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2010-06-15, 07:18 PM
Hello all, I'm a soldier who is currently deployed, and I tend to spend my off hours character building. That being said I thought I would put up a character for your collected perusal. The aim of the character is to be an extremely hard hitting brawler (see pugilist) who is a soldier (see pawn) in a game of dragon's chess (see Xorvintaal). :smallcool: I plan on attempting to make him a highly recognized player in a game of intrigue and one on one fights. (Solo Campaign)
Wow, I sort of rambled there, sorry...
If anyone is still reading here is the character:

Chaotic Good/Male/Human
-Missing an Eye (-4 to spot and search)
-Unlucky (3 times per session DM can impose a -3 to any roll)

Stats: STR:16 DEX:18 CON:14 INT:15 WIS:15 CHR:13

Class levels
-Barbarian 1 (Spirit Lion Totem, Favored enemy ACF-Dragons)
-Chaos Monk 1 (Dedicated Strike ACF, Snake Style Alt Bonus feats)
-Chaos Monk 2

(Due to classes)
-Improved Unarmed
-Dodge (Snake School)
-Mobility (Snake School)
Level Feats: 2 Human, 2 Flaws, 1 for Lvl 3
-Improved Nat. Attack
-Weapon Focus Unarmed
-Abyssal Heritor Feat-Claws of the Beast (+ 1 unarmed Damage per 2 AH feats)
-Abyssal Heritor Feat-Eyes of the Abyss (Darkvision 30, +1 spot and search per AH feat)
-Abyssal Heritor Feat-Demonic Skin (+1 NA per 2 AH feat)
Skill Trick- Twisted Charge
Ok, so a few things worth mentioning; the houserules in place are thus:
-Monks are proficient with US :smallsmile:
-Abyssal Heritor feats are counted differently (if it says per 2, then we count the first plus then add the next plus at 3 AH feats.)
-Most everthing is accepted and allowed as long as it is within reason.
So, thus I bare my baby to the harshness of the playground! Let loose the dogs of Criticism!!:smalltongue:

2010-06-15, 08:06 PM
Unlucky? I think I might have that flaw, but I don't remember picking up a bonus feat for it...

2010-06-15, 08:14 PM
Ah, I should have specified, both flaws are homemade ones using the rules outlined in the Unearthed Arcana. :-)