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2010-06-15, 11:44 PM
Hi, im here to ask something sbout this class.

Im trying to make one for a lvl 12campaing and im trying a 6 cleric/6 bone knight but i have a question about "Fill the ranks". This ability summon a "normal" karnathian zomie/skeleton exactly as the one in the eberron campaigns settings? or this undead is stronger that the ones from the book?. Im trying to make a cleric/bonekight with an undead army with him including basically all the "undead creator" feats from Libris Mortis like Corpsecrafter.(4 str and 2hp per HD so i wanna know about the karnathian ones.

2010-06-16, 07:28 AM
I think any feats you have to increase the stats of undead you create should be in effect since you are the one who is creating the undead. Fill the Ranks says it works like animate dead, so anything that would normally augment the created undead should function when you use Fill the Ranks.

2010-06-17, 12:29 PM
ok, thanks for the advice , one of my questions was answered, but what bout the other one(maybe i didnt express myself clearly, it was late and i was drowzy).

When i use the Fill the ranks, asid ethe bonuses from feats, ill summon a "normal"Karrnathi Zombie/skeleton,or there are more powerfull than 3hd. Cause even with the feats, i think, for a lvl 12 campaing, those guys are gonna be more a "meat shield".

Is tehere a special rule to create higher level karnathi zombie/skeleton?


2010-06-17, 01:01 PM
None that I know off...

But you could advance them using the rules in MM.

But there is a catch: Your limit is a animate dead spell. You cannot create anything greater than that...

Now, a question of mine: What happens when a Lvl 8 bone knight meets a lucky bebilith?

2010-06-17, 01:13 PM
Cause even with the feats, i think, for a lvl 12 campaing, those guys are gonna be more a "meat shield".What would you expect from an ability called "Fill the Ranks"?

Cannonfodder has it's uses.

2010-06-17, 10:45 PM
booo, i wanted a 12 hd karnathi zombie with meD:, then i guess ill conform to meatshields, xDD

i think my cleric with an undead arm will fight in the frontxDD.

Thanks a lot for your help^^