View Full Version : Heard of Chocolate D20?

2010-06-24, 12:14 AM
I downloaded a copy of DMsecretary, and it came with a supplement called chocolate for d20, and everything in it is chocolate themed.

2010-06-24, 12:40 AM
does the cleric have a nougat center?

i bet the barbarian is filled with almonds

2010-06-24, 12:44 AM
I hate myself for saying this, but tell me more

2010-06-24, 12:48 AM
I thought it said Heart of Chocolate.... not another golem!

The Tygre
2010-06-24, 12:49 AM
Oh man, that takes me back... haven't seen that old web-book for ages. Is it the 2nd edition one by any chance?