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2010-06-28, 12:10 AM
the idea for this thread is to allow people to post completely statted out monster ideas and have people give it a challenge rating. to post monsters please provide what RPG context you intent to use it in. for ratings please post the monster name, your rating, and why. (i.e. opinion from reading stats, or playtested). of course you can also give other feed back as well.

my monster idea:
Clockwork Golem
Hit Die: 3d10+30 (avg: 46)
Initiative: +0
Speed: 30 ft
Saving throw: All saves +1 (poor)
base attack bonus: +2 (avg) grapple: +11 (+2 base, +4 size +5 STR)
Armor Class: 15 (-1 size, +0 DEX, +6 N-armor), flat footed 15, touch 9
Space/reach: 5/10 ft.
Attacks: +6 slam 2d8+5 (-1 size, +2 base, +5 STR)
Full Attack: +6 slam 1d8+5, or built-in weapon (see text)
Special Attacks: Built-in Weapon (see text), powerful slams
Special Qualities: Gears, construct traits*, reload, stability, Repair Light Damage 1/day
Abilities: STR 20; DEX 10; CON --; INT --; WIS 10; CHA 8
Skills: (all ability based)
Feats: racial proficiency with tech devices, improved sunder
No native environment.
Always Neutral
Organization: solitary or group (2-6)
Treasure: (none), but parts of the golem may be salvageable. (see upgrade list)
Advancement: (4-6 huge)

This golem is made out of gears and other mechanical parts. They control its actions, so clockwork golems are never subject to malfunction. They are often upgraded with experimental technology.

Clockwork golems usually use their slam attack, as well as any equipment they are given. They fight as they are ordered to. They are frequently customized to include a variety of alchemical weapons.

Powerful Slams (Ex): The clockwork golem can make a free bull rush attempt if it successfully hits with its slam attack. It is just that big, strong, and dense. It also gets the stability bonus (+4 vs. bull rush or trip on ground)

Gears (Ex): clockwork golems get no damage reduction because their gears can be jammed with any weapon. However, the gears crunch weapons, getting a free sunder attempt against any weapon to hit successfully. Also, it gets a free disarm attempt with a +4 bonus, if successfully sunders. Unfortunately, some gears are crucial to operation so opponents can score critical hit on a natural 20 (only). A rogue can make a sneak attack only if he makes a DC 20 spot check, with a +2 bonus if he sees someone else critical or sneak attack.

Reload (Su): if hit with a spell, there is a 50% chance that the spell will be absorbed and turned into additional uses of any alchemical weapons it possesses. It will be converted into a number of uses based on spell level, or lost if the golem has no such weapon. It can hold a number of charges equal to its HD*2. if it can't absorb all the charges, there is another 50% chance that the spell functions normally. Otherwise the spell is considered to be dispelled or counter-spelled. It starts each day with charges equal to its HD.

repair light damage (SL): as the spell.

Common upgrades (to use: standard [attack] action):
Telsa coil: discharges electricity in a 15 ft. cone [reflex DC 14 for half dmg; incl. +2 racial bonus]
Crossbow: fires a large crossbow bolt (range 130 ft. +2, 2d8; 19-20/x2) [may substitute firearms where available]
Spray gun: sprays alchemical fluid (acid, fire…) in a 20 ft line. [reflex DC 14 for half dmg; incl. +2 racial bonus]
Grenade launcher: launches alchemical grenade like weapons (30 ft range inc., see thrown weapons {PHB 158}).
{note that these are built-in to the golem and take a DC 20 craft (weapon-smithing) check to separate from the parts intact, and are of large size. they can't be disarmed}

2010-06-28, 12:37 AM
Constructs get bonus hit points based on Size. Large adds +30 to the hit points.

Constructs get +0 for their Fort saves so they can still make Fort saves.

You should look at the Online SRD for guidelines here: http://www.d20srd.org for open game content.

See here for Constructs: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/typesSubtypes.htm#constructType

You should probably follow the statblock used for monsters in the SRD as well as you are missing a number of items.


2010-06-28, 12:26 PM
thanks for the help, i forgot about the HP bonus. the other things we mostly minor but i did notice a few other holes that needed filling, since you mentioned it. i also did a little re-balancing.

hopefully now you can assign it a CR? i'd guess 2 to 4. if anyone has the time to playtest i would greatly appreciate it, but all comments welcome!