View Full Version : Homebrew 3.5 [Megaman X] needs help.

Admiral Fluffy
2010-07-02, 12:09 AM
I have some ideas on him but I wouldn't be sure how to build him up correctly. Please help with ideas and such. Some things to keep in mind is I want to keep the basis of him in the character. So he would have to be a construct and steal an ability from those he kills. Any and all ideas would be appreciated. If he gets finished I will post him for all with thanks to all of you.

-Admiral Fluffy

Morph Bark
2010-07-02, 04:29 AM
Perhaps you could get some ideas from the Spelltheif? It can steal spells and other things and there is a psionic variant that steals powers. Instead of stealing spells, you could have him be able to steal supernatural abilities instead, or have a special "template self" ability, like...

"Template Self: X can touch the corpse of an enemy he defeated or helped defeat and create a special form for himself that he uploads to his magical memory banks. He can take one supernatural or extraordinary attack from the creature -- as long as it does not depend on the creature's body shape -- and one supernatural quality (one resistance, immunity, etc) as long as it isn't based on creature type. X can keep a total of 8 forms in his memory, but if he tries to create a 9th he will have to discard one of his earlier-acquired forms."

Admiral Fluffy
2010-07-05, 04:06 AM
That sounds perfect. Now for the armor upgrades. They would have to be given at certain levels that is for sure. But in what order? Most likely with the leg upgrade being first.

2010-07-05, 11:33 AM
Leg upgrade lets you take an extra 5' step, and increases land speed to 40,' maybe?
Buster upgrade to trade move and or swift action for enhancing Eldritch blast-style attack, perhaps? Body upgrade could give some AC and DR. And of course, for the capstone, you can have the Hadouken.