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2010-06-20, 03:48 PM
I have expanded psionics book and complete psionics, just wondering if there are any other books or web sources that have stuff for psions or psycic worriors out there.
Any suggestions?

2010-06-20, 03:50 PM
The "Mind's Eye" (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/arch/psi) articles on the WotC site have a lot of content. Hyperconscious is a 3rd party book that has many good psionics in it.

The Glyphstone
2010-06-20, 03:51 PM
There's the Mind's Eye web enhancement series. Some good stuff there.

Other than that, you need to go 3rd party. Hyperconscious and Untapped Potential are the common high-recommendations.

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2010-06-20, 03:51 PM
There's Hyperconscious. It's a third-party book, but written by the writer of the Expanded Psionics Handbook and unusually well-balanced. Many DMs consider it the real Complete Psionic.

2010-06-20, 03:58 PM
Several books also have a few powers and PrCs in them. Races of Stone, a lot of the Eberron books. A few others.

Thrice Dead Cat
2010-06-20, 06:51 PM
Lords of Madness has a prestige class and a few powers in it, I think. Dragon Magic has a PrC and moar powers, too.

2010-06-20, 07:01 PM
My psionic powers revision (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=3080.0) gives a lot to psionics. Otherwise, you're looking at the XPH, CPsi, Hyperconscious, and the stuff from The Mind's Eye and Dreamscarred Press.

2010-06-20, 07:35 PM
Mindscapes by Malhavoc Press may prove useful as well. It's a 3.0 prduct designed for use with the Psionics Handbook but it's written by Bruce Cordell so there's probably not much that won't translate well.