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Wings of Peace
2010-06-30, 01:17 AM
So, we've all heard the joke. Someone asks about Tainted Scholar, or brings up some very clever, very complex, smash the adventure trick to piece. To which a listener light heartedly replies 'Yeah, but if you do that your DM/GM will throw their books at you."

I come to you now playgrounders wanting to hear of your stories on the front lines of such events. Times when through over optimization, mechanical exploitation, or a moment of inspired brilliance you turned the tables on the adventure so much that your fellow players or GM saw fit to visit some form of physical punishment upon you. The game system is not important, just tell your war story and we will listen.

I being a DM the vast majority of the time for a group of newbie 3.X players have not yet had a player cause such a scenario, however perhaps your stories will give me ideas for what to do to them when they finally blossom and the moment arises. :smallsmile:

2010-06-30, 01:53 AM
My GM never resorts to Physical Violence.

He just makes the game unwinnable.

It's much more cruel.

2010-06-30, 05:12 AM
We had a guy get punched, because he came in with a character that was pretty high on the Tier One. (We were playing at about Tier 5.) DM asked to remake, guy refused, got kinda heated. The Optimizer dude said that, to quote "Its not my fault your all poor trash to stupid to read the rulebooks".

Oh, did i forget to point out that my DM was about 3 months out of the USMC?

Good night. We killed zombies.

Killer Angel
2010-06-30, 05:48 AM
With a name such as "wings of peace", you really shouldn't bring to my mind, lost memories of acts of phisical violence and anger... :smallamused:

2010-06-30, 06:03 AM
Once I cut a plank weighing a little under 1 pound and used prestidigitation to drop it on traps :D

2010-06-30, 01:28 PM
Oh, did i forget to point out that my DM was about 3 months out of the USMC?

Did the optimiser know that?

2010-06-30, 01:42 PM
To his credit, yes. Guy wasn't a coward, just a jerk.

Doc Roc
2010-06-30, 01:43 PM
I've actually seen the opposite. Recently, I saw a guy get yelled at by the entire group and kicked out of his party role for under-optimizing combined with serious RP mistakes. We were playing SLA industries, and he bodged up the entire thing by rolling up to some hostile troops, and telling them everything we'd done. We had to spring him using my optimized EW specialist to crack into his armor's cameras while he was in the back of the police wagon. Still ended rather poorly.

2010-06-30, 01:59 PM
We laughed at a player who joined a session unprepared and not sober.

Then he proceeded to make a character full barbarian, because he just wanted to play. In combat his fellow cleric performance was on avg 120 dmg a round and the drunk dudes performance was 8 damage a round.
I was a bit cruel and made a lot of fun at him until he said "Do not offend my intelligence!"

At that moment, he should have deserved a lot jokes on him but i decided to leave him alone, lest he starts crying, knowing him.

Other than the occasional jokes on each other, and a few yelling moments, no one has resorted to physical violence. Most of the fights are not because in game problems, but out of game problems. The people i play with have different views of the world.