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2010-06-18, 08:51 AM
I'm currently making a Bronze dragon bloodline desert gnome gestalt. It's Half Gestalt, so its like 4/2. Primary side is normal stuff. Second side is racial levels and bloodlines and other racial stuff that requires levels. Amyway I'm going with Dragon Shaman 8/Bronze dragon bloodline 2 and bard 1 if DM allows and then into the gnome paragon.

Basic story of character is:
Tribe lived in desert
Had oasis
oasis was powered by bronze dragon
they started getting attacked
bronze dragon bred with young males of tribes
lots of dragon blood in tribe now
dragon leaves
raids start again
then the water mages get antimagic'd
my gnome is sent off for help

Here is the REALLLLYYY LONGGGG story if you really want to read it, but it make some stuff make better sense.

You ask Why a desert gnome as I, have the blood of an aquatic dragon; Well take a seat, your gonna be here a while.

In the great southern desert, there was an oasis, the grandest in all the desert. To the south layed the freezing ocean, the west the gold flats, and the east the salt mines. To the north were "The Untouchables", it was said they had a great forest in the north.(Though this was speculation). If it was not for the grand spring that was refilled with water at the coming of each summer, we all would of perished long ago. However we existed in near solitude, hell for a gnome. Then one day, "The Untouchables" began their raid. They wanted gold and salt to trade with the Northerners. The first raid we repulsed, but many more came. We were only so many, we could not hold out forever. Then on the day of the final raid, the main gate was about to be breached by catapults, and a grand metallic green Dragon(which I did not know was their name at the time) appeared and replused them all with it's near presence. That my friends was the last raid. I had always thought the greens of the giant lizards were the sneaky, evil ones. I was right in this assumption, however it was no green we had, she (as we later found out) was a magnificant bronze. She knew we couldn't last forever when the raids returned, and neither could she. We begged her to stay, so we made a deal. We dug out the well to about 7 times it's size, and she would live there. She would keep the weather calm and the well full. However, she knew her days were limited but our's were not, and as such; about a decade after her arrival, she began the seeding. We were not aware of it until long after it had began. Apparently through some shape-shifty magic, she bred with the young warriors of the tribe. Her children were the blessed ones. One day, when she had been with us for what I have been told was almost one thousand years,she said Goodbye, and she left, never to return. Our best mages scryed and scryed for her. Their search resulted in a lifeless shireveled form, lying halfway to the northern forest. She had went to go to the sea, and they killed her. Those Maurding monsters! Our water was now never to be replenished, but alas, we had the blessed ones. The few blessed ones who were talented with arcane power, began to practice water magic. Soon, we had enough water to last for millenia! By this time she had been gone for nearly 250 years. Then, I was born, my father was a quarter-blessed(basically 1/4 bronze) and my mother was near full blessed one(about 2/3 bronze). I am said to be about somewhere in-between(about 1/2 bronze). My mother can still remeber the great dragon, the dragon was her mother. My father was much younger, but he was one of the water mages, so my parents were highly respected for their blooline and Profesion respectively. This when things got VERY bad. The untouchable, with the help of an ACTUAL green, had been spying on us. They sent their mages to create an antimiagic field over us, and with their dragon's help they succeded. It was permanent, our mages dispelled it, but through some sort of time break, their dispels were being transported roughly 5,000 years into the future, but still with full affect. This is where I come in. There was no longer any magic, and father became more and more reclusive, as his uses dwindled. My mother, and the other remaining full bloods, asked me to go, outside the field, and get help from the north.

Since there was no magic, for the time I spent in the tribe, I studied hard my draconic heritage and did my best to let it flow naturally. As such, I felt many powers from my grandmother seeping through. I decided to embrace these to the fullest, dedicating two years to the study of them. After I had unlocked my power, I couldn't help but wish for more. This is why I became a Dragon Shaman. Many others in my tribe, had went down this path before unlocking their bloodline, they would never be able to expieirence more than the minor benefits of their bloodline, and they'll never even know what they are missing. I feel sorry for them. After a long time in reclusive study, I came back to reality, and noticed the horrid morale state of my tribe. I wished to help. This is why I began my musical training. Very shortyly after is when I received the request to find help. Since then, I've been all over the world, searching for a way to free my tribe from this fell magic. To this day I have not succeeded, I have not seen my own mother in over 86 years, but I cannot return without a method to free them, I simply cannot...

I know how to handle the bard levels, what I'm looking for is how to create a powerful dragon shaman. Basically I'm looking for "The dragon Shaman's Handbook", but the one on WoTC boards is like only 1/3 done and no one ever finished it.

Thank you in advance.