View Full Version : [4E] Can Pallys Lay Hands on themselves *SNICKER*?

2010-06-27, 04:20 PM
Thats really it. My DM is saying they cannot target themselves because of how he is reading it, but the target of the power says "one creature". Not One ally, not one enemy, not personal, but it says "one creature". Any input?

2010-06-27, 04:21 PM
Yes they can - your DM is silly.

Morph Bark
2010-06-27, 04:23 PM
Ask your DM if he can touch himself. If yes, Pallies can too. If no, Pallies still can because they're just that righteous.

2010-06-27, 04:33 PM
Hahaha. Gratzia! As the first reply came in, he read "how to read a power" and what "one creature" meant. =-]

2010-06-27, 04:55 PM
By the way, this is the wrong subforum. A question like this should be in Roleplaying Games.

2010-06-28, 03:32 PM
anyone can touch themself

2010-06-28, 04:51 PM
anyone can touch themself

If they're paralyzed, I'm not so sure. Hold monster! :smalltongue: