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2010-06-20, 12:48 AM
There aren't any real rules for it that I can find other than a 3.0 source material called warbeast that adds a price to an animal. A player of mine is wanting a warbeast polar bear at level 5. I went ahead and let him have it for 1550g since it's mainly just a beast of burden for him to pull his artificers wagon.

How much do you think a polar bear would cost? According to just the warbeast source only 775g. However an elephant according to the Oriental Adventures is 2,000g not 925g and in the Arms in Equipment guide an elephant would be 1000g for and adult and 500g for a young.

I think using the A&EG it's gonna cost 2500g

Also not all animals follow the same cost per HD

1 HD of guard dog costs 25 gp per hit die
2 HD of wardog cost 75 gp per hit die
2 or 3 HD of warhorse[pony] cost 50 per hit die,
4 HD of war horse cost 100gp per hit die.
3 HD of Hippogryph cost 1000gp per hit die. Training adds 1000GP
7 HD of griffon cost 1000gp per hit die. Training adds 1500GP
9 HD of flesh golem costs over 2000gp per hit die.