View Full Version : Soulmeld Compendium?

2010-06-19, 09:34 AM
So, I once saw a thing that had all the Tome of Battle manuevers on little cards, so that you could print them out, cut them out, and then have a little piece of paper with each of your manuevers on it. That way, not only could you keep track of which ones you had readied easily, but you also had all the relevant information right there, without needing to check the book constantly.

Is there anything like that for Soulmelds?

2010-06-19, 09:39 AM
For that matter, is there anything like that for Vestiges?

I'm extremely interested in Binders, but the lack of easy reference is killing me. Incarnum was bad enough. :smalltongue:

2010-06-19, 10:44 AM
It's not a printout, but this spreadsheet (http://www.sendspace.com/file/m5wk2i) should help you keep tabs on them all. It has macros to assist with organization, but Excel gives you a warning about them. Far as I know there are no viruses in there (though Excel will give its standard warning about them), so as long as you have a decent virus scanner (I suggest Avast!, since it's free and really, really good) you should be fine.

Beyond that, I suggest 3x5 notecards.

I guess I could set up something where you click on the name and it takes you to a printable description, though I have nowhere near the time and compunction to do that at the moment, I'm afraid.

Can't help with the vestiges, though. You could always set up something similar on your own, I guess.