can do it yourself. I will have no part in your slaughter of those I deem inocent. The wizard is one thing but I will not allow you to hurt those who are not involved. You can go alone and get yourselves killed trying if you see fit. It would be a proper end to your wretched existence.

Aeyamar walked down the stair and noticed the man who he had been sitting across from at the Dragon, standing in front of him. I remember you, you were at the tavern. Why are you here? From what I saw back there, you clearly weren't a Halavnite. Or perhaps I was mistaken?

2006-09-09, 10:48 PM
Holgier looks at Panian and Kerrul.

The elf didn't kill your friend. The wizard did. I'll help you track him down, but only because he is planning something and must be stopped.

He turns to Gondal. Why are you here? Did you follow us from the tavern?

Lorsan comes running up the stairs and sizes up the situation, but doesn't speak.

2006-09-10, 08:45 AM
Clearly something has changed in the situation upstairs. Is the wizard dead? Why is everyone still so tense? Ah. They're probably trying to figure out what to do with the elf. I'd better make sure that he keeps my secret to himself.

Before Justance could rise, Spinesnap came down the stairs and seated himself next to Justance. He began to speak, and the thug's words sent Justance's mind whirling. More slaughter? No blame? Courage, of all things? It was too much for Justance to process at the moment--especially when he had no idea what was happening at the moment.

"Where's the wizard? Is he dead? What was that sword?" he asked as he struggled to his feet. He looked up the stairs and then back at Spinesnap.

2006-09-10, 10:55 AM

The large man looks down at the ground, eyes meeting nothing. His voice his a harsh, pained whisper. He escaped. He won't be for long. He, and none of his friends will escape us for long.

2006-09-10, 11:09 AM
Gondal Wynn

Gondal weighed whether to answer the questions or not and decided that a comprimise was necessary. "I have been hired as a thief taker. I was tracking the wizard that caused the commotion in the Dragon tonight in an attempt to recover stolen goods for my employer. Of course, the nature of the goods is confidential, but any knowledge you have of the wizard's whereabouts could net you payment for information."

2006-09-10, 11:28 AM

The man looks up at the hired help. He makes a guess based on what the Wizard said earlier. So, you got bought up by the Rannites to get thier little sword back? It just so happens that Holgier, Painian, myself, ad the elf were planning to track him down anyway.

2006-09-10, 03:39 PM

Aeyamar became quite insulted that the man in spiked armor was speaking for him and decided to rectify it. It appears you still believe I am here to help you, well let me correct any dillusions you may have of that right now. I am not helping you, I have my own reasons for wanting to bring that wizard to justice. And one more thing, if you wish to use me to lure him out you must give me your word that you will only attack the wizard who actually killed the man upstairs . As I said before, I will not be used as a tool for you to kill peolpe I believe to be uninvolved.

2006-09-10, 04:02 PM
Justance Senneset

Justance looked up the stairs toward Holgier, looking for some indication of intent in the paladin's expression. He needed to speak with Holgier privately; but now was obviously not the time. There were more important matters.

"Wait! What about the man on the...the man that the wizard...." Justance gulped and regathered himself. "Is he really...dead?" Seeing the grim look on the faces of the others, Justance's heart sank. "Can't anything be done for him? A healer, perhaps? Have we tried? Do we know?"

Even as he spoke, Justance's heart knew it could not be so. The blade that the wizard had swung bled corruption and death. There was little hope that the man's soul remained within reach of even the most advanced cleric. But was there hope?

2006-09-10, 04:27 PM

Panian spins around and looks at the elf. His face is void of any emotion and his voice is deathly cool. I am not out to kill anyone else who was not involved. My revenge is with those who took. . . . who took Graben away from me.

Panian's eyes slide over to Kerrul, he shows no fear to the hulking brute when he says these next words to him. They are an order but not coming from a man who thinks himself higher, but from a man who hopes that Kerrul will see the reason behind them.

We're not going to take down the entire guild. I have no love of death. I've seen what it does far too many times. I'll not kill those who had no part in this. We do not want to share the pain you and I feel. But we will get our revenge on all of those who had a hand in our mentor's death. I'll see to that.

Panian looks over at Gondel, almost seeing him for the first time. So you want to help us. You want to get that blade back from the witch for those Ranna idiots. Realize though, that my friend and I are running this show. You'll get your trinket, after we have our revenge.

Now looking around the room, Panian addresses everyone. I loved Graben and I know Kerrul did. You are all helping us hunt down the scum that killed him. . . thank you. Panian turns again on his heels and begins gathering what he needs to hunt down the witch.

2006-09-10, 04:43 PM

Understood Panian. We will kill that wizard specifically together. But I won't make you go with me if I have a chance to avenge myself on the rest of the guild. If you don't want to, I will do it alone. Kerrul grabs his pack from the niche in a closet it is always tucked in. It has all the supplies he would need for an extended mission. When the boy asks if Shadowbone is really dead, Kerrul nods, though he doesn't look at him. With a wound like that, nothing can be done for him. He went to Halavan the second the blade bit his flesh.

2006-09-10, 10:00 PM
Lorsan speaks up, addressing Kerrul.

"We're not here for the Rannites. We're here to get that sword out of the wizard's hands. The peace of the city is at stake. Do you not care about that at all?"

He turns to the rest. "Some of you may be seeking revenge against him, but that sword he holds could destroy the whole city. He is a dangerous man and needs to be brought down."

2006-09-10, 10:33 PM

The man whirls, his cloak spining about like a shadow as he turns to face the speaker. His voice is filled with rage, and stops just short of a shout. To the abyss with the city and "peace"! I care only for revenge, and so long as the blood of that wizard flows inside his viens, I will do anything or kill anyone to make sure he suffers. The sword is a tool, of his, and I care nothing for it so long as the wielder perishes.

2006-09-11, 03:46 AM
Gondal Wynn

Gondal shook his head at the outburst. "This is why I hate working with others, Lorsan. Damn my conscience for getting me involved in this." Turning back to face the angry man, Gondal looked at him patiently. "Would you be willing to allow me to accompany you as you looked for him then? If you care nothing for the sword, I care nothing for its bearer. I propose that we assist each other, as our objectives will undoubtedly lead us to the same location anyway."

2006-09-11, 08:03 AM
Justance Senneset

Justance shakes his head. "What is this sword? Where does it come from? Is it some sort of Rannite artifact? I've never heard of its like. What is that blackness?" He cuts himself off when he realizes that his curiousity may not be welcome.

2006-09-11, 12:19 PM

Panian gathers up his things as the shouting continues between the men. He calmly walks over to Kerrul and places a hand on his shoulder.

He is right, my friend. We should work together on this. We want him dead, they want his sword. That coward won't just hand it over, so we'll see that he isn't in any condition to hang onto it.

Turning to address Gondal:

And you, why do you need this sword so badly? How could one item destroy an entire city? And, if it does have that type of power, why is it safe in your hands? Shouldn't it be destroyed if it weilds such power? Any item that can bring such destruction only deserves to be destroyed in turn.

Panian shifts his weight from one side to the other, and rests his hand on his sword. He looks from one person to the other, expecting answers. Then something pops into his head.

But before you give me your answers, we have not been introduced. I am Panian Shipsail, my friend here is Kerrul Spinesnap, the lad with the limp is Justance and that rather quiet fellow with the rather large sword is Holgier.

Panian extends his hand out in welcome. It is always easier to get people to do your bidding when you have them on your side.

2006-09-11, 01:22 PM
Gondal Wynn

Gondal considered the outstretched hand for several seconds before extending his own and shaking it quickly and firmly. "I am Gondal, a simple locksmith in the River Quarter. Occassionally, I hire out my services but only at my discretion. In this case, my information tells me that the sword has the power to cause great destruction in the hands of a wizard. The people I work for seek to restrict the use of magic in the everday affairs of Lelan and would see the sword removed from circulation. I cannot vouch for them other than to say that in my experience they have always acted with the best interests of the city at heart."

Gondal tilted his head and considered the pair standing before him. "And, quite frankly, I don't see what concern of yours it is what we do with the sword. You've made it clear that you are after the wizard. We are after the sword. If you wish our assistance in capturing this foe, the terms are clear. If not, then our paths will separate here. We do not ask why you wish the wizard dead, please extend the same courtesy to our business."

2006-09-11, 04:42 PM

Intrigued by the new in formation about the sword, Aeyamar began to inquire further. This blade might be quite influential in the right hands. Perhaps if I am able to aquire it, I might gain enough power to finally change the power structure in Lelan for the better. And then who knows? Maybe I could also use it to help end the pointless civil war among the elves. Yes, that could work. Although I would then have to destroy it...

What exactly is this blade? And what makes this blade so much more dangerous in the hands of the wizard than in the hands of a regular soldier? Why would a group of warriors and pyromaniacs create a blade that would be most effective in the hands of wizards a group which they openly hate and persecute?

2006-09-11, 10:36 PM
Lorsan turns to Aeyamar. "It is a sword of great power. That's obvious. I don't know much about it's power myself, but it could be used by the robes to take over Lelan."

To everybody, he says: "It is in our best interest to work together on this, to both bring the wizard down and to take the sword from him."

Holgier turns to Justance and speaks quietly. "I see that your desire to serve was true. I will speak to my superiors on your behalf. For now, we must concern ourselves with this sword matter. I will inform the temple leaders. Do you think you could stay with this group and help find the wizard?"

Then, turning to the rest, he says: "The sword should go to the Temple of Alson. It is we who are best suited to guard it from falling into the wrong hands."

[That should spark some debate. Lesson 1 from Aeyamar's book: always assume that you're right and everyone else is wrong.]

2006-09-11, 10:40 PM

The hell it will. It's power may allow the robes to take the city, and it will sure tip the balance towards the Alsonite side. I would say we Halavanites would keep it, but you would say the same to me. I say we toss the damn thing in the ocean and forget it exists. The man in spiked armor cracks his knuckles. Still, that is a matter for once I am finished killing the wizards.

2006-09-12, 12:05 AM
Justance Senneset

Justance was both surprised and gratified by Holgier's commendation. It seemed that a private conversation with the paladin was not necessary. On the other hand, Justance could not see that he had done anything meritorious that evening. Had he not cowered? Had he not run? Had he not spoken out foolishly and cost a man his life (no matter what Spinesnap said)? Yes, he did have a genuine desire to serve--now. But all of his actions earlier had been pure self-interest. Hadn't they?

It was this well-earned (to his mind) self-deprecation which prevented him from protesting Holgier's suggestion that he stay with the group and chase after the wizard. He had no desire to face further ruin and possible death this evening. He was not entirely comfortable with the present company. He certainly doubted his own ability to be anything more than a lag-behind. Even so, if he were to prove that his desire to serve were genuine--to himself, if to no one else--then he could not refuse his first official act of service for Alson.

The older men were debating the disposition of the sword. Justance certainly thought it best in the hands of Alson; but the thug's reasoning was not (wonder of wonders) without merit. Well, I should not assume that he cannot employ his mind merely because he cannot control his impulses toward violence.

"I understand your desire for revenge, Spinesnap." He paused. "No, let me take that back. To be perfectly honest, I don't know. I cannot presume to know what you're experiencing at this moment. But I do know that it would be hasty and potentially explosive to assume that all the Robes of Coron were behind this attack on your...friend? Father? Superior?

"In any case, you will do Halavan no service if you bring this city down in ashes around our heads because you act without knowledge. For all we know, the wizard's visit here tonight had nothing to do with the elf--did he even know that we would bring him here?--and everything to do with provoking Halavan and his followers into a premature retaliatory strike. It could be a trap or a deception or...I don't know. But that's exactly the point: we don't know.

"I would like to help you avenge your friend; I will lend whatever aid I can...such as it is." Here he looked at Panian as well. "But if your vengeance encompasses all who use magic--or even all the Robes of Coron, without the guild having been proven guilty--then I must stand against you."

Justance kept an eye upon the elf as he spoke. The elf was dangerous: he knew Justance's secret, and he had not yet declared himself. (He had not yet given his name, either; but that was of minor importance.)

2006-09-12, 12:46 AM

The brutish man looks sidelong at the boy. He closes his eyes, and focuses for several seconds. Finally, he speaks. His voice is low, and the rage, while still there, is more controlled. You are right. If I go off in a blind, unfocused rage, then I will do more harm for Halavan and my master's memory than vengance. This doesn't mean for a moment that I will hesitate to kill the wizard, or anyone who I believe aided him. But, since you ask, I will hold my hand on the rest of the guild until I know for a fact that they were involved or complacent in Shadowbone's death.

2006-09-12, 12:54 AM
Justance Senneset

"Shadowbone. Shadowbone was his name." His eyes went unfocused as he stared at the wall. "I owe him...a debt. Even a Halavanite." This last was spoken with no trace of disdain.

Justance looked straight at Spinesnap. "If you stay your hand, then I support you in this."

He turned to the thief taker, the one from the tavern. "I gather that the wizard was invisible when he left; but the weapons here are not unblooded. Is there any hope of tracking him by his wounds? Surely there must be a trail...."

2006-09-12, 06:29 AM

That is quite the pressing question 'Who gets the sword'? there's no way I'm letting a temple get control of it. Destroying it, doesn't make sense either because it could still be useful...

Aeyamar looked up at all of them. There is no way I'm letting the sword go to a temple, whether it be Halavan, Ranna, or Alson. The possession of such a weapon could throw the balance of power here even more askew. The sowrd should be destroyed, but it is likely this will require some special spells, potions, or rituals to accomplish. After obtaining it, the sword should be well hidden until it can be properly removed from existance.

2006-09-12, 06:38 PM
Lorsan tries to calm the situation. "I suppose we'll decide what to do with the sword once we get to it."

Holgier responds. "I shall still inform my superiors at the Temple of Alson of this matter. The rest of you can track this wizard down, but if the Temple were to take it with a squad of soldiers, it would be better." With that, he walks stright out of the house.

Lorsan shakes his head and goes down on his knees, looking for a trail of blood, as Justance suggested.

[Which he doesn't find. Others looking for it make Search checks.]

2006-09-12, 06:53 PM
Justance saw one of the thief-takers go down to his hands and knees, so he joined the man looking for a blood trail or some other indication of the wizard's passing.

[OOC: Search Check: 1d20+3 = 16 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=613283)]

2006-09-12, 08:02 PM

Taking his hint from the other actions, Kerrul lets himself fall into his rage and bloodlust, letting it hone his senses, like the sight of a meal beyond reach will whet the hunger of a chained animal.

1d20+2=20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=613404)

2006-09-12, 08:37 PM

Aeyamar starts searching by the door for any traces of blood.

Search check (1d20=4) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=613556)+7=11

2006-09-13, 12:52 PM

Well we're not getting anywhere here. We should just hunt him down and worry about the details later.

With a sigh, Panian drops to his knee and begins scanning the ground near the doorway for any traces of blood

Seach check: 1d20+2=22 (Natural 20) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=614920)

2006-09-13, 10:03 PM
[Adj, you haven't posted for two days. Please do.]

Panian, you find a small trail of blood leading out the door and down the stairs. It is only sporadic, in tiny blotches spaced far apart, and slight, which indicating that the wizard was running very fast, down the stairs and out the door, into the street.

[Following the trail of blood in the street would be tracking, so that's a Survival check. I'm going to ignore the "can't do it if it's over DC 10 without the Track feat" thing and allow you all to make a check, whether you have Track or not.]

2006-09-14, 02:30 AM
Gondal Wynn

Gondal listened as the other occupants of the room argued amongst themselves. Knowledge of the sword, which had been news to him just a few hours earlier, seemed to have colored the discussion and negotiations about tracking down the wizard. Seeing Lorsan try to follow the trail of blood, Gondal gives a go at locating and tracking the splattered drops.

Gondal search check: 1d20+9 = 29 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=616139) - Woot! natural 20!
Gondal Knowledge (local) check: 1d20+7 = 11 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=616141)

Ack! my bad guys! somehow I just missed this on my list of things to post in. Really sorry about that. Using Knowledge local for a kind of poor man's track, figuring that, at least in the River Quarter, knowledge of the streets and alleys might help Gondal with his search/track.

2006-09-14, 09:54 AM
Justance Senneset

Justance heard Panian's excalamation, and came over to see what he had found.

"Excellent! Maybe now we can discover where he went."

Using the blood spatters as a starting point, Justance attempted to determine which direction the wizard had headed.

"I think it's this way. Come on!"

[OOC: Survival check: 1d20+3 = 4 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=616460).

Yes, that's right: a critical failure. So Justance is now headed in exactly the wrong direction; and if his CHA modifier gets involved, this could be bad all around...]

2006-09-14, 05:20 PM

The thug nods grimly at Panians discovery, then tries to find more blood. A bit at a time wizard. We will catch up, then you will die.

1d20+2=12 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=617202)

(Blech, Kerrul'll probably believe you)

2006-09-14, 07:10 PM

This is rediculous, there's no way we're going to be able to track an invisible wizard acrosss the city in the middle of the night.
Has anyone found a trail yet. Or am I seaching for something that isn't there?

2006-09-14, 10:10 PM

Pointing to the trail of blood on the ground Panian attempts to follow it. Hey theres a trail of blood over here. He was moving fast. . . .

Survival Check: 1d20+0=7 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=617665)

2006-09-15, 11:55 AM
The trail of blood leads you down the stairs, but there you lose it. As you hurry out into the street, you can find no trace of blood.

[A critical failure doesn't mean that you're following a trail that isn't there, but it does mean that you guessed wrong as to which door he went out. You've gone out the front, while he went out the back.]

2006-09-15, 12:10 PM

Damn. He must have realized he was bleeding and stopped to bind his wound. We aren't going to be able to track him if he isn't dropping blood. We'll need to go a differnt route to figure out who he is.

2006-09-15, 05:31 PM

Aeyamar finds the trail of droplets after Panian points them out and tries to track where te wizard was running.

Survival Check: (1d20=9) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=619071) +1=10

2006-09-15, 06:29 PM
Gondal Wynn

Gondal looked at the others as they tried to decide what to do with the trail now cold. His instincts told him that the wizard would head to somewhere he was comfortable, somewhere he knew he could rest without interruption. If that was in Lelan, one of Gondal's many contacts should have at least heard something about it.

"Perhaps I can find out some information about this wizard from my contacts in the area. Someone as egotistical as he appeared to be must have left some impressions with the folk around here. I'll be back in a couple of hours to let you know what I find out. Where should we meet back up?"

[OOC: Gondal Gather Info Check: 1d20+7 = 20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=619131)

Gather info time roll: 1d4+1 = 3 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=619133)

2006-09-15, 06:37 PM

Aeyamar watched as Gondall left to get some more information. He turned to Panian and Kerrul. Well he probably won't be back for a couple of hours, so we should probably get some rest before we go looking for the wizard. Are there any spare beds here. It's pretty clear we can't use the one upstairs. I can't believe I'm going to have to rest here, in the house of a Halavanite. It's times like these I'm glad I don't sleep, otherwise I might wake up with a pillow being thrust in my face.

2006-09-15, 07:06 PM
Justance was surprised that the elf had decided to stay. Moreover, he seemed to be intent on making himself at home. His flippant comment about the bed upstairs certainly wouldn't win him any friends; but he obviously didn't care about that.

"Um...excuse me, friend," he said to the elf. "I believe that I introduced myself before as Justance. I'm glad that you seem to have decided to help us with this wizard: it's good to see that not all magic users are concerned only with their own profit. If you are to accompany us, however, would you be willing to share your name?"

2006-09-15, 09:02 PM

Although I may trust you Justance, there's not a chance in hell that I'm going to give away my name in front of those who would try to kill me.

I am sorry if I appeared rude by not giving my name. I am called Lucius.

2006-09-15, 09:21 PM
"Lucius?" Justance couldn't remember the proper greeting for elvenkind, so he offered his hand. "I'm glad you're here to help, Lucius. To be honest, I don't like our odds against that wizard. But some things must be done, right?"

Justance hesitated a moment before adding in a low tone, hoping that the elf's ears alone would pick it up, "There are things I've said and things I haven't said; and I'm sure you can appreciate that some things unsaid are best left that way." He raised an eyebrow meaningfully.

2006-09-15, 09:56 PM

Aeyamar spoke in a very low tone to Justance to avoid others hearing the rest of the conversation. Do not tell anyone what you are hearing. Your secret is safe for now, Justance, but I must warn you that once the temple of Alson discovers who you really are they will shun you just like they did me. Yes that's right I have worked for Alson and his poor lost church. At one point I was even about to make the rank of cleric but then they discovered my arcane power. You should not be ashamed of your gifts, but the temple of Alson will surely make you ashamed, of your lucky enought to not be simply dismissed.

2006-09-15, 10:17 PM

Not really caring if he upsets the elf, Panian says: Well Lucius, there are no other beds upstairs. You'll have to make whatever sort of sleeping arrangments you can down here. The only beds upstairs are Kerrul's, Graben's, and my own. So unless Kerrul is feeling friendly, you'll have to make due with a chair.

With a sigh, Panian throws his things back into a corner and tucks his rapier back into it's sheath. There is something about this elf. . . I don't really trust him. He has no respect what-so-ever.

Turning to Justance, Panian says a little more warmly Anything you'll be needing before the night is done, lad?

[OOC: I don't have the PhB in front of me to look up the stuff on the message spell, but wouldn't it be fairly obvious he is casting the spell, especially since Panian can cast the same spell?]