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2010-06-15, 03:59 PM
I'm playing a sorcerer in a pathfinder game 6th level and going into the dragon disciple PRC. (brass dragon bloodline)

right now tatics are summon monster and blast away.

any good spells suggestions?

2010-06-15, 04:02 PM
Are you going pure sorcerer 1-5, or are you looking at dipping a full BaB for more gishness?

2010-06-15, 04:23 PM
Full sorcerer. I normally don't muti-class unless I need to in order to get a PRC.

2010-06-15, 04:25 PM
Core only, or can you go to 3.5? Also, what more precisely are you going for? Is it just "blast from behind summons"?

2010-06-15, 04:33 PM
My normal style is that of the blaster and no matter how I make a sorcerer thats how I ended up.

I do belive the DM is letting us use 3.5 books with the setting in pathfinder.

Paul H
2010-06-15, 08:49 PM

If he lets you use Spell Compendium go for the Lssr Orb & Orb spells. 6th Lvl is 3D8+3 damage.

Brass Dragon is fine - all those fire spells with +1/dice extra damage.

1) Burning Hands 5D6+5
2) Scorching Ray 4D6+4 (per ray)
3) Fireball 6D6+6


1) Grease, Shield, Fthr Fall (Mage Armour is free)
2) Eagle's Splendour (increases spell DC), Glitterdust
3) Fly, Tiny Hut, Haste

Hope this helps
Paul H
PS Have a Sorc 3/Paladin 2 going Dragon Disciple in the Pathfinder Society 'Living' campaign

2010-06-15, 09:44 PM
i went with acid first but changed it to fire when acid spells became to hard to find.