View Full Version : [Exalted] The Labyrinth: How Does It Work?

2010-07-11, 10:34 PM
See, I don't own the Celestial Directions books, and the first one I plan to get is the Malfeas one due to my love of all things Yozi.

The problem is, the Labyrinth sounds awesome.

So yeah, what are the rules for navigating and interacting with the Neverborn's pet rougelike, and what can you find down there (besides nephwracks)?

2010-08-25, 08:44 PM
Is it populated by David Bowie and his army of goblins?

The Glyphstone
2010-08-25, 08:58 PM
Do you have to guide a giant orichalcum sphere through an indestructible maze, avoiding one-way portals to the Wyld?

2010-08-26, 01:02 AM
Are there are minotaurs that bleed heroin?

2010-08-26, 01:07 AM
The time difference between the first and second post humors me.

I don't think they ever statted or really explained what is in it.
I'm voting on storage. I could have fun with the neverborn's labyrinth linen closet.

2010-08-26, 05:18 AM
the Labyrinth is a nigthmarish place. Literally, it is formed from and shaped by the dreams of the Neverborn, therefore it runs on nigthmare logic instead of the normal rules of reality.
this makes to place so hard to traverse that you have to get something close to a legendary sucess just to avoid getting lost there.

2010-08-26, 07:46 AM
I don't think they ever statted or really explained what is in it.

It's mostly based off the Labyrinth in oWoD Wraith. There was a Wraith sourcebook for exploring the Labyrinth ("Doomslayers: Into the Labyrinth"). I remember reading it but I don't see it on my shelf, so I'm guessing I never bought it.

A lot of wraith was about the psychology of the characters. The Labyrinth was both a physical place and a psychological playground for a wraith's darkest self (their shadow). When a wraith was discorporated, they reformed inside the Labyrinth (a process called harrowing). There, spectres would play out twisted scenes from their life. If the wraith fell to dark passions (depending on the nature of their shadow and personal harrowing), they lost some willpower. A wraith losing their last dot of willpower was swallowed by Oblivion. After the harrowing, the Labyrinth spit them back out.

So other than Nephwracks and the Neverborn themselves, I think the Labyrinth of Exalted should contain psychodrama visions that try to lead the characters into giving up and surrendering to the Void.