View Full Version : "Combat Alchemist" in True20

2010-07-07, 04:15 AM

I've been playing in a True20 based game for about 6 months now, based in a mostly medieval (though increasingly steampunky) setting of a friends devising. Many years back he created a setting for a play by mail campaign he ran and is now using it with True20 rules.

When I joined the game it was as a fighter however I always had the idea of incorporating alchemy into my compbat style at a later date and I've not really had any luck figuring a way of making it work.

My character has skills in knowledge Alchemy, geology and botony already and high inteligence. The back story is I'm a son of a scholor at an instituion for learning and between helping him I trained with the guards between studies, the Alchemical skills were taught by my father to assist him in his work. I decided to become a fighter however soon realised that the two could likely work well together. Fairly obvious in places I know!

I'm a level 5 fighter and we are getting to the point where I will start to concentrate more on the alchemy side of things and I'm still drawing a blank, I was hoping to find tips more online but being fairly new to the role playing community I'm still finding my feet.

My idea is essentially to create potions and devices to aid in battle, some of the obvious ones to start with are smoke grenades or flash bangs to give me an advantage followed by something more offensive in the long run. Incendiary arrows of some kind have just occurred to me too which I will have to take note of! Currently fighting two handed with a bow, thought I'd add that for reference.

We have ruled out posions from the start, other than by accident us Alchemists tend to blow people up rather than make them ill! ;)

If anyone is aware of something similar already feel free to call me a noob and point me in the right direction, I've tried searching the forums already to no avail.