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2010-06-25, 09:56 AM
In my campaign (3.5) that I am currently in we use modified Battle Systems (2.0) for any major battles that my army has to fight. My question is does anyone have any good tricks, spells, or ideas to help in an upcoming battle. If you donít know Battle Systems then any ideas are appreciated, but try to keep the ideas inside the battlefield I already have spies, I harass their supply lines, and I currently employee a good amount of assassins etc etc.

My army is fighting a two front war against Drow, Duegar, and a small amount of Devils that their head military commander is a major devil lord not Bel or anyone like that, but a lesser Duke who keeps three Pit fiends as body guards.

We are out numbered 3:2, fighting on two fronts, and they are better equipped. One of our major strengths is that we have two 20+ level wizards and 10-20 (depending whoís out on an adventure) other spell casters and if we fight in daylight we have an advantage.

2010-06-25, 10:08 AM
If they have characters capable of counterspelling, make all your casters look as similar as possible. Have most of the lower level ones go first, and keep the high-level casters towards the end--but probably not actually at the very end. This makes it a lot harder to counterspell, especially if the lower-level ones are using area effect spells that pose a significant threat to enemy forces.

2010-06-25, 01:30 PM
Depending on what the Drow are like, your casters could cause some harm. If they're like standard drow, there will be alot of backstabbing, so having your wizards toss some appropraite charms/illusions and that could cause quite an uproar if done well.

Aside from that, all I can say is try to use narrow areas and small fighting areas. In a one on one fight, quantity means nothing, but quality means alot, so fighting in narrow areas is likely to favour your level 20+ NPC buddies.