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2006-05-04, 11:01 PM
The oak doors swing open, revealing a great hall made of mortar, stone and wood. Large windows line one side of the hall. Wooden benches line the other side. Heavy velvet curtains have been drawn shut to keep out the winter chill.

An enormous fireplace lies at the midpoint of the room, facing the covered windows. Torches burn in wall sconces, providing festive illumination. Paintings and tapestries line the walls.

You note an honor guard of a dozen knights in full armor lining the walls. They snap to attention as you enter.

At the far end of the room (100 ft away) Linda stands with her back to you. She is admiring an enormous painting which has been hung on the far wall.

Linda's long white hair shines in the firelight. Her white robe is spotless, and she stands regally at her full height of six feet. She turns slowly when you enter, a smile on her face ...

The painting that towers above her is a portrait of a couple holding hands. The two are obviously lovers or perhaps a young married couple. They appear to be standing on a balcony, with a bucolic landscape in the distance.

The gentleman has dark wavy hair, a neatly trimmed beard, and sparkling blue eyes. A bound leather book is held in his right hand. Sheathed at his waist is the exact dagger that Fizahn is using as a "shortsword".

The woman has dark, lustrous chestnut hair and violet eyes. With a start, you recognize the woman in the portrait as the same mysterious woman you encountered at the spring.

"They make a lovely couple, don't they?" Linda asks. "The founders of House Relik - your ancestors, Sheyra ..."

2006-05-05, 07:09 AM

Fizahn looks at Linda suspiciously. "I never knew she was that tall!" As Linda talks, he focuses on the portrait. Nervously, he withdraws his 'short sword' and looks at it while attempting to conceal it from the others. Have I been wielding a priceless artifact of Sherya's family. I don't care, it's very unlikely that it's the same one. I'm not going to give it up unless they supply me with one of greater value. "That's great Linda, but we came to talk to you about your experiences after we parted ways. After we learn about those, then maybe we can talk about the founders of House Relik." There's no way Linda could have known that woman! She must have come from Sethra's past. Fizahn gives Linda another suspicious look. "And perhaps you can explain how that woman ended up on the shadow plain with you and where you knew her from..."

2006-05-05, 04:45 PM

When the seasoned man was lead into the great hall the first thing that struck him was the twelve knights that stood guard around the perimeter. And then all the way down at the far end was Linda staring at some portrait or another. Callos's eyes narrowed quickly as he began to strive down the room towards the sorceress.

"I'm tired of being lead around by my noise here elf! Whats going on here? How could you possibly have known Sheyra's ancestors and how did you escape the plane of Shadow without your own pursuer?"

2006-05-05, 06:29 PM

Aeroz has a look that appears to be a mixture of surprise, confusion and anger smeared across his face. His eyes dart between Linda and the painting of the strange woman the group encountered in the plane of shadow.

"Thokk...Fiz? Do you know anything about this? I mean, when we met up with you in the underdark, she was with you."

"And as for you" he says, indicating Linda "Aren't you supposed to be on another plane of existence somewhere?"

2006-05-06, 01:13 AM

Lumpy follows the others along to the Hall wordlessly, picking under his fingernails with his dagger with an air of boredom. Inside the a Hall, he listens to the others begin to question Linda, but makes no move to add his voice to the chorus. A hundred feet was a long way to yell, and he didn't particularily feel like trying.

He murmers raspily, focusing on his nailwork, "Real diplomatic entry there. This is bound ta go over great."

2006-05-06, 09:41 AM

*Rushing to Linda*

"Linda, lass, are ye alright? What in the blazes happened to you and the others? What is happening now?"

2006-05-06, 06:21 PM

As the honor guard snaps to attention, Lissa gives the knights a mischievous wink and salutes them back.

"Linda, it is you! Great good gods, how did you get out of the Shadow Plane? Who was that woman you met at the spring? We all thought you were dead, or worse!" Lissa smiles up at the white-haired spellcaster, obviously relieved and happy to see her again. Then she looks at the portrait and chokes back a gasp. "That woman... isn't she the one you were talking to at the spring?"

Something REALLY strange is going on here!

2006-05-06, 06:31 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby immediately feels out of place in only his new bathrobe, and his first reaction is to try and hide from the guards amongst the larger members of his group. As he sees Linda, however, and slowly realizes what seems to be happening, he stops his nervous foot-shuffling and drifts across the hall with the rest of the party.
Why couldn't I just have put on my clothes like every--wait... Linda... that woman... how...?

And then Fizahn and Callos speak.

D'oh. You idiots, this is more important than that, leave the talking to the people who have some idea of what's going on here.

2006-05-06, 08:45 PM
Linda smiles and places a hand on Thokk's shoulders.

"It is good to see you again, Thokk. I should have known that Kelemvor would want nothing to do with you!"

Linda laughs then continues, "I have always felt close to you dwarf, perhaps because we have journeyed so long together. But now that we have both tasted death and returned, we share a bond that the others can not know ..."

The rest of you hang back warily. Linda turns back to the painting.

"Her name was Relik Arzbet'a. I suppose that today she would be called 'Elizabeth.'

"The second time we found ourselves back at the spring, I knew that I wouldn't be allowed to leave the Shadow Plane with her. Leaving her behind was ... difficult. But when I discovered that House Relik had relocated to Telflamm, what I had to do became clear."

Casually, Linda waves a hand toward the doors behind you. They swing closed quietly. Her words don't make complete sense to all of you, but her softly modulated voice seems friendly enough.

Thokk nods and smiles happily as she speaks.

2006-05-06, 09:42 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby glances at the guards.

I don't really know what's going on right now, I don't know what went on back then, but I do know that magic does go on, and when it comes down to it, I want Thokk utterly unenchanted!

Achkby steps forward, painfully aware that he is not well-clothed for a confrontation of any sort.

"Linda! I hope any 'bonds' you have with Thokk are completely natural. The Mithral Guard are a proud bunch, you wouldn't want to... change his loyalties."

What the heck are you talking about?! You're an idiot! You should never have gotten involved in any of this! That stupid agent creeping up on you...

2006-05-06, 10:55 PM

"What are ye talking about Achkby, it makes perfect sense! Ive known her for, well, I dont know how long it is anymore, but its long enough!"

2006-05-06, 11:46 PM
Elthan II

Of course..., Thinks Elthan, taking a step forward, stareing at the painting.

Calmly,"Death does bind, but of course you have never died. At least not in whole. If this visit was for her, I wonder what your first visit was for? I know so little about this," turning his head to face Linda, " but you could tell us so much about it Sethra."

(OOC: DUN DUN DUUN... Lets see if Elthan is slapped by Linda or magic missled by Sethra. taking all bets)

2006-05-07, 12:11 AM

Lissa frowns. 'Both tasted death and returned'? What in the Nine Hells, I know Linda never died. Unless... Then Elthan makes his Accusation, and the pieces snap into place. An ugly snarl, unlike any expression her friends have ever seen on the diminutive gnome's face, appears as she draws her shadow-blade. She may have gone unarmored, but Lissa would sooner go naked than completely unarmed. "YOU! You son of a filthy kobold, you shael vuk! YOU murdered Sedryn, you blinded me, and now you try to corrupt Thokk!" Lissa begins the familiar incantations of the spell that will protect her from evil, the only spell she has left...

OOC: Cast protection from evil on self.

2006-05-07, 02:16 AM

"Why is it always that you wizards just refuse to stay dead?"

Aeroz's left hand drops to his rapier and his other wriggles one of the daggers concealed in his sleeve under the cover of his cloak.

[OOC: Sleight of Hand check to draw a concealed weapon: 18 (Roll)+9(Skill Mod) +2 (Dagger is small) +4 (Cloak)=33. Wow, thats a very high roll]

2006-05-07, 09:19 AM

Fizahn quickly moves over to Sherya. He looks at 'Linda' maliciously. He begins whispering to Sherya in a low tone full of warning."Now might be a good time for you to order your troops to attack 'Linda.' She's really Sethra and wants to kill you."
"Thokk, you've known me for far longer than Sethra." Fizahn says this while walking up to 'Linda' and Thokk. "And you've known Linda longer also. Doesn't it make you slightly mad that Sethra is using Linda's body to try and get you to kill me, your companion?" He remains wary of both Thokk and 'Linda,' watching for an attack.

OOC: Warning Sherya and moving to Thokk and 'Linda.' Fizahn is so set in his conviction that Linda is Sethra that he will (sneak) attack her if he gets close enough.

2006-05-07, 01:10 PM

"Wait...she's Sethra?! Oh Hells, why do I have to do this now!"

The necromancer raised his hands up hastily in front of his face. It felt decidedly odd to be casting a spell without his spellbook in front of him but style be damned! A determined glare filled his eyes as he completed the last motion. A brief thought came to him then, that through out all the time in the Underdark he had learned to be fairly self sufficent, to the point where he almost disregarded weapons and armor. It was with a wry smile he realized that he had no weapons or armor and still had the same potential for damage.

((Heightened Blindness Will Save 15))

2006-05-07, 02:21 PM

"Ach, dont ye dare draw a weapon on her! Ive known ya two the longest, and we both know she wouldnt ever try do to anything bad or evil, much less harbor Sethra and try to kill us. Hahaha! Its Linda, lads! No worries, and its by Moradins divine provodence we are all here together again."

2006-05-07, 06:26 PM

"It appears dying has knocked you out of your senses Thokk... this woman is not who you think she is. This woman is the reason for all the hell we've gone through..."

Darius notches an arrow, aiming it directly at Linda, if she makes a threatening move, he'll release it.

((EDIT: Spelling))

2006-05-07, 07:02 PM

Hajih draws the dagger from his overcoat pocket and spins it in one hand.

Looking nervously at the knights, he quickly snaps his eyes back to the growing confrontation.

2006-05-07, 07:14 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

"It is not death that has clouded his mind, Darius, but rather the nefarious magic of whoever now stands before us," Achkby states slowly. He feels distrubingly calm; everything seems to have straightened itself out around this new conundrum.

Deliberately, he invokes a few round draconic words of power, calling into existence round him a field of force, which glints greenly on his exposed skin. The wide gestures which accompany its creation feel refreshingly free in his bathrobe. He lets his real clothes slip to the floor, fully ready to do combat unarmed and in nothing more than some fluffy white cotton.

Oh, right. Casting Magic Missile, if you couldn't tell.

2006-05-07, 08:36 PM
Sheyra looks at Fizahn with confusion. "What? What are you talking about?" Garent tries the doors behind him and finds them wizard locked.

The soldiers standing against the walls exchange puzzled glances.

Callos acts pre-emptively, casting blindness on Linda. She cries out, grabbing at her eyes. "By the gods! Callos tried to blind me! Who would have thought he would cast blindness? What a total surprise!"

She then drops her hands and starts laughing. She winks at Callos as if to say, you'll have to do better than that ...

That's all the excuse Darius needs. He buries an arrow into Linda's chest.

Linda looks down with interest at the arrow in her chest. She grasps the shaft and pulls it from her body. She looks at the bloody arrowhead with a smirk on her face, then licks it gently before tossing it aside.

"Well, Thokk, you see how our so-called 'friends' are so quick to turn on us! You will need some protection against their treachery!"

Linda touches Thokk lightly, imbuing him with a protective spell. She then whispers softly and seems to flicker for a moment. Suddenly there are five Linda's standing behind Thokk.

"Help me, Thokk! Don't let them hurt me!"

OOC: Linda is unaffected by Callos' spell. Linda is struck by Darius's arrow and Achkby's magic missiles. Achkby casts mage armor on himself. Linda casts mage armor on Thokk and mirror image on herself.

2006-05-07, 08:55 PM
Achkby doesn't know Magic Missile, I'm an idiot. I definitely meant to say Mage Armor

Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby blinks.

I know that spell.

"They're just doubles! Hit them with something weak until we find out where she is!" he advises the group.

I love that spell, and know it well, so I hope you don't mind I decide that Achkby is familiar, as well.

He moves to Sheyra, and repeats for her the same spell he cast upon himself.

Casting Mage Armor again.

2006-05-07, 09:20 PM
Elthan II

Frustrated, Elthan takes a stance next to Linda.
"Oh calm down. We haven't so much glanced at him our entire journey. I don't think your going to be able to hurt him. And stop the charade Sethra. Linda's never died and hasn't so much ability as you've shown."
"Sethra, if you wanted to kill her, you could have done so long ago, I'm sure. So why did you hold out? It could be that you where just waiting to get out of the underdark, but mybye something at the spring could say otherwise? She may be Sarlocs hier, but she is also Elizabeths hier. Aside from a painting, your memory, or whatever that spring can conjure up, she is all thats left to her."

2006-05-07, 09:50 PM

Why? Why do you hate me Mystara? Why can't I actually blind someone and make things easier? Did I offend you? Not pray enough, didn't donate, was it because I peed in the holy water when I was little? Just tell me why?!

All of these thoughts and more kept on going through his mind over and over again as he continiued to stride forward. Silent determination filled his eyes before the proverbial torch went off in his head.

"Thokk, listen to me. We don't want to hurt Linda but we have to restrain her. You know what harm this group can inflict on enemies and I know you don't want to have to hurt us. So help us restrain her until we can gurantee she is who she is. C'mon Thokk, think about it! Do what a true member of the Mithril Guard would and help end this peacebly!"

Even as his fists came up into the ready position a thought struck him. There might be an easier way to remove Thokk from the battle without hurting him...

"Guards! Protect your lady and detain Linda! Don't stand there like imbeciles!"

((Readied action to cast Fear on Thokk if he doesn't listen to Callos.))

2006-05-07, 11:37 PM

"Thokk, you stupid idiot, look at yourself. Why do you befriend her? When that mummy broke your neck, what did she do to help? Nothing! She let you die! She could have done something but instead she let you die! She killed Graevic, Taern and Sedryn! Through action or inaction, she killed them and you want to protect her? That's almost as worse as killing them yourself. Mithral Guard? Bah, you don't deserve that position if you won't realize who your real friends are!"

Flicking his cloak back, he draws his rapier and dashes foreward. Dagger readied, he readies to take on the dwarf.

[OOC: Drawing and moving 20ft foreward as a move action, Diplomacy - 14+1=15]

2006-05-08, 12:28 AM

Lissa spits out several truly vile curses in Draconic, knowing that Linda/Sethra will understand her. "Achkby, Elthans, Callos! If any of you have a dispel magic prepared, hit the bastard with it!" She runs over to Fizahn and begins whispering in his ear, hoping Thokk won't hear her. "I'm going in on Linda, if you'll come with me. Sethra's attention will be focused on me; use that distraction to pick her pockets clean, hopefully you'll find the fire opal and Lumpy can smash the cursed thing. I was a cat-burglar, never learned to pick pockets, so it's up to you! Agreed?" As she talks, Lissa pulls a tiny blue vial out of her haversack, thanking Baravar that she hadn't wanted to leave her pack in the servants' hands. After all, it wouldn't do for strangers to find certain things... like that blue vial, for instance. Once she's done talking to Fizahn, Lissa concentrates on the delicate task of applying her favorite poison to the shadow-blade, praying that this isn't the one time she slips up and poisons herself...

OOC: Retrieve vial of blue whinnis and apply it to shadow-blade.
Poison use roll = 27 (success) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=444170)
Will save to disbelieve mirror image: 11 + 3 + 2 = 16 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=444174)

2006-05-08, 02:12 AM

Probably too late to bow out of this one.

Watching the events unfold, Lumpy glances down at the dagger in his hand with an annoyed expression, still cleaning his nails. With a resigned scowl, he sets into motion.

Well, screw it then. Let's get it over with.

While a more methodical person might have paused at the prospect of choosing between five possible targets, he takes the eassiest option, simply picking one Linda at random. Casually, he flips the dagger over to his right hand, sidearming it towards his quarry in a practiced motion.

Even then, his recently vacated left hand has slipped down to loosen his flail from it's customary place at his waist, bringing it to ready as he starts to approach the mage and the dwarf.


Lumpy flings his shaving dagger at a random image, then moves towards Linda and Thokk, drawing his weapon.

Dagger (1d20+5, 1d4+4=[15, 5], [2, 4]) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=444262)

2006-05-08, 03:12 PM

Darius rapidly fire two shots, each at a separate Linda, he'll make sure to not fire at the one Lumpy attacks.

"This should take care of them quick enough!"

((If Lumpy hits the real Linda and the others dissappear, Darius will send both arrows at the real. If Lumpy misses the real one and Darius hits the real one with his first arrow, he'll also use his second on it.))

2006-05-08, 06:18 PM

Hajih leaps towards the nearest Linda clone, dagger in hand. He lashes out with his dagger and swings his free hand in a wide haymaker punch.

To hit: 21
Damage: 6

To hit: 10
Damage: (Just in case) 5 (non lethal)

2006-05-08, 07:54 PM

"That might work, as long as I'm somewhere Thokk's sword can't get me!" Fizahn quickly replies. As Lissa moves forward, Fizahn picks the Linda farthest from Thokk that is not being shot at by an arrow and begins a diving roll to get near her. As he springs up next to the Linda, he attacks her with his dagger to make sure she's real.

OOC: Tumbles to a Linda as far from Thokk as possible and attacks it. He will go towards the real Linda if either Lumpy of Darius finds it, but will attempt a pickpocket instead of attack.
Tumble: 30 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=445225)
To hit: 22 Damage: 4 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=445232)
Let's hope he doesn't have to pick pocket this round: 8 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=445263)

2006-05-08, 09:49 PM


*Thokk pulls out his sword and attacks the nearest person to Linda, and readying an action to attack anyone who threatens her, AoO on Hajih?*

"How dare you attempt to tarnish the name of a mitheral guard! The necromancer has a particularly foul hold on ye, lad, I shall try to free you from his grasp as gently as I can"

2006-05-08, 09:49 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

None of us have the skill to use that spell!

Achkby reflexively reaches for his scroll case, before realizing he sent it back to his room.
Hlal be damned! Brandobaris, you've deserted me when it mattered most! ...Unless we're not meant -- no!

Grimacing, he casts his most familiar spell, harsh sylables and dramatic gestures bringing forth a bolt of acid which flies at the Sorceress/er.
She should have trouble casting with this!

After it becomes apparent when Linda is, Achkby casts Melf's Acid Arrow at her. Fighting spellcasters is the whole reason I know that spell; I really hope she has few ranks in Concentration.
Attack (1d20+5=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=445507)
Damage (2d4=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=445509)
If he can't tell which she is... can I get back to you?

"Elthans!" he cries, "Enfeeble Thokk!"

2006-05-08, 11:43 PM
Elthan attempts to engage Linda verbally to distract her, but she doesn't respond to his questions.

Garent finally recognizes the danger. "Protect Lady Sheyra!" he shouts. The honor guard converges on Sheyra and forms a protective phalanx around her, pushing aside Achkby and Fizahn, preventing even your party members from getting too close to her. The armored knights draw their swords and prepare to defend Sheyra from any attackers.

Fizahn tumbles forward, stabbing one Linda. Hajih engages another, and Lumpy throws a dagger at a third. Two of the Lindas disappear when struck, but Lumpy's dagger finds its mark, catching the real Linda in the thigh.

Darius moves like lightning, but Linda is faster. She throws up her hand and a wall of wind rises up before her, snuffing out the nearby torches. Darius' arrows are deflected upward, shattering on the ceiling.

Achkby fires an acid arrow at the revealed Linda, only to see an identical arrow fired right back at him. The two arrows collide in midair, negating each other ...

Thokk moves forward and engages Aeroz, who is closing in with his rapier and dagger. Callos is ready, and attempts to scare Thokk away.

OOC: Two mirror images are eliminated. Lumpy hits Linda with a thrown dagger. Linda casts wind wall, negating Darius' arrows, and counterspells Achkby's acid arrow.

Thokk has the higher initiative and will attack first. Aeroz attacks second. Callos' scare spell will take effect immediately after.

Thokk has AC 16. Aeroz has AC 17. Go ahead and post your attack rolls and damage.

2006-05-09, 01:13 AM

"Thokk, you stone-brained idiot! Since when does Linda know how to cast a wall of wind?" The gnome runs toward the revealed Linda/Sethra, poisoned shortsword at the ready. Her long blonde braid and blue cloak fly behind her as she passes through the wind wall, on the opposite side of Linda as Fizahn. Lissa bares her teeth in a ferocious grin and expertly stabs up into the spellcaster's kidney.

OOC: YES! Sneak attack action at long last! Lissa will hold her action until Fizahn gets into flanking position if he goes after her in the init order. Linda/Sethra needs to make a Fort save DC 14 if Lissa hits.
Attack = 26 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=445656) Yeah, I'd say that hits. ;D
Damage = 4 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=445661)
Sneak Attack Damage = 10 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=445661)
And if Sethra or Linda (whichever applies) is Lawful...
Anarchic Damage = 6 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=445677)

2006-05-09, 08:55 AM

Wrong Linda. Darn! Fizahn quickly tumbles to the real Linda, on the opposite side from Lissa. (Unless of course he doesn't have to tumble.) Springing up, he slashes at Linda. I will be much easier to get the fire opal once she's unconcious, and I doubt Sethra can switch while unconcious.

OOC: Tumble=13 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=445891)
Attack=22 (or 24 with flanking)
Damage=5 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=445897)
Sneak Attack Damage=9 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=445899)
Total Damage=14

2006-05-09, 09:18 AM

"Thokk, look at yourself. You are serving the thing that you hate the most. I don't want to hurt you, but if you can't see it, I am going to have no choice."

Aeroz intercepts Thokk as he enters into combat attempting to nap a first strike. He does his best to duck and weave throughout the combat, using his dagger to help deflect Thokk's blows.

"Kill me and then what, you go and kill another, and another. Who would be next? Fizhan? Lissa? All you are doing is taking people out of Sethra's way. Even if I am posessed, killing me would do you no good. Get rid of me, and the rest of them, and then it is just Sethra and you, and he would crush you like a bug. And look at Linda! Look at her delight in harming your friends. Would the real Linda do that?"


Standard Attack: Rapier - 16=10+8-2(Expertising); Damage 7=6+1 (+2 AC when Thokk Attacks)
Naming Thokk As Dodge partner
Moving 10 Feet back (Tumble - 26=17+9)
AC 17 (20 VS Thokk)
HP: 23/23

2006-05-09, 09:59 AM

"Ach, that proves you are not her friend! She is a magic user, and can bend the winds of fate as she sees fit! GET OUT OF MY FRIENDS FOUL NECROMANCER"

OOC: Frojoe, you dont get an AoO because I am moving into a threatened square to attack, not moving OUT OF a threatened square

Thokk To Hit (1d20+10=28) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=445954)

Thokk Damage (1d10+5=15) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=445956)

OOC: Ouch, thats gonna leave a mark. Almost a crit, also. Regarding AoOs, you get one if a person performs an action that draws an AoO when they are in a threated square or if they move out of a threated square (Not a 5 foot step). Being that Thokk is entering the threatening square and then attacking, he does not draw an AoO. Aeroz would draw an AoO from moving out of Thokks threatened area but he passed his tumble with flying colors

2006-05-09, 12:03 PM
Achkby, Halflinf Sorcerer

That is definitely not Linda.

Seeing his other small comrades dealing with Linda, Achkby moves to slow Thokk.
He goes through a quick incantation, shooting a thick wavy green ray at the Dwarf.

Ray of Enfeeblement, please roll for me. +5 to hit.

2006-05-09, 06:14 PM
[OOC: Sorry, the DM in my RL game does that sometimes. :P)

2006-05-09, 09:26 PM

"This one fights the hard way, huh?"

Darius drops his bow to the floor, drawing his sword and charging Linda.

((If he don't have a direct charge line he'll just manuever over to her and try and get in a flanking position and attack.))

2006-05-11, 03:26 AM

Halfway to Linda/Sethra, Lumpy abruptly changes course. He'd run across a mage or two in his day, and was wary of presenting too many targets at once. Instead, he directs himself towards Aeroz and Thokk, moving to interpose himself between them.

It hadn't been more than a few days since he'd risked his neck on the dwarf's behalf, but here he was siding against him. It figured, karma had it out for him.

"Damned ungrateful dwarf."

Bringing his right hand up to join his left, he slips his grip back along the haft of his flail, maximising his leverage to take a swing at the dwarf. He'd learned firsthand about the dwarf's sturdy footing, and he'd need every bit of force he could choke out.

Trip Attempt vs Thokk
Trip vs Thokk (1d20 + 12=30, 1d20+8=20) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=448243)

Possible Followup
Followup vs Thokk (1d20 + 12=28, 1d10+7=16) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=448244)


2006-05-11, 09:57 PM
Elthan II

Still standing next to Sethra/Linda, Elthan tries to reason/distract him/her(?)
"Sethra, your vendeta agaisnt Sarloc is long finsihed, he died long ago. It is time to stop this foolishness. You are out numbered and you have locked yourself in, you will not gain anything from this."

Elthan speaks a short chant as his movements become more deliberate and fluid.

(OOC: Casting True Strike)

2006-05-11, 11:39 PM
The honor guard attempts to move away from the melee towards the oak doors, keeping their bodies between Sheyra and the combatants. Garent beats at the doors with his fists, calling for more guards. Sheyra looks bewildered, unsure what is going on exactly.

Seeing Lumpy's dagger wound the "real" Linda, Fizahn and Lissa converge on her position. As they near her, however, they are caught up in the roaring wall of wind that shields her and her mirror images. Both of the gnomes are buffeted and nearly knocked down by the invisible barrier.

Only Darius, being larger and heavier, is able to push his way through the wind wall. By the time he has done so, however, Linda has merged and re-separated from her doubles, leaving the fighter facing three Lindas, with no idea which is the true Linda.

Shrugging, Darius decides to slash the one in the middle. He smiles as his blade bites into solid flesh - good guess! Her skin seems to be as hard as granite, however, and Linda laughs as the steel glances off leaving only a small laceration.

Still laughing, Linda reaches out and touches Darius on the shoulder. Instantly, Darius freezes in place, his sword still raised.

As if noticing Elthan for the first time, Linda then points a finger at the half-elf and blasts him with a scorching ray.

Aeroz and Thokk trade blows, but then Thokk recoils, an expression of fear on his face.

The dwarf stumbles backwards, and Lumpy easily wraps his flail around Thokk's legs and pull his feet out from under him. Thokk lands heavily, just as Achkby begins to drain his strength from him.

OOC: Linda and Fizahn can't get through the Wind Wall. Darius hits Linda. Linda paralyzes Darius. Linda hits Elthan with a Scorching Ray. Achkby casts Cause Fear on Thokk. Thokk and Aeroz hit each other. Lumpy trips Thokk. Achkby casts Ray of Enfeeblement on Thokk.

Darius is paralyzed. Thokk is frightened, tripped, and enfeebled all in one round!

@HempRope - Please indicate how much strength Thokk loses.

@bhdrake - Please indicate how much damage Thokk takes from the fall (follow up damage).

@KoG - Elthan takes 8d6 damage. You can roll it yourself if you like.

2006-05-12, 01:07 AM

Too much was happening all at once, and it was getting harder to keep a good read on things as they progressed. Even as Lumpy flicks his flail free of Thokk's ankle, he can tell that the dwarf was dealt with for the time being. That just left the necromancer. no, not 'just', that made it sound easy.

He glances furtively about the hall, taking in the adjusting situation. The archer had gotten himself in over his head already, and the gnomes weren't making much headway against that stupid wind. There wasn't anything he could do about the one; but the other...

He barks a sharp command at Fizahn and Lissa, ignoring the itch in his throat that threatened to build into a racking cough,

"Ya two get close up, and don't move! We're going through!"

If they obey, he'll move to grab them both and carry them through the wind wall.

((OOC Damage was rolled above - 16 to Thokk
I'm presuming grabbing the gnomes and moving takes up all Lumpy's actions for the round.))

2006-05-12, 08:46 AM

Fizahn shouts his agreement to Lumpy's plan. He then moves to an area where Lumpy can easily pick him up, motioning Lissa to go there with him. He readies his dagger and looks at Linda angrily.

2006-05-12, 05:01 PM
Str Drain (1d6+2=3) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=450007) Yuck.
And sorry I didn't roll that earlier, I wasn't where I could get to a dice roller.

Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

"Good show, Lumpy!" Achkby cries.

Maneuvering to get a good shot, he tries to repeat his disrupting spell against the Necromancer. He performs the sharp gestures and reiterates the same harsh syllables, and another bolt of viscous blue liquid shoots towards Linda-Sethra.

To Hit (1d20+5=16) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=450011)
Acid Damage (2d4=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=450013)
AC: 18 HP: 17

2006-05-12, 05:12 PM
Callos DeTerran

"Just hold on Lumpy I'll help you!"

Callos sprinted to where Lumpy was trying to aid him in whatever way he could.

2006-05-12, 10:43 PM

This is uncomfortable...

((How many rounds of paralyzation?))

2006-05-13, 01:55 PM

Both hands in the same position as when they struck, Hajih seems frozen in place.

Damn, I shouldn't have fell for that

A sudden realization of the situation crosses his mind and he begins to move again, this time towards the real Linda.

To Hit
Dagger: 22
Punch: 11

Dagger: 7
Punch: 4 (non-lethal)

2006-05-13, 02:17 PM

Hearing Lumpy's plan, Lissa quickly sheathes her poisoned sword. It wouldn't do at all to poison Lumpy or Fizahn by mistake. She dashes over to Lumpy and holds out her arms, doing her best to assist in holding on as he picks her up. "Thanks, Lumpy! I had no idea that wind wall was so strong!" As they approach the wind once more, Lissa clings onto the half-orc with all her might.

2006-05-14, 05:17 PM
Achkby fires another acid arrow through the wind wall at one of the Lindas. He isn't sure whether he hits or not ...

Lumpy scoops up Fizahn and Lissa and, as one, they plunge into the wind wall. The roaring wind buffets them and threatens to suck the gnomes out of Lumpy's grasp. Then, suddenly, they are through.

They face a gruesome scene. Darius stands, paralyzed, hands still upraised. Only his eyeballs are able to move. He looks over at you, a desperate look in his eyes, how long will I be like this?

Elthan's blackened body lies nearby, small flames still flicker along the fringes of his charred robes.

In addition to the smoke rising from Elthan's corpse is an indescribably nauseating carrion stench. Vomit rises in your throat as you choke.

Callos and Hajih stumble through the wind wall as well, and immediately start to choke.

The Lindas have retreated to the back wall, just under the large portrait. All three have been stained with iridescent blue acid which seems to be burning its way through their robes.

All three smile as they face you, their sleeves are pulled up to their elbows, hands ready to cast their next spell ...

OOC: Everyone within the wind wall has to make a DC 18 Fort save or be sickened.

2006-05-14, 06:18 PM

"Aaah! You are not my friends at all, but demons attacking us! Why must deamons keep harming the ones I love!"

*Relizing the trip*

"Tripped by a foul tentacle! Why!!!!!!!!!!"

*Thokk tries to crawl away*

OOC: Thokk things you are all demons attacking him due to the fear spell, so he will react accordingly

2006-05-14, 06:47 PM

Gagging on the smell of charred flesh, Lissa immediately pulls the collar of her tunic up over her nose and mouth, for once thankful that she isn't wearing armor. This dulls her sensitive gnomish nose just enough to make the stench bearable. When she speaks, the sound is muffled but audible; the fact that Lissa's shouting to be heard over the howl of the wind wall might have something to do with that.

"Fizahn, go left, I'll take right!" She switches to Undercommon, praying that Sethra doesn't understand either language. "Lumpy, take center! I'm going right!" Lissa acts on her words, dodging around Darius as she draws her poisoned shadow-blade. The slick gray blade gleams with an oily blue tinge as she stabs up at the Linda on the right.

OOC: Yes, made the Fort save! 17 + 3 = 20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=452162)

Can I just use the attack and damage I rolled last round, but didn't get to use because of the wind wall? Providing, of course, that I've got the correct Linda. :P

2006-05-14, 07:06 PM

Once he was through the windwall and the smell hit the necromancer, he doubled over and began to gag. Callos's eyes watered and he began to heave over and over again as he cupped his mouth with one hand. More then idle irriatation began to worm its way into his head past the illness as he wondered how he was going to pull through this.

((Failed with an 11

1d20+3=11 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=452185)))

2006-05-14, 07:50 PM

"Oh no, oh god, I still can't move! Help! Help!!!"

((I don't think I can throw up if I'm paralyzed...))

2006-05-14, 09:33 PM

At first scent, the smell of rotting flesh was nothing new to Lumpy. He'd walked more than one battlefield amongst vultures or ravens, but as he entered the fullness of it, the unnaturalness of it blocked out his senses. Water wells in his eyes as his gag reflex kicked in. He clenches his teeth against the rush, hoping it to be a passing thing, but finding it to be more lasting, gives up, retching his recently aquired meal.

Even then, like his fellow bastard in arms, the mule, his stubborness kicks in, and the ill half-orc fixes his gaze upon Linda. Stomach still racking itself compulsively, he takes one plodding step towards her, then another. Limp gripped and watery eyed, there might not be much he could do, but he'd be damned if he was going to stop trying.

Fort Save: 1 + 5 = 6

Either way, Lumpy will use his move action to try and set up a flank with Lissa or Fizahn. If neither of them find the real Linda, he'll go for a random one of the remaining images, as usual.

Attack vs Linda/Sethra, Sickened (1d20 + 9=21, 1d10 + 5=15) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=452444)))

2006-05-14, 10:04 PM

@bhdrake - You are correct, affected characters will be sickened, not nauseated. My post has been edited.

@Phasm - Sorry. You'll need new rolls. :P

2006-05-14, 10:39 PM
Alright, I'm here.

Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby moves up to the wind wall, and tries to peer through, attempting to determine the nature of the spells his adversary employs.

Knowledge (Arcana) +9 wherever applicable; when she's casting, or just to determine what she's cast.
...Or is it a Spellcraft check? Also at +9. It's probably Spellcraft.

If he can tell which Lissa is the real one, he summons up the arcane energies required to cast his most potent spell. Screweing up his eyes as the gusts try to reach out and knock him from his feet, he quickly begins to weave intricate triangular patterns in the air before him. He can taste the tears being conjured from his eyes and swept into his mouth by the winds, and takes a step back before chanting the hissing words that send a fiery orange ray streaking towards the foul spellcaster.

Scorching Ray;To Hit (1d20+5=9) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=452392). Remember, this is only if he knows which Linda's which! ;)
AC: 18 HP: 17

2006-05-14, 11:30 PM

"Sorry Thokk, but you really need to snap out of it. No one is a demon here."

Aeroz unleashes a flurry of attacks on the dwarf, hoping to disable him without inflicting any greivous damage.

[OOC: If still within 5ft -
5ft Step towards Thokk
Full atk - Rapier 21 (5+1=6), Dagger Natural 19 (Confirm 12+6=16) (2+3 (Crit multiplier)=5) for total of damage 11
AC 18
HP 12

If not within 5ft of Thokk -
Move within striking distance of Thokk
Atk - Rapier 22-4(Expertise) =18 (2+1=3 damage)
AC 22
HP 12

AOO if Thokk stands up -
Rapier 13+8-4=17 (5+1=6 damage)

Question though, can a Coup-de-grace be used in conjunction with nonlethal damage to knock an opponent out?]

2006-05-15, 06:59 AM

"Right, left Linda it is!" Fizahn grimaces at the putrid stench that envelops him. It's far worse than anything he has ever smelled, but there are times when a gnome must keep his composure. He rushes toward the leftmost Linda extending his 'short sword.' If the real Linda is discovered before he gets there, he springs around her to maneuver into a flanking position with Lissa.

OOC: Fortitude: 25 (17+8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=452672)
Attack: 19 (11+8)

Damage: 6 (4+2) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=452676)
Tumble: 23 (12+11) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=452678)
Sneak attack damage: 5 (1+4) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=452681)

2006-05-15, 12:44 PM
OOC: Okay, a-rolling I go. If Lissa manages a flank, she'll sneak attack.

Attack = 28 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=452919) (+4 if flanking)
Confirm Crit = 17 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=452920) Does it hit? Huh? Huh? :D
Damage = 3 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=452923)
Possible Crit Damage = 3 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=452924)
Possible Sneak = 8 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=452925)
Possible Anarchic = 11 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=452926)

Also, if it's the real Linda she must make a DC 14 Fort save or be poisoned with blue whinnis.

2006-05-16, 09:12 PM
Aeroz pins Thokk to the ground with his rapier. The dwarf cowers in fear, his eyes wild and bloodshot. Although the elf doesn't want to hurt his friend, Thokk can't seem to break out from under the influence of both Linda's and Callos' spells ...

Within the wind wall, Lissa, Fizahn, Lumpy and Callos confront Linda and her mirror images.

"Stay back!" the Lindas shout in unison. As they raise their hands, an invisible blast of wind knocks Lissa and Fizahn to the ground. Callos and Lumpy can make no headway against the gust of wind.

Before they can recover, the entire party is enveloped in a burst of icy particles. The sleet storm completely blocks everyone's vision, spoiling Achkby's aim. Even Aeroz and Thokk are caught in the spell's effect.

The cobblestone floor is instantly covered in a sheet of ice, making even standing still a treacherous proposition.

At the other end of the room, some of Sheyra's guards attempt to break down the oak doors, while the others shield the young girl with their bodies. Elthan stands halfway in between the two ends of the hallway. The death of his clone seems to have left him stunned and shaken ...

OOC: Vision is obscured. All characters must make a DC 10 Balance check to move at half speed. Failure by 5 or more means that you fall.

Darius remains paralyzed. Elthan is inactive.

2006-05-16, 09:32 PM


Callos growled out the statement from between gritted teeth as he turned to the side and began to struggle to make head way. The shadowstuff boots that he had been given slipped and slid a little on the now icy floor. He raised up a sleeve to try and cover his eyes even as he began moving to the left trying to escape the stink that kept him from casting spells.

((OOC: 1d20+3=14 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=454591)

Well I'm able to move I think but now I need to get out of the area of the stink which I hope is a stinking cloud since that means it has an area of effect.))

2006-05-17, 12:38 AM

"Oh, so you're afraid of us, are you?", Lissa yells above the howling wind as she tries to regain her balance. The gnome has a manic grin on her face; her long braid is now draped in icicles from the sleet storm. She laughs maniacally, pushing forward against the wind. "Ha ha ha, so much for the big bad necromancer! So scared, so vulnerable in your stolen body. What's the matter, Sethiekins, did seeing your lost laaady love make you cry? Aww, poor little wizard, nobody loves him!" Abruptly Lissa's mocking tone changes, and she locks eyes with the possessed spellcaster. "And nobody ever will. You might have found eternity, Sethra, but you'll spend it alone. Hated, feared, despised. Knowing that the woman you loved chose your worst rival over you!" Every word cuts like only a truth that shouldn't be spoken can. Lissa smiles coldly, the icicles in her hair somehow appropriate now. "Even if I die here and now, I'll die a happy woman, knowing that your existence will be a cold and empty one." Yes... that is true vengeance. And he did it to himself, which makes it so much more delicious! Of course, I have no intention of dying here. With a smirk, Lissa pauses and gestures at the trio of Lindas. A chorus of feminine voices, all of whom sound remarkably like the shadow-Arzbet'a, start shouting at the spellcaster in Draconic. "Unworthy... foul... defiled... never loved you..." All those painful truths, repeated at high volume in the voice of Sethra's beloved. Right in his ears.

OOC: Balance = 20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=454689)
Move at half speed and use ghost sound racial ability at maximum volume, centered on the middle Linda. Yes, I know pissing off the BBEG isn't real smart, but I just couldn't resist the opportunity for Drama!

2006-05-17, 07:31 PM

With a surefooted bound forward, Hajih attempts his stab-punch maneuver that he hasnít managed to land the entire fight.


Fort: 8 (hooo, boy)
Balance: 18

To Hit:
Dagger: 17
Fist: 12

Dagger: 7
Fist: 6

2006-05-17, 08:14 PM

"By the Hammer, Demons casting Hellice! I beg your mercy Moradin, heat me with the fire of the anvil. So cold, so cold, so cold....."

OOC: Nobody else speaks dwarf, so just assume he is ranting and raving, and untill he breaks the fear he is only moving back or doing total defense untill the 'demons' go away.

2006-05-17, 09:46 PM
Lumpy thrashes about like an overturned crab on the icy floor. Lissa and Fizahn struggle to their feet as they are pelted with freezing sleet. Callos slides forward towards the Lindas, but is unable to see them through the miniature blizzard.

The sleet storm continues for what seems like ages before vanishing as quickly as it appeared. When visibility is restored, you look around for the Lindas, but they seem to have vanished, leaving only Thokk, shivering and cowering in the corner, babbling in dwarven.

Darius falls to his knees as the paralysis fades. Elthan runs to his clone's body and kneel beside him, checking for any signs of life.

The oak doors groan and begin to give. Sheyra's voice can be heard from behind her guards. "What's happening? What's happening?"

2006-05-17, 11:04 PM

"DAMMIT!" Aeroz exclaims as he throws his dagger to the floor. "Guards, I suggest you bring the dwarf to his room and lock the door. While you are at it, take away any sharp objects there too"

Aeroz retreives his dagger, and puts it in his sheath. His fist clenches as he goes to see what has happened to Elthan II.

2006-05-17, 11:08 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

As the air clears, Achby unfurls from the fluffy ball of white that was his robe and the sleet.

Still crouching, he casts a quick divinatory incantation to search for a disguised Linda-Sethra.
Casting Detect Magic, scanning the room.

2006-05-17, 11:17 PM
((OOC For all the difference it makes, It just occurred to me that Lumpy wasn't actually wearing his armor. but, I rolled poor enough that he probably should have fallen anyway, so we'll stick with that))


Beard choked thick with ice, Lumpy twists, stuggling to push himself back upright on the slick floor. Bare-chested, his leathered skin prickled with goosebumps, but he was familiar enough with cold to ignore the icy sting that hung to him like a cloak. He barks out a few orcish curses, throwing his gaze wildly around the room before pausing a moment.

After a few deep breaths, he stalks carefully towards where he last saw Linda, scanning the ground,

"That went great. Just great. Keep yer eyes open."

((Search (1d20 + 1=21) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=455446)

Are there any traces, blood, etc? Is Lumpy's dagger gone, or has it been discarded somewhere?

2006-05-18, 06:00 PM

Darius staggers slowly back to his feet, shaking his arms and legs out. He walks over to the wall and punches it.

"Damn it... after all that... nothing."

2006-05-18, 06:39 PM

Once the miniture blizzard was done and over with the necromancer then decided to let go of his footing...while vomitting...for the newly discovered ariel vomitting. He was still coated in ice as he began to pull himself back up to his feet, limbs quaking.

"I can't believe that I fell for such an infantile trick. When I find this Sethra oh how I'll have my vengeance on her er him...it?"

2006-05-19, 06:57 AM

Fzahn quickly looks about for Sethra. As soon as it is evident Sethra's no longer in the room; he turns around and heads for the passage Sherya and her knights took. Sethra's most likely going to go after Sherya now. He doesn't want to waste time with us. Fizahn stumbles a little and looks back. Wait... He could have just cast invisibility. "Sethra might have just cast invisibility on himself! I'm going to check on Sherya. I doubt a detect magic will work because of the residual magic from the snow storm, but... Actually, you probably know better about spells, but remember the possibilities." Fizahn turns and quickly starts stumbling and sliding towards the door Sherya was escorted through (or still is).

OOC: Balance: 10 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=456479)

2006-05-19, 12:02 PM
As the others stand up, skittering on the ice, Achkby scans the room carefully. As he focuses, he detects a localized magical aura in the center of the room.

As he peers at the aura, he sees it coalesce into a human shaped figure. Linda reappears slowly, winks at him, and then turns toward the oak doors where the guards are still trying to spirit Sheyra to safety.

Linda points her finger at the huddled mass of armored guards, and a small golden bead flies toward them. Achkby opens his mouth to shout a warning, but it is too late. The bead blossoms into an enormous fireball, detonating in the midst of the guards. The armored figures are tossed about like rag dolls, several are sent crashing through the oak doors, while others fly into the walls or are sent tumbling through the air.

Your ears ring from the explosion, and as the smoke clears, you can see the broken bodies of Garent and the knights lying motionless on the ground.

Linda turns back toward your group, mostly gathered near the portrait. She crooks her index finger towards you as if to say, "Come and get me ..."

2006-05-19, 03:51 PM

Darius grabs his bow and swivels around to face Linda.

"I'd rather stay right here, thanks."

He sends a shadowstuff arrow flying through the charred room towards Linda.

((Can we see Sheyra, or her body?))

2006-05-20, 06:07 PM
Darius buries an arrow in Linda's chest. She coughs as she rocks backward, bringing up blood. She retaliates with another pair of scorching rays. Darius dodges one, but is seared across his back by the other.

Sheyra rises to her feet, having managed to evade the worst of the fireball's effect. Wiping soot from her face, she takes in the bodies of her mentor and guards in a quick glance. Anger hardens the features of her face.

OOC: Darius takes 4d6 damage from a scorching ray.

2006-05-20, 08:12 PM

Fizahn glares at Sethra and twirls his dagger.. "There won't be much left of you when I'm done." He takes off across the ice, ready to strike Sethra down. He loses his balance soon however and slips to the ground.

OOC: Ahhh, make the killer threat right before you botch the roll. Is there anything more ironic?
Balance: 6 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=457413)

2006-05-20, 09:06 PM
Lumpy doesn't like ice

His bared feet chilled by the icy floor, Lumpy grimaces. She'd managed to cross the room and put more distance between them, between him and his flail. He couldn't do much in circumstances such as these. Despite the leathered roughness of his soles, developed by his distaste for shoes, he still couldn't muster the necessary leverage to ubild up any productive impetus. Impotently, he dances from foot to foot as he struggles to maintain his balance in place.

((Failed to move but doesn't fall over this time
Balance 2 (1d20=8 ) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=457419)))

2006-05-21, 02:52 PM

"Coward! Puling, maggot-brained excuse for a kobold's spawn!" Lissa expertly slides across the icy floor toward the spellcaster, blade-first. "Come on, Elthan, avenge your brother and fry this son of a dretch!" Really, grieving is fine, as long as you don't let it interfere with business! Upon reaching Linda, she suddenly spins to the left and stabs up.

OOC: If Aeroz or Sheyra give me a flank, Lissa will sneak attack. Otherwise just ignore the sneak damage. Oh, and the blade is still poisoned, since I haven't managed to hit yet.

Balance = 17 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=458028) Now why can't I roll like that for attack?

Attack = 12 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=458038) Somehow I don't think that'll hit, but you never know. If I get a flank it's 14.

Damage = 1 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=458039) :P

Sneak Damage = 11 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=458043)

Anarchic = 8 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=458042)

2006-05-21, 07:55 PM

Once Linda came into view Callos exploded into motion. Or at least thats what it looked like he was trying to do. With a great deal of slipping though the necromancer began to make his way over towards where the woman/ancient spirit was. He was already holding his thumb and forefingers together ready to unleash the firey spell that was contained within them.

((1d20+3=12 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=458208) for balance check
and Burning Hands Damage if she's close enough.
5d4=17 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=458210)

2006-05-22, 12:50 AM

With Thokk muttering incoherently on the floor, Aeroz turns his attention to "Linda". He moves as far as he can to strike her with his rapier, drawing his dagger in the process.

[OOC: Moving 15ft (Balance check not required due to +9 on balance, so even if I roll a 1, Aeroz still makes it). If possible Aeroz will flank "Linda" so that both he and Lissa can get their sneak attacks in.

MW Rapier - 1d20+8=27 (29 if flanking) (Confirm critical - 1d20+8=10 (12 if flanking) >:( ) (1d6+1=4; Sneak attack damage - 2d6+0=10)

AOO if Linda casts a spell or fails to cast defensively MW Rapier - 1d20+8-2=18 (1d6+1=4; Sneak attack damage - 2d6+0=6

AC 17 (18 vs "Linda"; 20 if she provokes an AOO)
HP 12/27 (Could use some healing here. Aeroz didn't bring his bag, so no potions.]

2006-05-22, 02:55 PM

Darius groans, putting a hand to his back and feeling the charred skin. He cracks his back forward and sends two arrows at Linda.

2006-05-22, 09:29 PM
Their ears still ringing from the concussion from the fireball, Lissa and Aeroz converge on Linda. Lissa's blade twists in her hands, failing to penetrate Linda's stoneskin, but Aeroz's rapier bites deeply, drawing more blood.

Ripping Darius' arrow from her body with one hand, Linda draws a simple dagger with the other, and slashes viciously at Aeroz. The elf nimbly sidesteps out of range.

Callos struggles to maintain his balance, ready to cast burning hands. Cursing under his breath, he realizes that he can't cast the spell on Linda without catching Aeroz and Lissa in the flames as well.

Darius kneels on the ice and quickly fires two more arrows at Linda, carefully aiming so as not to hit his allies ...

OOC: I need to hit and damage rolls for Darius. Also specify whether he is firing shadowstuff arrows or "normal" arrows please.

2006-05-22, 09:48 PM

The necromancer cursed under his breath when he realized the...ahem aiming diffculty before he also realized he had a solution to the matter.

"Lets see if you burn as well as a nightwing does Linda!"

With a clever smirk on his face he goes through the motions of his burning hands spell once more but instead of holding his hands out horizontally he pulled a trick he had before. Tilting his hands vertically he tried to aim in a line that would avoid Aeroz and Lissa.

((Again then!
5d4=12 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=458975) ))

2006-05-22, 10:03 PM
The flames of Callos' burning hands spread outward in a cone-shaped burst. Despite his best attempts, Lissa and Aeroz are caught within the flames ...

OOC: Sorry. SRD states that the spell is a cone shaped burst. Aeroz and Lissa need to make Reflex saves to take half damage.

2006-05-22, 11:49 PM

Aeroz attempts to duck out of the way of Callos' flame spell. Either way, he continues his onslaught of attacks against "Linda"

[OOC: Reflex save - 15+6=21 (Evasion means that if it passes, Aeroz takes no damage)

Full Atk: MW Rapier - 1d20+6+2-2=16 (1d6+1=6; Sneak attack - 2d6+0=12) and Dagger 1d20+5+2=15 (1d4+0=3; Sneak attack - 2d6+0=7

AC: 19 (20 vs Linda)]

2006-05-23, 10:39 AM

"Lass, ye may have scared away the demons, but where the guards under control too? They were just protecting the other lass..."

*Seeing Aeroz attack Linda*

"Ach there you are! Stop hurting the lass!"

*Thokk attempts to rush Aeroz across the ice and tackle him to the ground*

OOC: Balance Check: Thokk Balance (1d20+1=10) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=459314)

To Hit: Trip: Thokk To Hit (Touch) (1d20+10=15) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=459316)

Trip Check: Thokk Trip Check (1d20+3=14) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=459317)

Wow, lots of rolling, heres hoping it works

2006-05-23, 01:28 PM
((These will be shadowstuffs.

First Attack: 23

First Damage: 6

Second Attack: 22

Second Damage: 10))


Darius will desperately fire another two shadowstuffs on this round as well, trying as hard as he can to bring Linda down.

((First Attack: 32

First Damage: 10

Second Attack: 27

Second Damage: 7))

2006-05-23, 06:15 PM

Feet scrabbling for purchase, Lumpy finally catches a break, his roughened soles marring the ice ever so gradually as he struggles. One foot finally catches on the miniscule traction offered by the surface beneath it, allowing him to steady and reorient himself. One hurdle down.

Still, she was bound to have a hat trick of other spells designed to keep him from getting close enough to put her out, but there was nothing for it now. No less than all out would do, it seemed With all the fire and what-have you being thrown about, he was surprised he'd not been hit yet- it was actually a little insulting. he'd have to show Sethra the folly of not taking that opportunity.

Digging his nails into the ice, he pushes himself into an unskilled slide, slowly building up speed as he acclimates himself to the motion. His feet were starting to numb, but that wass of secondary importance. Readying his flail, he focuses on his goal.

Hooray for a lucky balance check. Lumpy will mvoe towards Linda and attack if he can get in range.

Balance #3 (1d20=20) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=459662)

Attack and damage (1d20 + 11=28, 1d10+7=8 ) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=459679)

2006-05-24, 09:21 PM
Aeroz dodges out of the way of Callos' burning hands, but is then almost bowled off his feet by Thokk who attempts a sliding tackle.

The nimble elf manages to halfway leap over the dwarf, thrusting Linda again with his rapier as he does so.

Lumpy scrabbles toward Linda as Darius fires a pair of shadowstuff arrows into Linda's body. The arrows penetrate with sickening thuds, nearly passing entirely through her body.

Surrounded on three sides, and badly wounded, Linda backpedals in order to gain some space. Her smirk has been replaced by an expression of fear. Her lips open as if to say no! but then suddenly the tip of a longsword appears from between her breasts. A bright red stain spreads across her chest as her eyes roll up into her head.

Linda falls forward off the blade revealing Sheyra, an expression of hatred on her face, behind her. The young monk looks down at the bloody sword in her hands, then drops it to the ground beside Linda's body.

As guards pour into the room from outside, through the now shattered oak doors, Sheyra's legs begin to tremble. She collapses into the arms of a pair of guards who hustle her to safety.

The remainder of the guards block the exit with swords drawn. They look uneasily about at the bodies strewn across the floor - Garent, a dozen guards, Linda, and Elthan.

"What happened here?" shouts a nervous looking lieutenant ...

2006-05-24, 09:35 PM

At first Callos couldn't begin to comprhend what was going on when the sword tip erupted from between Linda's breasts but when it finally hit him a dumbfounded look came to his face. Was that it? Was Sethra really...? WOMBAT! The necromancer's eyes darted around anxiously even as his hands moved once more in arcance patterns that would open the mind of others to them if they couldn't force him out.

With a look of steel hard determination on his face he spun for the door and stormed up to the nervous officer. A look of rage and possible hardened unto his scowling face.

"Thats not important right now, so get out of my way you peon! If you want to do something useful then you make sure that woman with the chest wound is really dead and search for a fire opal! If you find it, crush it! But you better move so I can make sure Sheyra is alright or Mystara help me I'll reduce you and your friends to cinders where you stand, are we understanding each other Lieutenant? I have to make sure Lady Sheyra is safe so move it!"

((EDIT: Oh yeah I should proably post the spell. Detect Thoughts.)

2006-05-25, 01:43 PM

The burly orc skids to a stop, looking more than a little disappointed. Lowering his flail, he slowly picks a few more careful steps forward, moving to place himself between The guards and his companions. He casts a glance backwards over his shoulder, growling softly,

"Check and see if she's dead or not. and try and find that gem, but don't touch barehanded it if ya don't gotta. Who knows how it works... And someone knock some sense inta that stupid dwarf. Knock him cold if ya hafta."

Straightening himself out, he turns himself fully forward to face the lieutenant. Lumpy was painfully aware that he wasn't a very impressive figure unarmored, especially since the officer was taller than him, an had a cadre of guards to boost his confidence. Still, he needed a little bit of awe to keep them from mucking things up more than they already were. The necromancer's outburst evokes a wince, because that was exactly the sort of thing he'd thought about trying himself. But since that never seemed to work for him, mabye a different approach would. He follows in the wizard's wake, rumbling softly in the most reasonable tone he could manage.

"No, no, no. Ain't a person in the world who can answer that question. We ain't rightly figured out what's going on yet, but we're getting there. Now, I know ya got some vested interest in the outcome'a all this," He waves a hand at all the singed guards on the floor, "And yer probably getting some real good ideas about how ta help, and all, but.. What ya need ta do right now, is make sure the girl's safe, and more importantly, be somewhere that ain't here. There ain't no guarantee here's safe right now, and more people'll just make it worse."

2006-05-25, 04:01 PM

"Good job Sheyra..."

Darius takes a few steps, then remember the pain in his back. He winces, peeling off the scraps of his tattered shirt that have stuck to his flesh.

"Could somebody please help me out here? And a new shirt would be nice if that's possible."

2006-05-25, 11:03 PM
Callos' mind is overwhelmed by the number of minds and intensity of thoughts he is reading here in the room.

The guards seem to be generally confused, and some of the younger guards are genuinely terrified. There is much pain and anger among the wounded, and grief for the dead.

By the gods! So much blood ...

Is that Lady Sheyra? No that's the white haired witch.

I will not pass out. I will not pass out. I will not pass out ... I think I'd better sit down.

Ugh. Can't. Ugh. Breathe. Ugh. Breathe, dammit!

Where am I? What's going on?

No! Brannon! Don't be dead. Don't be dead. Please don't be dead ...

Moradin! What's going on? How did I end up on the ground? Where's Linda?

Callos also "hears" a small voice, just at the limits of his perception.

It is done ...

A guard checks Linda's body and shakes his head to indicate that she is gone. He points to a necklace that had been hidden under her robe. A blood red gem dangles from a fine gold chain. The gem glows softly.

Other guards tend to their wounded, carrying them outside where other guards and servants are waiting to tend to them.

The lieutentant, who now finds himself in charge (since his superior officer was one of the casualties of Linda's fireball) seems a bit unsure of himself and doesn't seem to know whether you can be trusted or not.

"Lady Sheyra will be fine, but none of you are going anywhere until I get some answers. What happened here?"

2006-05-25, 11:15 PM

At the torrent of thoughts both terrified and disgusted flooding into his mind the necromancer's knee's buckled and he fell to the ground. Hands clutched at his head and grabbed his hair in tight handfuls. Teeth gritted together as his eyes squeezed shut.

Its too many! Too many! I can't focus on specific thoughts when theres...WAIT! That one! That one just might be the right one! Come on Callos get up to your feet and focus! Lives could depend on this!

A desparate hand grabbed hold of Lumpy and he used it to pull himself up with his eyes still closed. Eyebrows furrowed in constertation as he struggled to weed out the other thoughts in his mind, even as he whispered to Lumpy.

"I don't think Sethra is dead yet. Listen to me there's a thought out there that sounds suspicious to me. I have to be able to follow it and determine the source!"

All the while he spanned the cone of thought reading magic back and forth trying to get a lock on the mind.

2006-05-25, 11:31 PM

"Damn Sethra, he and all Necromancers can rot in whatever dark hell-pit is waiting for them" Hajih grimly proclaims after hearing Callos' revelation.
Realizing what he had said, Hajih adds hastily "present company excluded."

2006-05-26, 06:48 AM

Fizahn is genuinely surprised at the entrance of all the guards. That's horrible. They should have been here earlier or not come at all. Being here now won't help much. What happens to Linda now that we killed her body? We need to find a magic expert who can tell us exactly how to stop Sethra.
Fizahn ignores the guards and lets the others deal with them. He quickly walks over to Callos so he can share his ideas. "Sethra could have taken control of Sherya's body in the hopes that we would smash the fire opal and kill her. He also seems to have a fetish for possessing girls."

2006-05-26, 10:22 AM

*Thokk gets up, shaky and looking around with blank eyes before they focus on the scene before him*

"Ach, by the gods it feels like my head is an anvil. What the blazes just happened?"

*Thokk looks around some more, from the charred guards to the icy ground to the blood on his sword...*

"What evil has visited itself upon us...?"

2006-05-27, 02:06 PM
Here I am!

Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby shivers on the floor, trying to scrape the ice from his face and rub some feeling back into his extremities. He tries to stand, but his frozen legs give out and he slides back to the ground. Slowly scuttling to a patch of gound with less ice, he rips the sleeves from his robe. Shivering a bit more, he tears them into strips, and ties them tightly about his freezing feet. He begins slowly massaging some feeling into his aching thighs and calves. As they turn red, a painful tingling consumes his fingers, but it is better than the numbness that had inhabited them before.

He staggers to his feet, and slowly limps over to his companions, clustered about Linda's limp body. Ignoring the tardy arrival of the guards and explosive reaction of Callos, Achkby stares numbly at the dead woman for a while.
Is this is?

As the necklace is revealed, he slowly casts a spell, deliberately working his stiff fingers through the simple motions that accompany the elementary incantation whistling softly from between his chapped lips.
The neckalce slowly slides from Linda's neck, and rises to float a few feet from Achkby's head.

"Where's Aeroz? Aeroz... what do we do with it?" he asks dispassionately.

I decided to go crazy with details. Too much, me thinks.

2006-05-27, 04:31 PM
(OOC: I'm sorry! Will attempt to explain absence in OOC thread.)


Lissa looks down at the corpse of her former comrade, seemingly dazed for a few moments. Evidently the fact that she just helped kill a friend is sinking in. (OK, so the friend was possessed by Ancient Evil, but still...) Then she shakes her head, showering those around her with drops of water and bits of melting ice, and glares at the exposed pendant. "Fizahn, Elthan, is that it? Somebody smash the accursed thing if so, I'm not strong enough!" She looks up at Lumpy. "Think your flail will take care of it? Or maybe a good hard stomp?"

2006-05-27, 04:55 PM

Nodding slightly in response to Callos, before turning to face the officer again. He rolls his eyes unconsciously, drawling out another response impatiently,

"Alright, ya asked fer it. We gotta body jumping bastard-son necromancer going absolutely nuts here. He, in the form of her," He waves a hand at Linda, "[color=Blue]evidently thought it'd be a riot to blow the tar out of everyone in hopes of killing the girl, for whom he harbors a gurdge that spans centuries."

He flicks another glance at Callos, before narrowing his gaze upon the lieutenant,

"Naturally, we paid back in kind and all, but my esteemed colleauge here informs me that we might not be rid of him just yet. Ergo, ya need to move so we can track it, else ya wait til he finds yer girl again in a more vulnerable spot and does the job right." He shrugs, "Or not. Whatever."

The big orc turns in response to the discussion about the gem, "Smash it? Prolly. Would that break whatever magic we're dealing with?"

2006-05-27, 07:30 PM
As Callos closes his eyes and attempts to isolate the various thoughts swimming through his mind, he detects a familar essence. Furrowing his brow, he focuses his attention on just that single mind, blocking out all external frustrations.

What happened? Am I dead? It is Sheyra. She is scared and confused, but very much alive. Callos sighs with relief, then opens his eyes.

The fire opal hovers in mid-air, held aloft by Achkby's magic spell. It glitters darkly in the dim torchlight.

Even more guards enter the room, clearing out the wounded and the dead. You can overhear their whispers ...

"... an attack on Lady Sheyra! Garent is dead!"

"... she killed the assassin herself!"

"... the Houses are mobilizing ... We might be under attack!"

The sound of horses and shouting men can be heard in the courtyard outside. The attack on Sheyra has the entire embassy on high alert. The lieutentant waves his men towards Elthan's body. They approach him with a stretcher.

"I assure you, Lady Sheyra is safe for the moment. I will need to ask you to clear the room. The authorities will be here shortly and the room must not be disturbed further."

He looks pointedly at the floating gem. "I am afraid that you will need to leave the necklace ..."

"My men will escort you to your rooms. We will send healers to tend to your wounds."

He steps aside and indicates the doorway. A half dozen nervous guards wait to accompany you back to your chambers ...

2006-05-27, 08:13 PM

Fizahn looks dumbly at the guard who asks them to leave. Do they not comprehend the importance of this situation? We need that opal dead. "Give us a bit more time please Mr. guard. We'll leave the amulet, don't worry. The question is whether we'll leave it in pieces or not. I don't know if smashing it will work. Callos, could you possibly detect a thought coming from it? I don't really care if smashing it will work, but I'd feel better if it were smashed, could you do that please Thokk?" Fizahn grins at the guards and doesn't make any moves to leave.

2006-05-28, 01:20 AM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby closes his eyes for a long moment.

Lords. No decisions for me.

"Aeroz. What do I do with the opal?"

2006-05-28, 01:34 AM

"I dunno. Fiz, what should Achby do with the opal?" Aeroz responds dryley as he goes to check on Callos.

"So, Callos, what's your prognosis? Is Sethra dead? Did he retreat back into the opal? Come on, tell me."

2006-05-28, 01:32 PM

At those odd thoughts that where coming from Sheyra, Callos once again furrows his brow and shakes his head. Clear thoughts were not was what he was getting and clear thoughts where what he needed to act upon. Turning the cone of his spell towards the opal Callos sent out the mental magic towards the hovering magical item.

"I'm not sure yet. Sheyra's confused and and is wondering if she's dead, as well as doesn't know whats going on. And all of these guards continue to mull over their comrades. Its hard to focus on individual things with them still thinking too."

2006-05-28, 03:48 PM

"I think we should just smash the damn thing before anything else happens, it'll be better than letting these fools take it." Darius says with a glare at the guards.

2006-05-29, 02:18 PM
Four guards gently carry Elthan's body away. Elthan follows behind, shaken, and barely aware of what is happening next to Linda's body.

Achkby lets the fire opal sink gently to the ground next to Linda's bloodied and acid scorched body.

"Smash it!" someone whispers.

Callos continues to concentrate. Sheyra's thoughts float in and out of his mind. She is close by, but does not seem to be in any immediate danger. Her thoughts are confused and fragmented however, as if in shock over the recent chaotic events ...

OOC: OK, we need to move on. Either leave the stone, smash the stone, steal the stone, whatever ... the guards are going to escort you back to your rooms and this "episode" will be over.

2006-05-29, 09:03 PM

Darius sees his friend put down the stone, and then brings down his boot on it as hard as he can, attempting to crush it under his feet.

2006-05-30, 05:07 PM

Fizahn nods as Darius crushes the necklace. "I've seen what I came here to see. Good job everyone. Next time try coming as soon as you hear battle, oh noble guards. And for all the gods' sake Thokk, don't try to kill us again! That's almost as bad as when we fought our mirror images. If I hadn't figured that out, you'd all be dead!" Fizahn leaves and allows the guard to escort him to his room. He makes small talk with the guard about the mansion and how a poor country gnome like him hasn't ever seen anything so gargantuan. He proceeds to talk about the layout and the defensive advantages of it.

2006-05-31, 08:35 AM

'Ach, by the gods, Destroy the damned thing! Is has already brought us enough trouble and pain!'

2006-06-01, 01:11 AM
Darius crushes the gem underfoot.

The lieutenant opens his mouth, as if to protest, then changes his mind and says nothing. You are escorted back to your rooms and told to wait for "the authorities".

After stewing in your rooms for an hour or two, you are interviewed individually by representatives of the Houses. Although they are suspicious of you at first, eventually they seem convinced that Linda acted alone.

Whether or not they believe that Linda was "possessed" by an ancient necromancer, they seem satisfied that the rest of you were acting to oppose her rather than aid her in her attempt to assassinate Sheyra.

When dawn breaks, you gather in the dining chamber for a somber breakfast of bread, fruit preserves, and strong coffee.

2006-06-01, 06:42 PM

Darius seems calm now, he eats his food quietly, then pauses...

"So, this is the end then.... What happens now?"

2006-06-01, 08:00 PM

Lumpy looks up from his breakfast, a single loaf of bread from which he's been tearing chunks and dipping in coffee. he snorts belligerantly, irritable over the questioning he'd been made to put up with in lieu of sleep.

"If ya ask me, it ain't over. That was too easy, and if I know anything about mages, there was some trick ta last night we ain't gotten yet. Unless the necromancer's also an utter moron, why would he risk a straight fight with all'a us at once when he could'a jumped the girl alone pretty damned easy." He shoves another hunk of steaming bread into his mouth, continuing to talk around it, "I ain't staking anything on the odd chance he's gone fer good so easy-like."

2006-06-01, 09:11 PM

Fizahn eats his breakfast with the others. He eats slowly, savoring the free meal. "I agree with Lumpy. I don't think it is that easy. I think that Sethra is still alive somewhere and I'm going to stay with Sherya a while just to make sure. If she doesn't want me, I'm probably going to look for a job somewhere." That was way too easy. I gave my vow to the druid that I'd guard Sherya until Sethra was destroyed. I assume he was destroyed, but I'm not so sure. I'll stay to protect her as long as I get free board. I'm sure I can make myself useful and repay her for putting me up. If I see the lizardman, I'll tell him he can go back to his own people. Maybe I'll even accompany him there. Then we can probably raid Sethra's crypt and destroy all traces of him, not to mention keep anything valuable.

2006-06-01, 11:25 PM

Elthan, who seemed paralyed in shock yestersay, seems almost normal today as he walks to breakfast, though very quiet. He avoid the coffee, taking only a few pieces of the fruit.
"Agreed here as well. Breaking the fire opal was probally a good idea. If that was really what he used to jump around, I don't think he would confine himself to possesing only one."
It could really be over, or we could end up having to break every gem in the area. At least we'll have a reprieve from ancient necormancers for a short while.

I wonder how the lizard will take it...

(OOC: I am officially takeing over the original Elthan, though I'll continue useing E2 stats because I'm both lazy and Dm approved. Praise cylon-style downloads!)

2006-06-02, 06:57 PM

"Yes, you may be right... that gem could've been a decoy, it's not like there's only one fire opal in the world. Perhaps we should stay and help Sheyra, especially since she has other enemies... probably more powerful than the one we just faced..."

Then again, I have no obligations to stay... but also nowhere to go. And I am finally free. I think the beast in me is gone... or just lying in wait...

2006-06-02, 08:17 PM

Lumpy continues rambling, downing bread as he goes, rather noisily,

"The problem here is mages." He glances at the assorted wizards and sorcerers around the table for a moment, shrugging as he growls onward ,"All offense intended, they gotta go and make things way too complicated. Through all the militiawork I done in the Dales, campaigning in the north, and bounty heads I collected in the south, I made it a habit not ta mess around with mages. _This_ is why. Ain't no profit ta be had what's worth the trouble."

2006-06-03, 01:17 AM
While Lumpy is speaking, servants enter the chamber, each one carrying a small box.

One box is given to each of you.

"Lady Sheyra wishes to thank you for your companionship and assistance. Please accept these tokens of her appreciation. You are free to go."

2006-06-03, 01:42 AM

Elthan, not being very hungry in the first place, stops eating and begins examining the package. He shakes it to hear if anything is inside, judges it's general weight, and generally tortures himself over what could possibly in the box for several minutes before setting it down on the talble in front of him and stareing at it intensely.

2006-06-03, 06:43 PM

With the tulmultous events of the previous day the elder human could only niblle away at his meal and stare in thoughtful silence at the table top in front of him. Worries flitted and coursed through his mind but he set them aside for later. That was the moment when the gift arrived. Hesitant hands flipped off the lid of the box and he peered in curiously. If it was too expensive or extravagent he would send it back, that simple.

2006-06-04, 12:12 AM

*Thokk eats his food carefully and brooding the past day, still unaware of what fully occured*

"Ach, we are given this and now the boot? Hardly seem amiable"

OOC: I will assume nobody told Thokk what he did yesterday, and is just left with a very confused mind

2006-06-04, 12:17 AM

Sipping his coffee, Hajih opens the box with a smile on his face.

"A gift? For me? Excellent!"

He examines the gift before continuing

"But the question remains, where to now?"

2006-06-04, 01:39 PM

Darius opens his box, examining the contents.

"Good question Hajih, wish I could think of a good answer."

2006-06-04, 06:09 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby frowns for a moment. Before the servants depart, he inquires imperiously, "May we see Lady Sheyra?"

Or at least imperiously as possible; for whatever people skills he has, the turmoil of the previous night has left him little room for clear thought.

Something isn't right. I mean... this isn't the end, is it? Maybe I should talk to... those people. Maybe they'll know what's happened. But they could be dangerous, too... I don't know how they're related to Sarloc. Or maybe they're not... maybe they're from the... Mulhorandi...

2006-06-05, 01:02 AM
Each box contains 100 platinum pieces, a small fortune.

"Lady Sheyra wishes for me to inform you that she will be unable to see you off, but again she thanks you for all of your assistance and companionship."

After breakfast, you are escorted out of the Relik compound and taken to the gates of the Untherite Embassy. You can see that the entire compound is on high alert. House Relik in particular seems to be preparing for war.

You find yourselves outside the Embassy, back on the busy streets of Telflamm. Heavily armed guards prevent you from re-entering the Embassy.

You look at one another with the same thought in each of your heads, what now?

2006-06-05, 02:51 PM

All this money! I odn't even know what to do with it all... I'll have to think...

Darius watches the men preparing for battle...

"If no other opportunity for work presents itself... maybe we should stay behind and help here. If one crazy necromancer with a fireball could take out nine of the royal guards, then this city doesn't seem ready for war."

Darius waits to see what the others think of his suggestion, and to see if they have any themselves.

2006-06-05, 04:16 PM

Lumpy flips one of his new coins between his fingers thoughtfully, eying the valuable ingot of metal with a pleased expression. Itds been a long time since he'd laid hands on such a large sum of money, and he'd long since spent that. Sometimes dealing with mages had a few perks attached, but still.. it hardly seemed worth the trouble, for the weeks of rough living he'd been through.

"Far as I'm concerned, I think they made their stance on that pretty clear. I been shoved out'a lot'a doors, and this one was as rude as any other. The coin's an improvement, but . . ." He shrugs, pocketing the coin, "Well, some'a ya might find it a poor substitute fer a proper sendoff, but some'a us are real mercenary. I'd just as soon get paid than be polite'd ta."

2006-06-05, 08:29 PM

"This still does not bod well on my mind. There are too many things left unexplained or unknown about this for my mind to rest easy on the matter. And this money could be seen as a payoff but it will aid greatly."

The necromancer idlely flipped one of the platinum coins in between his fingers. He had to admit that, secretly, a part of him wanted this to be the end of it. For the past couple of years he had been living as a mercenary with Djital after all. But that still didn't make things better off.

2006-06-05, 09:17 PM

Hmm... So much for my plans to stay there a little while. At least we benefited from her 'I'm rich now and don't want to associate with you anymore' attitude. Fizahn looks silently at his chest and thinks about carrying it. "I think we should go looking for a job. We've been adventuring a while and know each other's strengths and weaknesses. We'd work well as a group. First though, I think we should do something with this coin. A group of people walking around with treasure chests might look a little suspicious. I also don't want to carry this chest for that long. There's always a job for adventurers, on to the tavern!"

2006-06-06, 05:01 PM
It doesn't take you long to find an adventurer-friendly tavern/inn. Choosing one that looks reasonably clean and respectable, you book some rooms at the Owl and Flagon.

Several of you take a mid-afternoon nap, being tired from the night before. The winter sun sets early, but there are still many people on the streets, browsing and shopping by lantern light.

You are free to shop or deposit your wealth at a Guild house for safekeeping.

Gathering by the hearth later that night, you note some large, hooded men sitting across the room from you. They seem to be watching you. Achkby starts for a moment as though he recognizes them ...

2006-06-06, 05:26 PM

"You okay, bud?"

Darius takes a sip of ale and glances sideways over his drink at the cloaked men.

2006-06-07, 12:40 PM

At first Lumpy wandered around the city aimlessly, pondering his options. There were many things worth saving up for-- he'd long wanted to have his ever-dependable set of plate enchanted, but that took time, and more importantly money. Further, he had more immediate needs. this was why he never seeme to get anywhere in life. no matter how much he seemed to earn, he was always breaking even. With a sigh, he hunts down an apothecary, looking to procure some potions.


When he finally settles back down into a seat in the tavern, his little box is gone, and his coinpurse looks rather empty. He looks distictly unhappy about it and distracted enough to take no articular notice of much anything further away than his mug of ale.

Lumpy will buy:
10 Potions of CLW for 500GP,
then deposit 30 of his remaining PP into a guildhouse
He'll also keep his eyes open for any sort of constabulary or somesuch, looking in particular for bounty posters.

2006-06-08, 10:29 AM

This was almost too good to be true! 100 Platinum pieces to spend how he wished and he knew almost instantly what he wanted to get. New spells. The one from the gloamwings was all well and good but he needed more omph then that. And so the necromancer left a note in his room delclaring his intentions of gaining new spells and that he would be gone for 5 days if he found someone to get the spells from. And then he went off to find such a person...

((If Callos can find someone to get the spells off of, He'll pick up Explosive Runes, Ray pf Exhaustion, Bull's Strength, Chill Touch, and Enlarge Person.))

2006-06-09, 01:48 PM

Elthan, content with a days shopping, sits down with the group, contemplating. "You know, I still feel like its not over. It's like a book, where you gloss over a meaningless phrase in the beggining and now it's coming back up to reveal the latest turn in the plot. We missed something, I'm sure of it, and now its sneaking up behind us..."

(OOC: Whilist shopping Elthan gets 4 Shied of Faith potions(200gp), 4 CLW potions(200gp), an invisiblity potion(300gp) and a potion of eagles spendor(300gp), 2 scrolls of summon swarm(300gp), 2 scrolls of bulls strength and sells his bracers of armor for 1000gp, His net is +40pp, which he keeps with him.
Do I get a bonus for the largest shopping list?)

2006-06-09, 09:32 PM
The cloaked men rise and walk directly toward your table. As they get closer, you can see that they are bearded with long braided hair. Armor clinks softly underneath their heavy furs.

They stop in front of your group. "You are alive! Where is the girl?" Their accent is unfamiliar to you, though Achkby swallows and looks a little guilty, as though he knows who these men are ...

2006-06-09, 10:32 PM

Fizahn spend a while searching the market. He gives up after a while and mutters something about exorbitant prices. He then proceeds to deposit 95 of his platinum pieces into the local guild house. He soon joins the people at the tavern.

He eyes the strange men with distrust. "They look like they belong to some sort of cult. I doubt they mean good business." As they come over, he nods to them. "If you mean Sherya, she's fine." He then turns an accusatory glare upon Achkby. "Who are these man, how do they know you, and what's their connection to Sherya?"

2006-06-10, 10:19 PM
Turning to Fizahn, one of the men asks, "What do you mean, fine? Why isn't she with you?"

Turning back to Achkby, he continues gruffly, "You were supposed to keep an eye on her, were you not? What happened?"

There is some movement within the tavern as some patrons get up to leave.

2006-06-10, 11:27 PM

Lumpy glances up from his mug with an irate sneer,

"No, no, no.. See, yer doing it all wrong. Best way ta get results is ta be real polite-like with yer business. Folk'd be more like ta listen."

He shrugs, pushing his chair back from the table a bit,

"I'd surely not want ta hurt ya so bad, anyways."

There's one thing I didn't miss in the 'Deep. Pushy humans.

2006-06-11, 12:36 AM

Elthan looks over the rim of a glass of water. "What heppened was, Sheyra threw us out. She's looking over her estate and other such boring things, and seeing no further use in use has kindly given us the boot. By the way, who are you?"

Looking now into the glass of water, he takes a long drink.

2006-06-11, 02:56 PM

*Thokk spends his day searching differnt stores untill he finds an armory which had steel which fit his fine dwarfen tastes. Finding it, it spent 28 precious PP on a new actual suit of armor and a shiny new shield to protect himself. He also purchased a new backpack, some foodstuffs, strong ale, and rope before returning to the tavern, paying for his room and dinner, and joining the group. Seeing the armored humans approach...*

"Ach exactly, and thats the end of it lads. Now unless ye have more business with us, kindly leave us alone so we can rest, we have had a rather trying several months"

OOC: Thokk buys Banded Mail, a Tower shield, pays for his room and dinner, buys a backpack, silk rope, food, and a takard of ale, all amounting to 29 PP

2006-06-11, 04:25 PM

"Sherya's safe. Achkby did keep an eye on her, but she's a noble now and she kicked us out. It's the old nobles are above peasants attitude; I'm sure you understand. If you need to speak to her, I'm sure Achkby would be more than happy to give you directions to their embassy," Fizahn replies mockingly. Directing an angry look at Achkby for not shedding any light on the situation, he gets up and heads toward his room.

2006-06-11, 06:01 PM
Sorry I haven't been around. I took the ACTs Saturday morning, and it's Open House season, so I've barely been home. :-/

Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

"Don't get yourself tied up in this," Achkby shoots back.

"What they say is true. She was in good condition last time I saw her. I stayed with her until the the large number of Royal Guardsmen I was not informed she commanded control over expelled me from her company."

Achkby has spent the day browsing through a bookshop.

2006-06-12, 01:15 PM

A much satisfied look look on his face as the middle aged human looked over the new pages in his spell book that would allow for much greater potency. He almost couldn't contain the jump of joy when he thought of the abilities he could now use. Then something else hit him as his eyes drifted around the market area he was in. Those oddly opal eyes settled unto a rack of smoked meat and his stomach began to growl. With a smrik on his face the necromancer began to approach then stopped, alarm apprant on his features. The little chest that had held all of the platinum was empty now. He had cleared out all of the coins to acquire these spells and now he grit his teeth. How could he make the novice mistake of forgetting to get supplies? He still needed them but who could he get some gold from? A mental checklist went through his mind as he totaled up all of the things he would need before he sighed. Time to go borrow some gold from a seemingly very discreet person. One of the Elthans had been paying for him from since they had met in the first place and Callos vowed this would be the last time...

Where Ever Elthan is...

"So you see, this is not something that I ask lightly but I really do need that gold so I can get my supplies..."

2006-06-14, 10:06 PM

Hajih sits through the exchange between the party and the group of men, wordlessly, all the while staring very deeply into a small seemingly meaningless trinket, a carved wooden model of an archery target. After a while he finishes his drink and heads up to his room, a slight smile on his face.


List of Items Bought:
Masterwork Longsword
Throwing Axe X2
Dagger X2
Rope, 50ft
Everburning Torch
Spell component Pouch
Gallon of Ale

Should be about 538 gp remaining.

2006-06-15, 10:53 AM
OOC: The encounter in the inn is occurring the evening after everyone has had a chance to "shop".

As Fizahn gets up to go to his room, he notices that the other "patrons" of the tavern are already on their feet. As they lower their hoods, they reveal their beards and braided hair. Many of them wear animal tokens. They glower at you menacingly with wild eyes that seem to be barely at the edge of control.

Tension rises in the room. Callos draws on his knowledge of the East and makes the connection. "Rashemi berserkers ..." he whispers to the rest of you.

Just when it seems that a physical confrontation will be unavoidable, a tall woman steps into the room. As she lowers her hood you can see that her face is covered by a delicate porcelain mask. Ice blue eyes sparkle behind the mask's eye sockets. Her blond hair is drawn back into a long braid that spills over her right shoulder.

The Rashemi step back respectfully, murmuring, "Hathran ..."

Her eyes fix on Achkby. "You have done well. Another installment of gold has already been deposited into your account. But, please, tell me everything that has occurred ..."

Achkby seems unable to resist her gaze, and he recounts in detail the journey through the Underdark and the Shadow Plane. He also described the confrontation with Linda and Sheyra's ascendance to the head of House Relik. As he tells the story, the hathran's eyes darken in worry.

"It is worse than I had feared. Is it not obvious what has occurred? The foul necromancer still lives and, as the ancient prophecy has dictated, he has taken the body of Sarloc's heir!

"Two of the three prophesies have thus been fulfilled. Our only chance now is to prevent Sethra from reacquiring his kris dagger. If we fail in this regard, many dark days will lie ahead of us ..."

2006-06-15, 10:55 AM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

"What... what has to happen next?" he inquires tremulously.

2006-06-15, 06:07 PM

Surreptiously, Lumpy slips his dagger back into it's sheathe beneath the table. It was all the better, really; he hadn't particularily looked forward to having to clear an entire bar full of idiots out. The conversation would have been of little interest, were it not for the subject of payment. Brow furrowing into an instinctive scowl, he growls irritably,

"Wait, wait. He was getting paid fer taking part in all this? How's that work out?"

2006-06-17, 06:59 PM

A vein of....well probaly anger throbbed in Callo's forehead as he stared at this woman in the porclein mask with blue eyes.

"Was. Sheyra. Sarloc's. Heir? And what is this third prophesy? I believe we all deserve an explantion."

Inside of his own mind though the necromancer was cursing and berating himself. He had known that something had been wrong with Sheyra but he hadn't forced his way past those guards to discover the cause. It was his mistake but he wasn't the one paying for it...

2006-06-17, 10:02 PM
The woman continues speaking. Her voice is soothing and gentle ...

"The prophecy warned that a great wizard, neither dead nor living, would rise in the West. Our sages identified Sethra as a likely candidate, and we sent agents to the West, but we were unable to stop his reawakening ...

"The second part of the prophecy indicated that the wizard would clothe himself in the body of the leader of a once great House. Again, our sages pointed us toward Sethra. It was not difficult to realize his uncover his connection to Sheyra Relik, the heir of Sethra's greatest rival ...

"I fear that we should have acted more directly to intervene, but we never guessed that Sethra would find Sheyra so quickly and so easily. With Achkby following her, we assumed that we would be able to keep a discreet eye on her and protect her from Sethra, but it would appear that we were gravely mistaken ...

"The last part of the prophecy deals with the Kris, an artifact of great necromantic power. It is said that if the wizard and his kris are reunited, then his power will increase tenfold and that legions of undead will be raised to ravage the East ...

"As Rashemi, we are pledged to protect the natural order, and therefore are dedicated to thwarting the rise of Sethra if at all possible. So far, we have failed to prevent the prophecy from fulfilling itself, but perhaps we have one more chance ...

"Opposing us, however, are those who would welcome the rise of an army of the dead. For example, agents of the Army of Darkness would welcome a destabilizing influence here in the East. There are others, such as the Order of the Serpent, that see Sethra's rise as just the first step in an overthrow of the warm blooded races. We must be on our guard against these evil factions ..."

Turning to Achkby, she places a hand on the top of his head. "Prepare yourselves for the battle ahead. Though you were recruited unknowingly into this ... complicated situation, I believe that you all will be valuable allies in our struggle. I ask for your help but have no way to compel you to aid us. Think about the things I have told you tonight, and I will await your answers ..."

"In the meantime, I will go to visit Sheyra myself. Perhaps my fears are misplaced and she is simply a young girl, overwhelmed by circumstances beyond her control. However, if my suspicions are proven correct and she is indeed a vessel of Sethra, then I must move against her now with my men, before Sethra's power can grow or before he can acquire the Kris ..."

2006-06-17, 11:30 PM

*Thokk stares at the women coldly before completely bursting out*

'Are ye completely daft women?!?! If yer have so many agents and power, why in the gods names why were ye not able to stop it! And even so, why the blazes us? How dare you drag us into something that is, sorry, WAS, not our problem or fear? Now yer go around spouting prophacies of doom, and we dont exactly have alot of choices about what we can do! We have not had two solid days of rest and relaxation in blasted months! Some of us have DIED! Can yer get that through the damned porclen that covers yer face? DIED. All through following this deranged loony. I have a personal bone with him and fully intend on settling the score, but you just all the more fully dragged us into something that was not our concern, nor should have. What kind of help or conpensation can you offer us, seeming that you are weighing the world on our heads?!?! Blah!

*Thokk begins cursing fluently in Dwarfen before pulling out of his backpack a large newly bought leather bound tome and a fresh quill. He opens it quickly and there is dwarfen writting across the title page, the next page only has a two words written on it, the first in dwarfen and the second, SETHRA. He scrawls a third line in, slams the book shut, and throws it back into his bag*

OOC: Haha, surprise for all of you! If any of you can read dwarfen ill PM you what I just wrote, otherwise you dont know!

2006-06-18, 01:56 AM

"Thokk, calm down. It's not as though they forced us into it. If I recall, we we're the ones who let Sethra loose, and so decided ourselves to go after him. We made it our problem, Thokk, though I'll be damned if somehow we were played as pawns to do so. I agree, though, that a world altering doom is quite a bit to shoulder. It's out of our leage, for sure. If you're looking for the hero to the story, the one who'll stop Sethra , rescues Sheyra, and saves Faerun, they're not likely to be found in this establishment. A single hero, or even a steadfast collection thereof, would hold little chance agaisnt an undead army."


"Eh? Sure Callos, Anything for a friend! I have plenty left from our prize so cover any needed supplies. I only have two conditions, the first is how much do you need, the second is that you bring back some supplies for me as well. I can't remember what I need, but I'm sure you'll know what to get. Food stuffs and such really."

2006-06-18, 10:50 PM

"Well, this is all interesting and whatnot, so I guess I'm in for helping you."

2006-06-19, 10:11 PM

"No way ta compel us, huh? Gold's compelling enough fer me. If ya can't offer me at leaat the same ya've already been handing out ta certain others, then yer already barking up the wrong tree."

Lumpy leans back from the table, pushing his chair back onto the rear two legs as he props one iron-shod boot against the edge of the tabletop. He bridges His hands together before him, giving the porcelain-masked woman an indifferent sort of expression. The irritability fades from his voice, presenting cold fact,

"Quite frankly, I'm not really all that interested what comes'a this land. It's a big world and I can live just as well anywhere in it. From the sound'a things, ya've brought a lot'a this down on yerself with yer limp-wristed problem solving. Alongside the fact that I been put through so much trouble already because'a it, ya ain't making a terribly persausive argument."

2006-06-19, 11:53 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby shifts uncomfortably from foot to foot.

If people weren't given a choice, they wouldn't think twice about rushing off to save the world. Lumpy might grumble, but they'd do it. Now, though... it might take a bit of pushing to get them along.

Heh. Funny. Here I am, ready to help convince them to do something because it's right--well, I'm going to make Aeroz come because he owes me 300 gold nad is going to stay with me until he pays that back--and it was they who taught me there were things worth doing in the world. Had my greed not tied me on to this lot, I'd still be muddling away in some town minding nothing but pay and women.
And now it's me gone all altruistic.

I wonder if I might not be happier that way? Nonesense. No. Well. I might be happier. I would be happier. Life would be easier, and I wouldn't know anything more important to happiness than pleasure and ease.

Knowing there is doesn't make me happy. It doesn't make me safe. So why do I like this better?
Do I like it?

Maybe not.
But I can't help but think I am better off here.
Or maybe there's some we.

2006-06-20, 07:31 PM

He sat back heavily in his chair, mind turning over the tumult of information he had been told. All the while he listened to the others responses and wondered at his own decision. An army of undead? The Army of Darkness? The Order of the Serpent? It seemed as if he was being dragged into politics he didn't even know about yet whither he wanted to or not! If that was the case though then this decision would be so very much easier. When he did speak it was slowly and grimly. A determined set was in his own dark eyes as he leaned forward and folded his hands on the table in front of him.

"My decision in this is already made. Persanolly if not globally. If Sheyra is now under Sethra's control then I am going to ensure his destruction. Permenately if I can, if not I'll settle for expelling him from Sheyra's body. As for the rest of the world...I know the horrors undead can commit. An army of undead unleashed on Toril is a nightmare I can only ponder in my darkest dreams. If Mystara has given me the means to prevent that horror then I will."

A small part of the necromancer chided him for not asking for money. The mercenary part of his mind left over from the excavaution dig that had lead him to the Underdark. The larger part of his mind ignored that smaller part. I told Sheyra she could lean on me for strength if she had too. She does now even if she doesn't know it. I am going to help her.


"Well I'm getting some supplies and other things for the journey Elthan. I believe the total comes to...." He taps some fingertips together, mentally summing it up in his head "65 gold pieces and 2 silver.

2006-06-20, 07:49 PM

"I'm in, but how can we be sure who Sethra has possessed? If he doesn't openly show his hand like in House Relik, we can't be sure if he inhabits Sheyra."
The ranger taps his foot, glancing to his companions as he does.

2006-06-20, 10:11 PM
The hathran's eyes glitter behind her mask as she looks at the half-orc appraisingly. "As I said, I can not compel you to help. If it is gold you seek, however, perhaps we can negotiate some sort of arrangement ..."

"The ranger has a good point, though. Before deciding on our next course of action, we need to verify that Sethra is indeed acting through the Relik girl. I will visit the Untherite Embassy tonight as a diplomat of Rashemen. When I return, we should have a better idea who and what we are dealing with."

Raising her hood, and nodding farewell, the hathran sweeps out of the tavern, trailed by her retinue of berserkers, leaving you to your drinks.

You sit silently for a minute or two, digesting the words of the Rashemi witch.

Later in the evening, Aeroz strides through the door carrying a long wooden box. He had been off wandering by himself for most of the day and missed the encounter with the Rashemi.

"What's with all of the long faces? Did I miss something?" he asks.

2006-06-21, 08:49 AM

"Aye, ye bloody missed something! Some blasted tart in a clay mask has been spewing all forth of a maner of troubles at us, and we find out that it is because of 'er damned shortcommings we ave to save the world!

*Thokk catches himself, and visibly calms down*

"Now, not that kind of thing wouldnt be great and all, but it is being techinally forced upon us, not to mention the fact that we all very likly will die. Again, in some cases."

*Thokk turns his back and starts muttering in Dwarf*

"Ah, tis a pity for them. I have no use for life anymore, being with the oath of the slayer it is my job to vanquish all enimies of Dwarfs, I would particurlay like to take out that fell Incubi, and slay this damned necromancer. This young ones have so much to live for, so much to do. I have already lived three livespans for the tallfolk, and the little uns are just entering their prime, they should not be focred into this, twill age them before their time."

2006-06-21, 09:57 AM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby glances uneasily at Thokk before telling Aeroz, "They were Rashemian. She told of a prophecy which said... someone just like Sethra would rise to power in the West. It also suggested that he would go after Sheyra. Knowing all this, they used their great power to send me to keep watch over Sheyra."
He shoots a sidelong look towards Lumpy this time, and gulps before continuing.

"They didn't, of course, think that it would be good to tell me anything of why I was to watch her. Some of that fault may be mine, as I was eager for the job, though still..."
He sighs, and goes on.

"They said if he got the Kris, it would vastly increase his power--this is, apparently, what the prophecy decreed--and he would bring enormous legions of undead to ravish the East.

"The Rashemi leader who came to us thinks Sethra survived, and possessed Sheyra. She's gone to find out, and, er... wants us to help if he has," Achkby finishes lamely.

"Finish this, you know?"

2006-06-22, 12:29 AM

"So Sethra is alive? Because I am pretty sure we killed Linda, with Sethra's spirit in her. Now, I may not be that well versed in arcane hopjockey, but I'm pretty sure that he should be well and dead."

Aeroz finishes the thought and pauses for a bit. He then lays the wooden box on the table. He opens it, revealing a sword.

"Oh yeah, I ran into one of Prozen's contacts. He gave me this. Supposed to be a powerful sword of sorts. I'm still on a short leash, I need to find that Kris or more of you could be put in danger. Still, that Order of the Serpent thing worries me. I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into. Either way, the contact hinted that there will be an additional reward if the Kris is found.

[OOC: DR didn't specify what kind of sword it is, so I'm just going to leave it at "sword" until DR says what kind it is. I sure hope its finessable.]

2006-06-22, 11:02 AM

Lumpy drains the last of his tankard, thumping it down carelessly to wobble on the table. Exasperation has crept into his voice, the air of tiredness almost overtaking his ire,

"Boy, I sure picked a good bunch ta run inta. I'd'a done better with the drow, no doubt." One gnarled hand rises to massage his forehead as he continues, "So, let's get this all straightened out and clear-llike. We got not one, but two, TWO! groups'a folk who want us ta fight the ancient evil mage, and whatever three or four death cults spring out'a the woodwork ta help out."

He glances at Aeroz,

"What's more, one'a them is threatening me if I don't, while both of them MIGHT pay me if I do, and I question their integrity given their attitude thus far. Great. Just Great."

2006-06-22, 02:18 PM

"Well my Half-Orc acquaintance, there is also the fact that there are people after me for the assasination of a Diplomat, and you are aiding an alleged criminal who has some very powerful people looking for him." Aeroz replies candidly to Lumpy's comment.

"There is also that if Sethra is still around, you may have an angry necromancer after you, considering your role in our little conflict with him."

2006-06-22, 11:06 PM

"Yeah, yeah. Don't think I ain't given all this thought. I understand all this better than ya think."

Passingly, almost without thought, the burly orc raises a hand to wave down a server for another ale, A sardonic smirk crosses his thick lips, scarcely visible beneath hair and fangs,

"Weren't fer it, I'd'a long since turned ya in fer the coin, but I got no doubts it ain't worth the effort. I'd bet more than a few coppers they'd just as soon throw me in with ya than pay up."

Letting his arm thump back onto the table heavily, he continues without giving pause to consider his words,

"Yeah, I'm stuck in this with the rest'a ya and it'll prolly kill me. Two-bit mercenaries like me ain't got any business messing with these sorta things." He shrugs helplessly, "But If I'm doing it, I'm gonna make fer sure someone ends up paying dear fer it."

2006-06-22, 11:16 PM

"Haha, you could turn me in, but the other person they are looking for shares your general description my friend. But enough of the idle threats, Callos, what can you tell me about this little gift of mine?"

2006-06-22, 11:19 PM

"I'm not sure what I'll be able to tell you without a spell to identify magical properties but I'll take a look at it."

With that the necromancer will take the sword from Aeroz and peer at it carefully. Practised eyes trying to pick out anything specific on any enchantments it might have.

((Don't even know what to roll for this.))

2006-06-23, 01:27 PM
Aeroz opens the long wooden box, revealing an elegant rapier, burnished to a mirror polish.

Callos examines it carefully, but can say little more than it definitely radiates a strong magical aura.

"Hmm? Did you say something?" he asks Aeroz.

2006-06-24, 11:09 PM

Lumpy glances at the sword with practiced disinterest,

"Real shiny, at least. Bet I could hock it fer a fair lump'a gold."

Leaving it at that, he turns his attention back to getting himself another ale, counting out coins from his purse in preparation.

2006-06-25, 12:14 AM

"I said that Lumpy met the description of one of the original four who were after the kris. Don't know why you'd be wondering about that..."

Aeroz snatches the sword from Callos

"Maybe its magic makes you think that half-though out threats are significant? he says with a chuckle.

Curiosity getting the better of him, Aeroz pokes a nearby unocupied table or chair with it, hoping that maybe it might just be that you need to attack something with it in order to activate it.

[OOC: Campaign-blog is down for the moment, so I'm not sure if I have any ranks in Use magic Device. Maybe I could activate it blindly]

2006-06-25, 01:38 AM

Elthan relaxes in his chair, watching Aeroz blindly bat the sword. Jokingly," For the record, if the chair burst into flames because of that, we won't be paying for that."

"I think I'll likely call it a night. Not much to do other than digest food and words. Aeroz, if you really want, I could fund a look into your sword there tommorow, unless of course your fond of prodding it at random personage."

2006-06-25, 09:58 AM
Aeroz accidentally nicks himself on the rapier's razor sharp edge. A small drop of blood forms on his finger tip.

Aeroz pokes experimentally at the furniture, but unfortunately (or fortunately) doesn't activate any obvious magical powers.

Over the next week or two, your party regains its strength, and everyone takes the opportunity to hone their fighting and arcane skills. There are many opportunities for training and practice in Telflamm.

Lissa seems distant, however. Her visits to the Owl and Flagon become increasingly less frequent. Hajih and Darius also check in only sporadically.

The rest of you wait to hear from the Rashemi hathran. There has been no word from her since she left for the Untherite Embassy.

Late one night, you find yourselves gathered about the fire sipping ale and wondering what fate has in store for you next. A light snow is falling outside, and almost everyone else has left for the night, leaving the entire tavern to you. Your long trek through the Underdark and shadow plane almost seem like a long ago dream.

With a crash, the door swings open, and a bearded Rashemi berserker stumbles into the inn. He is wearing rags and is bleeding from innumerable long scratches across his back. His eyes are wild as he collapses on the floor in front of you ...

OOC: Please let me know when you've finished levelling up your character.

2006-06-25, 03:41 PM

"Hmm, deja vu. I seem to recall doing this once before." Aeroz says jokingly as he gets up to help the "visitor". He tries to help him up.

"Hey, are you ok? I know you guys are a tough bunch, but you look pretty bad." Aeroz goes to his bag and tries to find a potion. If the man does not respond, he will try slapping him awake.

"Here, drink up. You know, the last time I tried doing this I ended up being accused for a murder."

Aeroz tries to get the berserker to consume the potion.

[OOC: Pretty Sure I finished levelling]

2006-06-25, 05:13 PM

Hajih jumps to his feet, and reaches into his belt pouch.

Drawing out various bandages and salves, Hajih begins an attempt to seal up the berserker's wounds.

(Attempting to stabilize, Heal check: 5)

2006-06-25, 11:04 PM

Elthan will pay 10 platinum for a single casting of Identify on Aeroz's sword as some point during the week.


Elthan quickly jumps from his current seat and over to the fallen bezerker. He hastily pulls out a potion from his belt pouch and pours it into the bezerkers mouth.

(OOC: Potion of cure light wounds - 1d8+1; 6hp recovered)

2006-06-26, 09:55 AM

*seeing the bezerker crash through*

"Ach balls, I was starting to enjoy relaxin for a spell..."

2006-06-26, 10:01 AM

Fizahn sits calmly as the Rashemi stumbles into the inn. I could have guessed this was going to happen. While everyone else tends to the wounded berserker, Fizahn rushes up the inn's stairs. We're going to need to get out of here soon. He quickly rushes to their rooms and grabs everything people will need that he can carry. He hurries down the stairs to drop off everything, but quickly rushes back up to double check their rooms.

2006-06-26, 10:10 AM
Before Elthan pays for that, can I have a go at Spellcrafting it?

Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer


Achkby jumps to his feet and rushes to the Berserker's side, but once there, shifts from foot to foot uneasily, uncertain of what to do.

We must...! Damn. I have no idea what to do. I'm no use right now.

He steps away, and rushes to the window of the inn, jumping on a chair to better see over the sill. He looks all around, checking for anyone who might be following the Rashemian.

2006-06-26, 08:07 PM
Before the berserker enters ...

Thokk and Achkby take turns examining Aeroz's rapier, while Aeroz proudly holds it up for all to see, turning it in the firelight so that it catches the orange reflections.

Thokk instantly recognizes the rapier as dwarven handiwork. "Not the usual weapon forged for Moradin, but there's no mistakin' that craftsmanship!"

Achkby peers at the blade, seeing patterns in the steel not apparent to the naked eye. His eyes widen as he recognizes the markings' significance ... flaming burst!

"I wouldn't keep poking those chairs that way, Aeroz, otherwise Elthan's prediction might come true!"

After the berserker enters ...

The man has clearly been tortured. The wounds across his back are grievous, but Hajih's care and the healing potions seem to stabilize the berserker enough for him to speak, though his words demonstrate that his mind has been as damaged has his body - he speaks only in fragments, staring at nothing in particular.

"Tanar'ri bitch!"

"M'lady! No!"

"All dead! All dead!"


As his rage fades, he slips back into unconsciousness, breathing shallowly.

2006-06-26, 09:22 PM

Two week's time was a long spate to stick around in one spot, in Lumpy's opinion. Sure, he'd done service that kept him tied down for longer than that in the past, but he'd been growing more and more restless as he aged. this was the longest he'd been in one city for months now, and the circumstances left a great deal to be desired, to say the least.

As if that weren't enough, he'd been spending entirely too much of it moping in front of a mug. It always seemed to work out that way- as much as he might wish it otherwise, death seemed to bring that out in him. It did strike him that this bout was something of an overraction. After all, what were the deaths of a handful of comrades to the loss of an entire army? But he knew the answer. He'd always known.

At any rate, it was decided, by one way or another. So he'd trained in his free time, hard as he'd ever done. Adjusting to a new weapon still required a good deal of fine tuning, after all.


Lumpy started slightly as the berzerk burst into the inn, letting his mug slip back onto the table with a frown. His reaction lacked the speed of the others', but not the clarity. As they tend to the barbarian, he slowly rises, making sure his weapons are as they should be before crossing the room to join them.

Stooping next to the man, he hrms, a grim look crossing his countenance,

"Yep. Someone worked him over pretty hard. Real good job'a it too, if I've ever seen one. Looks like we got our confirmation, I ween."

Expression hardening, he rises, crossing over to the tavern's doorway to peer out into the dark streets, letting the glittering gaze of his night-eyes play across the shadows,

"As experience serves, this sort'a thing never ends well fer me. I'd put a recommendation in fer playing things real cautious here on out."

2006-06-26, 10:42 PM

"I'll say, Lumpy. Funny, this almost reminds me of that Beblith... I agree again, we should take caution. Let's take this guy up to a bed and see if he comes to his sences. Anything he should have to say may be helpfull, but I question that. Mybye we should do a little reconisis ourselves while we wait? Lumpy, grab his legs, Aeroz, help me with the arm. We'll drop him in my room."

2006-06-26, 10:53 PM

Fizahn pops back down the stairs and looks at the rest of the group. "I think that's a bad idea. Whatever got him sounds like a ruthless efficient killer. I think it will come for him. We need to get out of here now. We can nurse him back to health on the road. If something kills him while he's in the inn room, we'll never know what happened. We've been here for two weeks. They probably survived this long because Sethra was trying to determine who their contacts were. Whatever killed them... the tanar'ri... probably knows who we are and where we are. We need to get out now. We also need to decide quickly. Every second we delay could bring the killer closer to us." Fizahn shoulders his pack and heads to the nearest window to check outside.

2006-06-26, 11:22 PM
Achkby'd like to mae a Knowledge (Arcana) check to see if he knows of Ta'nari or whatever.

Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby strains his eyes, trying to see out into the darkness.

If he can't see out, he'll cast Dancing Lights and scan the area of the spell for anything untoward.

2006-06-27, 12:03 AM

"I think that might have been more of a curse than an actual descriptor. He's probally refering to Sethra. We won't know what's going on until he wakes up and tells us or we find out ourselves, so if we're pressed for time it may be best to investigate ourselves, though it's easy to tell whats happened. Sethra now has access to every spell he's dreamed of, any resource's required to do what he needs and an army of standing gaurds. It's easy to see how this poor guy happened."

2006-06-27, 12:33 AM

"I've got an idea, we take turns watching him for tonight, say...in Elthanís room as he suggested. Tomorrow, we go out a secure some kind of transport for the Rashemi, such as a cart and head out as soon as possible."

He looks around the room nervously "How's that sound?"

2006-06-27, 01:03 AM

Tanar'ri...why does that word sound so very familiar to me? Hmm could it.....nah...maybe..no way. Your just being paranoid now Callos.

With a shudder and a shake of his head the middle aged man watched at the care for the beserker. Granted he felt more then a little edgy about restoring a ravening lunatic to health when he potenially might still be enraged seemed a little foolish but it seemed to be the only way to save his life. Nothing he could do about it anywy, he didn't know anything about healing and he had no potions to give the man. On the subject at keeping watch over him though Callos's manner became a little stern and disapproving, a frown setting in over his face.

"Now hold on a second! From what he just said it sounds like the masked woman has been....killed. She didn't seem like the sort to go down easy so what if what killed her comes after this guy? I think we're better off taking this man to a temple and putting him in their care, then in the morning go back to check on him. Something smells rotten here and its not this fella."

2006-06-27, 08:30 PM

The taciturn orc shrugs at Callos' suggestion, still glancing out over the street,

"Think about that. If there's as much danger as yer alluding ta, how much better are ya navigating the streets at night than holing up in something vaguely defensible here? PLenty'a things what go bump in the night can see better in the dark than any'a ya, or even me, and those're the sorts'a thing'll be looking if anything. 'Sides, any tracker worth their salt follows a ttrail from start ta finish, and that'll lead them here some time or another and we might be up a creek anyway. I know I'd canvas the inn if I wass tracking that poor sod."

He turns away from the door, closing it up behind him. He regards his gather companions, shaking his head softly,

"No, no, I think we're best setting in here fer the night. Morning'll be more ta our favor, and his, He flicks his head towards the subdued barbarian, "We just need ta keep up our guard and keep up a watch is all."

2006-06-27, 08:45 PM
Achkby and Fizahn bar the door and shutter the windows, keeping them open just enough to peer outside for any signs of danger.

The snowfall has increased in intensity. Achkby watches as the berserker's bloody footprints in the snow are quickly erased. A small blessing, perhaps.

A swarm of dancing lights makes a quick sweep of the perimeter, revealing deserted streets covered in newfallen snow.

Aeroz seems almost reluctant to sheathe his magic rapier. The elf rogue unbuckles his cutlass and leaves it lying on a table in order to make room for his new weapon.

Then he and Elthan carry the berserker up to Elthan's room. Semi-conscious, the berserker mumbles deliriously ...

"Tanar'ri ... demon bitch ... unholy alliance ... must warn the Iron Lord ... must warn the Lodges ..."

Lumpy and Hajih, for once, are in agreement, and both prepare to fortify the inn against any intruders. The innkeeper, taking in the entire situation, looks grim but shrugs and pulls a brace of loaded heavy crossbows from under the bar, placing them within easy reach. His daughter boils some water and prepares a large pot of steaming hot coffee to prepare for a long night ...

2006-06-28, 09:14 PM

Lumpy surveys the common room thouroughly with a seasoned veteran's eye, taking in every bit of furniture with consideration for it's potential tactical value. He nods a few times, affirming a mental defensive layout while murmuring quietly, "Yeah, yeah.. That'll work nice. And that..." After a short spell, he looks up, beckoning to some of his stronger compatriots,

"Hey, some'a you c'mere, help me move some'a these tables and chairs. We wanna arrange everything ta muck up anyone coming through the door from getting a straight run inta the room. kinda like this.."

Gesturing rapidly, he describes a staggered series of barricades, if such a word could be used. more an obsticle than anything else, but every bit might count.

2006-06-29, 12:58 AM

Facing towards the door, Hajih gestures to Lumpy.

"You take the left half of the room and I'll take the right half?"

"Aeroz 'er Thokk 'er someone, help me with the barricades on this side."

Gotta admit, that Lump...heh...of a Half-Orc, has good sense when it comes to planned violence

2006-06-29, 11:44 PM

Lumpy grunts agreement in response to Hajih, moving to array his heavy tables singlehandedly, orcish thews straining to apply themselves to a task they're designed so well for. He performs his manual labor silently, with little complaint save for the slightest grunts of exertation, taking the opportunity to think, his crude features waxing contemplative.

Damned humans are finally stepping down fom their pedastal. Figures they'd wait 'til we were all about to die to do it, too. Hells, guess I'll just have to keep everyone from dying then.

2006-06-30, 04:23 AM

"Just a thought, the last time something like this happened, the room was hit with a magical darkness. This just seems too similar to be a coincidence."

Aeroz helps Lumpy or Thokk with the moving of tables to form barricades.

[OOC: Aeroz would have put his old Rapier on the table, not the cutlass. Better damage on off hand is good.]

2006-06-30, 02:32 PM

*Mumbling to himself as he helps the wounded bezerker*

"Demon bitch, well, that is a given with demon lords, they all do tend to be rather nasty folk, but the name before, Tanar'ri, I should know that, it bodes ill, who is the Iron Lord, is it possible.....?"

*Thokk shakes his head, clears his thoughts and helps prepare the inn*

"Ach ok, we gots to prepare, need barriaces set up, but also upturned tables behind to shield behind, Innkeeper, is there a basement here?"

2006-06-30, 09:06 PM

He felt a small twinge of shame as he stood there and Lumpy and Hajih shuffled around the furniture to better fortify their room. A small one. Afterall he hadn't learned magic to perform physical labor after all. That didn't mean he wasn't going to help though. He just needed to figure out how to work it first. And then it hit him. Hurrying out of the door the necromancer hurried down to the innkeeper with a mischevious smile on his face...

((OOC: Sent what I'm doing to DR))

2006-07-02, 01:28 PM

"We should have someone gaurd the bezerker. Thokk or Lissa, I would like one of you to help gaurd him with me. It would be silliy if we barricade the door only to have them come through a window."

*Elthan will go to the bezerkers room and set up a single candle in a far corner. He uses his cloak and the shadows to conceal himself.*

(OOC: Going to set up an ambush. I'm taking 20 to hide for a total of 25. If Thokk is helping, he should try to stay in sight, near the candle of bezerker. If Thokk would rather be up front, Lissa should try to hide as well. Additionally I cast Mage armor on myself.)

2006-07-03, 03:29 PM
Hey all! First day of classes today. Iskandria is sweet! So much fun. Only one person has gotten drunk in my aartment so far, and we got the water running yesterday, so I got my first shower in 4 days about 24 hrs ago. Life is good, but better clean.

Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby moves deliberately about the place, offering aid wherever it might be needed, and otherwise seeking out whoever is available for conversation. If he's free, Achkby will see if he can talk to Aeroz.

I'm sort of out of the flow of things, but I'll try to find something interesting & useful for Achkby to do at some point soon.

2006-07-04, 09:52 PM
Thinking about it some more, Aeroz also leaves his old rapier on the table, next to the cutlass. He sits in a corner admiring his new weapon, his other swords already forgotten.

Elthan slips upstairs into the Rashemi's room, closing the door behind him. Callos leaves a note on the door, pinned by a dagger.

Down below, the rest of the party prepares to defend the inn. The innkeeper and his family retreat to the rear, getting out of your way. As he leaves the main room, he points out a trapdoor behind the bar to Thokk. The cellar lies down below, filled with barrels of wine and ale.

Long hours pass, and after a while, some of you begin to nod off. Lissa curls up in a corner, snoring lightly. Aeroz polishes the magic rapier, keeping its finish mirror bright.

Lumpy squints into the darkness, silent and brooding, and the snow continues to fall. It is nearly dawn when he spots some movement outside the inn.

A trio of gaunt men move slowly down the street towards the inn. They are dressed in long flowing cassocks and top hats, looking like magistrates or ministers of some kind. They seem to float an inch or two above the snow-covered streets, leaving no footprints.

Lumpy blinks and rubs his eyes, unsure if he might be dreaming ...

2006-07-05, 12:32 AM

Elthan's masterful plan to gaurd the injured seems to be working. He's stuck in the corner of a dark, cold room, covered by a cloak watching an injured man sleep. His spear-point digs into the floor, having to be lower and covered so as not to attract a glare.

This is less exciting than anticipated. At least it will be morining soon...

2006-07-05, 01:16 AM

Drooping eyelids threatened to whisk Lumpy off to sleep as he stared out through the cracked shutters. As the first shreds of morning light began to rake across the horizen, doubts bubbled to the surface of his mind,

Looks like a whole night wasted on a bad assumption. Just as like the necromancer was just working us up.. Toying with us..

Still, he'd pulled many a night watch in his day, and he'd stick this one out to completion. Pushing back his weariness beneath a stubborn facade, he resumed his scanning.


The approaching figures quickly snap the taciturn orc from any remaining hint of drowsiness. He squints, rubbing his eyes and checking again to be absolutely certain of what he's seeing. With a determined nod, he rises from his chair, slipping on his guantlets. In a practiced maneuver, he slaps an armored palm against the windowsill with a sharp BANG, barking out alarm,

"Up on yer feet, naptime's over! WE got something suspicious floating our way!"

2006-07-05, 09:02 AM

"Of course they come now. They couldn't have come when we expected them." Fizahn complains bitterly to himself as he loads his crossbow. Moving swiftly, he takes cover behind a table and aims at the door. "Do we attack first or wait to hear them out?"

2006-07-05, 02:44 PM

"Ach, we wait them out here, ill take foward, other lads to the sides, there are more of us then them, perhaps we can flank em."

*Thokk gets into a defensive stance, and readies an action to charge should they attack*

2006-07-05, 10:37 PM
Startled awake by Lumpy, the others quickly move into position. Thokk stands in the center of the room, ready to charge the door. Lissa and Fizahn take cover behind an overturned table, crossbow loaded and ready.

Lumpy monitors the advance of the ghoulish men (if that's what they are). They float closer, the hems of their cassocks occasionally leaving a serpentine trail when they touch the pristine snow.

The three of them drift to a halt about just across from the inn, facing the doorway. Come out, come out, wherever you are ... one calls out mockingly.

Upstairs, Elthan starts when he hears the slam of Lumpy's hand on the windowsill. Cautiously, he moves over to the shuttered window and peeks down through a crack, looking down at the three figures below.

The berserker stirs restlessly in his sleep, beads of sweat breaking out across his brow.

2006-07-06, 10:19 AM

The necromancer groaned and sat up carefully stretching and grabbing his spellbook. Of course something had shown up in the middle of the night. At least they where prepared though. Hopefully. Normal creatures didn't float normally so he wasn't quite sure what these things could be. Well at least he could try to goad them since they already knew they were here.

"C'mon in spooks! The doors not locked and the innocents are gone!"

2006-07-06, 04:27 PM

Arming himself with two throwing axes, newly bought, Hajih grins and gets ready to throw them if the strange floating men attack.

2006-07-07, 06:07 PM

"Not likely, pal. We're good and cozy where we are. Only way yer dealing with us is inside, so don't waste my time."

Growling one last curse through the shutter, Lumpy slams it shut, latching and barring it behind him. He moves back, positioning himself to the left of the door, shifting a few chairs around to give himself a bit of cover, but nothing so complete as to stop him from advancing.

Readying his arms, his flail lain upon a chair within easy reach and his dagger loosely held in his left hand, he speaks up, his voice low, soft but fiercely intense,

"Alright, we wanna keep 'em pinned down best we can, do plenty'a damage before they get far in. And keep yer wits about ya. Could be this is just a setup fer something else, knowing the players."

2006-07-10, 11:40 AM
I'm very sorry. I gto sick for a couple of days, and then we went to Cairo. WHich was done badly. Anyway, I should be around now. Supposedly you only gt sick once.


Lumpy's word muddles through his brain, unenthusiastically seeking a meaning.
They're floating?
He opens his eyes and struggles to his feet, grasping for his spear.
Finally, he voices his thopughts, rather groggily calling, "Floating?"

Why did I expect something normal? Perhaps because we're in a city? Perhaps because all we've seen for weeks are humans and the odd elf or gnome? It's true. We've had a tame week; why not a familiar opponent for once?

He maneuvers behind some cover, joining Lissa and Fizahn if he can.

2006-07-10, 05:17 PM

Lumpy snorts with a helpless bit of a shrug,

"Looks that way. They got legs just fine, but they sure as daybreak ain't using them ta walk nowhere."

2006-07-11, 08:46 AM

"I doubt there is any way we're going to be able to negotiate with them. They seem far too arrogant as if they want to kill something." Fizahn aims his crossbow at the door, waiting to fire as soon as they enter. I hope they can't fly. "I think we should have someone reinforce Elthan in case those devils can fly straight up to the room."

2006-07-11, 12:31 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

"Yeah," grunts Achkby an octave or so higher than Lumpy, "Someone should probably chck in back, too..."

2006-07-11, 10:54 PM

"Ach, someone else, im buzy holdin the front"

2006-07-13, 02:32 PM
As the three men drift closer, one opens a sack and tosses a ragged bundle to the ground.

The roughly spherical object bounces once in the soft snow, then rolls to a stop. In the darkness, it takes you a moment to make out what it is. You recognize the braid first. No longer shiny, the blond hair is matted with black dried blood. Next, the eyes register - once ice blue and sparkling, now dull and opaque.

The three men tilt their heads back and laugh. They begin to ascend until they are at the level of the second floor of the building ...

2006-07-13, 09:25 PM

Cracking the shutter again to keep an himself appraised of the figures' movements, Lumpy curses in gutteral orcish,

"Damn, apparently they're just gonna skip all our pretty fortifications. They're going up!"

Slipping his dagger back into it's sheathe with a scowl, the burly orc catches up his flail, stepping out a few paces back into the center of the room. Appraisingly he throws a glance over his companions,

"We're gonna have ta split up. Half ta watch the ground floor here and make sure they don't double back down and half ta back up the mage and our guest. Either that or we drag everyone back downstairs quick-like. Any suggestions, or do I just start calling names?"

2006-07-14, 10:02 AM
Lissa is already on her feet and dashing up the stairs, with Darius and Hajih following right behind her.

This leaves Lumpy, Aeroz, Fizahn, Achkby and Callos to defend the first floor. Fizahn cranes his neck to follow the three men as they levitate to the upper level.

Lumpy looks around. Anyone else?

2006-07-16, 12:50 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby glances around as well, almost a bit guiltily, and then gives those remaining on the first floor a sort of sideways smile.
"I'm going upstairs," he says over his shoulder as he put his feet where his mouth is, "But I say we try to stick together downstairs. We'll be back in a moment, Gods willing."

2006-07-16, 12:55 PM

The big orc shrugs, turning himself sideways to best keep an eye on the front door and the room at large,

"Fine. Just don't dawdle none, and try not ta do anything unecessarily stupid."

2006-07-16, 04:43 PM
Downstairs ...

Callos opens his mouth as if he is about to say something, when suddenly there is a tremendous explosion from upstairs.

After the BOOM! you can hear the patter of splintered debris and see a cloud of dust drifts down from the upper level.

There are cries of confusion and pain from upstairs ...

Upstairs ...

Achkby picks himself up off the floor. He had been following the others to Elthan's room, when the explosion had knocked him to the ground. Coughing, he performs a quick inspection and is relieved to discover that, aside from a few scratches, he is unhurt.

Peering through the dust, he sees that Hajih, Darius and Lissa are down, blown across the hall to the opposite side. Elthan's room lies open to the hallway, and the half-elf's voice is audible as he chants frantically in draconic.

2006-07-16, 06:22 PM

"Hells, there's always something. Don't much like the implications'a that one."

Lumpy's armored heels mar the inn's floor as he spins abruptly, grumbling a few pointedly descriptive words in orcish to color his speech,

"Unless there's another explosion or something, you all stay put!"

Flail jangling in it's position held clear to the side of his legs, he jogs his way over to the staircase, powering his way up the stairs double-time.

2006-07-17, 11:50 PM
At the top of the stairs, dust continues to fill the hallway, obscuring your vision somewhat.

Farther down the hallway, some doors crack open as other patrons of the inn peek out to see what is going on.

You can hear moaning from within the now-doorless room, and you see several flashes of light from a set of magic missiles being cast within the room ...

2006-07-18, 01:11 AM
The Priest of Umberlee
the door slams open and out walks a lean man wearing a brown leather vest. this vest is wide open revealing a silver chain shirt that seems to be covered in watery glop. This man's face bears a scowl as he looks at the mishapen orcish figure with the flail. His head is covered by a brown bandana, a image of two waves going apart painted on the front. Under this bandana is a mess of seaweed green hair flowing out of the bandana like a cascade of water. In one hand he holds a masterfuly crafted trident with the images of krakens and ships inscribed in the metal. In his left hand he holds an also finely crafted cutlass that seems well-used.

The green-haired man frowns at the half orc standing in the the hall and says leave this inn at once Half-orc or I shall be forced to call upon the powers of the mighty Umberlee to force you out! As he says the name Umberlee he grins revealing a set of sharp almost shark like teeth.

2006-07-18, 09:08 AM
A halfling woman, short brown hair an unruly mess and brown eyes flicking over the scene, grasps a small longsword. Her face is tanned and lined with wrinkles that suggest she has not spent much time laughing in her life. Her brown tunic is rumpled and her legs and feet are bare. Though she says nothing, her small mouth betrays an unmistakable expression of disgust when she sees the half-orc. Her posture declares her state of readiness, but she makes no move to attack.

Is this the cause of the explosion, or just another lucky traveler?

2006-07-18, 09:19 AM

If they flew straight up to the room, what's to stop them flying straight back down? I'm not going to do any good right here. "I'm going outside to see if I can snipe them from below." Fizahn announces to the others in the main room before hurriedly rushing to the door. He exits the inn and starts looking for the gaping hole that he figures is in the building now. He keeps his crossbow at the ready to shoot any flying creatures.

2006-07-18, 11:24 AM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Pulling his spear from his bac, Achkby begins to forge his way through the mess of debris, fanning the dust from his face with his spare left hand.

Ignoring the muddled shouts from the other patrons and the roaring that is clearly Lumpy downstairs, he looks frantically around, unsure if he wants to see movement or not.

2006-07-18, 04:10 PM

The pugnacious orc nearly stops at the sight of unexpected persons imposing themselves in his path. Nearly. But the sight of comrades fallen in the hall and Elthan's doorless room left no room for dawdling with trivialities. If anything, Lumpy's lopsided pace quickens, his broad form advancing quickly towards his goal. Yet, despite the gravity of the situation unfolding, the warrior can't help but sneer at the man who challanged him, eyes rolling in amused defiance, Figures they single me out.. He growls, his voice deep and uncultured, all urgency and vieiled threat,

"Yeah, I bet. I got more important things ta deal with, in case ya ain't noticed. Ya and me can sort out yer bigotry later"

Intent upon reaching his companions, the big half-breed moves to shove anyone who intervenes out of his way.

2006-07-18, 04:31 PM
The halfling smirks and follows the half-orc, trotting to keep up. Her sword is held ready, but she does not threaten the half-orc with it.

I think I have my answer.

2006-07-18, 04:38 PM
Stop and face me half-orc! says the green haired man now angry, as he sees the large half orc ignore him he yells I said stop! and begins chanting some words at the end of his chant he points his finder twards the half-orc.

(( hold person spell DC 20 to resist (I think) if it succedes then spell lasts 4 rounds))

2006-07-18, 06:58 PM

((Will Save: Hold Person (1d20+2=22) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=521879)))

As the magic washes over him, Lumpy flicks an irate glance at the priest, gritting his fangs in mental exertation,

"I dunno who in the Hells yer God is, but I'll swear ta mine- If yer meddling keeps me from protecting me and mine, I'll send ya ta meet him. Pike off!"

2006-07-18, 07:00 PM
"Oh, by Mielikki's breasts, boy. He's not a marauder, you idiot." The halfing just looks at the priest like he's an irritating teenager.

2006-07-18, 09:29 PM

"Ach, if ye be helpin then help! Otherwise bugger off"

OOC: Not sure why I wasnt included on where I would be, so ill just assume I followed the group

2006-07-18, 10:28 PM
looking at the halfling the priest grins his toothy grin as if amused, then he turns to the half orc not a murauder eh? then what are you a circus clown?! whats your game half orc?

2006-07-19, 06:33 AM
"Are you completely daft, boy? There's no time for chatting now! Can't you see the inn is under attack?" Idiot kid!

The halfling proceeds to ignore anything else from the "priest" and follows the half-orc.

2006-07-19, 10:18 AM
Downstairs ...

Fizahn unbolts the door and dives outside, rolling to a kneeling position 15 feet from the doorway, snapping his crossbow to his shoulder and aiming upward towards the second floor. He is surprised to see no smoking hole on the outside of the building. In fact, he can see no sign of any of the three men, nor any signs of forced entrance ...

Thokk continues to stand ready in the center of the tavern, guarding the main door (thrown open by Fizahn). The first rays of dawn spill through the open doorway, illuminating the floorboards in a rosy glow.

Despite Lumpy's warning to stay put (or perhaps because of it), when Thokk sees no threats outside, he spins on his heels and charges up the stairs, one step at a time ...


Upstairs ...

Lissa coughs and staggers to her feet, her face blackened by soot. She seems relatively unhurt, likely saved by her quick gnomish reflexes.

Lumpy growls as he brushes by the green-haired stranger into Elthan's room. Achkby slips in beside him, as does another female halfling adventurer (roused from her sleep by the explosion).

The room remains dark and shuttered, illuminated only by brief flashes of light at Elthan, backed into a corner fires round after round of magic missiles at the trio of gaunt men gathered about the berserker's bed.

The men, in their cassocks and top hats, seem to ignore the sorceror's magic missiles for the most part, concentrating instead on laying their hands on the berserker who writhes and screams in agony, his back arched and his fists clenched ...

2006-07-19, 10:59 AM

Damn. I thought they went straight up. I should assess the possibilities. That might not be Elthan's room, they can pass through walls, or they replaced the wall they blew open with an illusion spell so passing travelers wouldn't be surprised. That seems the most likely. I'll just test it. Fizahn aims at the wall and fires a bolt at the inn's wall where he believe's Elthan's room to be.

2006-07-19, 11:03 AM
Fizahn's crossbow bolt hits the stucco wall, and sticks there quivering. Apparently the wall (at least that section) is solid.

2006-07-19, 11:22 AM

"Damn. I suppose I'll have to apologize for that." Think logically. There's not anything I could do out here shooting through an illusionary wall. If I wait for them to come this way, it will be too late. I have to use the stairs. Mumbling gnomish curses to himself, Fizahn reenters the inn's common room. He rushes toward the stairs reloading his crossbow. "Let's go! We can't do any good down here! We need to help them." Fizahn shouts at Callos and Aeroz.

2006-07-19, 12:28 PM
"Yes, indeed. The small one is correct!" says an unfamiliar voice.

Fizahn, Callos, and Aeroz rush up the stairs, their weapons drawn and ready.

2006-07-19, 04:51 PM
The green haired priest flashes another shark grin at the halflingf before saying fine I'll play along for now and follows the misshapen half orc up the stairs weapons still drawn and at the ready

2006-07-19, 08:41 PM
The abrasive green-haired newcomer is shouldered aside by Thokk, who mutters under his breath in dwarven.

Clambering up the stairs are Aeroz, Fizahn, and Callos. Callos looks a little bit sheepish, but he is relieved to see Hajih begin to stir. Darius remains knocked out cold on the floor. Aeroz has his rapier drawn, and he looks eager to test the new blade on whatever might be inside Elthan's room.

The berserker's screams stop, replaced by an eerie silence ...

2006-07-19, 09:04 PM

Hajih shakes his head and groans.

Climbing to his feet, he rummages around beside him and finds his hat. He pulls on the oversized headgear and picks up his two axes.

"Okay, which one of those jokers set off that explosion?"

2006-07-19, 11:12 PM

Glaring at the mysterious trio through her soot-blackened face, Lissa hefts her loaded crossbow and circles quietly around to the back of the room. It's dark out, right? Here's hoping lamplight doesn't affect shadowstuff. She aims carefully and fires at the closest intruder. TWANG! A flash of glistening black flies toward the cassocked figure.

OOC: Attempt to flank one of the Black Hats with whichever ally is convenient. Lissa is using +1 shadowstuff bolts.

Attack: Woo, my dice like me tonight! Roll 18 + 8 = 26.
Damage, normal: I take that back. Roll 1 + 1 = 2 damage.
Damage, sneak 3d6: Rolls 3+5+4 = 12 damage.

2006-07-20, 03:11 AM

Stuck in a corner, Elthan formulates a new plan. He cast a spell and runs up to discharge it on them.

(OOC: Casting Touch of Idiocy
Melee touch attack (1d20+2=4) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=523356)

I beleive thats a miss under any circumstance and I know have attracted thier attention mybye?)

2006-07-20, 07:22 AM
The halfing woman's face is grim as she moves in to attack one of the strange men in top hats with her longsword. This isn't the stupidest thing I've done, but it's way up there at the top... She swings wildly, clearly disturbed by both their appearance and actions.

natural 1 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=523408) :(

2006-07-20, 07:27 AM

It was reassuring to see some of his company still stirring, and better that that fool of a priest had quit trying to annoy him as Lumpy rounded the doorframe. Regardless, Lumpy made no effort to interact with the man - With the room's unfolding scene now clearly visable, he had bigger fish to fry.

Raising his flail high enough to avoid hitting his the short-folk who'd joined him in the room, he flicks his wrist, initiating a momentum-gathering spin. Doubts crossed his mind, It can't be this simple. Gonna be a trick to it., but he quashed them. Action was what was needed, even if it was the wrong one. With a wordless warcry, he barrels into the room, seeking to lay a strike on one of the men whilst his back is turned,

Lumpy will approach whichever of the floating men is easiest to get to and attack, applying -2/+4 power attack

Attack and Damage - Floaty Guy (1d20+10=27, 1d10+11=16) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=523418)

2006-07-20, 09:59 AM
Lissa slips into the room practically unnoticed, drilling one of the intruders with a shadowstuff bolt. The man recoils in surprise, his face registering disbelief as he looks down and sees the projectile protruding from his chest.

Lumpy smashes a second man with his shadowstuff flail, sending him crashing into a wall (amazingly, his top hat stays on his head).

The female halfling darts in with her sword drawn. She looks both confused and determined at the same time.

Elthan peels himself out of the corner and lunges for the remaining man. To his dismay, his hands pass right through the figure's body. The man smiles and lifts his hands from the now-motionless body of the berserker.

A faint orange glow outlines the shuttered windows as the sun rises outside.

A bottleneck forms at the entrance to Elthan's room as half a dozen of you try to cram inside.

Hajih moans and rubs his head. Callos helps him to his feet, sheepishly. "Well, about the explosion ... it was, umm, sort of my fault ..."

2006-07-20, 02:41 PM
By all that is good, what in the nine hells are these things? Floating men with strange hats that cannot be touched! What am I into?

20 + 7 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=523772)
I'm guessing that this is wasted, as the sword has no special properties other than being masterwork, so I didn't bother to roll for the critical or damage or the second attack.

2006-07-20, 03:20 PM

"What in the nine hells are those things?" The disbelief on Fizahn's face is evident and he tightens his grip on his 'short sword.' He looks at the bottleneck around the doorway. He quickly takes a step and dives and rolls around legs to get into an attack position on the closest man. He springs up and stabs the man with his dagger.

OOC: Tumble: 27 (16+11) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=523813)
Attack: 24 (16+8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=523818)
Damage: 4 (2+2) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=523823)

2006-07-20, 03:49 PM

Lumpy's response is grunted quickly between practiced methodical breathing, wasting as little time and air as possible,

"Who cares?.. Less Talk.. more hurting.."

Staying true to his word, the burly half-breed wrangles his rebounding flail back on course, shifting his position to put himself in better contact with one of the top-hats. Tightening his grip, he muscles out another series of powerful strikes.

Lumpy will use his 5ft step to set up flanks if possible, or to move himself adjacent to 2 enmies for potential cleaving action, if possible.

Full Attack - Floaty Guys, PA -2/+4 (1d20+10=30, 1d10+11=21, 1d20+5=19, 1d10+11=18) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=523844)
Possible Crit?
Critical Threat (1d20+10=23, 1d10+11=20) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=523848)

And invisiblecastle totally loves me right now.

2006-07-20, 05:18 PM

Lissa grins viciously as her bolt slams home, her nimble fingers already loading another of her precious shadowstuff bolts. Once again, the petite blonde archer brings up her crossbow, aims at the wounded Black Hat, and fires.

OOC: Doesn't look like any of the Black Hats moved, so I'm assuming I've still got flanking action.

Attack: 12 + 8 = 20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=524002)

Damage, normal: 6 + 1 = 7 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=524003)

Damage, sneak: 4 + 4 + 5 = 13 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=524004)
Total 20 damage.

2006-07-20, 10:36 PM
The green haired priest seeing now way to get through the bottleneck at the door is simply content to stand in the doorway his arms crossed watching the unfolding scene with a frown on his face.

2006-07-21, 12:02 PM
Lissa fires another shadowstuff bolt into one of the spectres, who grimaces in outrage.

Lumpy slams his flail into the second spectre repeatedly, and Fizahn slips undeneath the half-orc to stab the creature with his magic sword.

The newcomer slices right through the third spectre, but is dismayed to see that her sword has done no damage.

The insubstantial man grins as he grabs a hold of Elthan's wrists. You can almost see energy being drained from the half-elf as his eyes roll up into his head and his knees sag.

The entire room is bathed in a dull orange glow as the shutters are faintly outlined by the rising sun outside.

OOC: Spectres 1 and 2 take damage but are immune to sneak attacks and criticals. Elthan is drained of 2 levels.

2006-07-21, 12:22 PM
Dammit, I wish I could be of help here, but I can't affect these things. Something to distract them might help these folks.

The halfling woman backs away and starts casting a spell, Summon nature's Ally I, then *poof* a wolf appears and joins the fray to help flank with the others.

2006-07-21, 03:38 PM

Fizahn ducks and rolls around the spectre. He pops back onto his feet in a flanking position with Lumpy. He quickly drives his dagger into the wraith. A smile of satisfaction crosses his face at the hit.

OOC: Tumble= 22 (11+11) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=525347)
Attack= 30 (20+10)
Damage= 5 (3+2) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=525351)