View Full Version : Lets talk Dragonmech!

2010-06-16, 11:08 PM
So I got my grimy little hands on a copy of Dragonmech, and am currently in the early stages of preparing to run an adventure, is there anything I should know/be ready for/ any cool ideas you have.

I figured I'd design my player's mechs (I would get an idea of what they wanted from them, and handle the nitty-gritty stuff myself).

My current adventure plan is as follows.

The PC's are Mech Crews on a Rail fortress (Think giant train, each car the size of a building, bristling with guns) which comes under attack. They are in the Living Quarters and have to fight their way (The fort is being boarded) to the Mech Bays, where they roll out, and we get to play with giant robots.)
I want to get a better gauge from my players before I get more specific than that.
I'm not using the actual setting of Highpoint, merely the mechanics of Dragonmech.

So yeah, any advice/general discussion about running/playing Dragonmech?