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2010-06-16, 10:01 AM
Hello All,

I've been working on my own game system for the last few years here and there. However, I'm stuck where one aspect is concerned. That is doing actions as event-based. Everything has an preparation time, action time and recovery time (mundane tasks have recovery 0). I've got attacking and defending pretty well worked out, however, incorporating movement into combat has been a real pain and just doesn't feel right.

First off, Attacking and Defending is very much akin to Maneuvers and Stances. I literally have hundreds of them. Most high-damaging maneuvers consist of an amount of preparation time depending on the stance one is in as well as the previous action / maneuver executed. 1s is Common, 2s isn't wholly uncommon as a preparation time. Now...

Movement in this system is very much like WarHammer. Races have a base walking movement depicted as anything from 3/4" to 1 1/2" and some classes can bolster that along the way. Walking movement for a 1" move is approx 4 MpH (So it scales with 5' moves in D&D well). The movement modes are Walk (Base), Hustle (x2), Run (x3) and Sprint (x4). There are rules around these that aren't of any merit wrt this issue, so I won't get into them save one... Every "Run" action starts with a Hustle for 1s. Then one can, then next second, accellerate to a Run or Sprint. So for all intents and purposes, a Hustle is the fastest Combat-Mode of Movement without fully breaking off.

Each weapon has it's own reach, and some Maneuvers increase or decrease that reach. For the most part, consider 1" a standard reach for medium-sized one-handed melee weapons.

My problem is incorporating movement into attacks via feats and class abilities.

As every movement is a Single Action (1s) with no preparation or delay, one could potentially Hustle out of range of an attack which has a 2s preparation (Warlord's Overhand Cleave; 2s Prep; 1s Action; 1s Recovery; Weapon Damage x3; DC 25 Daze vs Struck Foe). As I'm trying to incorporate a method which allows for a movement within the Prep Time, the system starts to break down. If I allow a Hustle (via specific Maneuvers or Feats) per Prep Second, the game takes an insane shift towards Melee. If I allow a Walk, anything with a better movement rate than the attacker hustles and is unhittable by the time the Attack Occurs.

I guess this might be a good thing as it's a bit more realistic - but I want to avoid a system that has many "useless" attacks because they can never land except upon a foe that might be dazed, stunned or slowed. Hmmm.. Maybe that's the answer...

I realize that I've basically just been ranting here - but mostly I want to know if anyone's worked with an event-based system for movement and combat that has worked well for them? And if so - what were your big hurdels and how did you overcome them....


2010-06-16, 09:01 PM
you should have an initiative check to see if the hustle away from combat.

2010-06-17, 09:03 AM
There is this real-world concept known as the OODA loop. It stands for Observe, Orientate, Decide, Act. DnD completely ignores it, but I think your battle could use it. For example, you could give combatants a 1s or 2s delay before they can register what moved and how before they are allowed to react to it.

2010-06-17, 09:14 AM
that would rule out hitting moving targets with ranged weapons AoOP and other things i cant' think of right now.

2010-06-17, 01:22 PM
What kind of distance are we talking about with this 1"-2" movement? If it is only about 10 feet or so, I don't see much of a problem with moving around that much. If it is closer to 50 feet, then it much more of a problem. I mean, archery is warfare was typically measured in hundreds of yards. If someone is 40 feet away from you and charging, you'd better be sure you can hit or drop the bow and draw a sword.

2010-06-17, 04:03 PM
In typical D&D terms, 1" = 5'

So in terms of mobility compared to D&D where 1 Round = 6s:

Walk Hustle Run Sprint
3/4" Move 22.5' (4.25'/s) 45' 67.5' 90'
1" Move 30.0' (5.00'/s) 60' 90.0' 120'
1 1/4" Move 37.5' (6.25'/s) 75' 112.5' 150'
1 1/2" Move 45.0' (7.50'/s) 90' 135.0' 180'

As for Ranged Attacks vs. Moving Targets - they get Penalties based on the speed and direction of movement. Where Range Increments are concerned, each Range Increment above the initial takes 1s to "clear." So firing an Arrow at 3x the standard range increment would incur a -4 Penalty on Range. If that's against a Running Target that's another -4 Penalty. Plus, each round a target could make a (quite difficult) spot-check equivalent to be aware of the shot targetting him and be able to act defensively towards it (further adjusting the roll).

Archers are interesting because they can have 2-3 shots in the air at once from long range, and rolls to hit aren't being taken until the strike because things can happen while it's in the air. But that's closer to reality than D&D where an Arrow can travel (with the right feats / abilities) 3000' in "6 seconds" of time. I don't think anyone's firing an arrow in excess of 300 MpH :)

* Incidentally, has anyone actually done the work to see if one can create arrow shots that break the sound barrier based on Distance / Time in D&D? I think a Sonic Boom Arrow could have fun flavor :). You'd need to get about a 1200' Range Increment :).