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2010-06-22, 10:18 AM
I will soon be play a Dragon Shaman/Bard Buffer. He will be using a whip. Are there any weapon enhancements that aid in disarming? Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you much:smallbiggrin:

2010-06-22, 10:33 AM
The "Disarming" enhancement is in MiC, but frankly isn't all that great (+2 enhancement and a paltry bonus to your disarm attempt), but the same book has the Crystal of Security which offers a greater bonus for a much less price. It requires a bit of a liberal reading - I don't think the intent was to give you the bonus on disarm attempts, but rather on holding on to the weapon if someone attempts to disarm you, but as written, it does apply to both.

2010-06-22, 10:55 AM
Snatch Weapon feat from Song and Silence (3.0). When you disarm an enemy, you can grab the weapon and make an off-hand attack. You take the full penalties for TWF though, so it's only a viable tactic for TWF builds.

Flindbar exotic weapon from Monster Manual III grants a free Disarm attempt when you threaten a critical hit (20% of the time with a Keen/Impact effect).

Anything that grants a bonus on size, such as Enlarge Person or Expansion.

And remember that you can use any weapon two handed (even a whip), which gives you another bonus.

But in general, Disarming is a very situational tactic, with limited return on investment. I would never suggest investing resources in it unless your campaign is exclusively urban and/or gladiatorial.

Also, Dragon Shaman is a very poor class, and adding it to Bard nerfs his buffing ability.

2010-06-22, 12:28 PM
We are in Gestalt, dragon shaman on main side. I'm getting bard levels from gnome paragon on side 2. Yes, he(DM) is allowing the effective bard lvl to count as a real bard lvl.

Keld Denar
2010-06-22, 12:40 PM
Since you are small, you automatically have a -4 penality tacked on you, which makes it tough. As Person_Man said, you can gain a bit of an advantage by using your whip 2handed, but if your opponent uses a 2handed weapon then its a wash.

I assume you have a decent Cha with the Dragon Sham/Bard thing, so dipping a level in Marshall on the Dragon Shaman side would allow you to either gain your Cha to combat manevuers (Art of War), or add your Cha to Str checks (Motivate Str). 2 levels wouldn't be bad too, as the +1 to hit for everyone is decent, and for you makes up for the loss of BAB at 1.

I'd keep your Bard side as full as you can. Bard is really strong if you focus on Inspire Courage and casting. Melodic Casting (CMage) and Songs of the Heart (ECS) are both really good feats. Google Optimizing Inspire Courage for more details on that function.

2010-06-22, 01:04 PM
At school ,posting between excel sheets(BORING). Ya, on my bard side with only 1 effective bard level from gnome paragon I have a +6 to inspire courage.

1 +1(Inspirational Boost) +1 Heart of the song(from ECS) *2 for words of creation=+6 for everyone YAY, and stacks with draconic auras... YAY!

2010-06-22, 02:10 PM
Feather Token: Whip, to aid another on the attempts.

And look into the Grease spell, since they're holding it, they get a save IIRC, but then a massive penalty against the disarm.