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2006-03-21, 07:36 PM
This is the continue of the Setonian Empire [the breakout] game.

*Jongluer - Marcuus Nero (human champion) http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=3113
*Yawielas - Vanwa (elf rogue) http://www.planetadnd.com/3eprofiler/view.php?id=2929
*Geech - Krahl (orc barbarian) http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=64 (http://www.planetadnd.com/3eprofiler/view.php?id=2392)
[/URL]*Truwar - Butch (bugbear rogue) http://www.planetadnd.com/3eprofiler/view.php?id=4409 (http://www.sylnae.net/3eprofiler/view.php?id=3096)

Currently NPC-ed:
*Falon - Jisika Nar'trish (drow bard) http://www.planetadnd.com/3Eprofiler/view.php?id=2367
*Uthuk - Martin Redwing (human bard) [URL]http://www.sylnae.net/3eprofiler/view.php?id=3096 (http://3eprofiler.net/3ep/view.php?id=30458)

The night passed quickly and in a very satisfying manner. You feel yourself fresh, clean, full of energy and ready to go wherever fate takes you.

From the directions you were given and a crappy map you saw down in the common room you know that from now on your travels will lead you north, across Ciwelty and the High Plains before hopefully find the legendary shelter of the drow.

Just before you were to leave a well-dressed human approached your group.
"My the road be smooth to walk on, travelers! Might I ask you where you are headed?"
The human hasa pleasant face, and by his yellow robe and accent you guess that his a local merchant.

2006-03-22, 03:41 AM
Elysia glances at the others, before replying non-commitally:"North..."

2006-03-22, 10:30 AM

Butch inhales deeply and releases a cloud of bluish smoke, grinning at the man he asks.

Just out ta see the world, so as ta have somthin’ ta tell our grandkids when we're all aged and wrinkly. Why do ya ask?

2006-03-22, 11:45 AM
"Oh forgive my manners, I even forgot to introduce myself. My name is Bounamelloran Tevel. I trade in goods all over the land. Now my travels will take me to the Southern lands, but I still have a business needing to be taken care of."

Then he reaches into his pocket before continuing.

"A costumer of mine, living in Shtonebridge in the High Plains awaits a delivery, but as I said I cannot go there now, and I found no caravans heading there. And I don't really trust the other merchants. So what I would ask from you is to deliver this item to my shopkeeper in Shtonebridge. For a fair payment of course. What do you say?"

2006-03-22, 12:12 PM
Elysia's ears perk up at the mention of payment. "What sort of item, and how much?"

2006-03-22, 12:46 PM
"I'll give you 50 gold pieces now, and you get 50 from my shopkeeper as well. Lot of money fora single delivery, you say? Well, it worths it."

He pulls his hand out of his pocket, holding a beautiful ring.

"It's a magical ring, altough it has little use for you or anyone else, since you don't know the activating words."

2006-03-22, 01:40 PM

Butch regards the man shrewdly then takes the cigar from his mouth, bluish smoke leaking sinuously from his mouth as he addresses the Merchant.

So… I am guessin’ there be a might o’ danger involved in this delivery, else ya would o’ given this to a merchant ta bring. I know ya said ya don’t trust the other merchants but ya trust a pack o’ strangers more? No, I think you were lookin’ fer muscle to get this ring ta where it needs ta be safely, and if its muscle you were lookin’ fer that is exactly whatchya found.

Things is, on accountta this not really bein’ just a daisy-skip to the next town, we are gonna need more than one hundred gold fer the lot o’ us. Seven hundred gold and ya got yerself a deal, two hundred now and five hundred on delivery. More than a fair price fer the safe delivery of such a fancy ring, wouldn’t ya say? Besides, the five hundred waitin’ fer us in the next town will be a nice bit o’ insurance fer you that we won’t go runnin’ off with that bauble, not that we would ever do such a dastardly thing, but insurance in comfortin’ notheless, aint it?

((Butch is haggling with the Merchant, he is not really expecting to be paid 700 gp but he figured it was a good starting point in the bidding. Diplomacy Roll: 14+5 =19))

2006-03-22, 02:25 PM
"700 gold pieces? Are you trying to ruin me, good sir?" - turns the merchant to Butch.
"Indeed some muscle would be helpful, but my concern is that you don't look like the sort of people who worth robbing. The border territories between Ciwelty and High Plains are dangerous, and a lone merchnt travelling there will be likely to get robbed blind by some desertour forces."

He stops for a moment before continuing on.

"But you're right, I'll increase my offer. 100 gp now, 300 when delivered. I can't offer much more, given the ring's value."

2006-03-22, 02:43 PM

Watching Butch haggle, Martin just hangs back and daydream.

2006-03-22, 03:40 PM

Leaning back in his chair and spreading his hands wide, Butch takes another drag on his cigar and declares.

Well, now, we might not look like much to ya but we treasure our own lives sumthin’ dear. How about ya pay us 180 now and 350 on delivery ta take this magic ring on the harrowin’ trek though deadly dangerous, bandit infested, badlands that you’re proposin’?

2006-03-22, 04:05 PM
Marcuus watches in stoney silence letting his frame expanded by his hidden armor do much of his speaking. He is waiting to step in if things go awry with the bargain, but in the meantime he let's his own body sway the merchant.

((Intimidate to make us seem a bit stronger, the man more pliable, just making us seem like we should be paid a tad more and that this ring will definately make it safely. Intimidate: 17+3=20))

2006-03-22, 07:59 PM
The merchant smiles as he hears the new offer of Butch.

"You're sure you're from a foreign land? You bargain nearly as relentlessly as a true Ciweltian, my friend. I'd like to bargain with you for a while but my ship awaits."

He pulls out a small bag from a pocket under his robes and holds it in front of Butch.

"150 gold pieces now, 350 on delivery. My last offer, dear sir."

2006-03-22, 10:44 PM
Marcuus nods at Butch to accept it.

2006-03-23, 03:41 AM
Elysia grins. "Your ring will be safe with us, sir."

2006-03-23, 11:26 AM

With a nod to Marcuus and a wink at Elysia, Butch leans lazily back in his chair and exhales, sending fat concentric rings of smoke from his mouth as he grins at the merchant’s praise.

Well, now. I always been fond o’ you merchants, don’tcha know.

Butch takes the bag of coins from the merchant and weighs it in his palm before slipping it under his shirt.

We’ll get yer ring to yer friend. Just tell us where we need to take it and who this buddy o’ yours be.

2006-03-23, 03:33 PM

Smileing at the haggling foursome, Martin start playing a small tune on his pipe while waiting for the deal to settle.

2006-03-23, 07:30 PM
"Well then..."

The merchant gets a pergamen scrolls and quickly writes some note on it, and then gives it to Butch as well. The letter contains specific directions to you contact, and a text that tells the shopkeeper to give you 350 gold pieces. At the bottom of the paper you can find the signature of the Merchant.

Then he gives a small bag to you, with the magic ring inside.

"Farewell, and take my best wishes or your travels!"

Then the merchant leaves.

2006-03-24, 11:50 AM

As soon as the merchant leaves Butch stands up and heads to the bar. After procuring another large mug of ale he signals everyone to follow him to his room at the back of the Inn.

2006-03-24, 12:02 PM
Elysia jumps down from her chair and follows Butch, nibbling on a piece of dried meat. "Perhaps we can get you a mule as well, now. That way you won't slow us down." She grins impishly.

2006-03-25, 06:14 PM

Martin puts away his pipe and starts to follow butch and in an amused tone "That sounds like a good idea, those legs looked abit unused to long walks"

2006-03-27, 03:11 AM

Yeah, walkin' aint exactly me thing, but I pitty the poor mule that has ta haul me carcass around... Maybe if I got me a cart and a mule... A cart with a padded seat...

Grins to himself and takes another drag of his cigar, bluish smoke creeping upwards about his head as he considers this idea.

2006-03-27, 12:08 PM
"So, let's see the gold." Elysia stands on her tippy toes, almost bouncing up and down.

2006-03-27, 03:36 PM

Butch roars in laughter at Elysia’s eagerness and walks over to the door of his room, opening the door and making sure nobody is listening at it, then closing it tight and locking it firmly. Turning back to the room he winks at Elysia and pours the gold onto a table.

Now THAT’S a girl that has her priorities straight!

Grinning, Butch separates the gold into 6 piles of 25 coins, sliding a pile to each of the party members.

2006-03-27, 06:02 PM

"Now that is a sight for sore eyes for sure. This beats the coppers I see at my performances and watching the sheep."

Martin bounces a couple coins on his knuckles then put them all away in his purse.

2006-03-28, 02:36 AM
Elysia gives a delighted sound and puts her gold away into her belt pouch, cupping her hand under it to feel the weight. "I'm going to the market again tomorrow, before we leave."

2006-03-28, 10:26 AM
Smiles at Elysia.

Mind if I join ya? I need ta get me cart.

2006-03-28, 11:10 AM
"I don't mind. I need to get some clothes and maybe a few other things. And we should get supplies. Perhaps everyone could chip in and buy a tent?"

2006-03-28, 01:47 PM

I was thinking of buying a tent as well, I guess we need a few anyhow? One for the women and two more for the rest of us?
I'll come as well if that's alright, always nice to look around.

2006-03-28, 01:54 PM
That's a lot o' gold! Why don't we just buy us some canvas and attack it to the cart I'm goin' ta be buyin'? The ladies have been sleepin' with us fellas under the stars just fine. I don't think we need a seperate place fer 'em ta sleep, just because we have a roof over our heads.

2006-03-28, 02:36 PM
"Canvas is fine with me, and I don't need no special sleeping arrangements, since I don't really sleep. "

2006-03-28, 02:56 PM
Butch raises an eyebrow as he looks at Elysia.

Don’t really sleep? You mean you ya don’t sleep very much? If that’s yer problem, it aint nuthin’ a nice mug or three o’ ale won’t fix….

2006-03-28, 03:01 PM
Elysia looks at Butch. "No, it's...ah, it's just...I just don't. I meditate. I don't know why that is, but other elves I know don't sleep either."

2006-03-28, 03:42 PM
Ya don’t sleep!? Then what the heck do ya do when the rest of us are sleepin’? Just sit their listenin’ to us snore?

Butch rubs his chin in contemplation as he digests this bit of information about Elysia.

Why the heck do ya even buy a room then? You could just hang out in the common room and drink from dusk ta dawn! Come ta think of it, how do ya sleep it off when ya drink too much?

2006-03-28, 03:52 PM
Marcuus accepts 5 of the gold and says, "Use the other piece towards things the party needs, this should be all I need to purchase some simple travelling items." Marcuus then stretches lightly and let's the sound of the common room wash over him, he has been away from this side of paradise for too long.

2006-03-28, 04:03 PM
"Well, first of all, I've never really had the chance to drink too much. And second, I still have to rest...It's not like I can go on and on and on tirelessly, altough some people seem to think that if you don't have to sleep you can work twice as hard... And when the rest of you sleep, I meditate...Or sit guard."

2006-03-28, 06:19 PM
Ya haven’t had much opportunity ta drink, lass!? Well that’s just a travesty it is! I am gonna have ta teach ya the finer points o’ getting’ nice and sloshed!

Butch’s eyebrows raise at Marcuus’ declaration. Disbelief mixed with amazement playing across his features before he seems to accept the statement with a shrug.

Well! Looks like our good buddy Marcuus is payin’ fer the canvas! Thanks buddy! You sure you aint gonna need more than just five gold?

2006-03-28, 06:52 PM
Marcuus nods, "Fairly sure that I won't, besides I would rather have it benefit us all than just myself." He continues to try and relax, finally that his first purchase for the past few months will be a nice bit of wine, he gets up hefting the 5 gold and gets whatever wine seems appropriately priced then returns to the table, sipping quietly.

2006-03-29, 04:13 PM

Smiles and gives Marcuus a friendly pat on the shoulder, "Now, that's the spirit. I think I'll join you but I'm going to have a mug of ale"

Martin stands up and try to locate some sort of maid he can order a mug of ale from.

2006-03-29, 06:31 PM
"Allright. I'll give it a try." Elysia smiles and orders a pitcher of wine, sitting herself down opposite from Marcuus. "To our health, brother. And to freedom." She raises her cup.

2006-03-29, 06:51 PM
A pretty human barmaid quickly shows up and after she asked what you'd like to drink, she's back in a minute with your drinks. The ale and wine tastes good, altough a bit spicy for those who origin from the Nortern provinces. And somewhat strong for small elves never used to drink before.

Krahl and Jisika sits down to an end of the table, talking about how happy Krahl is to see friend Jisika to be well.

(Man, you're just so good, I'm hardly needed (: Keep it up! )

2006-03-30, 11:01 AM
Butch oders his own pitcher of wine. Joining Elysia’s toast to freedom.

And ta’ as many profitable ventures as we can wraps our little mitts around.

2006-03-31, 07:06 PM
"Hear, hear." Elysia takes a long sip from her wine, then another, then another, coughing a bit between gulps. In not too long a time, she is suitably slushed.

2006-04-03, 09:48 AM

Butch jovially pats her on her back to help with the coughing and chuckles as she attempts to slurp all her wine down.

Easy lass! Ya don’t want ta pass out already! We got plenty o’ evenin’ left ta enjoy. A little slip o’ a thing like yerself aint gonna last long at this rate.

That said, Butch rolls himself another cigar and lights on the candle at the table, puffing contentedly and leaning back in his chair.

2006-04-03, 11:05 AM
Elysia can't stop a silly giggle, and leans her elbows on the table. She's standing on her knees on the chair. "Mitts...." She giggles again. "I'm not gonna pass out, I can take whatever ya throw at me. 'Cept poisoned daggers....Then I pass out....And Martin patches me up. He's very nice. You're very nice, Martin. Here, let me buy you a drink." Her speech slurred, she orders another mug of ale for Martin. "Marcuus is very nice to, but a little crazy. And Krahl and Jisika...very nice people....uh...drows...uh...orcs...I'm very lucky...And you," she turns to Butch again: "You're funny!" She giggles again and drinks some more wine.

2006-04-03, 03:06 PM

Krahl leans back and looks around at the others with his lopsided grin. The tribe is healthy and happy and free.

((I'm back. It might take me a bit to get caught up, but I'm here.))

2006-04-03, 06:05 PM
(Yay! Krahl is back!)

2006-04-04, 06:36 PM
Elysia got pretty drunk as it seems. Your company is sitting at a remote table, nobody disturbs your discussion. About an hout later the elf feels she drank too much, so the girls stand up to go to find a sort of toilet.
When they return Elysia gets knocked off her legs by a human, whos talking arrogantly and pretty loudly to an elf barmaid.

"Now now now.. C'm'ere Lyssa! I said now if I remember!"

"Will get your ale in a minute, sir." - answers the girl in a weak voice you barely hear.

"No, little girl, you used up my patience already!" - as the girl hurries carrying empty mugs, an orc friend of the human snaps her bottom heavily, so their little group starts to laugh loudly. The lass drops the mugs, which break upon hitting the ground.

As gathering the splinters the girl looks up to them with a face nearly crying. "One day I'll get away from this damned place! I will go to Evermeet where cruel humans such as you are not entered!"

"C'm'n girl, no place such exists, you know that. Fairy tales for cryin' lasses such as yourself who refuses to work. Speakin' of which you an I have something to do quickly behind the stables right now!"

The human quickly reaches out to grab Lyssa. That was the moment when Elysia stumbled across him, knocking down the human as she fell.

"Hey Lyssa, 'twas good ale! For a moment i thinked I see in double. No matter. You little one, come too. I'm just goin' to 'ave a fine night!"

Some change in pace before the game sleeps (:

2006-04-04, 10:17 PM
Marcuus at the sight of the treatment of the original girl, stands and then when Elysia is about the be brought into the mix, he steps in, placing his heavily armored hand out. "Now, I think that's enough of that," He says firmly placing himself between the group of men and women. He bends down slightly to help the girl up before looking back at the men and his voice becoming a very high handed authoratative air, "I do believe it's high time you apologized to this young woman." He stands staring coldly, right hand resting lightly beneath his cloak upon his bastard sword.

2006-04-04, 10:37 PM

Krahl watches the human taunt the barmaid without really putting any importance on it. He doesn't even realize that it is disturbs the others until Marcuus gets up. However, when Elysia gets involved and Marcuus steps in, Krahl stands up ready to stop the human from doing anything to either Marcuus or Elysia. The loud man is threatening the tribe? If he tries anything I'll chop his hands off!

2006-04-05, 01:17 AM

All mirth slides from Butch’s face when he sees Elysia get knocked over. Standing from his chair, all seven feet of his massive frame strides over to the man. When he arrives he stands, looking down at the man as his thick fingers curl tightly into massive fists, squeezing them until his knuckles crack audibly.

Ya spilled me drink and ye knocked me friend over too. Ya owe me a drink, ya owe the waitress a tip and ya owe me friend there an apology…

Butch then goes ominously quiet, staring down at the man in stone-faced anger.
((Intimidate check: d20 + 6 = 15+6 = 21))

2006-04-05, 02:22 AM
Elysia looks up from her place on the floor, mumbling: "I'm not going anywhere with anyone anymore...An' if you try", she giggles a bit, "you have to answer to my brother...and my friends..." She looks up at her friends, seemingly quite moved by their actions.

2006-04-05, 09:14 AM
If Marcuus' diplomatic words didn't work to effect the drunk human, the sight of the massive fists of Butch made the man to stop.

"Aye, aye, no need to be rude, right?" - he tries to back off, but the orc at their table simply knocks him back

"Afraid of a bugbear, aren't ya John?" - the orc gives John a brandy, who quickly drink it and turns back to Butch.

"Hey! No bloodletting in my inn or I call the guards!" - shouts a fat human, who seems to be the innkeeper.

"Aye, but I can beat 'im up without blood, can't I?" - not waiting for the answer John punches Butch in the face. "Afraid of this hairy abomination? Pfew."

There are three persons sitting at the table of John. The beforementioned orc, a goblin, a half-orc. and another human. The innkeeper seems satisfied with the fact that there are no weapons pulled out.

[hr]Butch took three points of subdual damage.

2006-04-05, 09:33 AM
Elysia stands up, glaring at John furiously. "Hey!! That's my friend! An' he ain't no abono...abonimo...abani...what you said!! An' you're ugly!!" She tries to kick him in the knee. ( 0 mod for strength, base attack bonus +3)

(here's a pic of Elysia btw: http://tmsaatvedt.googlepages.com/home )

2006-04-05, 10:07 AM

Butch seems to have been wholly unaffected by the punch he received ((Bluff d20+5 = 13+5 = 18 )). Looking down at the human he snarls in anger.

That wasn’t a tip, boyo! When I’m done with you, yer gonna curse the day yer momma first kissed yer pappy!

Butch winds up and delivers a punishing blow to…the orc sitting next to the human.
((attack d20+7 = 11+7 = 18, Dmg: d3+5+d6(sneak attack) = 3+5+4=12))

((btw, I don't seem to be able to see Ely's picture :( ))

2006-04-05, 12:48 PM

"Krahl break stupid man!" Krahl snarls and swings at the human.

((Init 20+1=21
Close and attack human
Unarmed strike 15+9=24
Dmg 1d3+9 = 2+9 = 11 nonlethal
I will provoke an AoO, provided the human has Improved Unarmed Strike.
If Krahl doesn't have a straight shot at the human he will pull his greataxe and try to get around.))

2006-04-05, 02:59 PM
Marcuus scowls, "Dirty underhanded bastards!" He shoves himself into the man with all of his might trying to force him into the table.

((Bullrush! 15+2=17!))

2006-04-05, 06:46 PM
After John's fairly weak punch the air frozen for a second. But when butch gets his blow, hell unleashes in a moment.

The surprised orc falls from his chair, burying his goblin companion under his massive body. Elysia kicks John as hard as she can, but even she gets surprised when the human falls back and breaks a table in his fall. She only then notices that her kick has little to do with the destruction, it was caused by the combined power of Krahl and Marcuus. The massive orc's hit got John in the face, and he didn't even regain total consciousness when Marcuus rushed him over, knocking him down, breaking the table with their weight. Even that heavy beating John was redy to stand up, but a bottle from Lyssa's hand find it's way swiftly to the forehead of the human, who fell unconsciou without a word.

The half-orc and the nother human threw their chair at Butch, who managed to dodge only one of them. By the time the goblin nearly crawled out from the orc's body. Hopefully for him the orc's vision slowly returned after Butch's devastating blow. He tried to stand up but then Butch kicked him on the ribs somewhat hard. At least everyone in the in heard that it were his ribs. The orc falls back to poor goblin fellow once again. But this time the orc doesn't seem to get up.

Well I couldn't find the AoO rules about what happens if someone's trying to get up near an unarmored enemy, but I judged that Butch should get an AoO.
Martin's outside with the mules, while Jisika's too frightened to act, so you're on your own (:

p.s: loved that picture, extra xp for Elysia! I am easy to bribe with such things(:

2006-04-06, 02:41 AM
"Yay!" Elysia jumps up and down cheering as John crashes through the table, and as Butch decks the orc. "That'll teach ya!!" She picks up a mug and throws it at the half orc and human still standing.

(Thanks:) ))

2006-04-06, 10:34 AM

Butch folds arms as thick as a strong mans legs across his chest as rests a foot on the chest of the Orc he so quickly felled. Giving the half-orc and the other human his hardest stare.

Well boyos we can do this the easy way and the two o’ ya can beat it. Or….. we can do it the hard way. No, meself, I’d like ta give ya a bit more o’ the hard way, bein’ as ya got me bugbear battle frenzy in a boil, but I’d feel real bad about bustin’ up any more o’ the innkeeper’s business with yer bodies so I’m gonna let the two o’ you decide.

Glances meaningfully at the felled orc.

((Intimidate roll D20 + 6 = 17(woot! :D)+6 = 23 plus whatever other bonuses apply))

((btw, standing up near an enemy DOES give an AoO, if he had been armed and I had taken that AoO against him with my bare hands, he would have gotten an AoO against me as well but he still invokes one from me. So, good judgment! ;) ))

2006-04-06, 12:15 PM
The two human and the hal-orc glances at each other deciding what to do, but they quickly agree that it will be best to flee this place at once. With the two strongest of them out, they suddenly don't seem to be as arrogant as before. They quickly pick up John and the orc, and then hurriedly leave the inn.

"Oh, thank you soo much..." sighs Lyssa. "Are you allright? This John a horrible worm, he is.." - she asks Elysia. She's larger than Ely, probably becouse his mother was a human.

"And who's going to serve the guests whit you chatting here?" - frowns upon her the innkeeeper, who gathers the broken furniture, and start to count the cost of a new chair and table.

"Oh, yessir.." - says Lyssa and retuns to work.

2006-04-06, 02:18 PM

Martin watched the brawl from the sidelines, confident that the others would sort it out in a fairly quick way.

"Well, a nice punch there Krahl"

2006-04-06, 02:35 PM
"Sure, I'm fine", Elysia hiccups to the barmaid. "Hey, how come yer so tall?" she adds to Lyssa's back as she hurries back to work. "Yeah....that John is a right jerk..." Elysia gives the unconscious man another kick for good measure, then goes back to the table to have another drink.

2006-04-06, 03:07 PM

Krahl seemed ready to attack the others, but when they turn to leave he pauses then sits back on his heels, looking around to make sure everyone is ok. The weaklings know their place well. The tribe is safe. Hearing Martin comliment him, Krahl looks over. He grins and points a thumb at his chest, "Krahl strong." he states, nodding his head.

2006-04-06, 03:37 PM

Martin smiles and nods at Krahl, "Indeed you are my friend."

Glanceing over at Elysia and with a small grin, "You might want to slow down abit on the drinking, you'll thank me tomorrow if nothingelse"

2006-04-06, 03:47 PM
Ely looks wide eyed at Martin. "Oh? Uh.....allright...If you say so." She smiles.

2006-04-07, 08:02 AM
After Elysia kicks the uncoscious man, Butch helps his attackers to bring out the orc from the inn. He's a good boy. Than he counts all the money somehow appeared in his hand during the "helping". It's 2 golds and 4 silvers.

2006-04-07, 10:05 AM

Hey lads, twas a good brawl, no harm no foul.

He chuckles as he “helps” the two men drag their companions out of the inn the heads back into the common room, humming a jaunty tune. He slips Lyssa a two gold piece tip for her troubles as he joins the others. A wry grin on his face he looks down at the slightly swaying Elysia.

Good ta see yer still in one piece but I think Martin’s got the right o’ it missy, maybe ya should ease up on the booze, just a bit. Ever tried smokin’?

With a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, Butch removes some tobacco from his pouch and prepares to roll her a cigar.

2006-04-07, 10:45 AM
"Nah, not really..." Ely watches Butch roll up a cigar. "But I cannot imagine breathing in smoke is any good..." She sips her drink, but carefully, watching Martin with one eye.

2006-04-07, 01:05 PM

Butch starts to disagree with Elysia then stops for a moment, looking consideringly at the acrid curl of smoke snaking sinuously from the tip of his cigar as if seeing it for the first time. He pulls the thick roll of tobacco from his mouth and stares at the smoldering end, seeming to consider it for a moment then shrugging and shoving it back in his mouth he takes a pleased puff and sends another cloud of blue smoke into the air.

Well, whatever suits ya missy.

2006-04-07, 01:34 PM

Martin holds up his hands in a defensive way, and with a laugh "Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything fancy if you decide to enjoy the evening. Was just a piece of friendly advice."

Martin sits back and sips his first ale.

2006-04-07, 02:31 PM
Ely giggles a bit and watches the smoke curling it's way to the ceiling from Butch's cigar. "S' pretty..." She rests her head on her arms leaning on the table and sighs happily.

2006-04-08, 04:58 AM
Butch chuckles as he looks at Ely.

Well! She can hold 'er own, but she sure can't hold her liquor!

Chuckles as he expertly blows rings of blue smoke, occasionally drinking from his glass of wine and enjoying the evening.

2006-04-08, 05:06 AM
Ely raises her head from the table and huffs. "Hah! I can to hold my liquor! Watch!" She lifts her mug and holds it high. Then she giggles again. "An' I'm not affected at all! I could climb the walls of this place with no trouble whatsoever, or the roof, an' not even *hic* not even stumble."

2006-04-08, 04:26 PM
Butch chokes in laughter at Elysia's comment, sending a geyser of cigar smoke from his mouth and nostrils.

Climb the walls! Missy, iffin' you fell out o' yer chair, I would wager ya couldn't climb back in that chair, iffin ya fell out!

Butch continues to roar with laughter, tears streaming from his eyes as he waves his cigar about, fighting for breath between paroxysms of laughter.

2006-04-09, 02:42 AM
"Oh yeah?! How much you wager?" Ely sets her mug down and tumbles out of her chair.

2006-04-09, 04:18 AM

Martin grins and just shakes his head.

She will definately regret this tomorrow

2006-04-09, 09:12 AM
Elysia takes a deep breath and climbs up to her chair. She was rather good, managing to sit back for the second try.

2006-04-09, 09:15 AM
Ely crosses her arms over her chest and sits back with a "Hah!" look on her face.

2006-04-09, 05:11 PM

Krahl watches Ely's antics curiously, not really paying attention to much of anything.

2006-04-10, 04:09 AM
Ely decides it's time for another trip outside, then she'll retreat to her room, which she probably shares with Jisika.

2006-04-10, 11:45 AM

Butch eyes Elysia as she stumbles towards the door, getting to his feet and joining her.

Ain’t you a bit sauced ta go wanderin’ out in the dark alone, missy?

2006-04-10, 12:24 PM
Ely ponders for a moment. "Hmm....Maybe...But where I'm going, you can't follow." She giggles a bit, and continues outside.

2006-04-10, 01:18 PM

Fully aware of how thugs and rogues act, Butch follows behind Elysia, a sharp eye out for trouble as he addresses her genially.

Well, I wasn’t suggestin’ I sit on yer lap, while ya take care o’ business. How about I just walk ya to the outhouse. Don’t want anybody snatchin’ yer purse or you fer that matter…

2006-04-10, 01:56 PM
"Sure, 'llright", she responds, zigzagging along.

2006-04-10, 05:53 PM

Butch chuckles and reaches down to steady Elysia, all the while keeping an eye out for trouble.

Yer starin’ ta sound like me missy! You really HAVE had too much ta drink.

Still warmly chuckling he helps her with the door and stands guard outside.

Don’t fall in missy! Yer backside is a mite skinny and I don’t fancy pullin’ ya outta the middens!

2006-04-10, 06:58 PM
"Don't worry, I'm not gonna...." Then comes the sound of someone being sick as Ely throws up. She comes out again after a short while, looking a little green. "I don't feel so good...."

2006-04-11, 11:15 AM
Chuckling, Butch thinks back to the first time he got drunk. He was not much taller than Elysia and running with a pack of street rats. He had stolen his first purse and (as was the custom of his gang) had to spend all of the money he had taken on alcohol and drink it. He had managed to rob a rich merchant… Glancing down at Elysia, his memories of that night evoke true empathy for the sick little elf.

Ya look a tad unsteady, missy. Let me give ya a hand.

Scooping the small elf into his arms with surprising gentleness, Butch carries Elysia back to the Inn, taking care to walk a smoothly as possible, so as not to jostle her sensitive stomach.

As Butch comes into the inn, he lets the others know that he is carrying Elysia up to her room. He steps carefully up the stairs and lays her down on her bed. He then goes and gets a chamber pot, laying it on the floor next to her.

Well, I’ll say this missy. Yer big on spunk, iffin a bit short on common sense. Course, that’s probably why I like ya so much. Now, I would tie that hair o’ yers back ta start with. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. As soon as ya feel settled enough we’ll try ta get some food in ya.

Butch tosses her a leather strip to tie her hair back with and settles into a chair. He takes out a cigar and is about to light it when he looks at the green little elf and slides it back into his pocket.

Don’t worry missy, you’ll get the hang o’ drinkin’, soon enough. Everybody does this the first time...

2006-04-11, 11:40 AM
The elf girl seems practically weightless when Butch picks her up, and her bones can clearly be felt through her skin and clothes, although she's filled out a bit in the last couple of weeks. Back in the room, she accepts the leather strip and ties her hair back, before sinking down on the bed, groaning. She mutters incoherently: "My master would sometimes get drunk, but 'e didn' get sick...only mad...But 'e said better 'ave a clear 'ead when doin' business or on the job...not to get caught...Drunks make lousy thieves...and lousier spies..."

2006-04-11, 12:49 PM
Let me give ya bit o’ advice, missy. Ya, don’t want ta be a thief, or a spy, or a whatever all the time. Iffin yer a thief all the time, how ya gonna enjoy yer spoils? Ya gotta look beyond what ya HAVE ta do, and focus a bit on what ya WANT ta do. It’s ok ta be on the top o’ yer game when it’s go time, but ya gotta relax, now and then too. Course, far as I’m concerned, you should spend as much as yer life as possible enjoyin’ it.

By the way, yer old master... he still alive?

2006-04-11, 12:56 PM
"Yeah...I s'pose...He ran into some fina..finic..fincia...some money trouble and had to sell me to the mines..." Ely curls up on the bed. "Is good to be free...But right now, not so good...."

2006-04-11, 01:19 PM
After the girls retire into their rooms, the boys only remain to drink a few more rounds, then they decide that it's best they go to sleep too.

In the morning Ely wakes up with bad, bad hangover, but otherwise she's fine.

You drank for two gold pieces during the night, each one of you (Ely spent only 9 sp).

Okay, I did not post for some time, but I made gift to you, located at:
http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=comics;action=display;num=1143393106 ;start=660#661

2006-04-11, 02:11 PM
(Hihihihi, that's great:) . Btw, when you say "wake up", does that mean she actually slept?)

2006-04-11, 03:52 PM
( No, she just did her meditation under "alcoholic influence" so it's kinda waking up for her now. )

2006-04-11, 05:47 PM
((ARGH! Matey!!! :D , that is really cool. Thanks! ))

2006-04-12, 11:06 AM
Ely stumbles down from her room the next morning, shielding her eyes from the unexpected bright light streaming in through the windows. She groans and takes a seat by a table, resting her head in her arms, closing her eyes. When the serving wench offers some breakfast, she just shakes her head.

2006-04-12, 12:50 PM
Marcuus is already awake by the time Ely has walked down, he has a clean shave and is now well-washed. He is easting a fiarly light breakfast and when he notices Ely stumble in hungover, he goes to the bartender, and asks for a short list of sauces, spices, and an egg. He returns to the table cracks the egg into a spare glass and dashes the sauces and spices over it, handing it to Ely with a smile, "Here, this will be like a kick to the face, it will make you feel alot better."

2006-04-12, 01:12 PM
Ely looks sceptically at the glass with the raw egg in it. "Uh...allright....But if this is some sort of punishment for me getting drunk last night, I'm gonna get you..." She takes a deep breath and gulps the liquid down.

2006-04-12, 01:42 PM
((Yawielas ever have a Prairie Oyster? It's a hangover cure of sorts, tastes terrible but it does do the trick to some degree))

Marcuus shakes his head, "No no, just a hangover cure, my father used to drink them." Marcuus shakes his head and looks out the window looking off into the distance.

2006-04-12, 01:50 PM
Ely makes a face when she tastes the cure, but swallows it all. "Does he get drunk a lot? By the way....I seem to have lost track of most of last night...Ah....I didn't do anything stupid, did I?"

(Nope, never had one of those, on account on never having been drunk:) )

2006-04-12, 02:31 PM

Krahl comes down late in the morning and orders a large breakfast before sitting down with the others.

2006-04-12, 05:02 PM
Marcuus nods, "He did for a time. But no nothing particularly stupid no." Marcuus smiles lightly.

2006-04-12, 07:17 PM

Squinting a bit, himself, as he comes into the common room, Butch settles into a chair at the table. Being a bit more used to this condition, he orders a large breakfast of sausage, eggs, and porage. Scratching at his not-yet-shaved face he smiles at everyone.

Howdy folks. Sleep well last night?

When his breakfast arives (along with his morning ale) he digs in with aplomb, obviously enjoying the meal.

2006-04-12, 09:56 PM

Krahl nods vigourously. "Krahl good sleep. Soft bed." He continues to eat his breakfast, rarely using his utensils, but being careful not to spill anything.

2006-04-13, 01:37 AM

Martin comes down abit late as well and sits down with a nod and orders a breakfast.

"Good morning everyone"

2006-04-13, 04:59 AM
"Morning, anyway..." Ely groans into her arms leaning on the table. "But no, I didn't exactly sleep, so your theory failed, Butch."

2006-04-13, 11:15 AM
Butch roars in laughter at Elysia’s accusation and takes a hardy swig of ale before winking wryly at the miserable elf maiden.

Well, at least ya had some fun last night and that’s really what life’s all about missy. Although I might suggest divin’ inta yer fun a bit slower next time. You were sauced inside o’ a half an hour. But that’s ok, I promise ta help ya work on doin’ a better job o’ enjoyin’ yerself.

2006-04-13, 11:20 AM
"Good, cause I don't really see the point of enjoying myself if I can't remember it afterwards. I seem to remember something about a fight, though...." Ely orders some bread and jam just to wash the taste of hangover cure from her mouth. "By the way...when are we leaving?"

2006-04-14, 05:05 AM

Martin turns with a small smile, "I'm ready to continue anytime now.....maybe leave time for a small visit to the market to browse the wares there on second thought.
I'm ready around noon."

2006-04-14, 08:45 AM
"Yeah, I'd like to go to the market as well." Ely stands up. "Anyone coming with?"

2006-04-14, 11:01 AM

Stuffing the last of his breakfast down, Krahl says "Krahl come!" He stands up wiping is hands on his pants.

2006-04-14, 11:25 AM
Butch gulps down the last of his breakfast ale and pushes his plate away, happily patting his (surprisingly flat, given how much he eats) stomach.

I still need ta get me a cart, so you can count me in too, missy. How about you eat a bit more before we head out though. Yer skinny enough as it is, without skippin' breakfast.

2006-04-14, 11:51 AM
"I'll buy something at the market, a pie or honey cake or something."

2006-04-14, 12:17 PM
Marcuus nods and stands, "Yes we should look over everything while we're here. Do we need anything specific?"

2006-04-14, 12:38 PM
Ely counts on her fingers. "A cart for Butch and a mule, a large piece of canvas, or maybe two...food, an iron pot, waterskins, arrows, sweetmeats, maybe some nuts and dried fruits...Extra clothes, blankets, bedrolls..."

2006-04-14, 12:41 PM
Marcuus nods assent to Ely, "We might be able to do this a bit faster if we just split up and grab different things, or we could make one big trip once we get the cart."

((Eh, I'll be gone for most of the weekend, though luckily since things slow down on weekends I think I'll be fine...))

2006-04-15, 08:07 AM
Before you could split up on the marketplace, you find a merchant who is, after some heavy bargaining and insulting with Butch, willing to sell you all the stuff you need for 22 gp 5 sp.

2006-04-15, 08:24 AM
Ely prepares her mule and gets ready to move on.

2006-04-16, 09:49 AM

Martin hums happily and prepares his mule and puts away his new set of clothes.

"So, where is it we are going to next? I kinda lost track."

((struck out 5 gp for my part))

2006-04-17, 01:03 AM
After procuring their sought after goods, Butch insures that Elysia eats some food. He then hooks his new mule to his cart and loads the purchased supplies. Hopping up into the seat of his new mode of transportation, he lights up a cigar and asks the others.

So we ready to roll?

2006-04-17, 05:25 AM
Ely sits on her mule, munching on a warm pie. "I'm ready. And we're going north, aren't we?" She leans forward to pat her mule's neck. "Come on now, Lightning."

2006-04-17, 10:05 AM

Martin catches the last words from Ely and with a laugh,"Calling a mule Lightning seems wrong somehow... they are not know for their speed?"

2006-04-17, 10:07 AM
Ely grins. "I know...it's a joke." She lightly pushes her knes into the animal's flanks, and trots out of town.

2006-04-17, 10:40 AM
Butch chuckles at Elysia's explanation to Martin.

We need ta teach ya the finer points o' sarcasm, boyo! Hee ya, Zephyr!

Butch gives his reigns a flick and sets his mule-drawn cart in motion, giving Martin a laughing wink.

2006-04-17, 11:36 AM
Marcuus laughs and then hits his mules flanks and flicking the reins a bit, murmuring a prayer to himself as the group heads out.

2006-04-17, 02:09 PM

Krahl jogs after everyone else, axe held easily in front of him.

2006-04-17, 04:24 PM

"Well, I guess so."

Martin starts to hum and follows the others.

2006-04-17, 07:07 PM
Woooo, big jump in time and space, hail Einstein.

The first two days pass rather uneventfully, it seems you have choosen a path which lead miles away from cities. By your calculation, you should reach the frontier of the High Plains soon. Since Ciwelty and the High Plains wage war against each other it maybe wise to think ahead of time.

2006-04-18, 07:11 AM
Ely ponders. "Hmm....Normally I'd say we need to get off the road, but that's gonna be difficult with the cart...Maybe we could disguise ourselves? I don't want to get caught up in a battle." She slips down from her mule and pats him on the neck, then digs out some food and a pot from her saddlebag. "How about we discuss our next course of action over a meal?"

2006-04-18, 09:51 AM
Butch considers a moment, the halts his cart.

Well here is as good a place as any ta grab a bite and Ely could certainly use sumthin’ ta eat. As far as travelin’ across country, iffin we need ta do it, I could always just ditch the cart. We’re gonna move just as fast on foot as on mule, if we go off the roads.

2006-04-18, 10:56 AM
Ely glances at Butch. "I'm not five years old, you know...When it comes to eating, I think I can take care of myself. Anyways, we may have to dump the cart and mules, hopefully we can find somewhere to sell them, then travel off the road."

She starts preparing a small fire for cooking.

2006-04-18, 11:11 AM
Awww, don’t be grumpy now Ely. It’s just that yer so darn cute that ya bring the motherin’ instinct out in me. Now be a good lass and eat sumthin’ fer momma Butch.

Butch gives her a long wink and sets about gathering wood for the fire.

2006-04-18, 11:11 AM

Out of habit, Krahl circles once around the campsite before sitting down.

2006-04-18, 11:16 AM
Ely grins and sticks her tongue out at Butch. "We're not all your size, you know." Then she starts cutting up some vegetables and meat to make a stew.

2006-04-18, 01:49 PM
Marcuus looks about letting Krahl perform his inspection of the area, then he looks out at the distant area before them. He speaks as he gazes out, "Well we were going to travel from the beaten path eventually, so it'd be best to ditch the cart though the mules we should keep till we need to lose them. Still though battles don't always happen along roads, in fact the plains would probably be better suited for battlefields anyway. So even going off the roads doesn't garuntee our safety, it just makes it less likely to meet advancing armies, but we could get caught inbetween the two which is just as dangerous..."

2006-04-19, 06:27 AM

Joins Krahl in his inspection and then return to camp.

"One thing to consider is the fact that going in the wilderness will look more suspicious than traveling on the roads. Just look how the Setonian army looked at us comeing through the wilderness.
I would suggest we stick to the road and just get a decent reason why we travel in the area... I can't think about a good one at the moment though.
I'm not familiar with these countries but I doubt they force people into the army, so the only thing we need is a reason good enough so they don't think us to be spies"

2006-04-19, 10:27 AM
Butch listens uneasily to Martin’s words.

Martin has probably got the right o’ it, there is jist one hitch… They aint to fond ah’ “half-breeds” in the high plains. And last I looked there’s a few o’ us “half-breeds” in this here group.

Besides, an army at war usually don’t pay no nevermind ta niceties like “havin’ a good reason fer being where ya are” or “bein’ on important business”. There like ta see our food as more provisions fer the army, the men as good levies ta fight and the ladies… Well let’s not dwell too much on that…

2006-04-20, 08:04 AM
((I think there was a slight misunderstanding about Krahl's inspection of the campsite. He just walked around the campsite without really paying attention to much of anything. He didn't do it to make sure the camp was safe. He just felt he had to do that before he joined the others at the campsite. Vague memories of being put on patrol back in his old tribe.))

Krahl sits down and watches Ely making the stew. He listens a little bit to the conversation, just as something to distract him till the food is ready. They're using big words. It must be important. They will tell me if I'm supposed to know. I wonder what an ah-me is. Weren't those really big tribes, full of warriors? I think that's what they were.

2006-04-20, 08:14 AM
Ely smiles at Krahl and hands him a piece of dried meat so he'll have something to munch on untill the stew is ready. She also slips him some dried sweet fruits she got at the market. Then she speaks up again: "I think we'll be questioned wherever they find us, whether on the road or in the wild. But it's easier to hide off the road, and one of us can scout ahead for trouble."

2006-04-20, 12:20 PM

Martin ponders the matters at hand for awhile and speaks up, "Well, I'm certainly not totally against traveling off road so if the majority want's that I'm in."

While waiting for the food (that someone is cooking?), Martin picks up his pipes and plays some soft tunes.

2006-04-22, 03:31 AM

Krahl looses all track of the conversation, being pleasantly distracted munching on the dried meats and fruit.

2006-04-22, 02:28 PM
"So let's look at our options, go along the road we could get forced into the armies or worse. Or we can sneak off the road and try to pick our way, which will probably only lead us into a battlefield or what used to be a battlefield, which if we just stuck together we'd be able to either get through or around. I say we head off the road, are we all agreed?" Marcuus looks about the party looking for some sort of consensus.

2006-04-22, 02:45 PM
Ely nods in agreement, putting the stew over the flames of the small fire. "I think that would be best."

2006-04-22, 04:53 PM

Martin looks around and gives a small shrug, "Looks like we take the off road path"

2006-04-23, 07:25 PM
Ely and Jisika prepared a delicious meal, and after some star-watching you went to sleep. Jisika wanted to stay up all night, but Fahd took over the guard for the second half of the night.

In the morning you wake up refreshed, since nothing siturbed your sleep.

2006-04-24, 06:09 AM
Ely packs up her bedroll and gear and goes to find a stream to refresh herself in.

2006-04-24, 12:18 PM
Butch wanders down to the stream and sinks, with surprising grace, onto the ground next to Elysia. He leans over the water of the softly burbling brook and splashes a double handful of the icy water into his face. After going about a few more hygiene related tasks, he sinks back onto the back of the small waterway and glances at Elysia.

So, how did ya go about pickin’ up the craft, Ely? Ya seem a bit to delicate ta have run with a street gang, no offence intended, it’s just street toughs got an aura about ‘em and ya aint got it…

2006-04-24, 12:35 PM
Ely quickly rolls her sleeves down when Butch arrives at the stream, and proceeds with splashing water on her face and neck. At his question, she sits back on her heels, hesitating for a moment. Then she looks at him, considering. Finally deciding, she answers: "No, I didn't run with any street gang, you're right about that...I was bought by a burglar when I was eight. He needed someone small, to slip through openings he couldn't, then open a door or window for him after. He taught me how to pick locks, climb walls, stealth, cunning...I was a useful spy as well, looking like an innocent child if anyone saw me. But they seldom did."

2006-04-24, 06:05 PM
When you were eight? Were ya born a slave? I had a rough patch ta hoe as a lad but at least I had me freedom, even in the gang... even before I got me size. I only got the smallest taste o’ slavery and it was enough for this feller, believe you me.

I can understand how cuttin' lose now and then would be new to ya. I'm guessin' yer "master" (said with more than a tinge of disgust) didn't want ta cut inta his profits by givin' ya anything more than he had ta...

2006-04-24, 06:17 PM
"No, I wasn't born a slave, I was kidnapped. There was a raiding party in our village, Swanryver, and several children were stolen and sold off in Setonia. I guess I was lucky it was Julius who bought me, some were sold to...well....Julius wasn't too bad, really, he treated me more like an apprentice than a slave the first years, after he was sure I wouldn't run away, of course. Then I got caught spying on some of his competition one day, and they handed me over to the city guard, claiming I had broken in to steal. So I was compromised, you might say, and Julius had to pay a fine." She shudders involuntarily. "He wasn't too happy about that. But he took me back, after...Had to pay to heal me. And we had to move to another town, start again where the city guard didn't know me. A few years ago he got a new apprentice, but he fell on hard times, and couldn't keep us both. So he sold me to the mines. I got away about two weeks ago, so yeah....I'm pretty new to indulging myself. And why am I telling you this?"

2006-04-25, 10:04 AM
Butch smiles at the slender young elf and fishes a cigar out of his pouch, jamming it, unlit, into his mouth.

Yer probably tellin’ me on account o’ me sweet disposition. Or maybe I jist charmed ya with me dashin’ good looks.

He winks at Elysia and then he gets a bit more sober, removing the cigar from his mouth and staring at it thoughtfully as he addresses her.

Ever talked ta anyone else about this before? Nah, don’t bother answerin’, with the lovely way ya came up I’m guessin’ ya never had nobody ta talk to, nobody ya could trust. That’s a tough way ta be, fer a long time, much less since ye were only a lass o’ eight. Even in the gangs we could talk ta each other…

Butch places a surprisingly gentle hand on Elysia’s shoulder.

Yer among friends now Ely, we aint gonna sell ya off or mistreat ya or nuthin’ and if any chump we meets thinks ta mistreat ya, I’ll make him regret the day his mammy ever first kissed his pappy. That’s sumthin’ ya can take ta the bank, missy.

2006-04-25, 11:20 AM
Ely smiles a half smile, a soft expression on her usually cheery or cheeky face. "Ely....It's strange, I've only had that name for little more than a week, and already it's a short form. I used to be Vanwa, that's what Julius called me. A priest told me it means "lost". But when I found my mom again not long before we found you, really, she told me my real name. I'd forgot. But I remembered her hair...and the village. It was good to have family. Now we're helping Jisika find her own people to. I know I can trust you guys. Everyone has proven so. And I've tried to help in my way. We all escaped the arena together, except from Martin, we met him on the way, he helped us. We were all slaves, or rather...almost all of us, Marcuus was pretending to be to oppose slavery in his own way. Told you he's a little crazy." She smiles a little fondly at this. "Let's hope it doesn't run in the family. We just found out we share a father. How's that for a twist of fate?"

2006-04-26, 11:06 AM
Butch’s eyes bug a bit at Elysia’a admission about Marcuus.

Yer Mr. Churchypants McPraysalot’s sis?

He roars in laughter.

Well I guess ya really never can tell. Guess he gets his chruchiness from his mams side o’ the family.

Wiping tears from his eyes as the paroxysms of laughter begin to subside, Butch gets a bit more serious.

Ya know, the more I hear about slavers the more fond I get about the idea o’ guttin’ ‘em whenever I cross their paths… Ya think I would o’ been a bit more exposed to it, growin’ up in Seton but I guess nobody has any slaves in the slums… Anyhoo, we beter get ourselves back to the camp, we need ta get some breakfast in ya or ya might cut a hole in yer saddle with that boney little backside o’ yers.

Winks and attempts to makes a break for the camp before she can punch him.

2006-04-26, 12:18 PM

As Butch and Ely leaves camp, Martin packs up the gear and prepare the camp for departure.

While putting his part of the gear on his mule, Martin checks to see if anyonelse need a hand.

2006-04-26, 12:55 PM
Ely throws a handful of pebbles after Butch and darts back to camp.

2006-04-26, 05:19 PM
Ducking his head and chuckling as he is pelted by Elysia’s accurate gravel toss, Butch come jogging into camp. Seeing the others packing up he hitches his mule and pulls out some bread and cheese along with a couple of flasks of wine. Tossing the flask and good sized portion of the bread and cheese to Elysia, Butch hops onto hit cart seat.

Looks like we’re eatin’ on the road, missy!

2006-04-26, 06:24 PM
Ely catches the food and mounts up, balancing her meal in one hand and holding the reins in the other. "So....Where to? The road again untill we find somewhere to sell the mules?"

2006-04-27, 12:01 PM
Well, how much further until we reach this town we’re headin’ fer? I guess it all comes down ta’ jist how bad this war is, don’t it?

Thinks for a moment, chomping on his unlit cigar.

We had best ditch me cart before the day’s out, much as it pains me ta say so. We should probably start headin’ cross country as soon as possible…

2006-04-27, 12:27 PM

Krahl is up and ready to leave.

2006-04-27, 02:23 PM
You've been travelling for one or two hours, when you spot a small group in the distance. They are too far away to see who they are, even for those who have extraordinary eyes.

They are about ten minutes before you on the road, and they are coming towards you, it seems.

2006-04-27, 04:40 PM
Ely shades her eyes from the sun with her hand, squinting at the group. "Well...If we've seen them, they've probably seen us..."

2006-04-27, 09:34 PM
Marcuus nods as he reins up gazing out at them, "Most likely...so...shall we call ourselves merchants?" He says as he turns to the group.

2006-04-27, 10:46 PM

Krahl scrunches up his face and scratches his head, "But Krahl not have any-t'ing to give for shinies."

2006-04-28, 09:48 AM
Butch grins broadly, in his element.

Ok, how does this sound? Marcuus, yer a once wealthy merchant, you’ve hit a rough patch and you and yer faithful servant, Butch looks meaningfully at Martin, have had to really scrape the bottom o’ the barrel ta find guards, that’d be us non-humans, ta escort ya to yer wealthy and sympathetic cousin in a distant city, which jist happens ta be the city wer’re already travelin’ to. Sound like a plan?

2006-04-28, 08:10 PM
Marcuus nods, "Brilliant plan. Form around me and I'll hail them if they try to speak with us." Marcuus places himself in the center of the group and waits for the men to approach.

2006-04-29, 12:01 AM

Krahl scratches his head again, not really understanding the plan. He shrugs and walks next to Marcuus with his axe in hand.

2006-04-29, 02:03 AM
Ely moves up front, acting as a scout.

2006-04-30, 12:15 PM

With a small grin,"Always at your service, old Master"

2006-05-01, 07:40 PM
As the group gets closer you can see that they are a group of warriors, and they seems to belong to the Ciwellan army guessing from their armors and clothes. You count eight soldiers. Finally they approach you and stop about sixty feets ahead of you, with weapons drawn.

"Stop there wayfarers! What brings you to this rough path with dangers guiding the way?"

Speaks a tall man, seemingly their leader. He emphasizes he word "danger" in his speech.

(( Does anyone have a deeper knowledge of Ciwellan military, or trying some knowledge or other checks for some reason? ))

2006-05-02, 06:24 PM

Krahl steps inbetween Marcuus and the soldiers, glaring around with axe at ready. What does he mean by rough paths? This is smooth land. Ii haven't seen anything which could really be called rough since...I got sold. If that human tries anything I will snap his neck! If any dangers threaten my tribe I shall crush them!

2006-05-02, 09:06 PM
Marcuus steps forth, angling himself expertly so that Krahl is still inbetween him and the men. He then calls out to the leader, "Hello my good sir, fine day is it not? My faithful servant and I are on our way to visit my cousin in a far off city. Anticipating the dangers of this land we hired on some very strong guards to escort us. I am sure there is no problem with us passing through, we mean no harm. Even if there is, I'm sure we could come to some sort of arrangement?" His speaks in a projecting, aristocratic voice, almost conveying a sense that he is the one entirely in control of the situation. As he spoke he seemed to glow with an inner golden light.

((Activate Eagle's Splendor, Diplomacy +14.))

2006-05-03, 11:04 AM
A strong human steps ahead of the others. The strange thing that he's dressed just like the others, no sign of his rank can be seen on his clothes. He seathes his sword, and adresses Marcuus.

"Arrangement, yes. With all these warring, our border watch naturally weakened. Bandits, desertours and highwaymen can form groups, and are maybe free to roam the area. To make long words short, for the case of ridding this land from these dangerous outlaws, we must ask you to help us with some gold. We ask not so many, a few ten golds from every group surely would do to get rid of these dangerous criminals, so they won't kill trespassers."

2006-05-03, 02:28 PM
At the words of the leader of the “soldiers” Butch stands up from his seat and hops down from the cart.

Whelp, that’s it. I quit.

Butch eyes the soldiers, casually looking for any kind of insignia linking them to a noble familly or government entity.

Good luck in getting’ ten gold outta this fella. He aint got more than three or four gold on ‘im, tops. Been sleepin’ under this cart fer the last three days. Who ever herd o’ a merchant that sleeps under a stinkin’ cart at night? He SAYS he’s gonna pay us once he gets ta his rich brother, he SAYS that once we find him, this brother will give a fortune to each o’ us fer helpin’ him out. I fer one, am stratin’ ta lose faith in him.

2006-05-04, 09:58 AM
Ely keeps herself ready, pretty sure these are just the type of brigands they are warning them about. She listens as Butch goes into con mode, ready to back him up if needed.

2006-05-04, 01:34 PM

Martin stands a couple steps behind Marcuus, waiting to see what happens.

2006-05-05, 08:41 AM
The leader of the group watches carefully Marcuus, and then Butch.

"Just a fair warning for you, good travelers. The bandits here you'll likely to meet will ask for gold. And if you don't give it to them, they will probably become angry and kill you all and after loot your corpses, to see if you lied to them. They are especially merciless."

The soldiers wear the Ciwellan military uniform, but in a very rugged and dirty fashion.

2006-05-05, 09:10 AM
Ely glances at the others, weapon at the ready, then looks at the deserters:"I think you need to reconsider...Such a group may try to kill us, but chances are that many of them would die trying. Maybe they'd win, maybe not. Maybe they'd be lucky and not encounter a group of trained gladiators, but then again, perhaps that's exactly who they'd meet....So...The question is....Do you feel lucky?" She smiles sweetly.

2006-05-05, 10:28 AM

Krahl gives a low growl, takes a step forward and brandishes his axe. "Krahl kill stupid human that try harm Krahl's tribe! Krahl make blood bath of stupid human!" He isn't quite sure if he is threatening these 'soldiers' or if he is threatening some bandits they haven't met yet, but he does percieve a threat to his tribe.

((Intimidate check: 2+4=6))

2006-05-05, 05:07 PM
Marcuus smiles, taking the man's warning and giving his own, stepping before Krahl he glowers out at the men and says, "If such men were to attack me, not only would they have to deal with my hired guards, but with my own blade. I'm sure that these men would understand desperation, and should know what happens when you back something in a corner, the end result is not very pretty." He smirks haughtily as he lets his words hang in the air, letting the massive hilt of his bastard sword be shown.

((Intimidate 17+5=22...))

2006-05-08, 03:09 AM
"I would be muxh nicer when I'm talking to heavily armed stranger. Get 'em, boys!"

They draw their swords and are slowly taking up a military formation.

Time to roll those initiatives and first actions.

2006-05-08, 05:11 AM
(Init 8 )

Ely will slide down from her mule, taking partial cover behind it and fire at the leader with her bow. "That was stupid...Cause win or no, we're gonna take some of you with us. Will it be you?"

(mod +9, dmg 1d6, crit x3, AC 18, HP 18 )

2006-05-08, 09:20 AM

"Stupid human die now!" Krahl roars as he rushes towards the soldiers.

((Init: 5+1=6
Move straight into the largest group of soldiers, charge if possible (+2 attack -2 AC)

Power Attack -2 attack +4 damage
Attack +8, Damage 1d12+11
AC 14 HP 51
Charge not currently included))

2006-05-08, 11:33 AM
Butch sighs and mutters as he glides with alarming grace towards the leader of the bandits, dagger appearing, as if by magic, in his hands.

I didn’t even get ta tell him how much I liked his boots… How am I supposed ta off a fella properly, if I aint even told ‘im how much I like his boots?

Initiative: 14+4=18

Attack +6/+6, Damage 1d4+5+1d6 sneak attack (if I beat him in initiative)/d4+2+1d6 sneak attack (same)
AC 14 HP 51

On-hand dagger: Roll 13+6 = 19 dmg: 7 + 6 (sneak attack) = 13
Off-hand Dagger: Roll 13+6 = 19 dmg: 4 + 4 (sneak attack) = 8

2006-05-08, 03:07 PM
(Init 10)
"Border ruffians, figures." Marcuus draws his blade and whisks back his cloak revealing his blue armor and silver holy symbol, " You've made a grave mistake challenging us as well as a servant of the star Trithereon!" He lifts his shielded hand into the air and calls out, "O my patron, lord of freedom, grant me one of your grand beasts for protection!"

((Draw blade and use Summon Monster 3 to bring forth a Celestial Hippogriff))

2006-05-08, 03:26 PM

Martin backs up abit further putting Marcuus between himself and the "soldiers" and starts up an old battle hymn from old while getting his bow ready for action.

((Init: 1d20+3=5 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=444804)

Inspire courage +1 on hitroll/damroll))

2006-05-09, 11:04 AM
As it seems to be usual, Butch is the first to react. Sitting on a cart one time, putting two daggers to a soldier's chest a moment later. The warriors nearby just watched the bugbear's action. When they realized what happened they were to attack him, but then there was a flash of light behind them. A veteran quickly turned back, just to receive a devastating hoof attackto his face. He landed several feet away in the mud, with a broken jaw.
"Sorcery!!" - the frightened soldiers start to vail.
As an answer, a light arrow flies through the air, and lands at the leader's arm.
After the arrow, something much more heavier flies into the group of soldiers. The thing is carrying a heavy greataxe, and shouts something like "Stupid human die now!". The orc swings his axe and delivers a devastating blow, aiming at a soldier. He raises hand in defence, but the only thing he achived is that his hand now became utterly useless. For all of his life.

Some of the ruffians start ot run away, but their leader yells at them.
"It did not even begin and you run?! You told me you deserted, not the army expelled you for being a girl!"
He swings his longsword at Butch, and manages to surprise the bugbear with the swift slashing ( -10HP ).
Another soldier swings his blade at Krahl, wounding the left arm of the orc ( -7HP ). The other soldiers are just reaching back from their swift retreat, or standing up from the ground.

"Screw you, Joshua!" - Yells a soldier, and keeps running away.

One of the soldiers are fighting duel with Fahd, which seems even.

2006-05-09, 11:22 AM

Krahl snarls silently as he continues to chop through the soldiers, ignoring his wound.

((If the one Krahl attacked hasn't run, attack him again, otherwise attack the one who attacked him.

Maintain Power Attack
Attack +9 Damage 1d12+12
Possible Cleave attack after that
AC 14, HP 44/51))

EDIT: Inspire Courage effect added

2006-05-09, 01:00 PM
Ely nocks another arrow and fires at Joshua again, a wry smile on her face. "Don't say we didn't warn you..."

2006-05-09, 02:56 PM
Marcuus smirks as the battle seems to be going his way, he then charges in at the deserter captain and says, "Former commander to former commander then!" He comes in with a swift strike from his bastard sword cutting in on the man, he gestures for the hippogriff to do the same.

((Trying to get the hippogriff to flank with me, then come in for the charge, 8+7+2=17 (19 if flanked), 3+2=5 damage))

2006-05-09, 03:03 PM
*Butch tucks and easily rolls away from the bellowing leader, coming up behind the soldier that attacked Krahl and driving his blades into the back of the deserter as he chuckles*

Fightin’ fair is fer chumps!

((Tumble check Roll 7+9=16
Attack: On hand dagger: 11+6+2+1=18 dmg: 3+5+3+1(song) = 12
Off hand dagger: 13+6+2+1=23 dmg: 2+2+5+1(song)= 10
((edited to add bonus damage from song in))

2006-05-10, 01:29 AM

Takeing in the scene, Martin decides to join the assault on the leader. Aiming his arrow at him.

((Hitroll: 1d20+8=27 Damroll 1d6+2=8 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=446870)

Song ended: round 1

2006-05-11, 03:59 AM
The soldiers can't even imagine the swift and agile moves that Butch shows them, only to stab another unlucky soldier with his duel knives.

Joshua would be happy, if Marccus were not to charge him, along with that strange creature of nightmares. But he does, and becomes quite helpless between the champion and the monster. Both hit him hard, and finally Ely's and Martin's arrows brought him down.

Krahl finally chops his foe in nearly two, and attacks the next moving creature in sight. This hurried blow misses, but so does the two soldiers nearby, who tried to hit the orc.

A soldier attacked Marcuus, and his sword slashed into the Setonian hard in the chest ( -8 HP ).

Butch gracefully dodged an attack meant to chop his head.

Meanwhile Fahd was fighting one-on-one for a while, but another soldier entered the fight and backstabbed the desert nomad, who fell into the ground, bleeding heavily.

2006-05-11, 05:03 AM
Ely cries out furiously as Fahd goes down, drops her bow, draws her daggers and leaps at the backstabbing soldier.

(Sneak attack, melee +5, + whatever else bonuses, dmg 1d4)

2006-05-11, 07:17 AM
"Fahd!" Marcuus and his beast move in together widely trying to take down the backstabbing soldier, whatever comes into their path they will cut down.

((5+7=12...and of course 10+2=12 damage...))

2006-05-11, 01:00 PM

Martin takes aim to help and cover Ely and Marcuus, he will shoot the soldier nearest Ely.

((Hitroll: 1d20+8=16 Damroll: 1d6+2=6 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=448594)

Song ends: round 2))

2006-05-11, 02:22 PM
Dashing towards Fahd, Butch nimbly avoids the attacks of the ruffians and takes a spot near the guard that struck Fahd down. Holding an action to attack until Elysia is flanking the deserter, then driving his blades home.

((Tumble Check 11+9=20
On hand attack: 16+6+1(song)+2Flanking dmg: 3+5+4(sneak attack)+1(bard song)=13
Off hand attack: 8+6+1+2=17 dmg: 4+2+3+1=10))

2006-05-11, 05:32 PM

Krahl gives a mighty roar, raising his greataxe above his head and bringing it down with all his might at the soldier unlucky enough to be near him. They hurt the tribe. They shall all die!

((Activate rage, max power attack for -4 attack +8 damage

Attack 10+8+1=19
Damage 10+10(str)+8(PA)+1(song)=28
Cleave Attack misses...rolled a 2
AC 12, HP 52/59))

EDIT: forgot increase to damage from rage and bard song

2006-05-11, 07:32 PM
Elysia quickly runs over Fahd, with dagger in hand, but her weak strike was easily avoided by the soldier. But somehow, A tall bugbear appeared behind the soldier, quickly stabbing him in his back. The unlucky soldiers barely turned to oppose Butch when he spt Marcuus advancing. He barely managed to avoid a large swing of the deadly bastard sword. But he can't even see the arrow coming, hitting him straigh between the eyes.

Meanwhile Krahl flies into a frezying rage, his axe knocks away every defense, breaks through armor, and finally lands deep into a ruffian's chest. He falls down, trying to stop the blood flowing out, and to reorganize his guts.

By concentrating only on attacking, Butch left his back defenseless, and the soldier nearby managed to slash a wound on his back ( -6 HP ).

Two soldiers surround the raging orc, trying to bring him down. But Krahl moves so fiercely and swiftly that only one of them could hitm him lightly on his arm with his sword ( -3 HP ). The orc doen't even seem to notice it.

( There are currently three soldiers left. Two fighting with Krahl, and one with the rest of you, currently Butch. )

2006-05-12, 01:59 AM
Ely grimaces and tries to stab the one fighting with Butch in the back.

2006-05-12, 12:22 PM

Seeing that Krahl has two opponents, Martin tries to put an arrow in one of them.

"Stupid bandits..."

((Hitroll: 1d20+8=22 Damroll: 1d6+2=5 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=449841)

Song ends: round 3))

2006-05-12, 03:04 PM

Krahl rips his axe out of the dieing soldier and swings it at the nearest soldier's head.

((Attack +8
Damage 1d12+18
AC 12, HP 49/59))

EDIT: corrected HP

2006-05-12, 08:45 PM
Butch dodges around the Bandit, fighting on the opposite side of Elysia and forcing the deserter to split his attention between his two attackers.

Somebody attend ta Fahd!

((Tumble to flank: 14+9=23
On hand attack: 19+6+2=27
roll to confirm crit: 12+6+2=20 dmg: 3/2+5/5+1/1+4=21

Off hand attack: 10+6+2=18 dmg: 2+2+3+1=8 ))

2006-05-14, 11:34 PM
Looking at the fight and then Fahd, back again, his eyes rest on his companions, and he rushes in on his travelling companion as he calls back, "Right" Marcuus slides to the ground next to Fahd and assesses the situation before he attempts to bring forth the healing light of the stars.

((Move over to him and heal him using Cure Moderate, 2+2+4=8))

2006-05-18, 01:23 PM
(Amanodel is away for a few days, he'll be back soon, though. He posted a message in the OOC forum, but not in our thread.)

2006-05-19, 02:12 PM
Sorry for the long delay. Was in Frankfurt and didn't have the time to warn my groups each in the threads.

With lightning speed, Butch jumps over the lone soldier with a very attractive sommersault, and dives his twin daggers into the soldiers back, with one of the daggers going in deep right between the ribs. Ely only needed to stab the shocked bandit in the face to finish him off.

Meanwhile Krahl swinged his axe again, and his scream of rage was shortly followed by the bandits scream of death as the greataxe chopped down his hand raised in defense and slashed his chest wide open. An arrow from Martin hit the last soldier still figting, who dropped his sword and shiled and started to run away.

Marcuus tries to bring back Fahd, but Fahd doesn't move or show any signs of life. He is still bleeding intensively, altough his heart already stopped beating.

2006-05-19, 03:23 PM
Ely sinks down on her knees staring at the lifeless form of Fahd. She mutters over and over again. "He died free....he died free....a free man...he died a free man...A fighter's death...clean..."

2006-05-19, 04:53 PM
Snarling in uncharacteristic anger, Butch runs after the fleeing bandit, hurling two throwing daggers at the man.

((On hand throw 16+6+1=23 dmg: 3+5+1 = 9
Off hand throw 11+6+1=18 dmg: 3+2+1= 6))

2006-05-19, 05:21 PM
Marcuus lets out a garbled call of rage, and sends off his beast towards the fleeing man, knowing it can catch him much better than any knife. Then he kneels down, a begins murmurming the opening to a prayer song, letting his voice slowly grow, it is the beginning of a funeral, a lament for Fahd.

2006-05-20, 08:58 AM
The bandit runs towards a small hill. On his way up to the hill he once falls when two daggers fly into him. He quickly stands up and continues to run with wounded legs, bleeding an obscene amount of blood with every step he makes. The monster Marcuus summoned dives on him, knocking him off again, but this time the soldier cannot stand up. The hippogrif dives onto it's prey to atack again, but the force that sommoned it dissipates, and it is thrown back to it's own realm.

2006-05-20, 12:51 PM
The blood fury still upon him, Krahl runs after the fleeing soldier. He will stop and return when the soldier is dead or if he reaches the hill and the soldier is still getting away. Tribe hurt. Stupid human. Die already and plunge screaming into hell to join your disgraced ancestors!

((move speed: 40ft
Attack +8
Damage 1d12+18))

2006-05-20, 01:25 PM
Krahl quickly catches up with the fleeing soldier, and when he finally falls, the orc chops him repeatedly with his axe until all of the soldier's blood is spitted out, covering Krahl completely. When he stops his axe nearly weighs twice as much from the warious innards sticking to it.

Not a nice thing to look at.

2006-05-20, 10:51 PM

Krahl gives a victory roar, waving his axe over his head. He stands over the body for a moment, breathing heavily, his mind blank as the rage receeds. He looks at his axe and scrapes the guts off on the remains of the soldier's body. He then walks slowly back to the others.

2006-05-21, 02:09 PM

Martin watches the bandit run away and transfers his gaze towards Fahd.

With a concerned frown, "How does it look, will he survive?"

2006-05-23, 04:18 AM
Ely shakes her head slowly. "He's dead..." She looks to Krahl who comes back wiping his axe and nods in approval. Then she stands up, walks into the trees and throws up.

2006-05-23, 07:21 AM
Your group stands around the fallen Fahd, except Ely, who is currently throwing up nearby. Jisika kneels right next to Fahd and cries loudly.

2006-05-23, 12:35 PM
Not feeling comfortable around Jisika’s weeping, Butch heads over to Ely. Holding her hair back from her face as she sicks up.

How ya holdin’ up? Ugly thing ta lose a friend. It’s why I try ta always use sweet reason. You were right though, Ely, better ta die free and on yer own feet than ta die a broken down old slave. Fahd lived free and that’s a site better than a lot o’ folks.

2006-05-23, 02:14 PM
"Yeah..." Ely replies quietly and wipes her mouth. "That's the way I want to go as well. Free. I'll die before anyone takes me again. I'm better now, thank you..." She straightens and goes to fetch her waterskin, rinsing out the foul taste in her mouth. Then she turns to the others. "We have to bury him..."

2006-05-23, 02:25 PM

As Krahl returns and sees everyone around Fahd's body, his victory grin fades to a look of concern. "Friend Fahd good?" Seeing Jiska crying and Ely throwing up, Krahl manages to figure out that Fahd is gone. He gives a short wail and drops to one knee leaning against his axe handle, tears streaming down his face. He stutters out a half remembered prayer in Feher, "Gods bless the soul of this brave warrior, killed in honorable battle. He will not be forgotten."

2006-05-23, 02:44 PM
Sighing softly, Butch head to the cart removing a spade and heading to the others.

We better get ta givin’ ‘im a decent burryin’ before those stinkin’ dogs o’ bandits come back ta gives us trouble. Martin, can you gather up some rocks, we will put them over Fahd’s grave ta keep the scavengers out. Ely, go take whatever valuables you can find on these bushwackin’ scum, make sure ya take the armor too; toss it all in the cart.

Krahl, once Ely loots these bums, I want you at chop each o’ their heads off with that big ole’ axe o’ yers and toss in a bag, if these are bandits then there is probably a bounty on ‘em. Marcuus can you err… churchify Fahd up so he is ready fer a proper burryin’?

Seeing the weeping Jisika Butch hesitates a moment before addressing her.

Jisika, could you help Marcuus out?

Hoping that getting everyone in action will help them deal with the loss, Butch sets his back into digging Fahd’s grave, working surprisingly hard for someone that makes his dislike for manual labor know at every opportunity.

2006-05-23, 02:50 PM
Marcuus has already begun his preparations for a funeral, slowly but surely gathering what can be used as a funeral pyre for his fallen friend. Throughout the entire thing you can hear the slow, deep, chant of a death march.

2006-05-23, 03:07 PM
Grateful to be doing something, Ely starts searching the bodies of the deserters, removing their armor and weapons as well.

2006-05-23, 05:17 PM
With a fast and hard work you finally bury your comrade. Marcuus speaks the final words before placing Fahd to his final resting place. With Ely and Krahl done with the nasty work with the bandits, you are ready to depart when the sun starts to settle down. You leave the bodies of your enemies to fed the hyenas and vultures waiting for your leave.

After a small march, you find a place suitable for resting at night.

2006-05-25, 04:05 AM

Martin settles down and starts to gather some wood for a fire out of habit.

Still feeling the loss of one of his friends, he moves about in a somewhat daydreaming state not paying full attention to what's doing.

I only knew him for short while but I still feel a great sadness when he passed away.

2006-05-25, 01:48 PM
Ely sits down, leaning against a tree, and keeps an eye on her surroundings. If those men come back, I'll bury my daggers in their eyes...

2006-05-26, 10:59 AM
Butch unhitches his mule and ties it to a branch. He then rummages around in the back of his cart and pulls out a bundle.

Whelp, I don’t think them bandits are gonna want ta be tanglin’ with us, after they find their former boss and his cronies without their heads and such. Seein’ things like that seem ta have an effect on a fella, he starts ta thinkin’ “That could be me…” then he gets all unviolent like, real quick.

Removing the cloth covering the bundle he was carrying, butch reveals a small keg of brandy and several cigars.

Well, I don’t know about tha rest o’ ya, but I’m gonna get meself drunk tonight, I got plenty o’ brandy so anyone as wants a drink go ahead and have a some. Care fer a cigar, Ely?

Lighting up his cigar, Butch begins puffing on it as he pours two mugs of brandy, walking over to plop himself down to Ely and handing her one of the mugs.

Drink up missy, it’s good fer yer circulation.

2006-05-26, 11:53 AM
Ely accepts the mug but declines the cigar. "Thanks...But not so much as last time, I think. Gave me a terrrible headache." She settles against the tree and takes a long sip, coughing a little. "Gah, strong.."

2006-05-26, 02:04 PM

Krahl sits down and accepts a mug of brandy. "Krahl sorry friend Fahd gone. Friend Fahd fight good. Death wait not for ever." Krahl takes a long drink from his mug and stares at the ground.

2006-05-27, 03:19 AM

"Well, I'm not going to get dead drunk but I'll take a couple muggs alright."

Martin picks up his pipes and plays a soft memorial tune while stareing up at the stars in the sky.

2006-05-30, 11:26 AM
Ely lies back and stares into the night sky. She whispers:"At least some of us will see home again...I found it...Jisika will find it...Just knowing is enough now. I won't die a lonely slave, I have a name and a family and a home. So did Fahd..."

2006-05-30, 01:16 PM
The night passes nearly in complete silence, as if the nature itself would share the loss with you. Only Jisika sings some sad, quiet ballads from their birthplace, looking at the campfire like she was hypnotized, and Butch drinks himself down to the ground in the remembering of his companion. Finally you fall to sleep, too tired to even set a guard.

Next morning, as you awake, you can't see Jisika anywhere.

2006-05-31, 05:10 AM
Ely opens her eyes, finishing her meditation, and stands up, stretching a bit. She looks around the camp to her companions, then frowns, looking again. She calls out: "Jisika?" Quickly she searches around the camp to see if she's gone for a morning bath or something.

2006-05-31, 08:29 AM
Ely, waking up before the others, quickly rushes down to the stream nearby, hoping that she will find Jisika there, but the drow isn't there.

2006-05-31, 08:30 AM
"JISIKAAA!!!!" Ely shouts again, frantically searching the area around the camp.

2006-05-31, 09:47 AM
Elysia's shout causes Butch to wake up with a wince, his eyes grainy and head pounding in recompense for his heavy drinking the night before. Rinsing his mouth out with a waterskin, he staggers to his feet and looks for Elysia.

What's goin' on Ely?

2006-05-31, 09:49 AM
Ely turns towards Butch, a frantic glint in her amber eyes. "She's gone! Jisika's gone!"

2006-05-31, 11:54 AM
Wincing again at Elysia’s shout Butch rubs his temples with his fingers.

Easy, Missy. She’s gone ya say? Is her stuff still here?

Butch squints his eyes painfully at Krahl.

Hey boyo, you seem ta be all tribal and such, think ya can track our little friend?

2006-05-31, 11:57 AM
"Uh....I'll check..." Ely searches for Jisika's belongings.

2006-05-31, 12:04 PM
Most of Jisika's posessions are gone.

2006-05-31, 12:07 PM
Ely sits down. "She...left. I think....Perhaps because of Fahd...Maybe she doesn't want any more of us to die getting her home... Silly girl...She could get hurt on her own. We have to follow her."

2006-05-31, 09:19 PM

Krahl had gotten up a little earlier, but didn't realize anything was wrong until all the shouting started. To Butch's request Krahl looks around a little wide eyed before answering. "Track?...uhhh... Krahl try..." he says without much confidence. He stands up and looks around at the camp, his face scrunched up in deep thought. He licks a finger and holds it up in the air for a moment before bringing in front of his face and looking at it very seriously. Seeing nothing of interest, he tries the next thing he can think of. He bends over and starts walking around camp looking intently at the ground, searching for...well searching for something at least.

((Search check: 17-1=16 looking for anything of interest
Krahl will likely lose interest/concentration within 30 minutes if he doesn't find anything.))

2006-06-01, 09:50 AM
((Acually, it would be a Wilderness Survival check ;) ))

Ok, folks, as soon as Krahl gets Jisika's trail we need ta be able ta head out right away, so get yer gear together. Did she take her mule? Does anyone know which way she woulda' headed? I gotta admit ta not askin' her too much about her whatch y'all found out about her homeland.

2006-06-01, 05:31 PM
((To follow them, yes, but I need to find them first.))

2006-06-02, 04:19 PM
Krahl starts to search to tracks left by Jisika, but it seems hopeless first. His eyees are used to track armies of mounted orcs, not a single, especially lightweigt drow.

But after a time he somehw manages to find some tracks, leading to a single tree upon a hill, where the tracks quickly end.

After effortlssly searching around the tree four times, he spots a letter nailed to the opposite site of the tree.

My Friends,

It was a hard decision, but I cannot let you to help me, not after the death of Fahd. I'm going to find the place myself, please wish me your best lucks


2006-06-02, 05:00 PM

Martin wakes up and swing his head back and forth squinting at the light. "What did you say... I just heard some muffled noises and I guess I took abit more than I thought to drink...."

((damn I keep missing the thread))

2006-06-03, 10:34 AM

Krahl grabs the note and rushes back with it to the others. He seems quite pleased with himself. "Krahl track-find paper!

((Of course Krahl hasn't read the note, because he can't read. He also doesn't have the Track feat, so he is really lucky to have found anything.))

2006-06-03, 02:28 PM
Ely reads the note, nodding to herself. ".....I thought as much...She left on her own." She hand the letter to whoever's closest.

2006-06-04, 04:25 AM

Martin walks over to Krahl and Elysia to see what's happening.

"Did I hear correctly, Jis left on her own? To where?"

2006-06-04, 04:43 AM
"Jisika didn't want to risk any more of us, after Fahd....Well, she left sometime during the night, to find her own way home..."

2006-06-04, 02:07 PM

Krahl becomes concerned. "Friend Jiska brave. Leaving tribe stupid. Much safety in tribe."

2006-06-05, 09:37 AM
Butch sits on the ground and pulls out a cigar, thoughtfully rolling it between his fingers as he contemplates the current situation.

So, do ya think we’re gonna be able ta follow Jisika? We aint got a tracker among us. She didn’t have much in the way o’ provisions though, maybe we can track her from town ta town. A dark elf should stick out in these little towns like a streetwalker in a…

Butch looks at Elysia and coughs a bit, not finishing his charming anecdote about “streetwalkers”.

2006-06-06, 04:11 AM
Ely sighs. "We have to try. We promised." She starts packing up her stuff, getting ready to leave.