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2010-06-16, 02:38 PM
Here's a few epic feats I whipped up for the Wu Jen and psionic classes, both of which have little epic feats to choose from. They're fairly straightforward, improvements of existing feats or class features. Any thoughts?

Improved Spell Secret [Epic]
Prerequisite: Int 25, spell secret class feature.
Benefit: Choose a single metamagic feat. You do not have to have taken this feat. The effective level increase of the metamagic feat cannot be greater than the number of spell secrets you have gained from the wu jen class (maximum +6). All spells modified by spell secret are now also modified by this metamagic feat as well. The spellís level does not change. Whenever the wu jen gains a new application of spell secret, she may change the metamagic feat awarded from this feat. The use of this feat does not require an additional taboo.
Normal: You may apply either Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Still Spell, or Silent Spell to a spell of your choice when modifying it with spell secret.

Improved Elemental Mastery [Epic]
Prerequisite: Elemental mastery class feature.
Benefit: All numeric benefits of the elemental mastery class feature are doubled.
Normal: Your spell DCís for spells of your chosen element are increased by +2, and you gain a +2 bonus on saving throws against spells of that element.

Vigilant Spirit [Epic]
Prerequisite: Watchful spirit class feature, Improved Initiative.
Benefit: At the beginning of every encounter, roll twice for initiative and select the higher roll. This ability replaces the watchful spirit class feature. Additionally, your initiative bonus from the Improved Initiative feat improves by +4. If you act first in an encounter, you gain a +1 bonus to saving throws and armor class for the rest of the encounter.
Normal: The watchful spirit class feature allows you to re-roll an initiative check once per day.

Gifted [Psionic][Epic]
Prerequisite: Talented.
Benefit: When manifesting a power of 6th level or lower, you do not take damage from overchanneling and are not required to expend your psionic focus to do so.
Normal: When manifesting a power of 3rd level or lower, you do not take damage from overchanneling but must expend your psionic focus.

Psionic Physique [Psionic][Epic]
Prerequisite: Any three psionic or metapsionic feats.
Benefit: You gain 8 hit points per psionic or metapsionic feat you have, including this one. Whenever you take a new psionic or metapsionic feat, you gain 8 more hit points.

Metamorphic Assimilation [Psionic][Epic]
Prerequisite: Wisdom 18, Metamorphic Transfer.
Benefit: This feat functions as the feat Metamorphic Transfer, except as noted here. You gain all supernatural abilities of the creature, using a DC based on the manifesting class of your choiceís primary manifesting stat (i.e. Intelligence for psions, Charisma for wilders, etc.). The supernatural abilities are limited as normal for the creature whose form you assume.
Normal: You cannot use the supernatural abilities of creatures whose forms you assume without the Metamorphic Transfer feat.