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This race was created to be played using pathfinder. It only has a cumulative +0 to attributes because of the +1 natural armor bonus.

Kobolds are short lizard-like creatures which believe themselves to be descended from the ancient dragons weather this is true or not remains to be seen but, Kobolds are clever sneaky and un-trusting. Kobold also are very inventive, but in a way different than that of a gnome, Where as a gnome is skilled at engineering and gadgetry a Kobold is skilled with the construction of fortifications and traps. Kobolds are also very clannish and work well together so long as they have nothing to gain from betraying their leaders.

Personality: Kobolds tend to act rather impish as many of them have an inferiority complex from being so small and they also tend to harbor great yet repressed anger for a similar reason however when confronted they typically back down as craven behavior is in their nature. Many kobolds however are very inventive and industrious shaking off the shackles of cowardice when the situation is to their favor. Kobolds tend to develop a sharp tongue as a means of self-defense against larger foes. A kobold often hurls clever insults to lure the larger foes into even more clever traps. They seldom let their size get dissuade them as a whole so long as more the a couple kobolds are present. Basically the more Kobolds present the braver a Kobold is. Kobolds are also cruel and treacherous and will not hesitate to eliminate a rival if they can do it with little danger to himself. Most kobold advance in society with a series of betrayals in kobold society only the cunning survives and advance.

Physical Description: Kobolds are scrawny and lizard like in their appearance and range in height from 2 to 3 feet tall. Their faces are long and dog-like Accompanied with glowing eyes with fiery hues red being the most common. A Kobold has two small functionless horns on its head and a tail similar to that of a rat. With scales Covering the whole spectrum of earth tones rusty colors being common, Kobolds skin slowly changes over time (about 1 year) to match its climate. Thus desert dwelling kobold will tend to have lighter colored scales like the color of sand, while a kobold from a swamp might have a dark brown set of scales however as most of these changes still have a rusty motif it seldom affords any camouflage to the kobold. The main physical difference between male and female kobold at least from the perspective of outsider is the height females tend to be shorter. Kobolds are not known for their fashion sense and often ware simple leather clothing made from tanned hides Small animal parts often decorate a kobold such as necklaces made from the teeth and claws of small animals.

Relations: Kobolds are greedy evil little creatures but most races tend to ignore them and take them for granted, As a race this is a kobolds greatest strength. Kobolds tend to be content with this at least openly and most manage to get along at least cursory with other species. Kobolds however distrust and dislike almost all other species with the exception of lizard folk whom they share some sort of kinship with. Kobolds dislike halfling mainly because halfling are the only thing roughly their size and kobolds need something to bully.

Alignment: Kobolds would be chaotic if it were not for their cowardice which often goads them into obeying most laws as a fear of punishment is an ever looming threat. However the Kobolds warped and cruel world perspective is predominantly evil but like most races some deviations from this formula are present.

Kobold Lands: Kobolds as a whole have no land of their own for the most part though a few exceptions exist. They tend to live in dark areas such as swamps, mines, ancient primal forests Kobolds are Very territorial and will defend its home with startling though far from iron clad courage with traps. If a kobolds land is overrun it will make like the wind ready to fight another day.

Religion: Kobolds favor Gods of innovation and rougish gods.

Language: Kobolds speak and write a dialect of draconic.


Male Names: Yar, Yapis, Krischech, Barlzol, Rhyvos, Jakta, Arzzk, Zarg, Kurtlesmack, Meepo (:D)

Female Names: Wotrah, G'caatrah, Rarak, Arbrah, Razzk, Dnya, brah, Gorkra,

Clan Names: Kobold clans are usualy named after The clans general attitude or the place they live Such as Human hater Or Darkwood.

Adventurers: Kobolds are curious and industrious if one can free himself from his clannish mentality they may make Adept adventurers. Some Kobolds travel out to look for new opportunities for their clan, A Kobold which Discovers such a situation is often revered by others of his own species so many kobolds find it worth the risk to leave the relative safety of the clan.

Kobold Traits

Abilities: +2 Dex -2 strength. Kobolds are Leth and Quick but are Scrawny

Small Sized: A Kobold is small sized and gain a +1 to hit and armor class. But can only lift 1/2 as much.

Swift: A Kobolds base Speed is 30 feet.

Crafty: Kobolds gain a +2 racial bonus on Craft (trapmaking), Perception, and Profession (miner) checks. Craft (trapmaking) and Stealth are always class skills for a kobold.

Dark Vision: A Kobold has dark Vision at a range of 60 ft.

Light Sensitivity (Ex): In bright lights Kobolds are dazzled.

Natural Armor: Kobolds have a +1 natural armor bonus.

Weapon Familiarity: Due to their familiarity with mining a kobol is proficient in both Lite and heavy picks.

Automatic Languages: Common and Draconic, Bonus Languages: Ork, Halfling, Elven.

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I'm presuming this to need a [4e] tag.

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Umm no this needs a pathfinder tag. 4e can burn!

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I wouldn't say that +1 NA is worth +2 to attributes.

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I'd give them +2 to Intellegence, because kobolds are cunning bastards, or +2 to Charisma, because they're descended from dragons, on top of the existing stat bonuses. I also think you want to call that ability 'Weapon Proficiecny' rather than 'Weapon Familiarity', since it's about gaining automaitc proficiecny rather than treating an Exotic Weapon as a Martial Weapon, but I could be wrong there. Lastly, I'd extend the range of their darkvision, to counterbalance their light sensitivity.