View Full Version : [GMing in Genral] Need help preping Mystery!

2010-06-18, 05:02 PM
Okay guys, I've been running a campaign for a while now, which has been...moderately successful. However, I've hit a snag with one player.

See, he made an amnesiac, but he provided a few clues to the character's backstory to me, the GM.

-First of all, he can actually remember a few things. One of which is his spells and ability to commune with the spirit world (Naturally, none of these amnesiacs forget anything that might be of an advantage in combat. Interesting, isn't it?) and that he is half-Undine, and the name of his Mother.

-He doesn't remember his own name, but he did provide a draw out of his family. He has three half-sisters he doesn't remember. His Father was Human, and left before he was born for unknown reasons. Even when he gets his memories back, there will be nothing to remember about his Father.

-One of his sisters got kidnapped! He last his memories from a bad hit on the noggin chasing after the unnamed villain that apparently the player is leaving me to figure out the details about him. When he gets his memories back and recalls what he is doing. The villain mentioned hiding in the Frontier town that the PCs have been using as a hub. Now if only he could recall that bond villain moment...

Well, he found his way back home. And his mother helped him remember his name, the rest of his family, and Sis being kidnapped. But he doesn't remember anything else.

Now this may be a little embarrassing, but I haven't really done much work on figuring out who this guy is (I thought about it being the Father, but all the sisters are pure-undine, and kidnapping the PC himself would make much more since. And leaving him after being injured suggests the kidnapper only wanted the sister and was glad to lose the pursuer, probably crossing his fingers that the brother got eaten by a bear.), why he would want an undine girl, why he would ever stay in the Frontier town when big cities and secure kingdoms with a sea of people to hide in are just a day's (one and a half days at maximum) march away, or what his motivation is.

Also, since this is all related to the PC, I've never managed a game this personal before.