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2010-06-19, 12:07 PM
In an upcoming Planescape game, I'm playing a Fighter. Castus Brandt (http://www.poptower.com/pic-17998/peter-mensah.jpg), former sergeant in the Nine Swords mercenary company. Driven on a quest for vengeance by the loss of his family.

He's an 8th level character and older than your traditional novice adventurer (since he's not), in his late 30s. He's been about the place, seen things, done things and had things done to him. There have been triumphs and losses.

I'm trying to come up with some interesting, plot-hook-worthy events and people to mention in a bulleted-list bio. Thing is, it turns out my FR knowledge is both rusty and out of date.

Here's the outline I've got so far:

Basic biography

Grew up in Aglarond in a recently-settled town with a mixed human, elven and half-elven population.
Father was killed in a bar brawl when he was 10.

Early Career

Joined militia band operating in his local area at the age of 15, ran with a gang of youths getting into trouble.
Spent some time as an adult in the Army of the Green Drake defending the Watchwall.
Learned his two-blade style from an elven corporal on the Watchwall.
Grew to hate undead fighting Thayan abominations.

Serving with the Nine Swords

Followed his friend ___ in taking up the offer of the mercs.
Promoted to corporal when ______
Taken as a slave in Chult after a disastrous campaign _____
Escaped after three months in captivity by ______
Nearly killed in the ______ campaign.
Made sergeant when ______
Having done 15 years, he decided it was time to retire to a more sedate life.


Quit the company with his savings and bought a farm in the village of _________
Worked the land, met a local woman and settled down to raise a family.
Befriended a retired Red Wizard, changing his opinion of Thayans in general.

Tragedy and sorrow

Village attacked by Vorena Fireclaw*'s forces looking for something the Red Wizard was hiding.
Wife and two young children killed, village burned to the ground.
Badly wounded Castus left for dead.

The quest for vengeance

[Some overlapping stuff with the other PCs, this is when they met]

Old friends

[Insert former squadmates]
[Insert former employers]

Old enemies

Former lieutenant in the band
[Insert former opponent]
[Insert former squadmates]

*The villain of the game

If any of these give you ideas, throw them up. Or any new items that could be there. Fifteen years a merc is a long time to fill with wild adventures and significant people. Or specific wars to have been involved in. Not knowing much about the Nine Swords post-Spellplague doesn't help.

And one last thing, no book recommendations, please. I'm not in the market for supplements. But if you do have any links to web material that could help flesh things out, that would be welcome.