View Full Version : Spells and Feats for a Melee Sorcerer (pathfinder/3.5)

2010-07-14, 06:57 AM
Okay so i'm building a sorcerer.

the flavor of this character will be a sorcerer who gets up close and personal with melee and touch spells in ways that enemies find very unexpected. . . the question is what feats and spells can I take to maximize the potential of such a build. . .

I intend for the character to be similar in concept to a combat cleric, but I want to try and do it with sorcerer for story relevant and flavor reasons.

Key features that i want:
Self buffing/combat enahncing spells
Melee capacity
pure sorcerer (avoiding an actuall Gish or pretige class, just looking for feats and spells here)

Things to note:
this is a pathfinder sorcerer, i will be using a modified version of the draconic bloodline (trading the 9th and 20th level abilities for the abysal ones. This was the GM's descision based on a reflavoring relevant to the world he created. i'm not complaining as it fits with what i want a little better.)

So Spells and Feats for a sorcerer who is not a ranged blaster.