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2010-07-06, 12:28 AM
I just had an epiphany of a interesting character class but I am having trouble balancing it cause it is so flexible and I need some help.

I thought of a character that is actually three characters that are the three primary colors.

A Red one that represents Evocations
A Blue one that represents Conjurations
A Yellow one that represents Abjurations

Then they could combine and form different colors and schools of magic

Yellow+ Blue= Green/ Transfiguration
Yellow+ Red= Orange/ Enchantments
Blue + Red= Purple/ Illusions
Blue + Red + Yellow= White/ Divination or Black/ Necromancy

To make the three characters, you build your normal character and then divide the physical abilities (Dex, Con, Str) among the character however you see fit. They are all the same race and the ability modifier is only applied once on the original character before they are all split. The mental abilities (Int, Cha, Wis) do not get divided.

When you combine you add the stats together and they are now the new school of magic.

Each character's saves are determined by when they are all combined so they would all have the same saves

For feats I am rather confused caused I would like it if they were all different with feats but then when they combine they would have a ridiculous amount of feats.

Skills are 6+ Int mod and you get to divide them among your characters however you wish. I could go 3+ Int but it isn't standard and I want something divisible by three. The ability modifier for the skills is based on when they are all combined

I'm thinking for abilities, they would have the ability to see through each others eyes or sharing the pain among each of the members, etc.

They share the same initiative which is the average one of the three. This is so when you combine you take both or all of the standard actions

Items are shared among them. For example if I buy a bow for one of them, they all get bows.

If one of them dies, at the end of the encounter you may lose hp off of the still living ones and give them to the dead one and thus reviving him.

The flavor is a set of triplets who are always together and go through every trial together through thick and thin. They were all born with their own magical powers but when they combine, their true powers come to light.

I also might want to add elements to each of them like red would be fire but this is probably getting too ambitious.

1. Is this feasible? He needs balancing because someone who is able to know every school of magic is overpowered and the idea of having three characters at once is bizarre to say the least

2. Any possible ideas for balancing? I'm fine with switching around the schools of magic because I want the base colors to have the weakest ones though I kinda like the fact that Necro is on black.

2010-07-22, 02:09 AM
A wizard can break the game. A wizard that can cast three spells in a single round is just scary.
It is going to be excessively powerful unless you limit it to very low level spells. Alternately, you could make it a caster PrC, but that does not mesh well with the fluff. This is going to be very hard even for someone with a lot of experience. I'm afraid that my aid would be quite useless.