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2010-07-11, 07:33 PM
Has anybody thought of running this, and does anyone have a good idea for feat allowances?

I'm running a game, but have thus far given very little thought to allowing feats or not. I have my own feat called "ignore base attack requirement" that allows players to ignore up to 2 points of base attack each time they take the feat (so taking it at lvl 6 allows you to take feats that have base atk +8).

I was also thinking of doing this for CL and for spell lvl, to a degree.

Any thoughts wise playground?

Morph Bark
2010-07-11, 08:01 PM
If you are already doing Gestalt with your E6, I wouldn't do this, neither with PrCs if you were considering that (I did at some point). You can make it E8 instead, which is just a slight change, but lowering prerequisites will make things just look extra cheap.

2010-07-11, 08:11 PM
Yeah, I don't think that's a very good idea either. Just because it's E6 doesn't make something broken into something balanced, and your feat is not something balanced. Keep the bab+6 tactical feats for those characters with a melee classes, and keep the high level prcs away from your player's grabby hands.

Hell, you could take some nasty prcs at level 1 with those feats. Seriously, not a good idea.

2010-07-12, 12:08 AM
I ran an E6 game where after reaching level 6, each additional level gained added one gestalt level. So upon reaching effective level 7, you added one gestalt class level along side the first level you gained. I also gave out a feat at every level, but didn't allow flaws. This allows for characters to qualify for a prestige class with their first six levels, then gain up to six levels of it as gestalt levels. Keep in mind you cannot double up a class feature progression, so a Cleric 6//Radiant Servant 6 would only have 6th level spellcasting and 6th level turn undead. Also remember that you cannot take two prestige classes side by side, so no character could have more than six total prestige class levels. Upon gaining a gestalt level you would only change things that improved, such as HP if the class gained had a higher HD, or if the class gained granted more skill points you would subtract what you already had at that level and gain the difference. I also used fractional BAB and base saves just to make things easier.

Robert Blackletter
2010-07-12, 04:20 AM
I love Biffoniacus_Furiou idea, but was wondering do you have to have a prestige class?

2010-07-12, 04:38 AM
I love Biffoniacus_Furiou idea, but was wondering do you have to have a prestige class?

Of course not, you could go something like Warblade 6//Wizard 6, but keep in mind you'd be much better off with Warblade 6//Wizard 1/ Abjurant Champion 5 instead.

2010-07-12, 04:43 AM
That idea sounds funky, but fun if you have players who can understand it properly. (Some of us DMs are not so lucky.)

2010-07-12, 09:22 PM
The idea behind the feat is to allow post lvl 6 feats to mean something... more substantial. There are great many feats available that are excellent without such BAB and CL reqs, but some people like to go for the greater weapon spec and the like... so I figured I'd give them options.

So you guys think I should disallow my feat altogether? or simply allow it once?
any other advice for an experienced DM that is new to E6?