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2010-06-30, 04:38 PM
For the record, I'm laying out plans for my own 3.5 revision, and this thread's main purpose is to help me figure out how I want races to function in my subset of 3.5 rules. Nevertheless, my goal is to replace the default Player's Handbook races, so if you like what I've done, feel free to use it. (Essentially, what I'm saying is, consider any ideas or suggestions to be fair game for usage in my variant. I will try to credit you if you significantly influence something.)

I really dislike ability score penalties, they make certain concepts more difficult than they should be. I'm not yet ready to rule ability score penalties out, but expect them to be a lot more scarce.

Flavorful abilities are cool, but can sometimes clog up the game if they are randomly relevant. I'm going to try to streamline this by replacing some things with feats. For example, the Elven bonus to Listen, Search, and Spot checks will just become them gaining Alertness as a bonus feat. This also may or may not help them qualify for prestige classes. (Alertness may or may not grant the 'notice secret doors' clause.)

So, with that brief primer, let's start by comparing two races, Human and Dawrf. Human will represent the 'ideal racial power level,' and Dwarf will serve as a template for most races, since Humans tend to be unique in their flexibility.

Note: Favored classes won't exist in my variant, I'm sure, but these are recorded for backwards compatibility purposes.

Size, Type, and Subtypes: Medium Humanoid (Human)
Speeds: Land 30 feet.
Ability Score Bonuses: A human receives a +2 bonus to any one ability score.
Quick Learner: Humans get 4 additional skill points at level 1, they get 1 additional skill point each level thereafter.
Quick to Master: Humans gain a bonus feat at level 1, this may be any feat the human qualifies for.
Languages: Common and Human. For bonus languages, Humans may select any language that makes geographic sense.
Favored Class: Any.
(What sould I call "Quick Learner" and "Quick to Master"?)

Size, Type, and Subtypes: Medium Humanoid (Dwarf)
Speeds: Land 20 feet
Ability Score Bonuses: All Dwarves get +2 Constition. In addition to this, A Dwarf gets a +2 bonus to any one ability score.
Sturdy Build: A Dwarf's movement speed is unaffected by armor. A Dawrf's movement speed is not penalized by any load unless it is larger than a heavy load.
Natural Craftsman: A Dwarf receives a +2 racial bonus on any Craft check he makes.
Languages: Common and Dwarf. For bonus languages, Dwarves may select any language that makes geographic sense.
Favored Class: Fighter

I'm a little pressed on time, but I felt this was complete enough to put out. Dwarves definitely need more to compensate for their movement speed. How powerful do they look if they have a speed of 30 feet?

2010-06-30, 04:40 PM
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