View Full Version : give me ideas for 4.0 homebrew class/races

2010-06-28, 03:36 PM
I want to get better at making 4.0 homebrew stuff and I've been working on stuff this will help me out

Corporate M
2010-06-28, 06:26 PM
Fourth edition is difficult to homebrew classes. Powers and feats are easy, but classes require entire handbooks to revolve around. This was probably done on purpose so that there would be less cheese.

I imagine if a class does not quite fit what you desire, to try and homebrew some powers and class ability variants. It'll save you alot of time and greif.

I'd like to see more weapon abilities more then classes. Fourth edition REDUCED the problem with 3rd edition and older that some weapons just seem better then other weapons. But not enough. Powers revolving around ceartain weapons don't really cut it. This problem was more blatant with 3rd when a lightmace and club were only "balanced" by light mace costed five gold to club's free, and was a light weapon. That was only important if you were two-weapon fighting. Otherwise where's the incentive?

I could see a slew of weapon abilities attached to different weapons. Increases to defense/HP, extra healing surges, "damage points" they can expend, situational attack bonuses, etc. But then I've always been an economist. It never made sense to me why kingdoms and individuals would lean on weapons first. Even if fluff dictates magic is unreliable, secretive, or it's existance is put into question. Mechanically it isn't. Star Wars (both revised and saga) actually do a better job of balacing magic with mundane. Jedi do amazing things, but they're limited and always have to worry about falling to the light or darkside and it may not be increddibly detrimental, but it does stirup drama and limit options. (Especially in the videogames)

That was my only complaint in kotor, was the fact that an upgraded mundane weapon still only was as good as a lightsaber. And jedi alread had enough going for them. I don't mind the concept of hardwork and pawn shops to get powerful vs force magic and accepting you can't have both jedi and sith powers, but atleast TRY and make them equal.

Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-06-28, 09:43 PM
:smallamused: Ok, here's a test! :smallamused:

Homebrew a race that is physically-frail but have strong ties to primal magic.

2010-06-30, 01:01 AM
:smallamused: Ok, here's a test! :smallamused:

Homebrew a race that is physically-frail but have strong ties to primal magic.

K I'll start working on this