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Darth Stabber
2010-07-07, 04:58 PM
Note this class is for gestalt only and counts as both sides of your gestalt, you don't get to level in another class when you level Smackdownomancer.


Smackdownomancers are wizards that enjoy the visceral feeling of beating the everloving crap out of individuals. They learn to channel their spells into their attacks, and enjoy hitting people when they aren't looking, or aren't ready. They are considered jerks and cheap shot artists by other wizard types, but lets face it, other wizardly types are pansies. They'll shut up when you smack'em upside the back of the head with a great-sword. As a result of picking on other wizards, they tend to be very good resisting certain effects


Alignment - not LG (usually Chaotic Stupid despite the normal wizard INT)

BAB: +5

Skills: Hide - 6 ranks

Feat: Power Attack, Weapon focus (any two handed)

Ability to cast 2nd level prepared arcane spells,
1d6 of sneak attack, sudden strike or skirmish

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Magical Stuff
+2|Spell bash|+1 arcane caster level
+3|Sneak Attack 1d6|+1 arcane caster level
+3|Bonus feat|+1 arcane caster level
+4|Sneak Attack 2d6|+1 arcane caster level
+4|Evasion|+1 arcane caster level
+5|Sneak Attack 3d6|+1 arcane caster level
+5|Bonus feat|+1 arcane caster level
+6|Sneak Attack 4d6|+1 arcane caster level
+6|Mettle|+1 arcane caster level
+7|Sneak Attack 5d6, CASTER SMASH|+1 arcane caster level[/table]

Hit die: d10
Skill Points: 4 + Int modifier.
Class Skills: as rogue and wizard
Proficiencies: An Smackdownomancer gains no additional proficiencies.

Class Abilities
Sneak attack - as the rogue ability

Spell Bash - You may voluntarily expend a prepared spell, before you make an attack against a single target. If you do you may add your casting stat mod to hit, and add xd6 to damage where x is the level of the spent spell. you may use this ability 1/round, and you may use it on opportunity attacks. your spell bash gains a special quality based on the school of the spell expended

1 -Abjuration - gain an insight bonus to ac equal to the spell level vs. the target of the attack until the beginning of your next turn.
2 - Conjuration - regain HP equal to the spell level expended.
3 - Divination - Your next attack against the target receives a bonus equal to the level of the expended spell (does not stack with spell bash).
4 - Enchantment - target must succeed at a will save DC = 10+str+expended Spell's level or be slowed for 1 turn.
5 - Evocation - Use d10s for spell bash damage instead of d6s.
6 - Illusion - Gain (5*expended spell level)% miss chance until the beginning of your next turn (similar to blur)
7 - Necromancy - Gain 2 temp hp per level of the spell expended, these last until end of encounter, multiple uses stack, but not with other other types of temp hp
8 - Transmutation - Roll a d8 and gain the effect of that school, if you roll an 8, re-roll until you don't.

You may only expend a spell for this purpose if it's level is less than or equal to your Class level.

Bonus feat - from the fighter list

Evasion - as the rogue ability

Mettle - As evasion only it effects will and fortitude saves

CASTER SMASH - you may expend any number of spells when you spell bash, though there are some disadvantages. You calculate the level expended as the highest spell level + 1 for each additional spell expended, then treat spell bash as though you expended a spell of that level, and of the school that highest level spell came from (just pick one in the case of ties). the level of spells you may expend for spell bash is no longer capped by your class level. Epic spells count as 10th level spells.


2010-07-07, 05:16 PM
It's a simple, straightforward option that's roughly comparable in power to taking a PRC and base class simultaneously, so I think it's decently balanced. Greater spell bash is interesting -- if that were earlier, and more integrated as a main class feature instead of basically making this a mashup of base class abilities, this would be a more interesting class to play.

Darth Stabber
2010-07-07, 05:27 PM
Paced out the development of the smash, so now it grows over the levels as opposed to two descrete chunks, and I added a big flashy capstone.