View Full Version : The Chronicles of Aerth: Building A Sandbox [D&D v3.5]

2010-06-14, 10:56 PM
Greetings, folks!

I am currently at work on a campaign entitled The Chronicles of Aerth. This is somewhat of a departure from my normal style of DMing, as the intention is for this game to be almost entirely sandboxy and player-driven. I'm not providing the players with any sort of overarching plot to start out with; I'm even leaving it up to them to come up with a reason why they would be adventuring together in the first place, assuming they even want to (it's play-by-post, so having the whole group together isn't necessary).

However, I don't want to just randomly throw the players into an uninteresting locale and tell them to go find something to do. That just wouldn't be fun. Therefore, I'm looking to populate my world with plenty of interesting things. I figured it would be a great idea to draw upon the collective wisdom of the playground to aid me in this endeavor, so now I present to you this humble request:

Will you folks help me to come up with some interesting people, places, and events?

These items of interest can be given as anything from a simple name to a multi-paragraphical description; whatever floats your boat. If some guidelines would help, I can tell you that the adventurers will likely be in the lower quartile of levels for a while (i.e. below 6), and that the region they'll be starting off their adventures in is made up largely of temperate forests, hills, and grassy fields, with the occasional mountains thrown in for good measure (though other environments do exist beyond this area, of course).

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide,

EDIT: I wasn't sure if this thread belonged here or in the homebrew forums, so I apologize if it has been misplaced.