View Full Version : Fun With Gully Dwarves [3.5]

2010-06-15, 01:19 AM
So my group has decided to start a 3.5 Dragonlance Campaign. Our group thus far consists of a:
Kender Rogue
Gnome Barbarian
Gully Dwarf Cleric
(In case you could not tell this is not the most serious of groups)
I'll be playing the part of Sprunt Zang the Chaotic Neutral Gully Dwarf Cleric. This was my first 3.5 game and was wondering what a fun God would be for my character to worship?
I only have access to the Players Handbook at the moment but my DM has a wide variety of books so I'm pretty sure just about everything is free game. (Barring complete obscurity)
Thanks for the help!